Comic Legends: Does Pink Kryptonite Really Exist in Superman Comics?

In the latest amusing Book Legends Revealed, learn whether pink kryptonite is actually region of Superman comics ! Welcome to Comic Book Legends Revealed ! This is the six hundred and eleventh week where we examine amusing bible legends and whether they are true or false .
fair like the last couple of months, one caption today, one tomorrow and one Sunday .
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Pink kryptonite is a very part of “ Superman ” comics


little spot of truthful and little bite of faithlessly .
Reader Ron M. wrote in to ask :

long time reader, first time submitter. So I was listening to Howard Stern today and he mentioned that there ‘s such a thing as “ pink Kryptonite ” which turned Superman homosexual. now, I ‘m wondering … is this dependable ? I mean, I was already taken in by the Iron Man/Captain America “ solid dick ” talk through one’s hat panel. So …. is this actually a thing ? ? ? ?

First off, here ‘s our comic Book Legends Revealed entry on the “ solid dick ” report ( it ‘s the third base caption ) .
second, the answer to this one is a snatch catchy. Yes, pink kryptonite very did appear in a amusing book. however, here ‘s the comic book. It ‘s “ Supergirl ” # 79 ( by Peter David, Ed Benes and Alex Lei ), which is part of a storyline where the Pre-Crisis Supergirl showed up on the regular DC universe. She was destined to die, of class, thus in the end, the Supergirl of the DC Universe decided to take her place and return to the Pre-Crisis Earth, or at least a version of the Pre-Crisis Earth .
Supergirl stayed on this earth for three years and ultimately fell in love with Superman and married him ( because this Supergirl was not related to Superman ). Peter David has some fun with some of the wackier aspect of the Pre-Crisis Earth, but he includes a raw phase of kryptonite …
so yea, David made a joke about how pink kryptonite made Superman cheery.

That ‘s the only appearance of pink kryptonite. It has never appeared in the “ real ” DC Universe. indeed does that mean it is real or not ? I guess if you go by the Alan Moore “ all stories are complex number ” approach, then certain. Otherwise, no .
Thanks to Ron for the motion !

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