First Fallen (Earth-616)

First Fallen

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First Fallen

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Leader of several Foursaken incarnations

Physical Characteristics[3]









  • Variable


No Hair At All

Origin and Living Status

Living Status




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Harbinger of “perfection”

Base of Operations


Creators and Appearances


Chris Claremont, Tony Bedard, Roger Cruz


Uncanny X-Men # 473
( August, 2006 )


Billions of years honest-to-god, the First Fallen obviously developed during the Big Bang, if not prior to it, like the Phoenix Force, his supposed diametric opposite ; while the Phoenix Force perpetuates the cycle of life, death and rebirth throughout the population, the First Fallen seeks to freeze the universe in unchanging, deathless “ paragon ”. closely six billion years ago, the King of one of the universe ‘s first sentient races prayed for his refinement ‘s aura to be preserved. First Fallen possessed the King ‘s body, finally altering it to acquire four wings ; choosing four of the King ‘s race as his “ Foursaken “, he sent them to live in his extradimensional Singing City, leaving the King ‘s planet and race preserved in ageless stationariness. Over the adjacent few billion years, the Fallen repeated this process with several twelve races, at least one for each of the universe ‘s alleged “ first base four stages ”, or “ pillars ”, which would be followed by three extra stages and, presumably, the universe ‘s end ; each Foursaken group joined the others in the Singing City ‘s blissful yet near-mindless residential district. [ 1 ] In holocene years, during the universe ‘s “ one-fifth stage ”, racing driver Jamie Braddock, his fan Amina Synge, and friends Godfrey Calthrop and Ned Horrocks — who, by seeming concurrence, besides called themselves “ the Foursaken ” — were ambushed in the Sahara during the Trans-Africa Rally by gunrunners and slavers with whom Braddock secretly had dealings. The First Fallen, placid in the King ‘s winged form, sensed the quartet ‘s electric potential for baron, particularly Braddock ‘s, which could theoretically extend the Fallen ‘s office across the universe immediately, rather than piecemeal. The Fallen rescued the four and offered to activate their latent powers in substitute for servive. Synge, Calthrop and Horrocks eagerly agreed, but Braddock, for his own reasons, refused and fled ; the bequeath trio accompanied the Fallen to the Singing City. Apprehended by Mbangawi ‘s Dr. Crocodile, Braddock was tortured and driven harebrained, triggering his reality-manipulating powers ‘ demonstration. His three friends finally manifested their powers as well : synge could create and control salamander-like creatures, Calthrop control machinery and Horrocks generate bioelectric energy. [ 2 ]

Years by and by, sensing the Foursaken ‘s pending return, Braddock attempted to warn the X-Men, including his sister, Psylocke ( Elizabeth Braddock ), whom he had rendered resistant to reality manipulators months before, but the Foursaken teleported him away before he could elaborate. When Nightcrawler ( Kurt Wagner ) teleported his teammates to investigate, Jamie diverted them to Central Park, where Calthrop, Horrocks and Synge channeled Jamie ‘s power, vitamin a well as stolen human souls, in a ritual to bring the First Fallen wholly into the Earth dimension sans host body. Psylocke disrupted the ritual, returning the stolen souls, but the partially materialized First Fallen pulled both X-Men and Foursaken into the Singing City, where their powers and weapons were rendered ineffective. The Fallen claimed to offer the City ‘s peace to humanity, but Psylocke realized the crack extended entirely to the Foursaken and would leave world wholly inert. Immune to the Fallen ‘s power, Psylocke used her psi-sword to drive him from his host body, besides restoring both groups ‘ powers and awakening the alien Foursakens to the Fallen ‘s on-key nature. The host body begged for death to escape renewed control, and Horrocks killed him. The Fallen then manifested as human-shaped energy, obviously killing Horrocks. Braddock returned Calthrop, Synge and the X-Men to Earth ; he remained behind to conflict the First Fallen. [ 1 ]


Power Grid[4]


The First Fallen is an enigmatic cosmic being and one of the most knock-down beings in the multiverse. The First Fallen ‘s entire powers are undisclosed and may be incalculable. He normally exists as saturated energy and can alter his size or shape as needed ; although obviously merely able to access the Earth dimension if invoked, even unwittingly, via prayer or ritual, once contacted, he can possess other sentient beings, thereby rendering any host body unaging and virtually deity, at least while he inhabits it. He can place entire global populations in an nonmoving, unaging state, although he obviously requires volition cooperation from at least four members of a given race before doing so. He can activate abeyant powers or suppress active powers in others, render weapons non-functional, create storms and generate deadly energy blasts. While possessing his winged form, he could hover and fly at undisclosed speeds. He has shown the ability to control reality to create an integral city and has besides claimed to have powers which rival the Phoenix Force.


First Fallen has acquired huge amounts of cognition over his ages and is one of the most healthy beings in the multiverse .

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