Peacemaker Soundtrack Guide: Every Song In James Gunn’s DC Show

conciliator is back in his own testify after his mishap in The Suicide Squad. here is every song in the Peacemaker TV series and when they play. Warning: Contains spoilers for Peacemaker.
If it was n’t clear that DC ’ s Peacemaker TV series was headed up by James Gunn, the songs in the Peacemaker soundtrack would promptly give it away. James Gunn became a family name when he began working for Marvel on the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise. He promptly developed a reputation for two things : pulling out obscure comedian book characters to include in his media, and making a killer soundtrack where every sung hit equitable right. When it comes to music, Peacemaker similarly delivers .
Peacemaker sees John Cena retort to his DCEU role from The Suicide Squad alongside some familiar faces, some new adaptations of DC Comics characters, and some stigmatize new characters fresh from the mind of James Gunn. While Peacemaker concisely thinks he is rid, he once again finds himself a pawn in Amanda Waller ‘s plans as he is recruited for Project Butterfly. Peacemaker spends the season facing off against the mysterious Butterflies, his white supremacist supervillain of a founder, White Dragon, and his own traumatic past.

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Superhero adaptations and James Gunn both thrive on a certain degree of spectacle, and every song in Peacemaker helps to drive that item home. Whether the song is playing in the background of an emotional collage that helps dive cryptic into the mind of the patriotic-to-a-fault Peacemaker, or is the sexual conquest to a fight scene with John Cena in his underwear, it serves its function well. here ’ south every birdcall that appears in the Peacemaker soundtrack .

Peacemaker’s Intro Credits Song

Peacemaker Intro Credits Song

“Do Ya Wanna Taste It” – Wig Wam: Each episode of Peacemaker includes a wide open credits sequence in which the majority of the series draw puts on a fully choreographed dancing number to Wig Wam ’ second 2010 song “ Do Ya Wan na Taste It. ”

Peacemaker, Episode 1, “A Whole New Whirled”

Peacemaker Episode 1 Post Credits Helmets White Dragon

“Welcome To The Church Of Rock And Roll” – Foxy Shazam:  After leaving the ARGUS team at his dawdler, Peacemaker goes to pick up Eagly at his dad ‘s house. Foxy Shazam ‘s “ Welcome To The Church Of Rock And Roll ” plays as he arrives and gets out of the taxi .
“Come On Come On” – Nashville Pussy: As Peacemaker leaves Leota Adebayo ( Danielle Brooks ) at the restaurant and drives through town with Eagly hanging out the window, “ Come On Come On ” by Nashville Pussy plays on his car radio. The song continues to play as Peacemaker notices Harcourt entering a bar and pulls a u-turn to go and meet up with her .
“Summertime Girls” – Y&T: As Harcourt sits in the bar and is approached by a guy trying to hit on her, “ Summertime Girls ” plays on the jukebox and continues as Peacemaker enters and joins her at the bar. The song makes a luminary crescendo as Peacemaker watches Harcourt turn back from beating up a guy .
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“Night Of Passion” – The Poodles: As Peacemaker starts to discuss sleeping with Harcourt, the music in the banish transitions to The Poodles ’ “ Night Of Passion ” which amps up as he catches the eye of a woman in the bar and the scene cuts to the two of them having sex in a toilet .
“I Don’t Love You Anymore” – The Quireboys: After sleeping with the Butterfly, Peacemaker flips through her records and puts on a The Quireboys album and selects the song “ I Don ’ t Love You Anymore. ” The song continues to play as Peacemaker dances and sings into a Hitachi wand before finally being attacked by the Butterfly. The song stops playing when Peacemaker jumps out of the window to get away from the Butterfly, giving the impression that it has stopped because he can no long hear it .
“Love Bomb Baby” – Tigertailz: After killing the Butterfly with a sonic thunder, Peacemaker sits in the wreckage with Eagly as Tigertailz ’ “ Love Bomb Baby ” plays over the Peacemaker episode 1 end credits .

