Growing Stronger: Five Things to Know for Poison Ivy’s New Series

It ’ randomness been a long and winding road for sometimes villain, sometimes hero Pamela Isley. Poison Ivy once had a blossoming career as a scientist, then she became an ecoterrorist, an anti-hero and a queen. She ’ s died, come back, been split into two beings and made solid again. now she ’ mho presence and center in a lavish new amusing book series with a mind-bending beginning write out from G. Willow Wilson and Marcio Takara .
As we get ready to dive into Poison Ivy # 1, let ’ s take a moment to catch up on where Poison Ivy has been before we get to where she ’ s going. Neither is a good station .
minor spoilers for Poison Ivy # 1 follow .

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01 numbers2016 62a00f3d5a23b7.69926842Ivy was at the height of her power during the events of “Fear State.”

Batman faced both the Scarecrow and the cryptic administration known as the Magistrate during “ Fear State, ” a 2021 six-issue Batman event. As a separate of this event, and as if the Dark Knight didn ’ t have his hands full already, Poison Ivy was transformed into Queen Ivy when her soul was divided in two by a super-villain know as the Gardener .
Queen Ivy was unshackled, and she used the full moon force of her considerable power to wrap the fundamentals of Gotham with vines under her complete control. Ivy could topple the entire city with just a think .

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02 numbers2016 62a00f4b8573c1.95398162She was made whole again thanks to Harley Quinn and Catwoman.

Poison Ivy ’ s other one-half had been separated and placed into a seed by the Gardener after the overwhelm consequences of her actions in “ Everyone Loves Ivy. ” The seed was cultivated to contain “ all of the best of Pamela, ” the misadvise scientist said in Batman Secret Files : The Gardener # 1, “ all of her gladden and heat and mind and sleep together. ”
Catwoman—with the help of some friends—rescued that innocent part of Ivy ’ s person and brought her to Harley. With the assistant of the Gardener, Harley reunited both halves of Pamela Isley together in Eden, the Queen ’ s overgrown kingdom in the dampen caves beneath Gotham .

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03 numbers2016 62a00f5edf1286.04786798Poison Ivy spared Gotham City…

once she was hale again, Poison Ivy made the choice to leave Gotham intact, even if the corrupted city might deserve annihilation. She used the last remain share of her overflowing powers to both calm the citizens of Gotham City with her plant pheromones and heal a grievously injured daughter named Squeak. Fear State was ultimately over .

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04 numbers2016 62a00f6fd92a48.80541056…But Ivy’s new mission isn’t that altruistic.

Poison Ivy wasn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate precisely grateful that the Gardener harvested a separate of her without her cognition or consent. “ I will make my own decisions on what I become adjacent, ” she tells her erstwhile colleague in Batman : fear State – Omega # 1. “ Without you. ”
In Poison Ivy # 1, we find out that what she becomes might be the most terrific version of her of all. Pamela Isley is once again on a deputation to cultivate a boom natural world, this time through the complete eradication of humanity. Once the planet is freed of its aggressors, Ivy reasons, all plant and animal life can truly begin to flourish. And she has the power and will to do it .

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05 numbers2016 62a00f7f3ddd81.46892242Harley and Ivy are on a break. (We don’t like it either.)

even as Ivy puts her apocalyptic plan into apparent motion, her thoughts never stray far from Harley Quinn. Hurt that Harley played a part in the Gardener ’ s meddling with her person, Ivy left her true beloved to follow her own path. Creeping, moldering end follows in her inflame. Can Poison Ivy ’ s soul be saved again, or is she on a black travel of end that not even Harley can bring her back from ?

Poison Ivy # 1 by G. Willow Wilson and Marcio Takara is now available in print and as a digital comic book .
Kelly Knox writes about all-ages comics and animation for and her spell can besides be seen on IGN, Nerdist and more. Follow her on chitter at @ kelly_knox to talk superheroes, comics and pop polish .
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