Here’s Everything We Know So Far About Season 3 of Pennyworth Including Premiere Date News and First Look Images!

here ‘s Everything We Know thus far About Season 3 of Pennyworth Including Premiere Date News and First Look Images ! In the ’80 and ’90s, if your front-runner television display was canceled that was probable the concluding clock time you ‘d see it. These days, with so many networks and streaming platforms, there ‘s a estimable opportunity a canceled show is not truly gone, particularly if it ‘s a hit with the fans. HBO Max has recently revived several canceled serial from its own archives ( like the arouse and the City boot ) and from early networks ( like Cinemax ‘s Warrior ) and picked up a few that were on the verge of cancellation. Since DC Comics and HBO Max are both owned by Time Warner, it makes sense that many series based on DC Comics have found a new home on the streamer.

One of those series on the edge of cancellation was Pennyworth. Fans were elated when they found out the EPIX series Pennyworth would be returning for temper 3 on HBO Max. here ‘s what we know so far about the premier date, cast and where to watch the returning fav. Related: Every New Movie on HBO Max in 2021

What is Pennyworth?

Pennyworth is an action-adventure series from DC characters created by Bob Kane with Bill Finger. The serial follows a young Alfred Pennyworth ( Jack Bannon ), who later becomes Bruce Wayne ’ s legendary butler. A erstwhile british SAS soldier, Alfie—as he ’ south known to his friends, forms a security company and goes to work with Thomas Wayne ( Ben Aldridge ) in 1960s London in the beginning season .

When does Pennyworth take place?

Season 1 was set in 1960s London. In season 2, which takes plaza about a year after the events of the previous temper, Alfred Pennyworth now owns a club as rising tensions in the UK sprout talk of a civil war .

What’s coming in season 3 of Pennyworth?

Season three begins after a five-year fourth dimension rise : the civil war is over, and a cultural rotation has changed the world for better or worse—ushering in a fresh old age of superheroes and supervillains .

Will there be a season 3 of Pennyworth?

Yes ! Announced during DC Fandome, DC Comics ‘ virtual event, Pennyworth will have at least one more season .

Has HBO Max released any images from season 3 of Pennyworth?

Yes ! Check out the images in the veranda below and check back here for new images from season 3 of pennyworth !Pennyworth - S3 - 1




When will season 3 of Pennyworth premiere?

Season 3 of Pennyworth is slated to premiere in fall 2022. An accurate date has not yet been announced. Ben Aldridge, who plays Thomas Wayne, recently posted this to his Instagram explanation. Jack Bannon, the actor who plays Alfred Pennyworth, posted this to his Instagram account .

When will Pennyworth begin filming?

It already has ! The display filmed in Richmond Park in London and according to our research, Pennyworth has been in production since late summer of concluding class and has likely wrapped .. Fun fact: The like product caller that produces Pennyworth besides produces Ted Lasso .

Where does Pennyworth film?

Pennyworth films in and around London, England. Fun fact: The street where Alfred lives is called Micklewhite Avenue and is a nod to actor Michael Caine ( whose very identify is Maurice Micklewhite Jr ). Caine played Pennyworth in the Batman films directed by Christopher Nolan. Caine ‘s version of Pennyworth served as inspiration for Bannon ‘s take on the character .

Where can I watch seasons 1-2 of Pennyworth?

The first two seasons of Pennyworth are presently available on HBO Max. You can besides purchase episodes on Amazon, Apple TV +, Google Play and other subscription services. Related: Take a Look Back at Season 2 of Pennyworth

Who’s in the cast of Pennyworth season 3? (so far)

Jack Bannon (Alfred “Alfie” Pennyworth)

The serious follows Alfie in his youthful prime, as the serviceman before he finally becomes Bruce Wayne ‘s butler and right-hand man. Bannon, who plays the titular character, was turned down twice for play school before landing a function on the british series, Endeavor. Follow Bannon on Instagram @ backjannon .

Ben Aldridge (Thomas Wayne)

Batman ‘s patriarch, Thomas Wayne is a business mogul worth billions. When he ‘s not busy making money, Wayne is a screen private detective for the CIA. Aldridge may seem familiar as he ‘s had recurring roles on Reign and Fleabag. He besides headlines the Britbox series, The Long Call. Follow Aldridge on Twitter @ BenAldridge_ and on Instagram @ benjaminaldridge .

Emma Paetz (Martha Kane)

The future mother of Batman is a diarist and member of the No Name League. She and Thomas Wayne dislike each other at first gear, but we all know what the future holds for the two. Her previous roles include Gentleman Jack and The Looming Tower.

