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Mainstream Universe‎‎, 2011‎-present

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Real Name

Jason Peter Todd

Main Alias

Red Hood

Other Aliases

Nightwing, [ 1 ]
Red Robin,


Jason ( paternal grandfather ) [ 2 ],

Faye Gunn II ( first cousin ) Faye Gunn (paternal grandmother),Jason (paternal grandfather) Willis Todd (father), Catherine Todd (mother, deceased), Bruce Wayne (adoptive father), Selina Kyle (adoptive step-mother), Damian Wayne (adoptive brother), Dick Grayson (adoptive brother), Tim Drake (adoptive brother),Faye Gunn II (first cousin)


Batman Family,
Task Force Z ·
the Outlaws,
Batman Incorporated,
League of Assassins,
Titans, [ 3 ]

Formerly Generation Outlaws Rent-A-Bat,

Base Of Operations

Gotham City · Formerly Caribbean, Eth Alth’eban





Secret Identity



Marital Status



Businessman Vigilante · Former Mercenary












Prime Earth


Gerry Conway · Don Newton

First Appearance
Red Hood and the Outlaws #1
(November, 2011)
Quote1.png His name is Jason Todd. A lot of people say he’s crazy. Like, say the entire staff of Arkham Asylum. Maybe they’re right. I’m hardly in a position to judge. Anyone. But as he pops out of his disguise–blows my chain off my ball–and gives me my bow and quiver? Let’s just say Red Hood is my kind of crazy! Quote2.png

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Jason Todd is Red Hood, a vigilante anti-hero who is a member of the Batman Family and the Outlaws. Jason became the second Robin after Dick Grayson became Nightwing and Batman was in need of a new buddy. Jason was trained by Bruce, and was his partner until his death at the hands of the Joker. He was resurrected by Talia aluminum Ghul using the Lazarus Pit, and then trained by both the League of Assassins and the All-Caste. He finally returned to Gotham City under the new alias Red Hood, using more deadly methods to fight crime.

early life

Jason Todd is the son of Catherine Elizabeth and Willis Todd and was conceived by chance in an alley. Jason had a disruptive childhood due to his parents constantly arguing ; his mother suffered from depression and drug addiction, and his founder had been “ showing him the ropes of larceny and memorize ” at a young age, which led him into trouble. He frequented the Lucius Fox Community Center, where he befriended Gabby Christiansen, a companion “ street kyd ” who persisted in helping him despite his reflexive pronoun aloofness. He protected her from bullies and remembered her forgivingness fondly in adulthood. [ 4 ] once when he was a child, Jason ‘s beget steal tickets to Haly ‘s Circus from an old couple in a parking draw and took Jason to see the show. That was the first gear clock Jason ever saw Dick Grayson, and was positively awed by him. [ 5 ]

Zero class

When Bruce Wayne returned to Gotham and began his career as Batman, one of his first gear missions was stopping a group of mask criminals called the Red Hood Gang, contribute by Red Hood One. Following this, Batman would conflict the Riddler, in a confrontation that lead to all of Gotham City ‘s might being shut off right before a massive hurricane, crippling the city in what would be known as the “ zero year ”. Jason Todd, a adolescent at the meter struggling to support his dependent mother in Gotham ‘s Park Row, contend for survival as Gotham went feral. When Jason ‘s best acquaintance Chris gave him the mask of a asleep Red Hood Gang member to join in the gang ‘s revival and become who he wanted to be, Jason agreed, giving himself the name “ Red Hood Four ”. On the night of the gang ‘s revival, Jason, wanting to be a hero, tried to stop a fight between some gang members and a cryptic womanhood named Talia alabama Ghul, who was investigating the Red Hood Gang. Jason earned Talia ‘s respect and managed to impress her further by absolutely performing a fighting move invented by the All-Caste that even she could n’t master. Despite Jason ‘s desire for peace, Talia murdered the leader of the Red Hood Gang revival and, when she returned to her father Ra ‘s alabama Ghul, expressed concern in keeping an eye on Jason Todd in the future. [ 6 ]

Meeting Batman

person else keeping an eye on Jason, unbeknown to him, was the original Red Hood One – the man who had recently fallen into a vat of acid at Ace Chemical Processing Plant and would take the appoint Joker. Seeing Jason ‘s art, Joker began orchestrating events in Jason ‘s life to lead him to becoming Batman ‘s buddy – so that he could then kill him to hurt Batman. The Joker caused Jason ‘s father to wind up in prison, where he would apparently die, and faked Jason ‘s mother death with a non-lethal poison to make it look like she died of an overdose. Jason, thinking he was an orphan, was forced into stealing to survive. When Jason was sixteen, he made an try to steal the tires off the Batmobile, managing to get one off before being discovered by Batman. [ 7 ] Expecting to be beaten for his crime, Jason was surprised to be offered food alternatively. He and Batman talked while eat, and Batman told him that sometimes if you gave people a casual, they might surprise you. Jason would take these words to heart, even years subsequently. Batman attempted to help Jason by getting him settled in Ma Gunn ‘s School for Wayward Boys, not knowing that the administration was a front for training the children to be criminals. Despite this, Jason did see the stead as a home for a while. Realizing his err though, Batman went to rescue him and Jason aided the hero by shoving Ma Gunn out a nearby windowpane. Some meter after this, Batman decided to take Jason in personally and train him to be the new Robin after his inaugural one had graduated to a new deed, which Jason took to sky-high. [ 8 ]

