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Betsy Braddock was Sir James Braddock ‘s second child, and like her duplicate brother Brian, her biography was secretly manipulated by Merlyn. The twins shared a close connection, but as they matured the adventurous Betsy besides grew close to their elder brother Jamie. By the time their parents died, apparently in a lab accident but actually murdered by the computer Mastermind, Betsy had become a charter pilot. When Mastermind ‘s agent Doctor Synne tried to kill Jamie, a concerned Betsy fetched Brian, but as she flew them home, Synne ‘s psychic attack caused her to crash. When she awoke, Synne ‘s illusions made Betsy attack her brothers, seeing them as monsters. After Synne was defeated she and Jamie were taken hostage by the Red Skull ‘s agents. Freed by Captains America and Britain, Betsy learned the latter was her buddy Brian. possibly because of Synne ‘s mental intrusions, Betsy began to develop clairvoyant powers. She took up model, while her powers grew to include telepathy. Agent Matthew recruited Betsy into S.T.R.I.K.E. ‘s Psi Division, and she became companion psi Tom Lennox ‘s fan. Because her forefather had been a extremity, she was sent to infiltrate the Hellfire Club, but was warned off by Tessa for her own protection. When the crimelord Vixen secretly usurped S.T.R.I.K.E., she hired Slaymaster to eliminate the Psi-Division before they could expose this. The telepaths fled, but Slaymaster continued to pick them off ; entirely a handful were left when Betsy sensed Brian ‘s return and called on his serve. He defeated Slaymaster and the three surviving pounds per square inch ‘s ( Betsy, Tom and Alison Double ) moved into the holographically shroud Braddock Manor. In short succession this hideout was found by the Special Executive, Captain U.K. and the Fury ; as the last of these battled Brian and the Executive, Betsy foresaw a future where superhumans were imprisoned in assiduity camps. Soon the U.K. became a fascist state ruled by the harebrained reality warper Sir James Jaspers, with S.T.R.I.K.E. “ Beetle ” squads rounding up those with powers. While Brian confronted Jaspers, the Beetles found the others ‘ hideout. Tom died trying to buy his friends clock time to escape ; Betsy was in Tom ‘s mind when he died, and was captured. After being freed, she was nursed bet on to health by boyfriend camp convict Victoria Bentley, who taught her to use her experiences to strengthen her powers. When Kaptain Briton, Brian ‘s Earth-794 counterpart, tried to rape her, Betsy fried his thinker, killing him. The like night, Mastermind informed the twins of their beget ‘s non-terrestrial origins, and the Resources Control Executive ( R.C.X. ) asked them to billet Warpies, children transformed by Jaspers ‘ falsify, at the Manor. One of the R.C.X. agents was Matthew, now codenamed Gabriel. Betsy overruled Brian and let R.C.X. and the Warpies move in. When Brian went oversea, Gabriel convinced Betsy to become the fresh Captain Britain, wearing Kaptain Briton ‘s change costume. Working with Captain U.K. ( Linda McQuillan ), the couple became public sensations, but after several months Betsy went solo. Vixen lured her into a confrontation with Slaymaster, who viciously beat her, then gouged her eyes out. Brian felt her trouble, flew to her rescue and killed Slaymaster. Betsy refused R.C.X. ‘s offer of cybernetic eyes, preferring to rely on her psychic abilities ; she and Gabriel got engaged, and went to Switzerland for Betsy to recuperate. Betsy was kidnapped from the Alps by Mojo, brainwashed, given cybernetic eyes, and, as “ Psylocke, ” became the star of his new show “ Wildways. ” Brian and the New Mutants rescued her, after which Betsy moved to the X-Men ‘s mansion to recover, precisely where Roma ( Merlyn ‘s daughter ) needed her to be. When the Marauders attacked the Morlocks, and Sabretooth invaded the sign of the zodiac, she used herself as bait to lead him away from the injured until Wolverine got there. Impressed by her fearlessness, Wolverine nominated her to join the X-Men, beside whom she met Mephisto, Dr. Doom, the Fantastic Four, and Horde. The X-Men later battled Freedom Force and the Adversary in Dallas, and, in a telecast battle, sacrificed themselves to allow Forge to bind the Adversary ; Roma secretly restored them to life, and gave Betsy the Siege Perilous, which they could use if they ever wanted to start fresh lives. The X-Men moved to the Reavers ‘ australian Outback nucleotide, from where they took on the Brood Boys, Genoshan Magistrates, M Squad, Mr. Jip, the Serpent Society, the Abomination, Master Mold, Nimrod, Nanny, the Orphan-Maker, Zaladane and the Savage Land Mutates. As they were about to depart the Savage Land, Betsy had a clairvoyant ostentation of the Reavers killing the team. To prevent this, she sent them through the Siege Perilous.