Peacemaker, Episode 2, “Best Friend, For Never”

Peacemaker Sophie Song Annie Chang

“7 O’clock” – The Quireboys: Developing the continuity between episodes, in Peacemaker sequence 2, as Peacemaker rushes binding into the Butterfly ’ s apartment, The Quireboys ’ album restarts and plays the first birdcall on the side, “ 7 O ’ clock. ” The song cuts out as other characters are seen, but returns when for Peacemaker ’ south scenes as he rummages through the apartment for things he wants, collecting vinyl, CDs, cookie cutters, and a foreign glow device .
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“Borderline Crazy” – The Cruel Intentions: As Leota Adebayo, Emilia Harcourt, Peacemaker, and Eagly escape in the car after being shot at by the patrol, “ Borderline Crazy ” by The Cruel Intentions is the song that plays as Leota laughs manically and they speed off .
“Don’t Treat Me Bad” – Firehouse: Back in his trailer, Peacemaker goes through his bounty of records and selects one by Firehouse and plays the birdcall “ Don ’ thymine Treat Me Bad. ” The song continues to play as Peacemaker cries on the bed, beats himself up, and reflects on Rick Flag ’ s final words. The Firehouse birdcall continues to fades in to the background as Vigilante ( Freddie Stroma ) appears at Peacemaker ’ second window .
“Drag Me Down” – Santa Cruz: The song that plays as Peacemaker and Vigilante head out to the woods to destroy appliances and blow off some steamer is “ Drag Me Down ” by Santa Cruz .
“Peacemaker” – Antonio Gradanti: This song by composer Antonio Gradanti – which he notes was chosen by James Gunn himself – features when Adebayo visits Amber and Evan to pressure them into giving statements implicating Auggie Smith in their kidnapping .
“Boots On Rocks Off” – Dust Bowl Jokies: As Auggie Smith is arrested for the murder of the Butterfly after Leota bribed Evan and Amber, Dust Bowl Jokies ’ song “ Boots On Rocks Off ” begins to play. The song continues to play as Peacemaker switches to Leota and Keeya ( Elizabeth Ludlow ) discussing Keeya staying somewhere else and then to a scene of Peacemaker, Amber, and Vigilante sharing a bed .
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“Pumped Up Kicks” – John Murphy feat. Ralph Saenz: After Auggie is worshipped by white supremacists in prison, the credits begin to roll with a blanket of “ Pumped Up Kicks ” play over them. The song is primitively by Foster The People and its inclusion is a reference book to the controversy that Amber and Evan have earlier in the episode. This cover interpretation by John Murphy featuring Ralph Saenz was recorded specially for Peacemaker .

Peacemaker, Episode 3, “Better Goff Dead”

Peacemaker Vigilante Chase

“Would You Love A Creature” – Sister: The song that plays as Peacemaker and The Suicide Squad ’ s Emilia Harcourt plowshare meter in the sniper ’ randomness nest is “ Would You Love A animal ” by Sister. The birdcall continues in the background as Peacemaker and Harcourt get to know each early better and fades out as Vigilante appears .
“Six Feet Under” – Kissin’ Dynamite: As the Butterfly senator Goff comes in and prepares to torture Vigilante and Peacemaker the song “ Six Feet Under ” by Kissin ’ Dynamite plays. The song besides plays while the lie of the team are looking for Peacemaker and Vigilante but have not even realized that they are above them. The song fades out as Leota discovers the passage to the basement and Vigilante is unmask .
“Push Push (Lady Lightning)” – Bang Camaro: Over a collage that sees a Butterfly erupt from senator Goff ’ s font, Peacemaker and Vigilante understand the name of Project Butterfly, and John Economos dancing over Judomaster, Bang Camaro ’ s “ Push Push ( Lady Lightning ) ” plays. The song continues throughout the Peacemaker episode 3 conclusion credits .
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Peacemaker, Episode 4, “The Choad Less Traveled”

