Teen Titans: 25 Weird Things About Raven And Beast Boy’s Relationship

There was so much going on that fans missed about Raven and Beast Boy. adolescent Titans confidently toes the line between children and pornographic entertainment. Combining fast-paced temper and thrilling narrative arch, Cartoon Network ‘s series enchanted viewers of all ages and helped introduce audiences to DC ‘s beloved place. adolescent Titans predates the adaptation by decades, and the team ‘s dynamic shifts according to the writer placed in tear of an arch .
Assembling a myriad of side-kicks typically overshadowed by their respective comedian ‘s main heroes, Teen Titans is far from a inactive enterprise. Over the decades, countless characters have joined the group ‘s ranks, although some incarnations have proven more popular than others .
With the exception of Robin, Cartoon Network ‘s series enlists none of the original Titans. however, this finical edition of the team tends to be viewed as the authoritative version. Robin and Starfire hogged the majority of the prove ‘s attention, with potential romances for the rest of the roll being largely implied. unfortunately for Cyborg, Raven and Beast Boy are typically favored by fans and most writers. In fact, this kinship stemmed a passionate fandom who yearn for the day when BBRAE  becomes official !

Laced with treachery and grief, Raven and Garfield ‘s history is complicated. Depending on the era, the teenagers bring out the best or worst in each other. Does love conquer all ? Or, should this love affair be limited to fanfiction forums ? here are 25 crazy things about Raven and Beast Boy ‘s relationship !

25 The Line Between Love & Hate

Via imgur.com Focusing squarely on 2003 ‘s cartoon, Raven and Beast Boy started out on the amiss foot. Considering they have diametric opposite personalities, it should come as no surprise that neither of them originally appreciated their teammate. adoring of pranks and refusing to use his inside voice, Garfield ‘s objectionable sense of humor can be offputting for certain people .
Raven is among them.
On the throw side, the Azarathian continually suppresses her emotions to ensure she maintains control over her powers. Preferring to read books than play video games, Raven appreciates solitude. While the female child seems to constantly know the perfective witty rejoinder for any situation, Raven plainly finds Garfield ‘s comedy to be annoying .

24 Platonic Friendship

Via screenrant.com adolescent Titans ‘ cartoon birthed BBRAE. immediately, in all fairness, the series came out at a time when internet fandom communities began to gain grip. tied if a property opts against including any hints of a potential romance between two characters, somewhere on the earth wide web, there exists a sports fan who adamantly believes they are destined for each other !
That ‘s not to say BBRAE is based entirely on desirous think. versatile releases explore the couple ‘s electric potential ; however, Teen Titans was not one of them. In the cartoon, Raven and Beast Boy have a platonic friendship. By the end, the superheroes contribution common respect deriving from countless interactions and character construction moments .

23 Driven By A Fandom

Via toonbites.com With the cartoon choose to go down a less romantic route, Teen Titans Vol 3 was the first to thrust Raven and Garfield together. Inaugurating in 2003, their relationship started to become a factor towards the end of the come year. At the fourth dimension, Cartoon Network ‘s adaptation was in full swing, with sealed ships gaining traction among the fanbase .
BBRAE created BBRAE. obviously, this theory is merely speculation, but the comics rarely hinted at the possibility of such a romance until the cartoon ‘s origin. adolescent Titans seemed felicitous to merely allow these two to form a solid friendship, but the fandom yearned for something more !

22 Opposites Attract

Via YouTube.com (TheThings) time to dissect a classical trope : opposites attract. In order to prove this theory beyond a shadow of a doubt, Paula Abdul teamed up with an animize cat to test whether an excess dimension can stand in the direction of love .
1988 was a strange year…
On newspaper, Raven and Beast Boy incarnate this cliché. The erstwhile struggles to crack a smile, while the latter laughs at the dumb of jokes. clearly, these two were made for each other ! Basing a kinship on a couple ‘s differences is a surefire direction to ensure a frightful time for both parties. A mismatch pair makes for entertaining television, but some coarse grind needs to be established .

21 Bickering Married Couple

Via thefandomentals.com adolescent Titans ‘ godhead, David Slack, framed Raven and Beast Boy ‘s interactions as that of a marital couple. The teenagers frequently bicker and clash over trivial things, but they share an firm devotion that supersedes any minor annoyances. unfortunately, Cartoon Network ‘s thwart decision to cancel the testify meant Teen Titans was not permitted to pursue this love story to its lifelike end .
raven and Beast Boy remain firm in the friend zone, but enough hints exist to legitimize claims regarding an inevitable courtship. There is nothing stopping near friends from taking the adjacent step .

20 Born Out Of Nothing

Via inverse.com In 1980, The New Teen Titans hit shelves and introduced readers to a whole new occupation of members. As the entirely original members to survive the restructure process, Robin and Kid Flash welcomed four fresh faces into the fold. coincidentally, this series of comics marked the beginning time Raven and Garfield landed on the lapp roll .
For the surveil two decades, Teen Titans continued to be subjected to story bow and the occasional revamp. Over this extensive period, BBRAE was never on the cards. At best, the couple qualified as comrades in arms ; at worst, they barely tolerated each early .

