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DC Comics DC Animated Universe

Character Character
Harley Quinn Pamela Isley


Canon (in certain universes)

Status of Relationship

Best Friends (DCAU)
Best Friends/Lovers (Harley Quinn (2019)
Broken Up (Prime Earth & Injustice)
Divorced (Old Lady Harley)


Type (?)

Female Homosexuality Symbol.svg DarkMode LesbianSymbol.png


Also Known As

HarleIvy, PoisonQuinn

Reading: Harlivy

Harlivy is the femslash transport between Harley Quinn and Pamela Isley from the DC Comics and DC Animated Universe fandom .


Harley and Poison Ivy — real names being Harleen Quinzel and Pamela Lillian Isley — are extremely villains who commonly work together against Batman in both the Batman series and multiple DC Comic by-product. The two women formally met in Batman: The Animated Series episode, Harley and Ivy. While Harley was attempting to steal a baseball diamond from a local Gotham museum, Ivy incidentally set off one of the alarms whilst looting multiple plant toxins. The duet end up introducing themselves to each early, cooperating, and escaping from the police. As they drive off in Poison Ivy ‘s car, Ivy exclaims that “ this could be the begin of a friendship. ” When the duet arrive in Pamela ‘s hideout, Pamela gives Harleen antidote shots in order to protect her from the toxins around the area. As she does so, she questions Harleen on her relationship with Joker and why she decides to stay in a toxic relationship. Harleen tries to justify the mistreat she goes through, causing Pamela to decide she needs some “ female self-esteem. ” thus, the duet officially become accomplices. Their multiple capers cause them to be referred to as the “ New Queens of Crime ” in the news. When joker tracks the couple down, he attempts to gas Poison Ivy, causing Harley to freak out. however, this goes equally well one would expect ( Ivy is immune ). In Gotham City Sirens, Poison Ivy and Harley team up with Catwoman to become the by-product ‘s titular team. Throughout the series, the trio will constantly save each other and cooperate together in multiple missions. however, Harley ends up betraying her friends in order to kill the Joker for his constant misuse. As Harley and Ivy fight over this, it is revealed that Poison Ivy had a quixotic crush on Harley. During an interview with the writers of Harley Quinn, it was revealed that both Harley and Ivy are WLW in the series and are in a romanticist kinship. This was confirmed in issue 25 of the series, with Harley kissing Ivy for an early-surprise birthday party. DC Comics Bombshells and Injustice: Gods among Us not entirely besides has the duet kiss in multiple instances, but they would by and by get married in Las Vegas .


Batman and Harley Quinn

  • As her last resort to convince Ivy to not unleash an untested concoction that would turn people and animals into plant hybrids, despite knowing the risk of destroying the Earth itself if anything goes wrong, Harley uses “the nuclear option”; looking at Ivy with sad puppy eyes, which Ivy tried to resist until tears welled down from Harley’s eyes, causing Ivy to cry as well, embrace Harley with a hug and give up on the entire plan.

Harley Quinn (TV series)

