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Real name:

Marian Drews

First Appearance:

Batman White Knight #2 (January 2018)

Created by:

Sean Murphy

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The Joker

The Mad Hatter

Marian Drews besides known as the second gear Harley Quinn and subsequently on as the Neo-Joker, was the main-antagonist of Batman: White Knight .


marian Drews was an emotionally unstable bank-teller who practiced self-harm before she met the Joker. Jack Napier, AKA the Joker, had just been left by Harley Quinn after she was horrified at Joker ‘s agony and possible murder of Batman ‘s Robin, Jason Todd. Joker, in his insanity and self-love, never realized that Harley even left and proceeded to rob the bank which marian worked at after she had been recently dumped by her boyfriend and was cutting her arm within her booth.

During the robbery, Joker had Marian ( who was a slender, pale, blonde woman ) aid him rob the bank vault at which point he started to refer to her as “ Harley ”. marian then started to play along by doing the Harley Quinn voice and referred to him as “ Puddin ‘ ” and “ Mr. J ”. When they returned second to Joker ‘s Lair, Marian expected Joker to attack or assault her but alternatively he only tended to her arm-wounds and she developed Stockholm Syndrome and fell in beloved with Joker. respective years belated, Joker in an try to prove a point that Batman was american samoa unstable as he was, began to use a specialized drug and months of therapy in Arkham to willingly go sane. Filled with guilt for what he had done for decades as the Joker, Jack decided to try to make amends with Harley and propose to her. marian rejected Jack for having had changed into a sane person so she attacked him only to be fended off by an besides cured Harleen Quinzell who then took Jack to her apartment with Bud and Lou. Out of envy for Harleen and contempt for Joker for going reasonable, Marian took up the alias of “ The Neo-Joker ” and decided to go on a crime-spree that would be so large and grand it would upset Joker ‘s self and bring him back to the dark-side. Jack and Harleen had secretly teamed up with the Mad Hatter to use his mind-control technical school on Clayface whom they extracted clay from and fed to the Riddler, Two-Face, Poison Ivy, the Penguin, the Scarecrow, the Ventriloquist, Killer Croc, Baby Doll, Roxy Rocket, Bane and gangs like the Marconis and the Valestras in holy order o use Clayface as a means to mind control them all into helping their political political campaign.

marian steal Clayface, the mind-control technical school, and sided with Mad Hatter to use the villains as her own personal united states army for her plans of taking down Jack and started off by breaking into Wayne Manor. marian and Jervis managed to find a decades old privy room in Wayne Manor which contained secret information about a giant freeze-ray underneath of Gotham City ‘s german Embassy that was constructed by Thomas Wayne, Martha Wayne, Dr. Victor Fries, and Fries ‘s father, Baron Von Fries who was a pardon Nazi Scientist who worked for the US Military and had constructed the freeze-ray as defensive means for the Cold War. marian and Jervis then used their supervillain army and the freeze-ray to freeze over a large part of Gotham and etched the words “ GET JOKER ” on the side of buildings in Gotham ‘s sky-line with her intention being that if Jack wanted to stop her, he ‘d have to become Joker again as Batman was locked in Arkham Asylum and the GCPD had no chance at stopping her. Jack decided to have Batman released so that they could team up to take marian gloomy and thaw-out Gotham with Clayface, who was freed, which released Marian ‘s grip on the villains. Marian was hunted down by Harleen who then stabbed her repeatedly before she left her to get arrested and sent to Arkham. A fiddling time late, Jack ‘s body developed an immunity to his neurological medication and he was sent back to Arkham as the Joker again .


  • Just as Harleen Quinzell is a play on the word, “Harlequin,” Marian Drews is a play on “Merry-Andrews” which is another term for clown.
  • Marian Drews was made to embody and satirize Harley Quinn’s portrayals Post-Flashpoint, including the New 52, Arkhamverse and the DC Extend Universe.
  • Marian is similar to the Rebirth character of Punchline (who she pre-dates by two years) as they are both post-Harley Quinn girlfriends of the Joker who are more violent and disturbed than Harley and used as dark foils to Harley. In addition to this, Marian’s Neo-Joker costume is black and purple with heavy black makeup and dark clown designs; resembling the costume Punchline would later wear. Marian however foils Harley be personifying the character’s dark history, problematic elements, sadism, and codependence with Joker whereas Punchline is more simply an inverse of Harley’s personality (dark, quiet, less colourful, etc).
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