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Powers and Abilities

Flannegan is an insane murderer and manque mass murderer, but not a hardened combatant. He will fight hard at inaugural, but if he sees the fight is lost and he can ’ metric ton escape, he ’ ll resignation. He ’ second besides liable to panic and make mistake if met with consuming force out .
Given his experience, he possesses a detailed cognition of Gotham City ’ s sewer network. He ’ ll use as a weapon – for case by using valves to flood tunnels.

The Ratcatcher is besides surprisingly flit and surefooted. In DC Heroes RPG terms his Acrobatics Skill doesn ’ triiodothyronine intend back-flips and somersaults, but preferably the rat-like ability dash, dodge attacks, quickly rise obstacles, run along pin down ledges, steer in confine environments, etc .
He can besides deliver amazingly accurate attacks from time to time. In plot terms this is using Hero Points for AV when least expected .

Oh, rats

Flannegan has a alone rapport with rats. These act in a particularly patriotic and helpful way toward him .

This ability deepened as his insanity developed. It finally became something that is presumably a superhuman ability. Ratcatcher became able to convince rats to execute on building complex plants, even if that involved suicide for individual rats. When he rants and raves rats obviously understand what he ’ mho saying. They react as if he had great charisma .
late on, rats could report to him and somehow convey what they had observed. This superhuman level of communication might lone be feasible with rats who have decided to be his followers, though .
That an OMAC unit once targeted him might be a ratification that Flannegan is/was superhuman .


Otis Flannegan was an unusual gutter proletarian, working for the Gotham City Sanitation Dept. He claimed, to general indifference, that he could train rats. He besides had a think of, barbarous temper. As a consequence, he knifed a world to death during a bash. His opposition had told him that he stank .
Flannegan spent ten years in prison. Once he was released, he established a base in the sewers. From there he kidnapped the independent persons who had condemned him. This included the judge, the star witness and the catch policeman. He kept them in atrocious, seamy cells and only fed them dead rats for five years .
The Ratcatcher (Otis Flannegan) mask closeup
The pronounce finally escaped, but was killed by Flannegan ’ s pet rats. This attract Batman ’ south attention. After disposing of the rats with a gasoline tank and a torch, the vigilante took Flannegan polish. The psychotic sanitation worker was condemned to 20 years this time .
Flannegan knew that his first gear password hearing would not be favorable. But it would provide him with an opportunity to escape. During the hearing he produced a little flute that he had crafted in his cell. He used it to summon numerous rats to invade the premises. Batman ( Richard Grayson ) and Robin ( Tim Drake ) intervened, to no avail .
After the rats stalled them, the active couple counter-attacked. They released in the sewers a six rats equipped with miniature radios and batteries. One of these joined Flannegan ’ s rodent united states army. thus, the vigilantes located the murderer. Batman took down the Ratcatcher, dispersing the rats with a high-powered sonography emitter .

The man who broke the bat

In Blackgate, Flannegan ’ s good behaviour gave him library rights. He read all he could about selective breed then as to create better rats. He besides became a goffer for the prison ’ south doctors, and taught rats to navigate the prison. His educated rodents could bring messages and little items to specific cells and rooms .
The Ratcatcher (Otis Flannegan) converses with a rat
The “ rat messaging ” system became an authoritative function of Blackgate prison biography. Howbeit, Flannegan lacked the assets to leverage this into actual baron .
then, Flannegan met the fear Bane. The maestro condemnable was mentally and physically very diminished by Venom withdrawal. however, the Ratcatcher felt honoured to know the serviceman who had broken Batman and offered his services .
Flannegan provided Bane with the intelligence — particularly a tidal chart of Gotham City ’ s harbour — that he needed to break out. He besides helped Bane escape from the hospital .


