Pride (Fullmetal Alchemist)



Full Name



Pride the Arrogant

Selim Bradley (human alias)


Fullmetal Alchemist franchise


Second-in-command of the Seven Homunculi

“Adopted son” of Wrath/King Bradley

Powers / Skills

Gigantic shadow serving as a weapon and a shield

Can see and talk through his shadow’s eyes and mouths
Can possess things and people by filling them with his shadow
Can absorb people and gaining their powers
Regenerative healing factor


Pretending to be an innocent child.


Fulfill the wishes and plans of Father.

Escape death through constantly sacrificing others (all partially succeeded).



Mass murder
Attempted genocide

Type of Villain

Arrogant Misanthrope

I’m never angry. Wrath and the like do not exist inside me. There is no wrath or lust, or sloth, or greed, or gluttony, or envy. I left all such unnecessary emotions within Father. All except one. My name is Pride.
~ Pride
No matter where you are, I will be watching…from the shadows.
~ Pride

Pride is a major adversary in the Fullmetal Alchemist manga series and its irregular anime adaptation series Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. He is the beginning manikin created by Father ( the independent antagonist of the series ). He lives with the manikin Wrath, the ruler of the nation of Amestris known by the population as King Bradley, posing as his adopt son Selim Bradley to create a façade of benevolence. He was voiced by Makoto Tsumura in 2003 series, and Yuko Sanpei in 2009 in the japanese version, and by Zarah Little in 2003 and Brittney Karbowski in 2009 in the english version .


pride is far and away the most brawny of the Seven Homunculi and Father ’ s second-in-command. He pretends to be a sweet, nice and cheerful child, but he is actually a pitiless, sadistic, intelligent and resourceful killer whale. Fighting seems to be natural for him, as he much casually talks with his enemies and smiles at them before attacking. He likes to feign deference, calling his foes “ mister ” plus a mock nickname, and displays a sense of dark humor. Being the incarnation of arrogance, Pride is a classic narcissist, holding himself in eminent regards and having a accomplished lack of empathy for about everyone else, displaying utter emotionlessness to his many victims and getting rid of his allies a soon as it is commodious. His egoism, cruelty and extreme reject toward humans mirror that of Father. He is cold, detached, steady, and composed, bluffly voicing his public opinion. He claims to know lone pride as a palpate, though he can get angry and defeated, and displays hard blood-lust and the desire for vengeance. Pride is blindly devoted to Father, stating that children must constantly listen to their parents and dismissing parental beloved or independence as “ blemished human logic ”. Yet, he can display a brooding slope, fitting the child he looks like. Without realising it, he strives for Father ‘s blessing, is hurt by his callous emotionlessness, and most importantly, he is intrigued by world ‘s altruism, being perplexed albeit truly touched by actual attention. Pride gets along with the other homunculus but he lacks the slightest queasiness about sacrificing them, cynically referring to Gluttony as a “ part of the system ”. however, unlike Father, who is Pure Evil and a true sociopath who views even his own “ children ” as nothing more than ants, Pride does have redeeming qualities. He is sincerely devoted to Father, even will to go through the Gate of Truth and be punished by Truth in ordering to carry out Father ‘s plan, and while he never realizes it he is hurt by Father ‘s neglect of him and wishes Father showed more concern for his “ oldest child. ” In accession, despite his extreme miss of empathy for everyone else, he does care for Wrath, with whom he has open-hearted discussions with, even outside their pretense of a family, and at one bespeak Pride uncharacteristically promises Wrath he will not tell anyone when he overhears Wrath say potentially faithless things ( and keeps his password ). He besides cares for his human stepmother, whom he came to see as a veridical beget after she put her life in risk for him .


Pride appears as an innocent short boy with short darkness hair and darkness eyes, to disguise his true, evil nature. reverse to the manikin created after him, Pride lacks the red lines covering their bodies and the Ouroboros set, and he wears casual dress rather of the other homunculus ‘s black garments. ( This most likely due to the fact that Pride is the first digest homunculus. ) It is revealed that his child-like torso is in fact a mere shell which contains his substantial shadowy body, which Father created at the visualize of his own cardinal form. His trace resembles a huge, black, shapeless figure with elongate tentacles, tendrils with clawed “ hands, ” grinning mouths and piercing red eyes .

