White Raven

Quote1.png Fathers are kind. Fathers protect you. Fathers raise you. I was protected by the monks of Azarath. I was raised by my friends. THEY are my family, THIS is my home. And YOU are not welcome here. Azarath, Metrion, ZINTHOS!Quote2.png

White Raven


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First episode

Nevermore “


Tara Strong White Raven is a special human body that Raven has assumed under alone circumstances, four times throughout the serial for multiple reasons. White Raven is Raven ‘s most cardinal, significant and potent version of herself, largely shown as a symbol of her highest shroud baron and her inner purity against the consuming evil of her forefather .


The beginning case occurred in “ Nevermore “ within the multidimensional region of Raven ‘s own mind : an ethereal place where Raven ‘s disjoined emotional forms are capable of independently existing. Raven, whose emotions had become unbalance and her rage unleash from within during the Titans ‘ earlier battle with Doctor Light, discovered that Beast Boy and Cyborg had come upon her mystic mirror ( a meditation cock enabling anyone who holds it to be drawn into her mind ) and had used it to access her own subconsciousness. After encountering three different emotional forms of Raven ( with each symbolically wearing a unlike color ), Raven herself enters and confronts them, but her rage Form ( known as Trigon ) promptly manifests and attacks them all. Though raven insists the two leave, Beast Boy and Cyborg alternatively choose to stay to hold off Trigon while Raven, on a trace from Beast Boy who said they were all region of who she was, summons all her emotional forms and merges them with herself to create a “ white ” form. She then projects a pour of energy from her hands at Trigon, overwhelming him and merging him back into her soul. Raven then returns to her master gloomy self once again and the group exits her judgment having not only gain victory, but two dependable friendships.

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The irregular example occurred in an alternate future, one which Starfire prevented from becoming the true future of the Titans by returning to her own meter era, in “ How Long is Forever ? “, after the high-tech, time-traveling ace goes back a hundred to Jump City to steal a clock, to be met with the Teen Titans. Starfire manages to leap into Warp ‘s time portal vein and damage his whirlpool regulator, therefore stranding them both at two decades in the future rather of ten. After encountering a far older and more damage Cyborg, who gives her the current whereabouts of Beast Boy and Raven. Raven is alone in a pure-white room, her sanity having been lost and her thinker unwrap from her loss of friendship, in a white form with a black leotard ( with a blank hue because she placid ca n’t control her emotions ), shielding Starfire away from her because she thought she was however another “ figment ”. Though Starfire finally manages to find Nightwing ( Robin ), who gathers the Titans once again to defeat Warp and regress him binding to an baby, with Raven ‘s telekinetic abilities contributing to their prevail, Raven is placid seen in her white human body as Starfire returns with the clock back to her own time and recounts her experiences to the Titans, Raven included. The third exemplify takes station during the events of “ Spellbound “, when Raven, feeling isolated from the other Titans because of her “ creepy ” nature and different interests, takes consolation in Malchior, apparently a benevolent even mighty ace who vanquished the fear dragon a thousand years ago with the like hex script that fell into Raven ‘s possession. With her own mystic powers unable to break the hex that had apparently trapped Malchior within the book by Rorek ‘s stopping point curse, Raven is offered to plainly “ talk ” with him, and, being guided by Malchior, prepares a potent spell to release his soul from the book in the form of its pages in the condition of a human body, though he is still bound. Attached to Malchior and seeking to help free him in full, Raven asks to be taught far more powerful spells from millennium of charming cognition and over six thousand pages of such spells ; Malchior finally magically transfers all the lore into her chakra and thinker, enabling her to master the mystic arts and project a green version of her devour soul-self. This aroused convulsion through her intense beloved for Malchior, love which she had not so far felt as deeply for anyone else, possibly combined with the huge augmentation of her powers and arcane lore, changes her binding to the “ white ” raven so far again. raven now possesses huge powers at her control, but is unable to exert great dominance over them, as shown during a replay with Kardiak ; Raven discovers that this is “ dark magic ”, but Malchior tells her that it is just “ baron ”, called only by those who fear it “ benighted ” and convinces her to free him using the spell he had taught her. however, Malchior reveals himself to actually be the dragon, not the charming, having changed the names secretly, and battles raven after defeating the early four Titans, with merely dark in his heart and malevolence for her. raven uses Rorek ‘s spell to again imprison him within the book, reverting back to blue after she does therefore. The fourth and last know transformation into her “ white ” human body occurs during the well dark fourthly series, when it is revealed that she is daughter to Trigon, malevolent devil godhead who seeks to destroy Earth and the entire population it. As shown in “ Birthmark “ and “ The Prophecy “, Raven, born in Azarath, was foretold to be doomed to a atrocious destiny : the “ gem ” and “ portal vein ” of Trigon directly into the Earth dimension. With their old adversary Slade resurrected and empowered with atrocious demonic charming granting him sufficient might to rival the combine forces of the Teen Titans, and Raven fearful of her own fortune and that of all being, Raven reveals her tragic past and future to the Titans, who strove to prepare against the oncoming tide of evil that would besiege the universe and their erstwhile ally, unknown to a secretly hope-dead Raven. As the sun is eclipsed in shadows, Raven collapses, unable to hold back dismay tears at what is happening, and the planets align to ready the situation of the Portal to Earth, the Titans place Raven in a state-of-the-art security system room reinforced with the united efforts of all their resources and shielded by an extra layer of security with Raven ‘s own mystic runes from her books .
But Trigon ‘s bond with Raven proves army for the liberation of rwanda excessively potent and abstruse to be blocked by any means within their clasp, taunting her and insisting it was her fortune to bring him into the populace, that she could not hide her fortune and her friends were still fighting for her at their expense. The Titans try to attack Slade and his forces, but are cursorily defeated, despite all their desperate efforts and determination, to be saved from complete end by Raven ‘s intervention, when she agrees to go with Slade to grant Trigon access to Earth ‘s proportion, giving the four Titans a farewell blessing in the mannequin of a fortune of her own powers as a final defensive structure. soon afterwards, the Titans try to dissuade Raven from sacrificing her life to act as a gateway for her father, whose very presence conquers all of Earth and disables everyone except the remaining Titans.