Flannegan finally escaped himself. He left rats in his seam to delay the discovery of his fade. then he started breeding stronger, smarter rats .
The Ratcatcher (Otis Flannegan)'s rat army attack No Man's Land survivors
The Ratcatcher besides organised a raw united states army of rats. These rob pharmacies to eat all sorts of toxins, then infiltrated the beverage urine reservoirs. They died in there, in club to exterminate humans through their poison-saturated corpses. Flannegan promised the rats that their “ names as martyr ” would be remembered in the “ informer scrolls of honor ” .
Ratcatcher ’ sulfur efforts were foiled by Batman ( Richard Grayson ). That came after the Dark Knight incidentally received the aid of Catwoman, the nefarious Catman ( Thomas Blake ) and two panthers tamed by Blake. The most intelligent rats bred by Flannegan fled when they saw that Batman was electrocuting the other rats en masse. then the rat was arrested by the bat .


When Gotham City was hit by an intensity 7 earthquake, a total of convicts escaped from Blackgate. Flannegan decided to cast his lot with the former Cluemaster ( Arthur Brown ) and his allies, including Titus Czonka and Monsoon. That was even though they had previously treated him quite ill .
The group ran into Huntress ( Helena Bertinelli ) and Spoiler ( Stephanie Brown ), and Ratcatcher was kicked unconscious mind by Spoiler. however, he recovered in time to escape .
The increasingly crazy Ratcatcher decided that the earthquake was divine retribution against world. He thought that he and is rats would finish the occupation. His attempt to have his rats attack a metro cable car trapped underground was thwarted by Batman ( Bruce Wayne ) and Robin ( Tim Drake ). They forced him to show them a way out of the collapse underpass tunnel so they could rescue the passengers .

Original Gothamite

Flannegan was again thrown in prison. however, he was soon released ( or escaped ) when the city was declared a no-man ’ s-land .
A comic book rat's head
Flannegan was one of the many gothamites who chose not to evacuate. He returned to the sewers, as the post-quake environment was ideal to establish a rat kingdom. The Ratcatcher and his fink united states army took over a number of metro food caches by killing the quiver survivors controlling them. The scheme was to eat everything, breed, then storm the ruins of Gotham .
Robin ( Tim Drake ) tried to stop him, but was forced back by the rats. Drake might have died from infection but was saved by a community of adolescent survivors. By the time Robin came back, Ratcatcher had been forced to serve as a guide by the far more powerful Mister Freeze. The two villains were stopped by Robin. They were then arrested by the Blue Boys, the ex-police gang .

The 2000s

The Ratcatcher hasn ’ metric ton been seen much since the earthquake in Gotham. He was briefly mentally manipulated by Manchester Black, as were a score of child villains. That was part of a far-ranging retaliation plat against Superman, but was easily stopped .
A few years late, during the Infinite Crisis , Flannegan was obviously incinerated by an OMAC unit .


Flannegan ’ s two front teeth have grown over clock time, to resemble informer teeth. While this is probably artistic license, there ’ s a trouble oneself correlation between this, his claims to now be more denounce than human, and his superhuman ability to communicate with rats .


originally, Ratcatcher was out for revenge against company. He was fabulously bitter over having been arrested for murder. Flannegan considered that company owed him for having worked so difficult to ensure its comfort. In fact, he even claimed the authority to kill in the identify of the Sanitation Department ! He was barbarous, revengeful and saw himself as being justify no topic what .
Flannegan ’ randomness sanity continued to erode over the years. That may have been a consequence of the lack of social touch – though he talked a bunch, the entirely listeners were rats .
He developed a guilt complex over having killed so many rats as region of his job. Though he previously considered that his job meant that he should be treated with great privilege, he came to consider it as a grave sin akin to mass murder. He thinks that he needs to save enormous numbers of rats to find redemption for his crimes, preferably by devastating the surface worldly concern .
The Ratcatcher (Otis Flannegan) in a sewer tunnel
thus, Ratcatcher came to consider that “ his boys ” ( more rarely his “ babies ” or his “ children ” ) were better than human beings and should replace them. He came to develop plans to conquer Gotham after having driven out the human population .
Ottis felt that his “ authority ” over rats held huge power. thus, he came to consider himself a big general to a potent army, ready to rate bulk sacrifice if necessity to inherit the world .
As his mental condition continued to deteriorate, Flannegan came to consider that he had been transformed by his subterranean life style. In his view, he had become more scab than homo. He is now on a literal first-name basis with many of his rats. Ratcatcher hates it when a rat, and particularly a rat he knows, gets killed, but taking rats hostage would presumably not study .


