Poison Ivy’s New Costume Just Gave Cosplayers the Perfect Accessory

The latest travel of beloved anti-hero Poison Ivy has taken Pamela Isley on a trip across the United States, attempting to seed world with a deadly psychedelic spore that will wipe them out and save the Green, and a newly variant cover for Poison Ivy #5 by Stjepan Šejić shows good how connected to the Green she in truth is. not yet seen in the pages of Ivy ‘s comics, Šejić ‘s gorgeous costume design would be a in truth arrant look for any manque Poison Ivy cosplayer .
Stjepan Šejić is an incredibly talented artist known for his beautiful depictions of all genders on the covers of respective comedian books, and although he has illustrated Poison Ivy for a cover of his DC Black Label comic Harleen, this is the first meter he has created a cover for G. Willow Wilson ‘s solo Poison Ivy comic. Šejić ‘s depictions of Poison Ivy normally involve her being dressed in vegetation and this discrepancy cover is no different, showing a aphrodisiac, warm side to Pam Isley that is rarely seen anymore .
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Poison Ivy has been through a bunch recently, since her murder in Heroes in Crisis all the means up through the trauma she endured while split into Ivy and Queen Ivy during the Fear State event. In G. Willow Wilson’s Poison Ivy – gorgeously illustrated by Marcio Takara – Pam is on a road trop throughout the United States, seeding random humans she encounters with vampire spores, a fungus that will spread across the world and finally wipe out all of humanness so that the Green can survive and thrive. Yet, Ivy is even profoundly in love with her romantic spouse Harley Quinn, and although she is determined to save the Green she continues to have doubts about killing all of world, since Harley is proof that not all humans are bad. Stjepan Šejić ‘s discrepancy cover for the approaching Poison Ivy # 5 absolutely casts Ivy as an elemental being of the Green who still has ties to her world that continue to hold her back .

Poison Ivy is seen in a costume that resembles skintight boodle leaves, a style that Šejić has drawn Ivy in earlier, absolutely accentuating the redheaded smasher ‘s torso while giving her a cunning, lightly human feel by having her wear a massive mushroom as a hat. While her connection to fungi has come into question recently, seeing as mushrooms and other fungi are canonically considered character of the Grey and not the Green in DC Comics, the stunning art hush clearly casts Ivy as a herculean nymph-like elementary, imbued with the powers of the forest. Like many other Poison Ivy looks, pilfer costume is a true ambition for any Poison Ivy cosplayers, of which there are many. The ease of Šejić ‘s design, a body courtship with two gloves and a unplug branch objet d’art, would allow a cosplayer all their time working on the gorgeous details of the blueprint like the boodle ‘s veins and the way it tapers on her limb. Ivy ‘s mushroom hat is just the kind of adorable costume accessory that any cosplayer would love .
While Poison Ivy has chiefly been seen in her Poison Ivy solo comedian either wearing a no frills landscaping romper or in her authoritative vein bodice, it would be amazing to see Pam donning this cabbage-leaf divine front at some point on empanel, a costume switch that would be perfective for any Ivy cosplayers .
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Poison Ivy  #5 from DC Comics is out October 4th, 2022.



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