Red Death (DC)

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Full Name

Bruce Wayne

Reading: Red Death (DC)


The Red Death

The Flash/Bartholomew “Barry” Allen (fusee)


DC Comics


( once )


Billionaire and CEO of Wayne Enterprises (formerly)
Serial killer
Member of the Dark Knights

Powers / Skills

Harnessing the Speed Force

Super speed
Genius-level intellect
Peak human strength
Creating energy constructs


Serving Barbatos


Plunge the Multiverse into darkness.

Kill the Justice League (failed).
Save his world from destruction.


Mass murder


Type of Villain

Psychotic Multi-Being

My name is Bruce Wayne. I am vengeance. I am justice. I am Batman: the Red Death.
~ Red Death
As usual, you’re already late, Flash. It’s time you let someone else have the Speed Force.
~ Red Death

The Red Death is a nefarious translation of Batman from Earth-52 in the DC Comics universe. He is a member of the Dark Knights, a group of vigilantes from the Dark Multiverse whose goal is to assist the deity Barbatos to plunge the central DC Multiverse into darkness .



The Batman of Earth -52 once fought crime with the help of his buddy Robin. unfortunately, as time went on, many different Robins had lost their lives during respective missions with the Caped Crusader, which drove him to adopt more extreme point and different methods towards crime-fighting. When Earth -52 was on the brink of destruction, Batman uses weapons he obtained from the Rogues ( Captain Cold ‘s freeze ray, Heat Wave ‘s heating system gun, Mirror Master ‘s mirror gun, and Weather Wizard ‘s wand ) to fight the Flash from his population, who had refused to give him Speed Force powers. After knocking Flash out, Batman then chains him to the hood of the Batmobile ( which he had modified using the designs of the Cosmic Treadmill ) and drives him and Flash into the Speed Force. As a result, Batman and Flash are forcibly fused into one being, with Bruce gaining Flash ‘s powers and a defile connection to the Speed Force while Barry ‘s awareness became trap inside Bruce ‘s body. With his newly abilities, Batman quickly murdered his own rogues ‘ gallery, although realized he was still excessively late to save his universe from end. Bruce is then visited by The Batman Who Laughs, who tells him that he can hush save his worldly concern by joining Barbatos ‘ Dark Knights and aiding the deity in conquering a Multiverse above their own. Batman accepted his counterpart ‘s extend and became known among the group as The Red Death .

Dark Nights: Metal

After entering the central multiverse, The Red Death infect Central City with a Speed Force Storm which gave him the ability to accelerate senesce in other people to the point of end and attempted to use this ability on Barry Allen ‘s loved ones but was stopped by Barry as the Flash. During the Justice Leagues search for Nth Metal ( that could be used to defeat the Dark Knights ), The Flash was trapped inwardly Red Death ‘s Batcave which was specifically designed to counter the hero ‘s amphetamine and housed Flashmobiles to far increase the risk of danger. fortunately, despite these precautions, Barry managed to escape with his life. much later, during a plot to infect the House of Heroes with dark, The Red Death became exposed to a boastfully venereal disease of positive energy which affected his appearance and gave Barry Allen of Earth -52 control of Red Death ‘s consistency. Barry felt immediate regret for what Bruce used his powers to do and teamed up with Prime Earth ‘s Flash to fight against the Dark Knights. however, The Batman Who Laughs revealed that the Dark Knights have already taken The Red Death ‘s treachery into account as he was the most probably to turn on them due to being alone half Batman. Laughs then informs The Red Death that the positive energy which caused his transfer would besides kill him, moments before the speedster explodes in bright light .


  • Red Death was mentioned in the Season 5 episode “Memorabilia” of the 2014 TV series The Flash. According to a future David Singh during a commercial about Cicada in the Flash Museum, the Red Death had a high kill count alongside Zoom. He was initially presumed by fans to be the main antagonist of the sixth season.


Rogues Earth -52 0001 Batman of Earth -52 before he became the Red Death .Batman Earth -52 0001 Batman captures The Flash .Red death0001 (1)Reverted Red Death Barry Allen gaining restraint.

Red Death Demise Red Death ‘s demise .The Flash Issue 33 Vol 5 Textless Variant CoverBatman The Red Death Vol 1 1 Textless SolicitThe Flash Vol 5 33 TextlessRed Death Statue A statue of the Red Death .Dark KnightsDark Knights Rising The Wild Hunt Vol 1 1 TextlessDark Knights Dark Multiverse 0002Funko-Pop-Heroes-Batman-Red-Death-PX-Previews-Exclusive-Figure-283 Red Death ‘s Funko Pop !Last 52 multiverse


  • The Red Death can be seen as the literal interpretation to one of Batman’s worst fears; the fear of losing the Bat-Family and not being fast enough to save anyone.


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