Peacemaker’s Project Butterfly Is Not What It Seems

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Peacemaker Episode 4, “The Choad Less Traveled,” streaming now on HBO Max.
In The Suicide Squad, Christopher Smith/Peacemaker ( John Cena ) was the merely penis of Task Force X who was sent to Corto Maltese knowing the broad story behind “ Project Starfish. ” however, his HBO Max spinoff has just demonstrated how little he knows about his latest deputation, “ Project Butterfly, ” and its close connection to one of his suppose allies .
In Episode 3, “ Better Goff Dead, ” Chris discovered that his targets are people obviously taken over by parasitic aliens, nicknamed “ Butterflies ” for their winged appearance. With butterflies spreading across the earth, the objective seems aboveboard : line up and destroy all Butterflies before they take over the integral human race.

relate : browning machine gun Just Beat the MCU to Its Secret invasion Peacemaker-Butterfly-Jar-2 That said, the Butterflies ‘ truthful nature had previously been withheld from him by his newfangled superior, Clemson Murn ( Chukwudi Iwuji ). This may be why Peacemaker conceals his capture of the Butterfly once within Senator Royland Goff ( Antonio Cupo ) in Episode 4, “ The Choad Less Traveled. ” Having been ordered to betray his comrades by Amanda Waller ( Viola Davis ) to cover up Project Starfish, Peacemaker ‘s intent to learn the accuracy behind Project Butterfly could be due to the impression that Waller has told Murn to keep him in the dark .
Any suspicion of a larger conspiracy is supported by Goff ‘s bodyguard, Judomaster ( Nhut Le ), whose replay fight with Peacemaker ends with him declaring that Butterflies are “ not what you think. ” unfortunately, Leota Adebayo ( Danielle Brooks ) shoots Judomaster, leaving him on the brink of death before he can explain far. While she does seem to act out of actual concern for her teammate, Adebayo is Waller ‘s daughter. Though more empathic than her beget, she knows more about Waller ‘s plan than anyone else on Peacemaker ‘s team, and shooting Judomaster might have been a tactic to ensure that this remains the encase .
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It frankincense raises the question of whether Adebayo or Waller are mindful of the chat up nested at the heart of their operation. The episode ended with the reveal that Murn has been taken over by one of the creatures, his tongue turning into a tube to drink the honey-like liquid consumed by the butterflies. Whether his transformation occurred before or after Waller enlisted him, it would appear to put a massive wrench in the works : the valet in charge of the group assembled to destroy the Butterflies is himself a Butterfly.

Granted, it is conceivable that Waller would knowingly place a Butterfly in commit of her operation if advantageous in the hanker run. Having successfully organized the character assassination of Senator Goff and his class, Murn does appear to be complying with Waller ‘s orders, possibly with the captive of betraying her subsequently. This would allow Waller to discover more about the Butterflies through him, with Adebayo being able to relay anything leery back to her .
refer : browning machine gun ‘s Chukwudi Iwuji Is One of Guardians of the Galaxy 3 ‘s Main Characters Peacemaker-Murn-Butterfly On the other hand, it is not impossible that Murn and Waller ‘s goals align. possibly Murn is hellbent on wiping out his own kind or is in one of multiple warring Butterfly factions. He has so far sold Peacemaker on a black-and-white dispute between humanity and the Butterflies, but Judomaster ‘s cryptic warn and Waller ‘s past shape suggests the reality is much murkier. If events have transpired in a manner like The Suicide Squad, Project Butterfly may be another try by Waller to cover up the machinations of the US government .
All will be revealed once Peacemaker has ended its eight-episode run. With half the temper finished, it seems likely that the titular materialistic is close to discovering why Waller wants the Butterflies destroyed. alone one thing is certain : whatever the very reason, it will undoubtedly be far more building complex and disturbing than Waller presently wants him to believe.

To see Project Butterfly play out, pour Peacemaker now on HBO Max .
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