Betsy reappeared amnesiac on an island near China, where the Hand found her. Matsu ‘ oxygen Tsurayaba, their drawing card, saw a chance to save his brain-dead fan, Kwannon, and had Spiral ‘s Body Shoppe swap their soul. This unwittingly blended their minds, leaving each with the same memories and telepathic powers. Tsurayaba brainwashed Psylocke and gave her to the Mandarin as his assassin, Lady Mandarin, until Wolverine restored her memories. Back with the X-Men Betsy took on Cameron Hodge, Warskrulls, the Shadow King and cosmic clean Edifice Rex ; she besides informed Brian she was alive. The next few months saw battles against Magneto, Fenris, Mys-Tech ( alongside new ally Dark Angel ), and a Brood-infected Ghost Rider. Visiting Brian, Betsy helped Excalibur fight Sat-Yr-9 and the nowadays insane Jamie, whom Betsy struck comatose. Encounters followed with the Troll Associates, the Mutant Liberation Front, Stryfe, Omega Red, and the Soul Skinner.

then Kwannon arrived at the Mansion in Betsy ‘s original body, claiming to be the real Psylocke. unable to discern which was truly Betsy, both stayed with the X-Men, maintaining an uneasy coexistence, with Kwannon taking the diagnose Revanche. Learning she had the Legacy Virus, Revanche had Matsu ‘ o kill her, after which Betsy regained her soul ‘s missing piece. Having become byzantine with her teammate Angel, the pursue months saw her fight the Phalanx, try to reach Jamie ‘s comatose mind, battle Legion in Israel, and fight Gene Nation. When Sabretooth gutted Psylocke, Angel, Wolverine, Doctor Strange and Gomurr the Ancient retrieved a charming liquid from the Crimson Dawn proportion which healed her and gave her new powers, but besides marked her with a red tattoo over her left field eye. Kuragari, Proctor of the Crimson Dawn, tried to claim Betsy as his bridget, but was thwarted with Gomurr and Angel ‘s care, freeing Betsy of the Dawn ‘s influence. Subsequently she aided Storm against the Shadow King, who tricked Psylocke into initiating a psychic shockwave which disabled all other telepaths, leaving him undisputed on the stellar plane. Her own stellar shape was destroyed, but her exposure to the Crimson Dawn gave her a new shadow form with temporarily enhanced powers, which she used to trap the Shadow King ‘s effect. To keep him trap she was forced to constantly focus her telepathy on him, efficaciously rendering herself powerless. After attending Brian ‘s marriage, she was kidnapped to take separate in the Coterie ‘s contest of champions. When Apocalypse and his Horsemen sought to gather the Twelve, Psylocke used Cerebro to boost her powers, so that she could use them and calm keep the Shadow King imprisoned, allowing her to free the brainwash Wolverine. Jean Grey ‘s attack to help Betsy deal with the Shadow King somehow swapped their powers, leaving Betsy telekinetic. With her newfangled abilities Betsy fought Belasco, the Neo, the Goth, and the Prime Sentinels, then aided her buddy freeing Otherworld from Mastermind ‘s Warpie army. After ending her kinship with Archangel, Betsy joined Storm ‘s X-Men team in the search for Destiny ‘s Diaries. In Valencia, Spain, they encountered the enigmatic Vargas who killed her. Later, in a dream, Bishop saw Betsy ‘s emotional state being snatched by a skulled visualize. much later, Betsy was returned alert to the web site of her death. Reunited with the X-Men, she helped them against the saurian Hauk’ka, Mojo and Spiral. She has besides been reunited with Brian during a holocene reality ramp. It is now known that her buddy, Jamie, had brought her back to life to fight a great evil and had reconstructed her to be immune to attacks meant to control her beware, reshape her body, or affect her basic quantum structure. recently, she has joined the dimension hopping group, the Exiles .

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