Powers and Abilities

Like every manikin, Pride is powered by the Philosopher ’ s Stone serving as his core. It grants him enormous forte, speed, reflexes, stamen, and next-to-limitless regenerative abilities. Pride ‘s child-like container is immune to convention weapons, as he states that guns are useless against him. indeed, huge claw did not tied scratch him and he withstood grim rape without flinching .
As the most powerful manikin, he wields the deadliest exponent. He casts a demonic-looking shadow, which he can expand to cover an entire city, is harder than diamond and impervious to conventional damage. pride can both spread his shadow on surfaces, or give it physical substance. He controls his darkness like his limb and he can expand or reshape it to form tentacles, tendrils or jaws. pride can see and talk through his shadow ‘s giant eyes and mouth, wherever it can expand. A utilitarian ability when it comes to covert observation and to give orders where he is not actually present, which gives an stamp of ubiquity. Pride can slice and destroy anything with his trace. He can besides manipulate everything and anyone it grabs, with incredible intensity, and can fill anything empty or entirely cover anyone, in arrange to manipulate what it holds like a creature. Despite being enough to cover the nationally transmutation traffic circle and the entire Central City, Pride ’ s shadow can not expand infinitely without the right conditions or containers. It besides can not appear without a light generator and can be harmed when unhorse becomes excessively bright. pride can besides devour people with his shadowy mouths and assimilate his victims ’ powers and cognition. When he devoured Gluttony, he gained his extraordinary sense of smack, his ability to devour anything, his Philosopher ’ s Stone, his edacious appetite ( due to Gluttony being a hummunculus ampere well ) and possibly flush his talk through one’s hat Gate of Truth. ( An eye which fires a huge energy gust, which absorbs anything it touches into a dimensional evacuate. ) When he devoured Solf J. Kimblee, the psychotic Crimson Alchemist, he became able to perform Alchemy and to activate transmutation circles ; an ability that expanded when he assimilated the poisonous The Gold Toothed Doctor, who was far more knowing about Alchemy and transmutations.

however, he has never used Kimblee ‘s key signature explosive attacks and the actual extent of his newfound alchemic abilities is not known. Pride ‘s darkness can be regarded as an amalgamation of all his siblings ‘ powers. indeed, it has Lust ‘s office to cut through anything, Greed ‘s virtual invulnerability, Envy ‘s exponent to change shapes and fudge others, Sloth ‘s extreme strength, Gluttony ‘s baron to devour and assimilate anything, and Wrath ’ s highly enhance eyesight .

In the manga and the 2009 anime serial

Background and occupation

pride was created by Father very quickly after the destruction of the country of Xerxes, around 350 to 400 years before the depart of the series. Since the foundation of the nation of Amestris, he always pretends to be a human son and cheeseparing relative of the nation ‘s succession of creature leaders ( whom Father chooses and gives rate to ). He rarely appears in public though, in ordering not to raise any misgiving. pride is Father ‘s spokesperson and second-in-command, transmitting orders and supervising the manikin ‘s actions. He besides watches over the nationally transmutation circle, forcing the homunculus Sloth who is digging it to keep working and slaughtering any intruder who discovers it .


