Superman vs. One-Punch Man: Who Would Win?

Superman and One-Punch Man are both absolute powerhouses in their respective universes, and about everyone who challenges them winds up regretting it – but what would happen if they challenged each other ? Who would win in a contend between the last Son of Krypton and the Guy Who ’ s a Hero for Fun ? The answer may surprise you .
In many ways, Superman set the gold standard for all other comic book heroes. As one of the beginning superheroes ever created, the tempt of Superman was that he was basically unbeatable. He had super-strength, speed, heat imagination, could leap improbable buildings in a unmarried tie down – a exponent that was belated changed to full-on trajectory – and more. As if that ’ s not enough, his list of abilities continues to grow in the modern era .
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While the feats of the Silver Age Superman border on sheer absurdity, the character has become more down-to-earth over the years. The man of Steel is nobelium long the invincible he once was – in fact, he ’ randomness lost to some people far less mighty than he is. In addition, Superman has some well exploitable weaknesses. Everyone knows Kryptonite is a surefire direction to take him down, but Superman besides vulnerable to magic and attacks from others who have huge force, such as Wonder Woman. This is why Doomsday was able to kill him in The Death of Superman report .
Saitama in One-Punch Man While Superman has taken more than a few losses in his day, One-Punch Man has yet to take any – at least when it comes to fighting. Once an average, down-on-his luck ridicule with no job, Saitama was motivated to become a hero after seeing a crab louse giant attack a young male child. After intervening and successfully defeating the monster, Saitama gave up looking for a convention job and spent the following three years training to become a superhero – and boy did it pay off. He became the bomber known as One-Punch Man, a being indeed knock-down that he can defeat any opponent in, as his name implies, good one punch. In addition, he can fly, move at super-speed, and is basically indestructible ( audio familiar ? ) In fact, Saitama is so laughably overpowered that he actually gets upset because no one is able to challenge him…but could Superman ?

While the Man of Steel could credibly at least leave Saitama with the challenge he is sol desperate to find, it ’ s improbable he would actually win. The One-Punch Man character is designed to be a sarcasm of heroes like Superman and Goku who can apparently surmount any odds. The difference is that with One-Punch Man, the delusion of a challenge is dropped entirely. It ’ randomness difficult to imagine him in a good conflict scenario because he comedically defeats all of his opponents with a single punch. angstrom powerful as Superman is, he equitable can ’ thyroxine compete with that. The winner is One-Punch Man.

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