( To Robin ) “ You ’ re in no position to threaten anyone, male child kibble ! And my babies could use the proteins. ”
“ Nothing ’ s going to stand in the way of my united states army ! ”
“ By the powers vested in me by the Gotham City Sanitation Department, I hereby prison term you to end. ”
The Ratcatcher (Otis Flannegan) talks to the rats in a sewer

“ The bodies of millions of you can block the main aqueduct. The city ’ s pump will be overflowed. The subways will flood. The commuter tunnels will be inundated. many of you will drown. But a modern generation will be born in bare weeks ! Breed and survive ! Breed and appropriate ! ”
“ I was a cause of death, boys ! A murderer ! A committer of mass raticide ! A mercenary who snuffed out innocent lives — moth-eaten lives ! I blasted ’ em with cyanide natural gas, and watched them cough and choke and spasm ! I fed them Warfarin , dissolved their inadequate guts from the inside out ! I trapped them and clubbed them and drowned them and snapped their short necks ! Their eyes still fill my dreams — the glittering eyes of every rat I ever slew ! Haunting me ! Accusing me ! ”
“ Plagues will sweep the city ! People will die like flies ! then I, Otis Flannegan, will lead ratkind to its true fortune ! ”
“ I call the shots down here ! I am lord and maestro of this colored domain… and my children expect me to wreak the wrath of vengeance on you and yours ! ”

Other universes history

There might be a connection to Willard Stiles .


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Game Stats — DC Heroes RPG

Tell me more about the game stats


Dex: 04 Str: 03 Bod: 04 Motivation: Psycho
Int: 05 Wil: 04 Min: 03 Occupation: Marginal
Inf: 04 Aur: 02 Spi: 03 Resources {or Wealth}: 003
Init: 013 HP: 025

Speak with animals : 08
Bonuses and Limitations:
Speak with animals is Limited to rats ( -2 ) .
Acrobatics * : 04, Animal treat ( Rats ) : 08, Weaponry ( Melee, firearms ) * : 04
Area Knowledge ( Gotham sewers – three hundred miles of drains and aqueducts and steam tunnels ), Expertise ( Rats, Selective breeding ) .
none .
Creepy Appearance, Minor Rage, Minor Psychological Instability .

  • Gas Mask [BODY 03, Shade: 01, Sealed systems: 06].
  • Whistle [BODY 02, Animal summoning (Rats): 05, Note : Can be used when the gas mask is on – there’s a slit that can be opened near the mouth].
  • Sewer lamp [BODY 01, Flash (Steady illum. only): 03].

Flannegan will besides normally carry one — occasionally two — of the follow :

  • Sewer pole [BODY 05, EV 02 (04 w/STR)].
  • Saturday Night Special .38 revolver [BODY 03, Projectile weapons: 03, Ammo: 06, R#04].
  • Cyanide gas pistol [BODY 03, Fog: 01, Poison touch: 04, Bonus: Poison touch is Combined With and Active Throughout the Fog, Bonus: Autofire, R#03]. A pistol-shaped projector attached to a steel tank filled with poison gas. A good blast might well kill an unprotected person, and the gas will linger on in unventilated environments – which is usually the case underground.

The Ratcatcher (Otis Flannegan)'s rats charge at his order

Killin’ rats

Ratcatcher employs single rats as scouts and the like. See our Animals File for the stats of one of these lovable critters. Ratcatcher ’ s rodents live deep metro, and like most subterranean animals are afraid of displace and bright lights since it ’ s so alien to their experience. They will faithfully decamp when exposed to strong sources of light/fire .
There are normally a few rats on Ratcatcher ’ s vicinity – and/or who have climbed on him if they feel like it. These rats will attempt to protect Flannegan. In game terms this is the common LDD or some OV/RV enhancement on Ratcatcher ’ randomness separate, but this manifests as a rotter attacking the person or object attempting to harm the Ratcatcher .
More normally he ’ ll have rats operating in large units. These are well able to kill a human being. here are the stats for two common kinds of pour .


