Us United: How (Almost) Every Justice League Was Formed

How do you make a superteam out of a disparate group of the world ’ sulfur greatest heroes ? It isn ’ thyroxine constantly comfortable, but since its initiation about sixty years ago, the Justice League seems to come together whenever the earth needs it to. We ’ ll soon see the big sieve versions of the DC Universe ’ s greatest heroes join forces in Zack Snyder ’ sulfur Justice League, so as we eagerly await this new cut of the team ’ s cinematic origin report, we thought it might be fun to take a look at how the team has come together in the comics. From alien invasions to Arctic embarrassments, here is how ( about ) every Justice League was formed !
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The Original League

Why They Formed: It depends on who you ask and when you ask them. The official history is that Batman and the Flash suggested that the heroes form a permanent group after successfully teaming up to stop an invading group of aliens. Years late, the League said they had secretly formed months earlier after repelling a divide foreigner invasion from the White Martians .
When They Formed: Again, it ’ s complicated. The League first appeared in The Brave and the Bold # 28, their beginning official origin was told in 1962 ’ mho Justice League of America # 9 and their “ mystery ” origin was revealed in Justice League of America # 144.

Original Roster: Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, the Flash, Martian Manhunter and Green Lantern .
Fun Fact: The original lineup hang with Snapper Carr, a adolescent who liked to snap his fingers. That was his integral bit .

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Justice League Detroit

Why They Formed: After the original Justice League barely survived the Earth/Mars War, Aquaman decided that the original team was excessively distracted by their hometown duties. Arthur disbanded the League and recruited a newly group of misfit members, hoping the bracing perspectives would return the team to their former aura .
When They Formed: 1984 ’ s Justice League of America Annual # 2
Original Roster: Aquaman, Vibe, Vixen, Steel, Elongated Man, Gypsy, Martian Manhunter and Zatanna .
Fun Fact: At least half this lineup have been reoccurring characters on The CW ’ s The Flash .

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Justice League International

Why They Formed: When Darkseid and Gordon Godfrey came together to discredit the heroes of the world, Doctor Fate realized that they needed a modern Justice League as a shining light during dark times. It wasn ’ t long earlier Max Lord manipulated the site, secretly molding the modern team into becoming his own Justice League International .
When They Formed: Legends # 6
The Roster: Batman, Captain Marvel, Black Canary, Mister Miracle, Blue Beetle, Martian Manhunter, Doctor Light, Guy Gardner and Doctor Fate .
Fun Fact: One time Batman knocked out Guy Gardner during a team meet. The crusade ended in one punch, it was amazing and the other heroes are still talking about it to this day .

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Justice League Europe

Why They Formed: When the League was beginning to get besides big, Max Lord had a classic businessman idea—franchising ! And thus, Justice League Europe was born !
When They Formed: Justice League International # 24
The Roster: Wonder Woman, the Flash, Power Girl, Rocket Red, Animal Man, Captain Atom, Elongated Man and Metamorpho .
Fun Fact: At one steer, the team chose an abandoned european palace as their headquarters, which is a cool even skittish idea for a superhero lair .

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Justice League Antarctica

Why They Formed: A group of unemployed super-villains decided to try their hands at being heroes. Max Lord decided to stick them where they could do the least total of damage—Antarctica .
When They Formed: 1990 ’ randomness Justice League of America Annual # 4
The Roster: Cluemaster, Big Sir, Clock King, Major Disaster, G ’ nort, Multi-Man and Mighty Bruce .
Fun Fact: The team battled a group of penguins and lost. Max Lord immediately disbanded the Antarctica League with a memo that just said, “ Never thinker. ”

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The Nineties League

Why They Formed: After Justice League International fell apart, Superman stepped in and told Lord that his days of manipulating heroes was over. Superman took the remnants of the JLI, added some new members and formed a new Justice League for the nineties .
When They Formed: 1992 ’ randomness Justice League America # 61
The Roster: Superman, Blue Beetle, Booster Gold, Maxima, Bloodwynd, Guy Gardner, Fire and Ice .
Fun Fact: This interpretation of the League is best known for concisely repelling Doomsday in the iconic Death of Superman storyline .

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Justice League Task Force

Why They Formed: Justice League Task Force was formed when representatives from the United Nations felt having their very own superhero mint team would be beneficial for medium operations. The team had a revolve roll for much of their being .
When They Formed: Justice League Task Force # 1
The Roster: Martian Manhunter, Nightwing, the Flash, Gypsy and Aquaman .
Fun Fact: The group had their own video game for Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis, which is pretty cool tied if it had about nothing to do with the amusing .

Extreme Justice

Why They Formed: What ? Justice League Task Force wasn ’ metric ton nineties enough for you ? Captain Atom didn ’ t agree with the way the mainstream Justice League was being run, so he broke off and started his own group. Blue Beetle reasoned that they had as a lot a veracious to the diagnose as anyone, but since it was the nineties, they were nicknamed EXTREME Justice .
When They Formed: Extreme Justice # 0
The Roster: Blue Beetle, Booster Gold, Maxima, Amazing Man and Captain Atom.

