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Polka-Dot Man


General Information

Real name:

Abner Krill

First Appearance:

Detective Comics #300 (February, 1962)

Created by:

Sheldon Moldoff,

Charles Paris

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Task Force X


Can turn the polka dots covering his costume into a variety of weapons.

Portrayed by:

David Dastmalchian Abner Krill AKA Polka-Dot Man or Mister Polka-Dot, was a minor supervillain who fought Batman and Robin early in their careers. He became known for committing grandiose crimes revolving around a bizarre subject of polka dots. The descry practice on the Polka-Dot Man ‘s gimmicked costume besides concealed a variety of hide weapons .


ground One

Batman and Robin first encountered Mister Polka-Dot while responding to what they assumed was a routine housebreaking at the Spot Carpet Cleaning Company. Krill and two henchmen had breached the owner ‘s office via a skylight and were attempting to crack his safe. Mister Polka-Dot introduced himself, declaring his intention to make his name “ known throughout the hell ”. Krill ‘s egg white costume was covered with motley polka dots, each of which instantaneously transformed itself into some sort of odd weapon or elude device when torn from its plaza. Mister Polka-Dot demonstrated his abilities for Batman by throwing a buzz saw dot at him, then escaping on a second point which expanded into a whippersnapper, man-sized discus controlled by a switch over on Krill ‘s knock. Mister Polka-Dot subsequently embarked on a major crime spree, which he dubbed his “ on the blemish ” caper. He netted minor windfalls by robbing two toy companies, a skating rink, and a cabaret, though a more ambitious system to steal a bootleg pearl from a visiting diplomat named Ran Jafir was thwarted by Batman and Robin. Krill was besides obsessed with his populace image, specially among other criminals ; he garnered arresting headlines for his impractical crimes and became well-known in bars frequented by hell figures for his ceaseless sport that he would outsmart the Dark Knight. however, it was Dick Grayson, the first Robin, who was able to bring Krill to judge. Robin solicited the aid of Ran Jafir, who owned a pet leopard trained for tracking purposes. Mister Polka-Dot was observed fleeing from his latest crime on foot, so Robin requested use of the leopard to follow the blemish bandit. unfortunately for him he was observed by Krill ‘s henchmen outside their hideout and doused with hard gas. Krill threatened to shoot the leopard unless Robin penned a abbreviated note luring Batman into a bunker. however, dots proved to be the villain ‘s downfall when he missed the holes Robin punched in the note, actually a gull message in braille dots that alerted Batman to the threat. By this degree Batman had ascertained a pattern in the robberies, which created a connect-the-dot stick figure superimposed on Gotham City. Traveling to the probable steer of the figure ( a map caller, whose cities were designated by dots ), Batman caught Krill in the act and handed him a arduous punch to the jaw : “Right on the dot! By now, you should be seeing spots before your eyes, Mister Polka-Dot!” ( Detective Comics # 300, February 1962 ) For several decades Mister Polka-Dot faded into obscureness, although he briefly reappeared in the files of Batman ‘s Bureau of Missing Villains. ( Batman Family # 15, January 1978 ) It was by and by revealed that he ‘d obtained minor fame condition as a leave of his curious gimmicks. The Gotham media continued to follow Krill ‘s life and he may have been featured as a guest on respective local talk shows .

New Earth


curtly after Batman began appearing in Gotham City, his growing renown inspired an entire generation of costumed rogues who committed largely harmless crimes to attract his attention in the hopes of matching wits with the fabled vigilante. Most of these absurd personalities predated Gotham ‘s well-known rogues drift such as the Joker and the Penguin, and Batman dismissed them as “ egocentric personalities ” who were a mere “ nuisance ” at best. Among these was a local bend named Abner Krill, alias Mister Polka-Dot. ( Batman: The Widening Gyre # 4, February 2010 ). Krill utilized an electric costume covered in polka-dots which could be used as unlike gadgets. however, Krill ‘s attempts at crime were thwarted by Batman .


