One Punch Man Workout: The Ultimate Muscle Building Workout Plan

There are so many unlike exercise plans nowadays that promise agile and easy results. citizenry find inspiration for the versatile exercise plans. Some exercise plans come from well-credited experts, others from social influencers and others even from television shows. That is why you have to be careful when it comes to trying new workouts. With that said, in this learn, we shall look at the One Punch Man exercise, which is inspired by a fan-favorite anime/manga by the name One Punch Man. We will try to see if this exercise is realistic and if it offers the expect results .

What Is One Punch Man? 

not everyone is a manga or zanzibar copal fan, so not everyone knows what One punch Man is or where the One Punch Man exercise comes from. You can only imagine how celebrated this anime has to be for people to try this exercise as there was a time identical many sociable media influencers were trying the One Punch Man workout challenge .
One Punch Man is an anime based on a 22-year-old who goes by the name Saitama ( 1 ). Saitama has always dreamed of being a superhero, and one day an opportunity presents itself. This happens while he is on his way home from an abortive job consultation where he meets a villain by the name of Crablante. Crablante is a villain who becomes a monster from eating besides many crabs. Saitama saves a young boy from Crablante by defeating him, and this here and now acts as a catalyst for him to pursue his ambition of becoming a superhero.

There is, however, one problem stand in the manner of Saitama and his superhero dream, and that is his miss of force. This pushes Saitama into a three-year acute exercise everyday. He follows his exercise broadcast every single day for those 3 years ( 1 ). Calling the exercise volume is even an understatement as, by the time Saitama is done with his exercise, he loses all his hair and is wholly bald. Can you imagine how acute a exercise has to be for a person to lose all their hair ? The estimable thing is that the volume of the exercise bears fruits. After the 3-year exercise, Saitama becomes so strong that he can defeat all his enemies, villains, and even monsters with just one punch, and the reason the show is called ” One Punch Man ” .
well, before we get into the exercise, it would be wise to inform you not to expect such results where you can just punch a person and defeat them just like that. The anime is strictly fictional. What the exercise promises are increase military capability and muscles .
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One Punch Man Workout Routine

The One Punch Man workout routine is very bare. All Saitama had to do was 100 sit-up, 100 push-ups, 100 squats, and a 10 kilometer run every day for 3 years to gain intensity enough to defeat all his opponents by a single blow out ( 1 ). Let ’ s face it, not so many people do this exercise every day for 1 calendar month let entirely 3 years. One calendar month is even pushing it. Doing this exercise for the beginning clock time if you are not used to working out or not fit enough could feel like torture .
Most people who have attempted the exercise say the 10-kilometer run is the hardest part of the exercise. The alone absurd thing about this exercise is the numeral of repetitions a person has to do every day. early than that, it comprises normal workouts that you can easily find in normal people ’ s exercise programs. If you are thinking of attempting the One Punch Man workout challenge, it would be great to know how to correctly do the exercises in the exercise as this prevents injuries .

How To Do Sit-Ups: 

  1. You start by lying down on your back on a apartment surface. This will prevent you from getting injured. While lying flat, bend your legs at your knees and make certain your feet are securely flat on the prime. You should create a 90-degree fish at the knee area by bringing your feet closer to your behind .
  2. The following step is to take your hands and place them behind your head. You can choose to put your hands behind your oral sex or cross them on your thorax. This is the original begin placement .
  3. then raise your consistency until it is no longer on the floor, and your breast is close to your thighs. Exhale as you raise your soundbox upwards .
  4. lento lower yourself back to the initial starting position as you inhale .
  5. If you are newfangled to the sit-up, you should try to do 10 reps at a fourth dimension .

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How To Do Push-Ups:

  1. The first footstep to doing push-ups is to get into a high plank position. While in that high plank status, hear to make sure your hands are a bit wider than shoulder-width length. Your palms should be directly under your shoulders. Your torso should be able to form a straight channel that runs from your neck to your heels .
  2. While you are in that situation, try to engage the muscles of your effect and pull your shoulder blades down and back .
  3. The future thing to do is to lower yourself to the ground. You should be able to do that by bending your elbows and pushing your shoulders ahead .
  4. Make sure to lower yourself down until your chest of drawers is about about to touch the floor. Relax in that position for a pair of seconds, breath out, and push your body back to the starting place .

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How To Do Squats:

  1. first, stand with your feet across-the-board apart. Make sure your legs are as straight and parallel to each other as they can be. To make it easier, you can turn your feet slenderly outwards, not more than fifteen degrees .
  2. then with your arms straight out, lower yourself. While lowering yourself, you should make sure your knees are well bend, your bottom is pointing outwards, and you are leaning forward at your waist. A position is about similar to the one you make while seated .
  3. You should lower yourself until your hips are parallel to the floor, then return to the original begin side .
  4. When doing squats, it is advisable to always look ahead and try equally much as possible to align your knees to your ankles .

We assume everyone knows how to run. If you don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate know how to run, the One Punch Man workout act is going to be difficult for you. The exercises in the One Punch Man workout come with some benefits, which make them ideal for about everyone .
For exemplify, all the exercises are cheap because they don ’ thymine require any equipment. They are bodyweight exercises, and this means that they use your body as resistance, therefore the stronger you get the more difficult they become .
one punch man workout routine
second, these exercises can be done by everyone aside from people who have been advised differently by health experts or people with underlie medical conditions. This means people of all ages, gender, and fitness levels can easily do these exercises .
They help build strength and specify muscles. The most common cause for people doing the One Punch Man workout challenge is to build forte and, therefore, it makes sense for the exercises in the challenge to help in build muscles and strength. Push-ups serve work the triceps, pectoral muscles, and shoulders. Squats help build lower body intensity, and sit-ups help build strength in the abdominal and hip muscles. When the three are combined, you can build intensity in all parts of your consistency, and this prevents mismatched gains .
Help burn calories. The One Punch Man workout routine aims to increase tilt bulk while reducing fat multitude, and these exercises help in burning the adipose tissue off. This is particularly true for the 10 kilometers run as guide helps burn so many calories.

