Peacemaker: Eagly Is the Better Sidekick

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Peacemaker Episode 6, “Murn After Reading,” now streaming on HBO Max.
throughout Peacemaker, the entitle character asserts that his pet eagle Eagly is both his best acquaintance and buddy. Peacemaker has a profound love and deference for Eagly that he does n’t have for anyone else. He was felicitous when Eagly hugged him after their four-year reunion and he takes his favored eagle out for rides in his car. Eagly is similarly quite fond of Peacemaker, frequently bringing him dead animals to eat, which is symbolic of a dame ‘s commitment to its mate .
While Peacemaker is more than fine with Eagly as his partner for life, adrian Chase aka Vigilante is far from felicitous with that agreement. hadrian has been looking to become a dynamic couple with Peacemaker, beginning with him leaving messages in his voice mail as if they ‘ve constantly been good pals. By Episode 2, he started stalking Peacemaker as Vigilante — even inviting himself to become member of Task Force X on Project Butterfly. While Vigilante proved himself useful to the entity known as Clemson Murn and the team, the antihero with the tragic ending is far from a refilling for Eagly.

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Peacemaker Eagly in car Though Peacemaker has n’t rejected Vigilante ‘s avail or company, Vigilante does n’t feel as though Peacemaker sees him as a partner and has been doing whatever he can to win his blessing. That included trying to kill Peacemaker ‘s don, Auggie Smith aka White Dragon, in Episode 4. After being framed for the murder of a butterfly Peacemaker killed earlier, Auggie was arrested and sent to prison, where he actually had a cult following. Vigilante intentionally got himself arrested to gain access to Auggie — but only got equally far as beating up his followers before police intervened .
After being called a bad dad by Vigilante, Auggie realized the latter was there to kill him, which only motivated him to kill his son once he got out of prison. After Detective Sophie Song released Auggie in Episode 6, he followed up on his parole and resumed his mantle as the White Dragon to kill his son. Things only further spiraled down from there .
Vigilante paid Peacemaker a visit and asked him why he calm had the butterfly he shot out of Goff ‘s head. The butterfly then drew a peace polarity on the jar she was being contained in using sensitive amber fluid, which got Peacemaker ‘s attention. He decided to ask the chat up what that means using “ yes ” or “ no ” questions and instructed the butterfly to tap once for yes and doubly for no. While Peacemaker asked the butterfly dangerous questions, Vigilante asked it dazed, irrelevant questions for his own entertainment, which annoyed the former.

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Peacemaker and Vigilante sit in on a mission briefing in the HBO Max series. To keep things under control, Peacemaker told Vigilante there were only two rules to their interrogation of the butterfly : “ yes ” or “ no ” questions merely and to not be a idiot. Vigilante had trouble following that second rule, which proved to be an even bigger trouble when patrol arrived. Vigilante decided to try and kill Detective Song, but was stopped by Peacemaker, who did n’t believe in killing a law enforcement policeman. In the summons, Vigilante lost his foot and fell off the tree he was on, resulting in him unintentionally crushing the jar the butterfly was in. That freed the butterfly to invade Detective Song ‘s body and further advance the butterfly invasion .
But Vigilante ‘s buffoonery still got worse. When returning to Murn ‘s headquarter, Peacemaker attempted to call Harcourt to update her on the situation. Vigilante impetuously took the mobile phone out of Peacemaker ‘s bridge player and threw it out the window, rationalizing the patrol can track it. Peacemaker angrily corrects that the phone was secured and could n’t be tracked — and in losing the call, he besides lost all the photograph he had of Eagly, the latter of whom actually proved useful during their escape from police .
While Peacemaker does not harbor ailment feelings towards Vigilante despite his buffoonery complicate things for him, it ‘s quite clear the latter is an contrastive partner in two heavy ways. Whereas Peacemaker is capable of self-reflection and wants to work on being a better person, Vigilante ca n’t do either. He ca n’t help being a moron — but at least he ‘s not the strangest character in the show ‘s canon.

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