Peacemaker’s helmets


Peacemaker’s helmets




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Auggie Smith †


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It’s not a toilet seat, it’s a beacon of freedom!
―Peacemaker to Bloodsport[src]

Peacemaker’s helmets are the protective headgears used by Peacemaker in orderliness to hide his identity and protect his question. The helmets were developed by Auggie Smith each having unique capabilities on them like Sonic Blast, Underwater Breathing, and X Ray Vision. The helmet ‘s functions can be utilized by exclaiming “ Activate [ Function ] ” .



At some steer during his supervillain career Auggie Smith developed at least eight high-tech helmets each with their own singular ability activated by voice control. Auggie ‘s son Christopher began using the helmets when he became the superhero “ Peacemaker “, adopting the helmets as function of his signature look. Auggie placed tracking devices on all the helmets as a precaution measuring stick .

Used by Peacemaker

Peacemaker prominently used the helmets during his vigilante activities until he was arrested and taken to Belle Reve. During that time, Auggie Smith ceased all development for the helmets, keeping the preexistent ones in repositing at the Quantum unfolding storage area at his base. conciliator used one of the criterion helmets again during the mission in Corto Maltese. In the consequence of the mission Peacemaker was knocked unconscious by a gunfire wind and taken to a hospital to recover while the helmet was salvaged from the wreckage of Joutenheim. Upon being released from the hospital Smith was forced to give away his helmet as cab fare, prompting him to visit his father to ask for a modern helmet. Auggie Smith while not pleased to see his son did let him borrow another of the helmets, offering him options for which ability to take. Smith took the Sonic Boom helmet which he later used to kill Annie Sturphausen in self-defense. Smith late visited his church father again lone to find out he had been arrested, but besides took the casual to steal the rest of the helmets. Peacemaker adjacent used the x ray Vision helmet during one of his missions to identify Butterflies by looking into people ‘s brains. The x ray Vision function besides allowed hem to shoot targets from through doors and walls before they had the luck to ambush him. That same night Leota Adebayo decided to try the x-ray Vision helmet out of curiosity and incidentally saw the Butterfly inside Clemson Murn ‘s brain. Leota attempted to flee in panic, dropping the helmet as she ran away. When Auggie was released from prison and became the White Dragon again he revealed that he placed tracking devices on all the Peacemaker helmets, which the Aryan Empire used to find and ambush Peacemaker. once Chris realized that he was being tracked, he was forced to throw away all the rest of the helmets. The helmets were by and by retrieved after White Dragon was defeated. The 11th Street Kids planned to sneak the Sonic Boom helmet into the barn that housed the Cow, and detonate it multiple times to destroy the ranch. The initial design was to use the Anti-Gravity helmet to carry the Sonic Boom helmet to the barn ‘s roof, but Leota by chance triggered the Anti-Gravity feature causing the helmet to float away. John Economos was then forced to infiltrate the ranch by pretending to be a Butterfly, though was discovered after leaving the helmet inside the cow ‘s cavern. The helmet, however, was in position to detonate four sonic blasts, leveling the barn and halting the butterflies ‘ teleportation work. Peacemaker then raided the basement where The Cow was contained, while Adebayo charged in with the Human Torpedo helmet intending to help. After activation by Peacemaker, Adebayo was torpedoed into the Cow, killing it .

tilt of helmets

This one has full-body force field. This has sonic blast capabilities. You need to breathe underwater, then this is the one for you. And, uh, this one has X-ray vision. I didn’t make these things while you were in prison. These are all from before.

―Auggie Smith to Chris Smith[src]
  • Standard helmet: Peacemaker’s original bulletproof helmet was brought on the mission with the Suicide Squad to Corto Maltese. The helmet features his trademark symbol, the dove of peace, on the forehead. It survived the destruction of Jotunheim, although Peacemaker had to give his helmet away when he had no money to pay his taxi driver.
  • Force-field helmet: It is capable of generating a full-body force-field.
  • Sonic Boom helmet: It projects a voice-activated sonic blast which is powerful enough to instantly vaporize any human within range of the blast or at least knockback them with large force, destroy surrounding objects, and leave a crater impact afterwards. According to Peacemaker it can produce 3 to 4 blasts in a single charge. The helmet was first used by Peacemaker to kill Annie Sturphausen, then was remotely used by Leota Adebayo to destroy Coverdale Ranch.
  • Underwater World helmet: It allows the user to breathe underwater. The helmet has a fin on top.
  • X-ray vision helmet: Upon activation it opens x-ray vision lenses. Peacemaker used it to could identify Butterflies during the raid at the Glenn-Tai Bottling Company. Leota Adebayo also tried on the helmet out of curiosity, inadvertently learning that Clemson Murn was also a butterfly.
  • Scabies for All helmet: Peacemaker has a helmet that gives everyone in a one-mile radius except for him scabies, which his father said was meant to be a challenge.
  • Bound For Good helmet: Peacemaker has another helmet with unknown capabilities.
  • Anti-Gravity helmet: When activated it begins floating vertically, Peacemaker had a small fan which he could use to control the helmet’s trajectory. It was lost after Adebayo accidentally activated its function causing it to float away.
  • Human Torpedo helmet: It enshrouds the user in a protective force-field then flings them at a target at high speed akin to firing a torpedo. This helmet was prominently used by Leota Adebayo to assist in the battle at Coverdale Ranch. According to Peacemaker the helmet was an untested prototype prone to injuring its user.
  • New Standard helmet: Peacemaker wore a different helmet as his standard when at Jamil’s daughter’s school. He used it as a new standard helmet until he discovered his father tracking him through the helmets.
  • Itchy Bond helmet: Peacemaker has a helmet with unknown capabilities, but it can be assumed that the spikes would shoot out of the helmet. It has a spiky patch on the frontal lobe.


Taxi driver uses Peacemaker's toilet seat - Peacemaker Cabbie accepts helmet as cab farePeacemaker's helmet 1 Itchy Bond HelmetPeacemaker's helmet 2 Anti-Gravity helmetPeacemaker's helmet 3 Scabies For All HelmetPeacemaker's helmet 4 x Ray Vision HelmetPeacemaker's helmet 5 Sonic Blast HelmetPeacemaker's helmet 6 Bound For Good HelmetPeacemaker's helmet 7 Underwater World HelmetPeacemaker's helmet 8 Full Body Force Field Helmet

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Peacemaker's helmet 9 Human Torpedo helmetReplacement Helmet surrogate Helmet


  • Despite the helmets being Peacemaker’s trademark equipment and part of his signature outfit, so far Leota Adebayo has used the most amount of helmet functions; having used X-Ray Vision, Sonic Boom, Human Torpedo, and Anti-Gravity albeit accidentally.


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