They are led to Slade, who had been betrayed by Trigon and stripped of his powers. Slade then tells them that there is still promise of saving the world with Raven ‘s avail. After Slade and Robin fighting their way through a “ Hell ” of Trigon ‘s demonic minions, depending on the other three Titans to divert Trigon ‘s attention, the two part ways, knowing that this would be the last time they were ever to join forces as one, with Slade reclaiming his life and flesh wholly, and Robin, following the devour, finding a younger translation of Raven, garbed in white, under a graphite clothe. Though Raven initially appears to not know or trust her former supporter and attempts to flee from him, claiming she was “ lost ”, Robin convinces her to place her religion in both him and herself. Raven has retained at least some partially of her memory, but tells Robin the site is still hopeless, with her powers having originated primarily from Trigon .

The story you were telling…I can see it. Bits and pieces. You…our friends…my father…like it was a dream. A nightmare. Whatever it was, it’s over….Nobody can stop him.”


After a parlous travel to the ravaged region above, Robin and Raven meet with the other three Titans and all the Titans except for the regress Raven lease in a stopping point clash with Trigon, Slade coming to their aid at a crucial moment, their join forces even managing to hold their own against him and physically injure him, but the monster ‘s world power is besides great and they are all completely overwhelmed, with only Raven remaining. An try death-blow to permanently finish his child is inexplicably foiled by her own power. Trigon cruelly tells Raven that she lives only because of his allowing it and she is powerless still against him, despite whatever small divide of baron she still hold. Raven then taps into more of her baron and actually returns to her previous form, albeit still clothed in white, and tells Trigon coldly that he may have created her, but he was never her “ father ”. devour attacks Trigon, knocking him back, and, with a concluding resolution of Trigon not being welcome to her home and that of her friends, unleashes her white soul-self to envelop and obliterate Trigon, cleansing the dark stains he had left upon Earth evermore and reverting binding to her original blue form. She says to Robin, possibly appropriately, that “In the end, there really is no end – just new beginnings”. With that, she marks the startle of a future she would carve out by herself freely, shaped entirely with her friends and having conquered the destiny she believed she would be everlastingly bound by .


  • The comic book equivalent of White Raven is her astral image (soul self).
  • Even though Raven has become very powerful in all four occasions, only when she faced Trigon her powers turned bright white, unlike the other times when they were standard black and white.
  • She has only become White Raven 4 times, 3 on Earth and once inside her mind.
  • Raven mentioned that in order to use her powers, the more a person felt, the more energy released, meaning she must have been very emotional when she was in her White Version.
  • It is unknown why Raven never uses her powers all the time.
    • While there is no in-universe reason, it is obviously because she would be too powerful for the series and most villains would not pose a threat to the Titans.
  • During her fight with Malchior, Raven generates lightning at the dragon, suggesting she could gain some sort of electrokinetic powers with her magic.
  • The third time Raven turned white, her hair was long, probably as part of her rapid re-aging. The previous two times her hair was her normal short hair.
  • Her cloak seems to bear a slight resemblance the the Assassin Altaïr Ibn-La’Ahad’s Master Assassin robes from the 2007 video game Assassin’s Creed.

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