pride remains unobserved at first. He is hear berating Envy and Gluttony for failing their mission and indirectly allowing Lust ‘s death, ordering them to retreat. Later, after Gluttony is captured by the heroes, he talks about the current situation with Wrath through a door, but only a black determine is scantily seen. He is shocked to learn another failure and that Wrath enjoys these troubles, but he promises to keep it for himself. meanwhile, “ Selim Bradley ” is seen with his kin, and even meets the Elric brothers, posing as their greatest fan. His darkness inaugural appears when slaughtering the soldiers exploring the countrywide circle, which was just discovered by the Elric brothers. concisely after, Lieutenant Riza Hawkeye meets “ Selim ” and senses his evil air, prompting him to reveal his true identity and to threaten to have her colleagues killed if she tells anyone. then he orders Solf J. Kimblee, a crazed alchemist working for Father to cause a high-scale butcher in Briggs, the batch in the north molding of Amestris ; as Father ’ s finish requires several of them in versatile points of the surround, ( which follows the nationally transmutation traffic circle ). He late engages a abruptly fight against Hohenheim, an highly potent human Philosopher ‘s Stone and the father of the Elric brothers, in the nationally circle. pride later enters the rub, helped by Gluttony. He kidnaps Alphonse Elric and possesses his armor with his shadow, to lure Edward Elric. But Edward is warned by his friends, and they engage a fight against him. Edward causes a black-out disabling Pride ‘s shadows, but he restores the light by causing a forest fire. Edward saves his chimera friend Heinkel, who failed to kill Pride, using carbon paper in his prosthesis to block his enemy ’ randomness shadows. But this was a diversion, and Edward ’ s friends save his brother, his true goal, by destroying Pride ’ s shadow with flashbangs. Irked, Pride devours Gluttony to get his powers and remaining lives. Pride overwhelms his foes, but Hohenheim baits him to trap him with Alphonse in a gigantic earth dome, leaving him in the dark and powerless. Alphonse then starts a talk, in which he confesses a surprise fondness for his stepmother. By banging continuously on Alphonse ‘s helmet with a stick, Pride sends a Morse code to Father, who orders Kimblee to free him. Alphonse then fights against both Pride and Kimblee using a Philosopher ‘s Stone. As Pride has precisely captured Alphonse, his allies defeat Kimblee ( whom Prides late devours ) and they all manage to flee. Pride returns to the homunculus ‘s subterranean floor of operations, joining Wrath in his crusade against Colonel Roy Mustang, the Flame Alchemist, who was blackmailed by the Alchemist Doctor to perform a homo transformation that would send him through the Gate of Truth. ( The reservoir of all alchemic power and cognition of the global ) Upon Mustang ‘s refusal, Pride uses his shadow to stab the Doctor and assimilate his cognition, before activating a transmutation circle that sends both him and Roy Mustang through the Gate of Truth. He former reappears with Mustang inside Father ‘s throne room .
however, Pride has been affected by the Truth as well. It absorbed a big amount of his ability and greatly damaged his child-like container, which is slowly disintegrate, beginning with the right side of his grimace. The heroes notice it during a shortstop fight against him, before Father captures them all and uses the Elric brothers, their father, their dominate Izumi Curtis and Roy Mustang ( who all went through the Gate of Truth ), and he uses their baron to activate the nationally transformation lap. By doing so, Father absorbs the soul of every citizen of Amestris, which he uses as a exponent issue to devour the Truth itself and become the newly God of the Fullmetal Alchemist earth. Hopefully, Hohenheim is able to free all the Amestrian souls with a ritual of his own, rendering Father unable to in full control the Truth inside him. As Father can not hold the Truth for long, he goes to the open to absorb humans and replenish his force, immediately followed by everyone. Or rather, everyone salvage for Edward Elric, whom Pride captured with his shady tentacles. Edward asks him why he gives everything for Father, who did not care the slightest for his desperate submit he could have fixed in a pulse, mocking the homunculus for being “ brainless zombies ineffective to think for themselves ”. Despite clearly realizing that Edward is right, he refuses to admit it and furiously tosses him on the grind. pride explains that his child-like container will soon vanish wholly, and he attempts to take over Edward ’ s torso as his newly vessel. But he is distracted by Kimblee ’ south person of all people, whose psychotic liking for torment enabled him to retain his self-awareness among the many torment souls inside Pride ’ s Philosopher ’ s Stone .
Kimblee mocks Pride for his desperate attempt to seize the body of a human he so strongly despises, allowing Edward to reverse the process and invade Pride ’ s own soul and destroy him. As the helpless homunculus begs Edward to stop, thinking of his stepfather and stepmother, he is reduced to his basic form : a bantam foetus-like baby with a round sign on his frontal bone. Edward lays the descend Pride, who is calling for his “ ma ”, to rest on his crown while he joins the final examination battle against Father. After Father ‘s frustration, Edward returns the embryo-like manikin to Mrs. Bradley, who decides to raise him like a real child, despite having learnt about his real nature .
Pride is following seen in the epilogue, two years after the final battle, being called Selim Bradley for real, and with no memories of his erstwhile life. Selim is playing in the garden of Mrs Bradley ‘s house, and he rushes to his mama with a hurt boo in his hands, begging her to heal it. He then politely greets general Grumman, Amestris ‘ newfangled leader who was visiting. Selim Bradley has apparently gained a human body, or at least a body more akin to that of a human, able to grow improving and to emotionally develop like a real child, but which keeps the eye-like crisscross on his brow. The military calm keeps a distant eye on him but there is apparently no need to worry according to Mrs. Bradley, although most are leery. ironically, it is Pride, the most barbarous and pitiless of the Seven Homunculi who survives and gets the casual to live a normal homo life, as a cheerful and altruistic boy purified from the deadly sin that used to be his identical kernel .

In the 2003 zanzibar copal series


Appearances rarely show the whole truth.
~ Pride after Edward admits he fooled he before.
Ah, this should make things much easier, I can practically smell movement you make. I could do without the ravenous hunger, but I suppose I’ll just have to secede it. Oh wait…I recognize that scent. You’re somewhere close by aren’t you? Hohenheim?
~ Pride, after devouring Gluttony and gaining his strong sense of smell.
What was it you were always saying? That you wanted to see which way the world would choose? And here you are, dying like a pathetic wreck. It must be humiliating.
~ Pride to a critically injured Kimblee.
Really? Is that your plan? Your stature has lead you to prove your worth by always fighting those who are larger than you. So then, you don’t exactly have much experience in fighting those who are smaller than you.
~ Pride to Edward.
One can be sure, in this world, humans are of little consequence.
~ Pride.
Stop this…Stop this….PLEASE STOP!!!!!
~ Pride’s last words as Edward Elric defeats him.




FMA B - Pride the First Homunculus (English Dub) FMA B – pride the First Homunculus ( English Dub )Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood Edward vs Pride English (Mirrored) Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood Edward vs Pride English ( Mirrored )


  • Pride’s manga & 2009 incarnation resembles Damien Thorn from the Omen series, as both are portrayed as children of great evil & both their marks remained hidden. It can be also stated that he is a homage to the latter. However, Thorn is a monster and is iredeemable, while Pride redeems himself as a reincarnated child.
  • Pride in the manga & 2009 incarnation is the eldest homunculus created by Father, though he still remains the appearance of a young boy.
  • In the end, Pride was reduced to the form of the people he was once misanthropic towards.
  • Pride is currently the last homunculus still living, though without any of his memories or powers.
  • His fate at the end of the series is similar to that of Dr. Forrester in Season 7 of Mystery Science Theater 3000. Except, where Pride grows into a completely different person than he was before, Forrester remains the same and is killed by Pearl.


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