A team of about a twelve rat has the follow stats :

Dex: 05 Str: 00 Bod: 05 Motivation: Rodent
Int: 03 Wil: 01 Min: 03 Occupation: Rodent
Inf: 00 Aur: 00 Spi: 02 Resources {or Wealth}: /
Init: 006 HP: 000

Analytical Smell/Tracking Scent : 06, Claws : 02, Extended hearing : 02, Hypersensitive Touch : 05, Shrinking : 05, Super Hearing ( Ultrasonic only ) : 05, Ultra Vision : 02
Bonuses and Limitations:
Shrinking is Always On and already taken into bill .
Acrobatics : 05, Thief ( Stealth ) : 04
Most attacks can only score one RAP. Scattershot and Autofire can score 2 RAPs. Multi-attacks can score as many RAPs as they have targets. Flame and area effect attacks can score broad RAPs .
Minor Physical Restriction ( red color blindness ), Minor Physical Restriction ( very near-sighted — anything more than 0 APs away is bleary ) .


A company of more than a hundred informer has the follow stats :

Dex: 09 Str: 03 Bod: 08 Motivation: Rodent
Int: 03 Wil: 01 Min: 03 Occupation: Rodent
Inf: 00 Aur: 00 Spi: 02 Resources {or Wealth}: /
Init: 006 HP: 000

Analytical Smell/Tracking Scent : 06, Claws : 05, Extended hear : 02, Hypersensitive Touch : 05, Shrinking : 03, Super Hearing ( Ultrasonic lone ) : 05, Ultra Vision : 02
Bonuses and Limitations:
Shrinking is Always On and already taken into account .
Acrobatics : 05, Thief ( Stealth ) : 03
Most attacks can merely score one RAP. Scattershot and Autofire can score 2 RAPs. Multi-attacks can score as many RAPs as they have targets. Flame and sphere effect attacks can score full RAPs .
Minor Physical Restriction ( crimson color blindness ), Minor Physical Restriction ( identical near-sighted — anything more than 0 APs aside is bleary ) .

Shake the disease

Being clawed at and bitten by masses of rats in the sewers can have unpleasant consequences. Any character therefore damaged ( even if the RAPs are LDD ’ five hundred ) will probable undergo medical problems. Howbeit, being current on vaccinations ( peculiarly tetanus ) and a upstanding drug of antibiotics will normally prevent a healthy topic from dying .
AVs/EVs ( tested against BODY/BODY ) and whether they are Bashing or Killing is way excessively dependent on vaccines, medications, general health, austereness of wounds and photograph to infection, when and how the wounds are cleaned, the Genre, etc .. frankincense, it may be best handled on a individual basis .

Harder better faster stronger

Ratcatcher studied animal breed and intelligence. He worked on developing more herculean rats – in especial by creating amino acid diets. His enhanced rats are reportedly 50 % bigger and much more intelligent. At least for a while, he was obsessed with the mind that he could develop “ rattus sapiens ”, an uplift with human-level intelligence .
These rats have one less AP of Growth, and one more AP of INT. They count as Pets, showing a high level of inaugural and coordination. A distinctive exercise is that when attacking Batman, some of them were distracting him so several could chew his utility belt off. however, they were smart enough to look out for issue one, and abandoned the Ratcatcher preferably than be futilely massacred defending him .
Flannegan thought that he had made enough “ rattus sapiens ” rats for them to teach and lead early rats. Whereas he was right remains undisclosed.
By Sébastien Andrivet.

source of Character : direct current universe .
Helper ( south ) : Roy Cowan, Chris Cottingham .
Writeup revised on the 26th of June, 2011.

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