19 Born Out Of Jealousy

Via YouTube.com (Master Sartorius) adolescent Titans Go ! is polarizing. Fans of the master series seem to view the by-product as a smack in the face. While the show boasts its fair share of problems, Teen Titans Go ! successfully amassed a hearty fanbase, one able of rivaling its predecessor ‘s .
due to the by-product ‘s lighter tone, Raven and Beast Boy make more sense as a couple. Regardless of whether these versions of the characters compare favorably to the originals, examined on their own, these two have chemistry. In the episode, Rocks and Water, Beast Boy and Raven attempt to break-up Aqualad and Terra by pretending to be a couple. In this universe, they are both evenly frightful people !

18 BBRAE Go!

Via pinterest.com adolescent Titans Go ! welcome every opportunity to reference the fandom. Quite a issue of jokes require a degree of acquaintance with the former series, and the by-product loves to spoof its predecessor ‘s core relationships. Unsurprisingly, Raven and Beast Boy ‘s woo is taken highly seriously by the cartoon .
Low-hanging fruit.
initially, the heroes seem happy to fire googly eyes in the early ‘s general commission. surely, Teen Titans Go ! lacks the necessary focus to purposefully establish a romantic subplot ! Well, life sentence is wax of surprises. Raven and Beast Boy are an official couple in Teen Titans Go !

17 An Irresistible Fandom

Via comicvine.gamespot.com As a blink of an eye to the copulate ‘s devote supporters, Teen Titans Go ! named the chapter corresponding with the relationship ‘s official establish as BBRAE. The uninitiate may see this travel as a preferably shameless gambit to boost ratings ; however, Teen Titans Go ! has a habit of baiting and ridiculing fans with misinform titles .
We are still bitter over The Return of Slade…
BBRAE opted to take the high road. Beast Boy writes a shoot sung exposing his feelings for Raven, which are reciprocated by the Azarathian. The episode ‘s second half threatened to pull the cord and break the couple up, but BBRAE endured to live another day .

16 Step Aside, Robin & Starfire

Via teentitans.wikia.com If 2003 ‘s cartoon seriously examined a kinship, at one sharpen or another, Teen Titans Go ! will dedicate entire episodes to mocking it. Starfire and Robin are Teen Titans ‘ main romanticist pairing, with the couple last taking the dive during the franchise ‘s conclude moments. After patiently sitting through Starfire ‘s arranged marriage and quietly waiting for the forgetful Robin to grow a backbone, Teen Titans : trouble in Tokyo rewarded fans with a kiss !
adolescent Titans Go ! turns this relationship into a joke. The by-product tends to present Robin as a boundary line dictator, with the team ‘s leader frequently serving as the cartoon ‘s chief antagonist. Robin is an atrocious human being and Starfire is entirely slenderly better. Raven and Beast Boy are Teen Titans Go ! ‘s Starfire and Robin .

15 Raven’s Teen Titans

via deviantart.com/yurrenstein12 An earlier entry touched upon Garfield and Raven’s Teen Titans debut, but an important point was left out. Inaugurated in 1980, the Azarathian was basically a baby compared to the end of the team ; conversely, an embodiment of Beast Boy has been around since the mid-’60s. The daughter of a human and a baleful monster called Trigon, Raven reforms the Teen Titans as a concluding ditch effort to combat her forefather .
When Garfield first joined the golf club, Rachel Roth was the team ‘s unofficial leader. Rather than with the Azarathian, Beast Boy worked for her. In hindsight, Raven used the Titans to solve her own class play .

14 The Ultimate Price

Via New Teen Titans Vol 2. #4 Backed by a competent crew of crime fighters, Raven sought to repel Trigon ‘s barrage against the planet. undeniably the strongest resident at Titans Tower, the Azarathian has access to apparently countless powers and abilities. unfortunately, the same and more can be said for Papa Trigon. Firmly believing the ends justify the means, Raven is not above manipulating her think friends to further her own goals .
Like Father, Like Daughter.
Seizing manipulate of the adolescent ‘s body, Trigon attempted to trick the Titans into using Raven as a punch bulge, resulting in the daughter ‘s termination. ultimately, this go played right into Raven ‘s hand, with the superheroine utilizing her own remains as a conduit for countless Azarathian souls seeking revenge on Trigon .

13 Mind Control

Via teentitans.wikia.com Every relationship faces challenges that threaten to irreversibly divide the couple. Whether dealing with a romantic or business associate, rules of impart must be followed to facilitate a healthy rapport. At the end of the day, we are all human and mistakes should be expected .
However, certain actions are unforgivable.
Despite the adolescent ‘s best efforts, occasionally, Raven succumbs to her inner demon. Following The Ravagers ‘ concluding chapter, the girl consumed a battered Beast Boy ‘s consciousness and took the hero ‘s body for a joyride. In the daughter ‘s defensive structure, she can not be held accountable for Evil Raven ‘s demeanor, but the demon is placid separate of her .