  • Before they kissed in Season 2, there were some subtle moments throughout both seasons that implied a romantic attraction starting to bloom between them:
    • During a 2-on-1 fight against Batman on a live talk show, Ivy accidentally fell on top of Harley and landed in an intimate position (to which the audience and the talk show host, Tawny Young, reacted with delight), while Harley just stared at Ivy with a sheepish smile until Ivy got up and they resumed the fight.
    • After Ivy’s death by the hands of the Joker, Harley tearfully told Ivy while visiting her grave that what she had planned next may be suicidal and that if she doesn’t visit Ivy’s grave again, she’ll see her in the next world. This is proven to be true during her final showdown with the Joker as she unveiled a set of explosives she hid under her uniform with the intention of blowing herself up, taking Joker with her, and reuniting with Ivy.
    • When Harley finds Ivy killing the ACE Chemicals Board of Directors for illegally dumping toxic waste into the ocean, Ivy laments on having to give up her “past self” to stay connected to the people who love her, but Harley reassures her she won’t need to, holding Ivy’s hand and resting her head on her shoulder.
    • Every time Harley saw Ivy and Kiteman kiss, she grew increasingly jealous of them, and even expressed her belief that Ivy could do better than him.
    • When Bane was preventing them from escaping his now burning prison pit, Harley sacrificed herself so the vine they were holding onto could lift Ivy to safety and freedom. Ivy, refusing to let her best friend die, dove back in and used the vine to grab Harley by the ankle, arresting her fall, and lift them both to the surface. Overjoyed with being alive and free, they embrace with a kiss before withdrawing and staring at each other in shock.
  • After they kissed, Harley and Ivy found themselves struggling to assess the situation; both tried to convince themselves and each other that it was from the spur of the moment after they both narrowly escaped death and agreed to leave it at that. While Ivy, who was engaged to Kiteman at the time, had an easier time believing this, Harley knew deep down that she was only deceiving herself.
  • Shortly after Ivy went to have brunch with Kiteman and his parents, Batgirl arrived to warn Harley that Commissioner Gordon was on his way to eliminate Harley in order for the city of Gotham to be re-declared part of the United States. In her erratic state of mind from the romantic feelings she was developing for Ivy, Harley went to the planet Apokolips, the home planet of Darkseid, to claim the Parademons as her army and combat Gordon with. In the course of massacring thousands of innocent people, Ivy questions Harley’s actions. Rather than tell her the truth that she really is in love with Ivy, she lies and claims she’s trying to arrange Ivy’s bachelorette party.
  • During Ivy’s bachelorette party on the island of Themyscira, Harley and Ivy got drunk and danced together. Ivy commended Harley for all the lengths she went to make this bachelorette party so special for her. They both proceeded to have sex that night and woke up in the same bed the following morning. Ivy panics over the realization that she cheated on her fiancé and retreats to her own room with no intention of coming back out until their flight home is available. Harley talks to Ivy about the incident and convinces her to forget about it and enjoy herself.
  • The following night, Harley and Ivy got drunk during another party and had sex all over again. As Ivy began to panic, Harley finally told her that she loves her and to think about what their lives would be like in a true romantic relationship. When they returned home to Gotham, Ivy made her decision; she can’t trust Harley with her heart out of fear that she may abandon Ivy someday due to her impulsive nature, and would still marry Kiteman.
  • When the Parademons, now under Dr. Psycho’s control, continued ransacking Gotham and began impeding Ivy’s wedding plans, Harley decided that the Justice League was her only hope of keeping her best friend’s wedding on course. Since they were trapped in the Queen of Fables’ magic storybook and the only one who remembered where the book is was the Joker, who had become sane as a result of his amnesia, Harley reluctantly restored him to his old self and forced him to help her find the book. During their search, Joker conversed with Harley on her feelings for Ivy and asked if she was truly over her, which she clearly wasn’t but was still willing to accept. Joker, who himself had fallen in love with the woman who nursed him during his state of amnesia, suggested Harley try again.
  • When Ivy angrily confronted Dr. Psycho over the Parademons who damaged her wedding dress, he took control of her mind and sent her to kill Harley. During the fight, Ivy began strangling Harley. In a desperate hope to break free, Harley kissed Ivy, believing true love would free her from Dr. Psycho’s control. Though it didn’t work traditionally, it distracted Dr. Psycho just long enough for Ivy to break free of his control and Harley to place an anti-mind control device in Ivy’s ear.
  • With Dr. Psycho defeated and the original deal Harley made with Darkseid now void, Harley takes up Joker’s previous advice and pleads her case to Ivy one last time; Ivy brings out the best in her and is truly in love with her. Admitting that it might be messy, might not work, and might even destroy their friendship entirely, but that love is something she’d rather risk their friendship for than pretend her feelings for her aren’t real and asks Ivy to take a leap of faith and be with her. Before Ivy can answer, Dr. Psycho, who had peered into Ivy’s memories during his brief control of her mind, projected the memory of their affair into the night sky for all of Gotham, including Ivy’s fiancé, Kiteman, to see.
  • After their affair had been revealed, Harley went back to Arkham in shame. When she received a tip off from Two-Face that Gordon was going to sabotage Ivy’s wedding, Harley broke out and intended to stop him. She ended up slugging out someone she had mistaken for Gordon and was told by a livid Ivy to leave. As she did, during the reception, Gordon, who had been impersonating the priest, and his unit revealed themselves and incapacitated all of the super villains in attendance with tear gas. Harley went back, stole one of their air masks, knocked Gordon down, and siphoned all of the tear gas from the venue with a rocket launcher she stole from Gordon, allowing all of the super villains to regain consciousness and engage in a war against the Gotham police. She carried Ivy and Kiteman outside and after sheltering them from the crossfire, revealed that she registered herself as a priest and was prepared to marry them on the spot, having come to value Ivy’s happiness more than anything else. Ivy was touched by her best friend’s selflessness and was ready to go through with it, but Kiteman refused, declaring that he knew Ivy did not truly love him, and flew off. As they escaped, Ivy praised Harley for having done everything she could to save her wedding and how much she’s changed. They professed their love for each other and shared a kiss as they drove off into the sunset together.