Fun EXTREME Fact: The team had a friendly competition with the core Justice League team, which was being lead by Wonder Woman at the time. Trying to compete with Diana is a bit delusional, but we all did stupid things in the nineties .

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Grant Morrison’s JLA

Why They Formed: After a abbreviated test tend where the team fought a being called Know Man ( Justice League : A Midsummer ’ s Nightmare ), the Justice League reformed to take on a group of aliens known as the Hyperclan. ( Check out Rosie Knight ’ s amazing breakdown of Morrison ’ s JLA for a lot more on this unique team. )
When They Formed: JLA # 1
The Roster: Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Green Lantern, the Flash and martian Manhunter .
Fun Fact: Due to some former nineties shenanigans going on in their solo titles, some of the League ’ s members went through some interesting phases during the early arch of this book. For model, Superman had an electric blue search, Flash was replaced by a colored timeline doppelganger and Hippolyta took her daughter ’ randomness identify as Wonder Woman .

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League for a Week

Why They Formed: The Justice League disbanded, and Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman had taken a year off, so Firestorm decided to form a team of his own. unfortunately, Firestorm ’ s JLA lasted merely a week and broke up after a black conflict with Skeets .
When They Formed: 52 # 24
The Roster: Firestorm, Super-Chief, Ambush Bush, Firehawk and Bulleteer .
Fun Fact: Firestorm invited Green Arrow to join this iteration of the League, but the Emerald Archer told him to lose his number. Harsh .

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One Year Later League

Why They Formed: After the events of Infinite Crisis, Batman learned the importance of the phrase “ divided we fall. ” The Dark Knight patched up his differences with Superman and Wonder Woman, and the Trinity began voting for who would be the newest recruits for a reform Justice League .
When They Formed: 2006 ’ mho Justice League of America # 0
The Roster: Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman, Black Canary, Red Arrow, Green Lantern, Black Lightning, Vixen, Red Tornado and Hawkgirl .
Fun Fact: At one orient, Green Arrow and Green Lantern took over, looking to take the team in a different direction. Of run, in paleness, Superman was off-planet at the prison term and everyone thought Batman was dead .

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The New 52 League

Why They Formed: After banding together to fight Darkseid, the heroes of this rebooted DC Universe decided to remain together to become Earth ’ s beginning trace of defense. Batman reasoned that it would help the general populace become less afraid of superheroes .
When They Formed: 2011 ’ randomness Justice League # 1
The Roster: Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, the Flash, Green Lantern, Cyborg and Aquaman .
Fun Fact: Flash wanted to call the group the Super Seven, but fortunately, he was overruled. ( Imagine getting excited over a movie called “ Zack Snyder ’ s Super Seven ” ? It sounds like a dismiss movie dramaturgy. )

Justice%20League%20Dark 605187aa77fbc5.50042940

Justice League Dark

Why They Formed: Madame Xanadu brought the DC Universe ’ s greatest mystics together when she began receiving visions of magic-based threats. The dance band of magicians and misfits realized that banding together was the only direction to save the earth and the Justice League Dark was born !
When They Formed: 2011 ’ sulfur Justice League Dark # 1
The Roster: Shade, Zatanna, Constantine, Deadman and Madame Xanadu .
Fun Fact: The current iteration of the group lives in the Justice League ’ s basement, with Wonder Woman acting as their group liaison. She ’ s the entirely one hood enough to go down those stairs and see the freaky stuff they ’ re up to .

Justice%20League%20Odyssey 605187c0c16610.89243493

Justice League Odyssey

Why They Formed: After Brainiac was apparently killed, dozens of worlds he had stolen were unleash and coalesced into the mysterious Ghost Sector—a universe enveloped in a whirlpool of destructive department of energy. Determined to investigate, and to find the once lost Tamaran, an unlikely group of heroes form a cosmic Justice League on an odyssey through chartless space…with all of reality at post .
When They Formed: 2018 ’ mho Justice League Odyssey # 1
The Roster: Jessica Cruz, Cyborg, Starfire, Azrael…and Darkseid ? ! ?
Fun Fact: Spinning out of the events of Dark Nights : metal and Justice League : No Justice, the Darkseid of Justice League Odyssey is perceptibly younger than the Lord of Apokolips you ’ re used to saying. One could even say he ’ s full looking. Though possibly not out brassy .

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Zack Snyder’s Justice League

Why They Formed: While we don ’ thymine know the stallion plot of the movie however, we can safely say that Snyder ’ south Justice League would never have formed without the difficult influence and passion from fans like you .
When They Formed: Thursday, March 18, 2021. Are you ready ?
The Roster: Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman, Cyborg, the Flash, Aquaman…and possibly a storm or two.

Fun Fact: With over four hours of footage, you ’ ll never see a superhero movie quite like this one .

Which adaptation of the Justice League is your favored ? And are you excited for Zack Snyder ‘s Justice League to make its HBO Max debut ? Let us know your thoughts over in the DC Community !
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