Life ( and Death ) as robin

After six months of intensive train, Jason was out in the battlefield as the second Boy Wonder. Jason was determined to live up to the bequest of Robin that Dick Grayson had put in identify, but it soon became apparent that Jason was troubled. During a dinner party at Wayne Manor, Barbara Gordon, active as the vigilante Batgirl, broken-heartedly reassure Jason he would never be able to replace Dick. [ 9 ] Working aboard Batman, Robin fought against Ra ‘s alabama Ghul, Two-Face, [ 10 ] Killer Croc, [ 11 ] and many others. He fought recklessly, apparently haunted by the memory of his father. Jason received mentoring from Nightwing on versatile martial arts and fighting techniques and met Roy Harper, offering to be his supporter in the future should he be in necessitate of one. [ 12 ] Being put on monitor duty due to his disobedient behavior, Jason one day found a picture of his mother Catherine, who was surprisingly alert. He used all his skills to make his way to the Middle East without telling Batman, in an undertake to reunite with his mother. It soon became apparent that Catherine was being blackmailed by the Joker and had lured her son there for him. Jason learned that most of his major life events were orchestrated by the Joker, who then viciously beat the male child with a crowbar, and left him and Catherine to die at the hands of a time bomb. Batman arrived excessively late to save them due to Jason ‘s skills in covering his tracks and was only able to hold Jason ‘s lifeless torso in his arms. [ 13 ]


Six months after his death and funeral, Jason was resurrected. Talia Al Ghul, who had been keeping an eye on him since the Zero year, retrieved Jason and used the Lazarus Pit to restore his body and mind to wax health. [ 7 ] Jason would late remember seeing Talia looking down at him in fear as he was reborn. [ 14 ] Afterwards, Talia took Jason to Ducra, the ancient teacher of the All-Caste, a group of warrior monks and begged her to train the boy. Jason developed a romanticist attraction to Ducra ‘s daughter kernel during this prison term. [ 12 ] A independent target of Jason ‘s All-Caste aim was managing his anger. Ducra particularly wanted Jason to let go of his rage, stating that “ One day your heart will shine bright than the black ferocity inside of you. And that day will be glorious. ” however, Jason thought the merely way to get the retaliation he wanted was by rejecting this teaching and holding onto the past. Jason finally completed his educate, and a workweek after leaving the All-Caste, he sought out the Seven Crime Families of Hong Kong. He found them all gathered in one plaza and tried to take control of them. This motion resulted in the entire Clan Fang being wiped out. Jason besides murdered everybody in Suzie Su ‘s gang, other than her father. [ 15 ] Jason later joined the League of Assassins, where he was trained by Bronze Tiger and Lady Shiva. however, he disliked the fact that the group was not interest in judge like he was but merely in self-gain. Because of this he left the group. [ 12 ] Jason resurfaced in Gotham as the gun-toting villain Red Hood, having appropriated the alias that the Joker had used anterior to becoming the Clown Prince of Crime. He attempted to get revenge on Bruce and the Joker, but his plan ultimately failed. [ 7 ] After many other encounters with Bruce and his allies, Jason began to fight crime across the world, dealing deadly, vigilante department of justice wherever he went .