Lego DC Super Villains

  • After Harley was accidently ejected from Joker’s vehicle, she heads to Ivy’s lair where she tells her of what she saw between the Justice League and the “Justice Syndicate”. Ivy asks questions about her friend’s clam and what it said on the news before telling an upset Harley that she can stay with her as long as she needs to.
  • When Captain Boomerang angered Ivy she mistakes him and the other villains as a threat to Harley and begins to attack them in order to protect her. Harley tries to tell Ivy that they are friends, but she wouldn’t listen.
  • After the Crime Syndicate captured Harley, Ivy goes to save her and the other villains, before they go to tell the world the truth about the fake heroes. But the Crime Syndicate had already deleted the footage on Harley’s phone before framing them for theft so no one would listen to her, Ivy or the rest of the villains.
  • As Harley is about to enter the Hall of Doom she turns to Ivy and waves to her, before she and the whole lair gets taken by Sea King and his giant squid. When Man Shark and Black Manta arrive to seek shelter at the just stolen lair, Ivy enlists them in her mission to save Harley. Who she references as her friend.
  • After they defeat Sea King, Harley notices Ivy and is pleased to know that she came to save her. Before Man Shark and Black Manta go after Sea King in order to save the other villains in the Hall of Doom, Ivy volunteers to stay behind with Harley.

Batman: The Adventures Continue

  • During the holidays, a bored Harley suggests to Ivy that they invite all of their fellow criminal allies to a Christmas party. Ivy agrees, but only on the two conditions that the party is NOT hosted in their hideout and that the Joker is not invited, both of which Harley agree on immediately, When Gotham Plaza’s christmas tree lights lit up, Harley saw it as a sign that they were meant to make the party happen, placing a mistletoe above Ivy’s head and kissing her on the cheek.
  • During the party, Ivy thanks Harley for taking the time to gather all of Gotham’s criminals together for the holiday party, during a time of the year that is often hard on their kind, and making them feel no longer alone, just before she kisses Harley on the cheek.


It ‘s one of the most popular femslash ships in the DC Comics. A huge part of the DC fandom loves the kinship between these girls – some people adore their romanticist relationship, some are more of the fans of their friendship. Nevertheless, Harley and Ivy are seen as one of the most iconic, badass DC duet. The main rival ship for Harlivy is Jarley. There ‘s a fortune of fights between the shippers of both pairings in the fandom. Harlivy shippers normally dislike the Joker and Harley couple, because of Joker being abusive to Harley in most of the universes. Some of the Jarley shippers besides base their DC cognition chiefly on movies and Batman TAS and do n’t know that Harley and Ivy got together in the comics, which often only goads the quarrels. however, despite most of the Jarley and Harlivy shippers, not agreeing with each early, there are besides some people who enjoy both pairings or prefer one of these more, yet calm respect/like the other one. The latest equal ship for Harlivy is besides Kite Man x Ivy pairing from the Harley Quinn (2019) cartoon. A bunch of the people watching the cartoon does n’t besides know that Harley and Ivy are a pair in the comics, sol when the two had their first on-screen kiss, there was a big scandalization amongst fans – a lot of people besides started saying that the kiss was forced. It was evening bigger indignation on the Kite Man x Ivy shippers side, because of Ivy cheating on her fiancé then and later on, on her bachelor girl party. even some of the Harlivy shippers actually started liking the match and a separate of them wanted Kite Man and Ivy to stay a couple, a part of them inactive wanted Harley and Ivy to be an on-screen canon, but felt regretful for Kite Man and a part of them is torn between ships .



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  • Harley and Ivy met on Batman: The Animated Series.
  • They are the part of Gotham City Sirens.
  • Ivy made Harley immune to toxins.
  • They got married in Las Vegas.
  • Their first comic together was Batman Adventures #12.




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