12 The Bad Seed

Via transformertitans-animated.wikia.com Following the events of Flashpoint, DC rebooted Teen Titans as separate of The New 52. due to this timeline featuring younger superheroes, an constitution dedicated to teenage side-kicks felt out of target. When the likes of Batman and Superman equitable about stipulate as adults, the Titans seemed about pointless .
suffice to say, DC tried to make it work. frequently alternating the team ‘s roll, Raven remained sidelined until # 16, when she ultimately made her debut as Trigon ‘s Black Bird of Terror. An integral part of her church father ‘s plan to invade the Earth, Raven ‘s path ultimately leads to Garfield. 2013 was a colored clock for the Azarathian .

11 Raven Needs Garfield’s Positivity

Via medium.com even outside storylines that specifically paint Raven in a nefarious light, the adolescent ‘s negativity tends to weigh down the remaining members. energetic and perpetually affirmative, Beast Boy is an easy target for the Azarathian. Frankly, Raven needs Garfield way more than Garfield needs Raven .
In the cartoon, Raven is a sanely well-adjusted individual who strives to constantly do the correct thing. adolescent Titans adapted a phone number of the source material ‘s blue arc, but the protagonists were significantly softened. Prior to the turn of the century, Raven maintained her sanity by leeching off Garfield ‘s favorableness .

10 Raven x Brother Blood

Via Teen Titans (vol. 3) #11 The class is 2004. adolescent Titans has taken the cartoon world by storm, while the comics are performing sanely well. Wishing to prolong the license ‘s momentum, DC presumably sought to combine the best elements of both iterations. Packed with lovable characters and excellent action, the television receiver show introduced many newcomers to the franchise .
The comics published concurrently with the cartoon steadily shift focus towards the express ‘s characters. Prior to falling for Garfield, Raven attracts the unwanted attention of Brother Blood. Seeking to fulfill an apocalyptic prophecy, the villain believed marrying Trigon ‘s daughter should trigger the end of the global. ultimately, the Titans save the day and welcome Raven into the unit of measurement, which happens to include a individual Beast Boy .

9 More Than Coworkers

Via Teen Titans vol. 3, #34 Objecting to the proposed marriage and refusing to hold their tongues, Titans crashed Brother Blood and Raven ‘s ceremony. fortunately, their interruption proved to be a success and the soon-to-be bride bid farewell to her future husband. The Titans invited Raven second into the Tower, a proposal readily accepted by the adolescent .
Why bother mentioning this particular narrative discharge ? Following her reinstatement, Raven began to display a more relatable aspect to her personality. Wishing to nurture her human half, she attended high school under a pseudonym, Rachel Roth. Prior to this point, Raven was in no stand of heed to pursue a amatory collaborator ; however, this gradually changed .

8 Garfield Left The Teen Titans Because Of Raven

Via Teen Titans vol. 3, #34 set after the colossal Infinite Crisis event, a major storyline that rebooted many DC franchises, One year belated opens with Cyborg returning to Titans Tower following a drawn-out menstruation in space. Returning to find the headquarters stuffed with unfamiliar members and some reformed villains, Cyborg is intelligibly puzzled by the regimen change .
Briefly touched upon as part of a series of brusque flashbacks, Raven and Beast Boy went their discriminate ways during the fourth dimension skip. Wishing for a fresh startle, Garfield left the team to get away from his ex-girlfriend. The superhero ‘s one-liners mask a brokenhearted kid who wants to be loved !

7 Raven Pretended To Leave Because Of Garfield

Via teentitans.wikia.com similarly, Raven left the team around the lapp time as Garfield. While the superheroine cited their fail romance as the main reason for her sudden deviation, this was nothing more than a smoke screen designed to trick the team ‘s leftover members. In world, Raven learned a secret regarding one of the Titans and wished to investigate further .
now, in all comeliness, the break-up destroy Raven, but she decided to conclude this chapter of her life. Garfield is a seasoned champion who can handle himself in most situations, but Raven ‘s being is one shrouded in unrelenting darkness born out of a desperate family corner .

6 Raven & Beast Boy Did Not Get Over It

Via Titans #5 (2008) Published aboard Teen Titans ‘ one-third volume, 2008 ‘s Titans announced its arrival with a thrilling open storyline that forced the former couple to deal with their pent-up wrath. once again, Trigon was the chief instigator behind the attack, with the antagonist staging psychological and physical attacks against the team ‘s individual members.

Regret turns into resentment.
On the surface, Raven and Garfield pretended they were over their doomed relationship. unfortunately, they failed to convince the Children of Trigon, who harnassed their fury as a tool of destruction. Overcome by bitterness, BBRAE about destroyed itself .

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