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Pride, Rachel Roth


Teen Titans



Magic Learner

Reading: Raven

Powers / Skills

Magical powers, flight


Studying magical abilities


To join the Teen Titans

Type of Love Interest

Combat Able Love Interest

Raven is the love concern of Beast Boy from the Teen Titans , Damian Wayne from DCAMU and Kid Flash in the comics. She is the daughter of Trigon. She grew up in an interchange property called Azarath. She finally joined the Teen Titans where she first base met Garfield and finally Damian. She becomes good friends with Starfire .

inspire series

adolescent Titans

Beast boy was primarily in beloved with the girl Terra in the Animated Series and Raven doesn ’ thyroxine show excessively much affection towards him, much arguing with him in certain situations, but there were a few possible hints that Raven may have had affection for Beast boy, most notably after he apologizes for calling her creepy. After realizing his true feelings, Raven immediately hugs Beast Boy, and he is seen blushing, with the moment ruined by Cyborg throwing a “ stankball ” at Beast Boy. When Beast Boy transformed into his bodied form, “ The Beast ” to defend Raven against Adonis ( and harming her in the process ), Raven tells Starfire that he saved her. After the topic, both lease in a slightly quixotic conversation. Beast Boy asks raven if he could change his name, but Raven says that they ’ ra having a here and now and asks Beast Boy not to ruin it. She besides expresses jealousy when during the Titans in Tokyo movie when he was being chased by japanese fan girls. It ‘s fabulously possible that Raven grows to like him, and there were many insidious hints that she has amatory feelings for him .

adolescent Titans Go !

Unlike the serial where Raven ’ s feelings for Beast boy are debatable, in the television receiver read, Teen Titans Go it is most clear that Raven likes Beast Boy. The two finally become a match .

DC Animated Original Movies

Justice League vanadium Teen Titans ( 2016 )

raven appeared in this movie. She bonds with Damian Wayne/Robin, seeing they are reasonably alike to one another. They show their fun side around each other in the fair and joke. They besides calm each other in dark moments even during the fight with Trigon. Raven even sacrifices herself by turning herself over to prevent demons from harming Damian and in return Damian risks his life to rescue her .

adolescent Titans : Judas Contract ( 2017 )

While there is n’t much focus between Raven and Damian, it shown they remain close with each other. A potential relationship between Raven and Damian remains and share a moment together at the ending of the film when Raven presented Damian with a puppy called Tittus. So its heavily implied that there is a relationship between Raven and Damian .

Justice League Dark Apokolips War ( 2020 )

Damian talks with Constantine and shows his worries about Raven’s conditions. Damian talks to Raven about the decisions they made 2 years ago, Damian wants them to lead the Shadow League together, not because she was a thoroughly champion, but because he has feelings for her, to which Raven says she could n’t go with him Because his forefather wanted to kill him, both end up holding hands, looking profoundly and Damian smile. At movie ‘s ending, she kisses Damian Wayne .

DC Comics

adolescent Titans ( 2003 – 2011 )

Within this popular run, Raven and Beast Boy have a complicated relationship. They start as very airless friends and the comedian makes it very apparent that they truly care for each other. Following the One year late event, It is shown that most of the Titans have left. This includes BB and Raven. therefore separating the couple. We are late informed that Raven had left because she knew of a double-crosser in the Teen Titans. finally, the Teen Titans discover the traitor and Raven helps them defeat her. raven tries making things right with Beast Boy who has now joined the Doom Patrol, however, Beast Boy needed more time to warm spinal column up to her again. Raven does n’t rejoin the Teen Titans but rather wishes for a normal animation where she goes to High School. This is interrupted when she and a few of the original Titans, including Beast Boy, are attacked. Figuring out that they were attacked by Trigon ( Raven ‘s forefather ), they reform temporarily as the Titans ( A discriminate group from the Teen Titans ). Raven and Beast Boy become close friends again. Beast Boy asks Raven on a date where she turns him down, thinking it was best for both of them, as she was besides dangerous. Although Beast Boy is hurt by this, he hush loves and cares for her. Beast Boy then leaves Raven and the Titans to become a mentor with the Teen Titans. Before leaving, he gives raven some inspire words and offers her a spot for whenever she ‘s quick. After some clock time, raven shows up to the Teen Titans injured, and of in indigence of help from her endless soul. Beast Boy gets heavily beaten saving Raven ‘s animation, before Beast Boy is killed, Raven wakes up from her sleep to save Beast Boy and defeats her endless soul. After a few boastful fights, Raven and Beast Boy decide to talk about their relationship, which ends with a kiss and them becoming a copulate again.

adolescent Titans ( 2016 – show )

She shares a kiss with the black super champion Kid Flash Wally West II, the cousin of Kid Flash Wally West I.



The way i am Beast Boy hugs raven when she ‘s in a time of needHome Beast Boy offers Raven a room in the column, then they hugHurt raven and Beast Boy kiss, starting their first relationshipRaven left Raven leaves Beast Boy and the Teen TitansDifficult Raven denies Beast Boy because she ‘s worried about his safetyWatch Beast Boy watches over Raven as she sleepsBeast Boy and Raven Kiss, End They start up their relationship again

adolescent Titans

Raven portalBeast-Boy-and-Raven-teen-titans-couples-9538702-640-480 raven hugging Beast Boy .

adolescent Titans Go !

Raven devour shown as happy with her hood off .Thing3 raven kissing Beast Boy on the frontal bone to return her feelings to him .Beast Boy and Raven's first kiss raven and Beast Boy kiss.

BBRae Bae song Image1 raven and Beast Boy falling in love .TTG VMV

Justice League Dark Apokolips War

Damian tells Raven the reason real reason why he asked her to lead the League of Assassins with himDamian y Raven 1 Damian Wayne declares his feelings to Raven.

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