Paloma Faith (Bet Sykes)

Bet Sykes walks the pipeline between acquaintance and foe to Alfred Pennyworth. She ‘s decidedly arch and dark. Faith is besides a successful singer-songwriter with three top 10 albums and numerous top 10 singles. Follow Faith on Twitter and Instagram @ PalomaFaith .

Ryan Fletcher (Wallace “Dave Boy” MacDougal)

Dave Boy served in the SAS with Alfie. The two have remained friends after leaving the military. Fletcher has appeared in a variety of british television series. Follow Fletcher on Twitter @ ryansfletcher .

Dorothy Atkinson (Mary Pennyworth)

Alfie ‘s ma is rugged as nails so we know where Alfie gets his heart. Atkinson ‘s previous credits include Hanna, Harlots, Midsomer Murders and Vera. Atkinson besides joined the temper 2 cast of All Creatures Great and Small as Mrs. Brompton .

Ramon Tikaram (Prime Minister Victor Aziz)

The former Detective Inspector is loyal to the Crown and that loyalty has paid off —he ‘s now England ‘s Prime Minister. Tikaram ‘s previous credits include Man Down, felicitous Valley and Fortitude .

Harriet Slater (Sandra Onslow)

Sandra is Alfie ‘s on-again-off-again fancy man and a singer in his cabaret. Slater previously starred in an sequence of All Creatures Great and Small. Follow Slater on Instagram @ _harrietslater .

Simon Manyonda (Lucius Fox)

Fox is a young american scientist who play an integral separate in the DC Universe. Manyonda ‘s former credits include His blue Materials, Doctor Who, and Whitechapel. Follow Manyonda on Instagram @ simonmanyonda .

Waseem Mirza (TV reporter)

Pennyworth is a breakthrough function for Mirza, a early journalist who is crossing over into acting. He ‘ll be reprising his former real- life BBC News character as television receiver Reporter in season 3. “ If you ’ re a fan of the DC Universe and looking ahead to The Batman with [ Robert] Pattinson in the lead character, then you will not be disappointed ! ” Mirza tells “ In fact, I would suggest there is no better way to experience the darkness themes in The Batman, than by bingeing on Pennyworth. The latter equally does not shy away from black themes of the Batverse— correctly after the movie. ”

What new characters will be introduced in season 3 of Pennyworth?

No official announcement have been made but according to IMDB, it appears a character called “ Blue Raven ” is introduced in the third base season of Pennyworth. Whether this is a like character to the Red Raven in the DC Comics population or a wholly newfangled character remains to be seen. Actor and stuntman Chi Lewis-Parry is listed as the actor playing the Blue Raven. Lewis-Parry recently performed stunts on the Netflix series, Bridgerton .

Who’s not returning to Pennyworth?

Although the characters are still alive, no announcements have been made regarding the actors who play Capt. Gulliver Troy ( James Purefoy ) and Melanie Troy ( Jessica De Gouw ), Arthur Pennyworth ( Ian Puleston-Davies ) and Patricia Wayne ( Salóme Gunnarsdóttir ) .

Is Pennyworth based on other material?

The series is steeped in DC Comics lore. The character was first introduced in an issue of Batman in 1943 and returned to the format as a seven-issue miniseries, besides called Pennyworth, that was released in August 2021. As a prequel series to the television receiver picture, the Pennyworth comic books were written by Scott Brian Wilson with artwork by Juan Gedeon. According to DC Comics, the amusing book series spans “ the years between the hit television show and nowadays, Pennyworth tells the continuing adventures of Alfred Pennyworth as an MI6 counterintelligence agent — this time in Cold War-era Soviet Russia. When Alfred and his partner meet news that nuclear weapons are being manufactured near the Arctic Circle, they ’ re off to infiltrate the distant military basis to learn more. But things don ’ thyroxine go precisely ampere planned, and the ramifications of this mission may be more far-reaching than anyone could have guessed, as our contemporary butler gets dragged back into his past …

How many episodes of Pennyworth are there?

The first two seasons consisted of 10 episodes. Season 3 will be binding with 10 episodes besides. Episode titles for season 3 were recently released and they are :

Episode 1 : well to Do
Episode 2 : many Clouds
Episode 3 : comply or Die
Episode 4 : flatware BirchEpisode 5 : Rhyme ‘n ‘ ReasonEpisode 6 : HedgehunterEpisode 7 : Do n’t Push ItEpisode 8 : red MarauderEpisode 9 : Rag TradeEpisode 10 : Highland Wedding

What channel is Pennyworth on?

pennyworth seasons 1-2 aired on EPIX, but season 3 will be stream entirely on HBO Max .

Is Pennyworth on streaming?

Yes ! You can watch Pennyworth HBO MAX rent episodes on Prime Video, iTunes, VUDU and YouTube.

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