Krill was finally driven to crime once more when he found himself unemployed, hard up, and desperate to pay his bills. no longer able to afford his original electronically gimmicked costume, he alternatively resorted to using a baseball bat in a ailing thought-out try to rob a jewelry shop, grumbling in response to the ridicule he received that “I’m not specked! I’m the Polka-Dot Man.” Detective Harvey Bullock and a GCPD flatfoot named Foley were the first on the fit ; during the bungled burglarize Krill struck Foley ‘s stifle before Bullock grabbed the bat and retaliated by administering a ferocious beat. The assault put the Polka-Dot Man in grip. He lodged a formal complaint against the GCPD for excessive push, which resulted in Bullock being forced to undergo a psychiatric evaluation. ( Batman: GCPD # 1, September 1996 ) Following his convalescence, Krill became a entrust alcoholic who spent more time drinking himself into a daze in bum bars than troubling Batman. ( Batgirl: Year one # 5, June 2003 ) The fact that Robin had tracked him down with a leopard became something of a run antic among other villains. ( Final Crisis Aftermath: Run! # 3, September 2009 )

As Nightwing, Dick Grayson encountered the Polka-Dot Man a second clock time when he trashed My Alibi, a legal profession known for hell regulars who vouched for each early ‘s whereabouts when they were off committing crimes. Nightwing pitched Krill through a window display and into the street, where he was picked up by the police. ( Nightwing # 104, April 2005 ) After Batman ‘s disappearance during the Final Crisis, the Polka-Dot Man joined a crowd of costumed misfits led by Immortus, whom he promptly latched onto as a mentor. other members of the administration besides included Professor Milo and the Condiment King. Milo used the rogues as bouncy test subjects in his research ; in exchange, they received augment equipment and abilities. ( Final Crisis Aftermath: Run! # 2, August 2009 ) The Polka-Dot Man was late sent to help apprehend the Human Flame after the latter fail Immortus and fled with their collective funds. His skull was crushed by a flying manhole cover when the Flame ignited a boast telephone line beneath the streets. ( Final Crisis Aftermath: Run! # 4, October 2009 ) When the city was threatened by more sophisticate, deadly supervillains such as the Joker public interest dried up and Mister Polka-Dot was seen hanging up his costume, apparently for good. ( Batman: The Widening Gyre # 4, February 2010 )

Prime ground

As of Suicide Squad: King Shark # 12 he is incarcerated in Belle Reve

Powers and Abilities

Gimmicked Dots

Inside my costume are wires connected to each dot. While a dot is on my costume, the dot is neutral…but when I rip off a dot, it is activated electronically – and then it does the job for which it was gimmicked!
―Polka-Dot Man[src]

Whether he created the engineering himself or stole it is unknown, but Abner Krill ‘s homemade costume possessed potent offensive capabilities in the form of its polka acid convention. When attached to the costume, the dots were inert, but once removed they constantly enlarged in size and became different devices which would aid in his crime spree. To prevent his cast-off technology from being retrieved or inspected, Krill rigged the gimmicked dots with a self-destruct mechanism that mechanically engaged after they had served their intended determination. maintenance of the electronic befit was expensive, as were the gimmicked dots, and Krill was ineffective to afford either during periods of insolvency. Gimmicked dots used by the Polka-Dot Man included :

  • Flying Buzzsaw Dot, a red polka dot designed as a projectile. The dot had a rotating interior mechanism upon which a circular saw blade was mounted.
  • Flying Saucer Dot, a yellow polka dot which expanded rapidly into a flat, man-sized glider. It was steered by a series of buttons or switches on the Polka-Dot Man’s belt.
  • Sun Dot, a gold polka dot designed as a projectile. It was gimmicked to resemble a model of the sun and emitted a blinding, disorienting light similar to a flare.
  • Bubble Dot, a white polka dot which expanded into a translucent capsule capable of flight. Like the Flying Saucer Dot, it was steered by a belt apparatus.
  • Fist Dots were red, yellow, and orange polka dots designed as projectiles. They were thrown at once and gimmicked to resemble human fists. When bounced off opponents at close range and in concert, these dots could produce concussive effects.
  • Hole Dot, a black polka dot simply referred to as a “hole” by the Polka-Dot Man. It opened up what appeared to be a teleportation transport system and was presumably developed with assistance from Immortus.

In other media



  • Polka-Dot Man appears in The Suicide Squad as one of the new members of the titular team, portrayed by David Dastmalchian. The film depicts him as a metahuman able to create from extradimensional spots out of his body and use them as projectile weapons.

Video Games

  • Polka-Dot Man appears in LEGO DC Super-Villains, voiced by Greg Miller

    . As part of his next evil scheme, he places “evil dots of doom”, which he asks the player to test. Completing it unlocks Polka-Dot Man as a playable character.


  • The Polka-Dot Man appears in issue 30 of the Batman ’66 comic book continuation, attending the villain conference arranged by Joker, Penguin and Catwoman.
  • In batman prelude to the marry : Nightwing VS Hush a patron of Batburger can be seen dressed as him


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