Secret Wars Turned Iron Man’s MCU Wife into the Ultimate Femme Fatale

Despite the endless number of timelines in the Marvel Multiverse, many realities tend to follow the same outlines — featuring many of the lapp outstanding figures, heroes, and villains. But sometimes, even a rebuff subversion can turn the most patriotic of allies into the crafty of foes .
Pepper Potts is normally one of the most authentic figures in Iron Man ‘s orbit, careless of which reality. But in one of the domains featured in Secret Wars, one version of the character went wax femme fatale and killed her way to a major acquire over that timeline ‘s Tony Stark .
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Secret Wars Iron Man Pepper Potts Noir 2 Pepper Potts has hanker been a separate of the Marvel Universe, debuting all the direction back in 1963 in Tales of Suspense # 45 ( by Stan Lee, Robert Bernstein, and Don Heck ). Pepper was established as Tony Stark ‘s loyal personal adjunct, in a character like to Gwyneth Paltrow ‘s portrayal of the character in the Iron Man films. In the MCU, Pepper cursorily became Tony Stark ‘s primary sleep together interest — even marrying him and having a daughter, Morgan Stark. In the comics, Pepper remained patriotic to Tony but had no romanticist relationship with him. rather, she married happy Hogan and, after his death, took up the curtain of Rescue .
But the variant of her who appeared in the narrative “ Who Killed Tony Stark ? ” ( by Frank Tieri and Richard Isanove ) from Secret Wars Journal # 3 was a good model of how madly a pitiless version of the character could be. The events of the narrative saw the multiverse reworked into a patchwork planet known as Battleworld. Each region of the globe was effectively its own world, with variants of major characters to reflect that area ‘s tone. This included the sphere known as Old Town, which seemed to be exchangeable to the global featured in the Marvel Noir series. In this world, a variant of Wolverine operated as a private research worker, hired to look into the death of local industrialist Tony Stark. Informed of everything by Pepper Potts and led to believe it was this domain ‘s Mandarin ( a local crime foreman ) who killed Stark, Logan set out to confront the criminal .

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Secret Wars Iron Man Pepper Potts Noir 3 Finding and confronting him, Logan discovered this was n’t the Mandarin of his world — but quite a dangerous variant, who ‘d escaped from his own world and stolen his other self ‘s life. Alongside this kingdom ‘s Punisher, the heroes discovered that a group of villains from the nearby domain of Apocalypse ( a kingdom based on the Age of Apocalypse crossing ) had killed their Old Town counterparts and impersonated them. Among their number was the AoA random variable of Pepper Potts — who ‘d already killed her counterpart long ahead Wolverine got involved. After robbing Stark and killing him with one of the Mandarin ‘s blades, this interpretation of Pepper led Logan right to her former ally, tying up that idle end before making her escape. The narrative ends with this nefarious Pepper triumphant and a trail of bodies in her wake up .

In all of her respective iterations, Pepper has frequently been established as far more apt than anyone gives her credit for. She ‘s constantly underestimated. All the attributes that make her bright besides make her dangerous, and it ‘s incredibly lucky that the Iron Man of Earth-616 has a lord interpretation of her quality. secret Wars was a great place to highlight how sealed characters could become completely different kinds of heroes or villains under slenderly altered circumstances, and the reveal that Pepper could have been Marvel ‘s most dangerous femme fatale is an underestimate highlight of that concept .

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