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Cons Of Doing The One Punch Man Workout Routine

It goes without saying, but since this exercise program is made from a fictional television display, it means it comes with some disadvantages .
No recovery time ( 3 ). Rest and sufficient convalescence time is very authoritative in every exercise design. This is one matter the One Punch Man workout routine does not offer. The challenge requires the player to do 100 sit-ups, 100 squats, 100 push ups, and run 10 kilometers every day without taking some clock to rest. This does not give your muscles any time to rest, repair themselves and grow back stronger, which is something identical critical when it comes to building forte and muscles .
It lacks elements of progression ( 3 ). If you do the same exercise every day, it will get to a orient where you will feel like the exercise is not challenging you adequate. This by and large leads to a tableland where you are not gaining any persuasiveness. The One Punch Man workout routine possesses that problem because all you have to do is get used to the 100 sit-ups, 100 push-ups, 100 squats, and the 10-kilometer run, and you are probably to experience a tableland .
one punch man workout challenge

One Punch Man Workout Levels

As we ’ ve been saying it is quite difficult to wake up one sidereal day and do 100 push-ups, 100 sit-up, 100 squats, and run for 10 kilometers. That is why there is a One punch Man charge. These levels increase the number of reps you have to do for each exert as you move up the levels. The levels of the One Punch Man workout come with some advantages. One advantage is that the levels allow you to see into the exercise everyday .
Easing into the exercise helps prevent injuries as you start with what you can handle and move up the levels, as you become more use to the exercise platform. Another advantage of levels is that they create the expression of progress and this helps prevent you from going into a tableland where your body undergoes no changes. This means when you get used to level one, you move to level two, and so on until you get to the final floor of the challenge. With that said, here are the One Punch Man exercise levels ( 2 ) :

  • Level One

In the first flat, the participant is required to do 10 push-ups, 10 sit-up, 10 squats, and run for 1 kilometer until they get used to this tied, then move to level 2 ( 2 ) .

  • Level Two

In the moment level, the player is required to do 20 push-ups, 20 sit-up, 20 squats, and run for 2 kilometers until they get used to this level, then move to level 3 ( 2 ) .
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one punch man workout challenge

  • Level Three

In the third charge, the participant is required to do 30 push-ups, 30 sit-up, 30 squats, and run for 3 kilometers until they get used to this level, then move to level 4 ( 2 ) .

  • Level Four

In the fourth level, the player is required to do 40 push-ups, 40 sit-up, 40 squats, and run for 4 kilometers until they get used to this charge, then move to level 5 ( 2 ) .

  • Level Five

In the fifth degree, the participant is required to do 50 push-ups, 50 sit-up, 50 squats, and run for 5 kilometers until they get used to this level, then move to level 6 ( 2 ) .
one punch man workout challenge

  • Level Six

In the sixth floor, the player is required to do 60 push-ups, 60 sit-up, 60 squats, and run for 6 kilometers until they get used to this level, then move to level 7 ( 2 ) .

  • Level Seven

In the seventh level, the player is required to do 70 push-ups, 70 sit-up, 70 squats, and run for 7 kilometers until they get used to this level, then move to level 8 ( 2 ) .

  • Level Eight

In the one-eighth tied, the participant is required to do 80 push-ups, 80 sit-up, 80 squats, and run for 8 kilometers until they get used to this level, then move to level 9 ( 2 ) .

  • Level Nine

In the ninth degree, the player is required to do 90 push-ups, 90 sit-up, 90 squats, and run for 9 kilometers until they get used to this level, then move to level 10 ( 2 ) .

  • Level Ten

This is the final tied of challenge. In this level, the participant is required to do 100 push-ups, 100 sit-up, 100 squats, and run for 10 kilometers ( 2 ) .

One Punch Man Workout Results

To see if the One Punch Man workout routine very works, we have to look at the results of real people who have done the challenge and not Saitama. Sean Seah is a dependable case to look at. Sean Seah was 38 years old when he decided to try the challenge. He tried the exercise after he saw he had gained some excess weight during the Lunar New Year. So what he did was challenge himself to reduce the excess fatness in the inadequate period and to build muscles at the lapp time. Sean avoided anything that could hinder him from attaining his goal, including boodle, fried food, and carbs such as rice. He used the One Punch Man exercise to get his desired body. He followed the exercise for 30 days ( 4 ) .
Sean was fresh not to start with the most difficult grade of the exercise and hence started the exercise at level 5 ( 4 ). This gave him enough fourth dimension to ease himself into the exercise before he had to face the big boss, grade 10 .
After the One Punch Man workout challenge, Sean was able to lose 5 kilograms, he was besides able to decrease his consistency old age to 36 and he was besides able to decrease his visceral fat evaluation to 8.5 ( 4 ). This shows that the One Punch Man exercise does work if you are smart about it. When trying this exercise challenge, you should ease yourself into it. There is no shame in starting in level one and moving up to level 10. When doing the assorted exercises in the One Punch Man workout act, make sure you do them correctly. Doing the exercises right allows you to experience the benefits associated with the exercise. Opposite to that, doing the exercises in the wrong form can cause injuries .


This article is intended for general informational purposes merely and does not address individual circumstances. It is not a alternate for master advice or help and should not be relied on to make decisions of any kind. Any natural process you take upon the information presented in this article is strictly at your own risk and responsibility !


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