Peacemaker Clemson Murn Plot Hole

“Beat The Bullet” – Vain:  As Peacemaker, Vigilante, and the team travel back to base the dawn after the Goff character assassination, Vain ‘s “ Beat The Bullet ” plays and fades into the background as the group discuss the Butterfly that left Royland Goff ‘s head .
“I Wanna Be With You” – Pretty Boy Floyd:  In Peacemaker episode 4, Vigilante drives Peacemaker home via his dad ‘s topographic point and the cable car stereophonic is playing “ I Wan sodium Be With You ” by Pretty Boy Floyd .
“Jawbreaker” – The Cruel Intentions:  The Cruel Intentions sung “ Jawbreaker ” plays over a collage of adrian Chase walking through the imprison to faceoff against Auggie Smith while Peacemaker arrives back at his trailer and examines the Butterfly that he has kept in a jar .
“House of Pain” – Faster Pussycat: Peacemaker returns to his dawdler and puts on Faster Pussycat ‘s “ House of Pain ” on vinyl as he starts to get toast and gamey, the song continues over a Peacemaker collage that includes Vigilante being released from jail, John Economos ( Steve Agee ) working to keep Judomaster ( Nhut Le ) alive, and Leota Adebayo searching for clues while ignoring a call from her wife. The scene returns to Peacemaker reflecting on his first kill under the supervision of his father and the death of his buddy as the song continues .
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“Enemy In Me” – Vains Of Jenna:  The final song in Peacemaker sequence 4 is Vains Of Jenna ‘s “ Enemy In Me ” which begins to play as Clemson Murn ( Chukwudi Iwuji ) is revealed to be a Butterfly and continues throughout the episode ‘s credits.

Peacemaker, Episode 5, “Monkey Dory”

Peacemaker Leota Cocktail Peace Train Real

“Fight Song” – Sister Sin:  As Peacemaker and the team travel to the Glan Tai bottle plant, they listen to “ Fight Song ” by the swedish metallic ring Sister Sin, with Vigilante and Peacemaker dance and playing air guitar until Harcourt has enough and turns the music off .
“11th Street Kidzz” – Hanoi Rocks: In a potent adhere moment between Peacemaker and John Economos, when learning that they both like Hanoi Rocks, Peacemaker ignores Adebayo ‘s request for Jazz and puts on “ 11th Street Kidzz, ” the song that John has the appoint of tattoo on his properly forearm. Harcourt turns the birdcall off when they arrive, but it plays again when the group leave after successfully defeating Charlie the Gorilla. This time, Peacemaker and John in full sing along to the Hanoi Rocks song while even Harcourt cracks a smile. The song plays once again later in the sequence when Harcourt is sitting in the cake and makes the “ 11th Street Kidzz ” group chat and the others respond, fading out when Peacemaker and Leota arrive at his preview .
“The Both Of Us” – House Of Lords:  When Murn tells the team to take the night off as they earned it ( and presumably because they all need a shower ), “ The Both Of Us ” by House Of Lords plays as they head out and Vigilante complains about Economos killing the gorilla with a chain saw when he wanted to do it .
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“How Come It Never Rains” – Dogs D’Amour:  When Peacemaker and Leota are in his trailer and Peacemaker is making them a “ Peace Train, ” this Dogs D’Amour song is playing in the background .
“Fallen Star” – Hanoi Rocks:  The appropriately titled “ Fallen Star, ” besides by Hanoi Rocks, begins playing when Leota betrays Peacemaker ‘s reliance by hiding the forge diary in his apartment for her mother, before heading home plate and calling Keeya on the way .
“The Human Paradox” – Dynazty:  After Murn attacks Leota, Dynazty ‘s “ The Human Paradox ” plays throughout the credits .

