Suiko is approached by a Hero Association scouting group in her grandfather ‘s dojo. The group asks for Suicho and wants to make him an S-Class hero, only for Suiko to tell them he is dead, so she offers to become a hero in his space. [ 1 ] She travels to the Hero Association headquarters and is escorted to a train room by staff. On the manner, she is asked about her brother Suiryu, who the association wants to contact for hero study arsenic well. Suiko replies, saying that she would be a much more reliable hero than Suiryu. After a promptly bout where she easily destroys a train automaton, she is given an A-Class put, much to her disappointment, her original goal being landing in S-Class. even sol, she promises to herself she will make a name for herself as a bomber. [ 2 ] Suiko is adjacent seen outside of the Hero Association headquarters, spectating the complaints of the Hero Name Victims Association and noting the group as heroes she does n’t want to become. After hearing the announcement warning of 5 Dragon-level monsters being spotted, she heads to Y-City to confront Mirror. [ 3 ] The competitiveness promptly goes sour as Suiko is ineffective to keep up with Mirror, only being able to dodge. She questions her persuasiveness as she is thrown into a store by the automaton. She lands in front of a shelf filled with drinks, which she scans through for a drink with the highest alcohol concentration. After finding one, she drinks it. This seems to boost her performance notably, as she is able to land hits on Mirror, though none of them do damage. The fight is interrupted by Chain’n’toad and Butterfly DX who arrive as support. Suiko takes the opportunity given by the two heroes and hits Mirror using Void Quake Tiger Fist, which is largely ineffective. The battle turns into a beat down as all three heroes are well taken out.

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The Hero Name Victims Association arrives to fight Mirror future, Suiko warning them that there is no casual of winning. She watches as Saitama easily kills the automaton, and is sol shocked by how easily he dispatched it that she pinched her own boldness to make sure she was n’t dreaming. [ 4 ] She late on meets with Saitama and wants to exchange some crusade technique as she acknowledges his baron until her older brother arrives, which she glads that he manages to find a proper job. She introduces him to Saitama and states that he is stronger than Suiryu but he does not believe her. As a compliment to make Suiko acknowledge his office, Suiryu permits Suiko to date Saitama. Suiryu persuades Suiko to join the Neo-Heroes and bequeath to put some recommendation to Saitama but Suiko declines as she does not want to be in the punch-drunk battle suit .

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