Peacemaker Episode 6, “Murn After Reading”

Peacemaker John Cena Piano

“New Thing” — Enuff Z’Nuff:  Enuff Z’Nuff ‘s “ New Thing ” is the first song in Peacemaker episode 6 and plays as White Dragon heads home from imprison, continues as Peacemaker feeds his Butterfly, and as Harcourt, Leota, and Economos discuss the Butterflies .
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“Barbie Girl” — Aqua:  Vigilante ‘s ringtone is “ Barbie Girl ” by Aqua, presumably because it makes him happy .
“Monster” — Reckless Love:  Reckless Love ‘s “ Monster ” gets an offer play as it covers a collage that sees Sophie Song greeting her new Butterfly army and leads them to take over the Evergreen Police Department, and as White Dragon gets dressed in his wax costume for the first time in Peacemaker .
“Home Sweet Home” — John Cena:  Peacemaker sits gloomy to play the piano after an emotional conversation with Harcourt. The slice is a piano overlay of “ Home Sweet Home ” by Mötley Crüe played at a reduce tempo, a choice that fits both the emotional nature of the fit and the vogue of ’80s rock and alloy that defines the Peacemaker soundtrack .
“Kiss Me Deadly” — Lita Ford:  Lita Ford ‘s “ Kiss Me Deadly ” plays over the credits for Peacemaker episode 6 .

Peacemaker Episode 7, “Stop Dragon My Heart Around”

Peacemaker White Dragon

“Home Sweet Home” — Mötley Crüe:  Peacemaker episode 7 opens with the youthful Chris Smith and his brother, Keith, rocking out to Mötley Crüe ‘s “ Home Sweet Home, ” the lapp song that Peacemaker played a piano interpretation of at the end of the previous episode, marking the song ‘s importance to the character .
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“In My Dreams” — Wig Wam:  The dance band behind the song for Peacemaker ‘s iconic open credits gets another appearance in the serial as Peacemaker, Vigilante, and ( sort of ) Economos rock to Wig Wam ‘s “ In My Dreams ” as they head to take out the Butterfly ‘s cow and are intercepted by White Dragon .
“Don’t Close Your Eyes” — Kix:  As Vigilante lento passes out behind the roulette wheel of the white supremacist ‘s car, the ironic choice of Kix ‘s “ Do n’t Close Your Eyes ” plays on the car radio .
“Hot Cherie” — Hardline:  When Peacemaker, Vigilante, and Economos reunify and get back on the road, Vigilante puts Hardline ‘s “ Hot Cherie ” plays as Vigilante declares “ there ‘s no wrong time to rock. ”
“By The Grace Of God” — The Hellacopters:  As Harcourt takes over the ARGUS team in Murn ‘s absence, The Hellacopters “ By The Grace Of God ” begins to play and continues through the collage of her plan and continues at the end of Peacemaker episode as Economos besides announces that there is “ no wrong clock time to rock. ”
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“Set The Night On Fire” — Pretty Boy Floyd:  The credits music for Peacemaker episode 7 is Pretty Boy Floyd ‘s “ Set The Night On Fire. ”

Peacemaker Episode 8, “It’s Cow Or Never”

Peacemaker John Cena White Dragon Finale

“If You Really Really Love Me” — Steel Panther:  As Adebayo attempts to apologize to Peacemaker for planting the diary, “ If You Really Really Love Me ” from the mod hair alloy group Steel Panther is playing in the truck .
“Do Ya Wanna Taste It” – Wig Wam:  The climactic battle scene in the Peacemaker season 1 finale appropriately reuses the Wig Wam song from the open credits, “ Do Ya Wan na Taste It, ” as, having detonated Peacemaker ‘s helmet inside the barn, the team travel across the field fighting the remaining Butterflies. When Harcourt is stroke multiple times, the song ends by becoming distorted, in a similar manner to as if it were playing on a turntable that was going besides lento .
“Apologize” — The Last Vegas:  As Peacemaker season 1 describe to a airless, The last Vegas ‘ song “ Apologize ” plays across a collage that sees Adebayo delivering a crush league exposing Amanda Waller, Vigilante escapes from his hospital board, and Peacemaker visits Harcourt in hospital. The song continues as the team get on with their lives and slowly recover and as Peacemaker settles on his crouch, feeding the surviving Goff Butterfly, and haunted by the double of his dead church father .
“You Can’t Kill My Rock ‘N Roll” — Hardcore Superstar:  The concluding end credits song for Peacemaker season 1 in Hardcord Superstar ‘s “ You Ca n’t Kill My Rock ‘N Roll. ”
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