New 52

bolshevik Hood and the Outlaws

Main article: Red Hood and the Outlaws: REDemption
While on a mission, Jason was injured in a submarine explosion and met Starfire for the first base time, who nursed him back to health. Jason bonded with Kori and one day found out that his old supporter Arsenal was to be executed in Qurac. [ 16 ] Jason enlisted Kori ‘s help oneself and both rescued him, thus forming a raw morally-grey group known as the “ Outlaws “. An old acquaintance, Essence, contacted Red Hood to warn about the coming danger of The Untitled. [ 17 ] They soon found that the Untitled had already annihilated erstwhile teachers of Jason ‘s, the All-Caste, in one of their bases in the Himalayas. [ 18 ] Vowing retaliation, Jason led the trio to the All-Caste ‘s headquarters, seeking out the Chamber of All. In this pond of history, they learned more about their adversary. here, they were told to supply S’aru, a four millennium old Proctor, with a cherished memory before entering. Jason ‘s memory was an flush he and Bruce took off during his time as Robin due to Jason being excessively ill to fight. Upon leaving, Jason was offered his care for memory back. however, he chose to leave it behind. [ 19 ] late, the Outlaws discovered that a extremity of the Untitled was hiding as sheriff in Middleton, Colorado. [ 20 ] Jason used the all-blades to dispatch her and met up with Roy and Kori, who had encountered and defeated the mutant Crux. [ 21 ] Posing as a doctor of the church, Jason dropped off Crux at Arkham Asylum. As he and the Outlaws were leaving, Essence returned. She revealed to Jason that she betrayed the All-Caste in favor of the Untitled due to her mother, Ducra, being possessed by them. Jason accused her of slaughtering the All-Caste and after a abbreviated contend, Essence is defeated. [ 22 ] Before they left Gotham, Jason helped take down Suzie Su, who had been holding a hospital full of children hostage. [ 15 ] He then reluctantly helped the Bat-family in Gotham during the Night of the Owls and saved Mr. freeze from his manque Talon assassin. [ 23 ] Jason was former called to a confluence between him, Nightwing, and Red Robin. It was revealed that Robin had called the meet, as he said that he would be defeating all of them to prove himself as the best robin. [ 24 ] Robin ambushed Jason in a safe house, using a crowbar and taunts to keep him precarious. The child managed to slip away, stealing one of Red Hood ‘s helmets in the process. [ 25 ] Jason then fought alongside the other former Robins during Terminus ‘s attack on Gotham. [ 26 ]

The Starfire

Main article: Red Hood and the Outlaws: The Starfire (Collected)
The Outlaws then went to Miami, where Jason went on a go steady with a flight attendant named Isabel Ardila. The two were interrupted when the alien Orn came to find Starfire. The Outlaws and Isabel were immediately teleported aboard the H.M.S.S. Starfire. As there was no condom way to send her back, Isabel was forced to tag along. [ 27 ] As Jason dropped the lies he had been telling Isabel, the two began to bond. [ 28 ] Jason helped Starfire defeat the Blight and they ultimately returned to Earth. [ 29 ] Arriving back at the Island, they encounter Superman. Because of their general pre-conceived feelings towards him, Jason and the Outlaws attacked the superhero. After their brief skirmish ended, Superman warned the Outlaws of a villain named Helspont. He then told Jason that he would n’t arrest them like he wanted to, because Bruce vouched for him. After Superman left, Jason and Isabel spent the night in Gotham City. [ 30 ]

death of the Family

Main article: Batman: Death of the Family
After being invited to a Bat-family debriefing in the Batcave despite his try relationship with them, Red Hood was informed by Bruce that the Joker had obviously discovered all of their secret identities and was planning on attacking them privately. [ 31 ] As Jason showered, Joker attacked and drugged Isabel, calling the authorities so it appeared that Jason was guilty. As Jason tried to escape, he was gassed by the Joker and awoke to find himself in an metro area. hera, Jason discovered that the Joker had efficaciously been torturing him all his life. The Joker claimed he had wanted to create a Robin who would cross the line Batman was unwilling to cross. Joker then opened a trapdoor and Jason found himself aboard Red Robin. [ 32 ] Joker forced the duet to fight, but rather they worked together to escape, forcing Joker to knock them both out again. [ 33 ] later, Red Hood and the others awoke in a cave underneath Gotham, obviously having had their faces cut off and displayed in front of them on ice. however, this was all a trick and, in a final ditch campaign, Joker gassed them all with the captive of having them kill each other. however, Red Hood and the others managed to overcome the Joker ‘s mind control through the beloved and faith they shared. After recovering from the Joker ‘s natural gas, Jason left without speaking to anybody. [ 34 ] After clearing his head, Jason returned to Wayne Manor to say his proper goodbyes. He spoke with Damian and then Dick, before encountering Bruce in the Batcave. He thanked Bruce for vouching for him to Superman, before asking him if what the Joker said was genuine. Bruce reassured him, saying that Jason made Jason who he is. Jason left Bruce and visited his honest-to-god bedroom, where he found and talked with Alfred. As he left the Manor, Jason put on his helmet and set off the Joker ‘s final bunker : an acid attack. [ 35 ] Jason was placed in a coma, harassing himself with visions of Joker, Ducra, the Outlaws, and the rest of his family. He finally pushed through and woke up to discover Bruce had been by his bedside the entire clock time. [ 36 ]

Batman Incorporated

Feeling his former protégé deserved a second luck, Batman offered Jason a station in Batman Incorporated as the second Wingman, lone asking that he not reveal his identity to the others. He teamed up with Robin, who operated under the name Redbird, though Damian was unaware of Jason ‘s identity. Upon finding out who his partner all this time had been, Damian was hurt and confused. This was doubled by the fact that Bruce then informed him that he was to be benched as Robin until far notice. Despite the fact he was now apart of Batman Incorporated, Jason scantily got involved with the team and was not show when Damian was killed by Heretic. Giving up his Wingman character over the child ‘s death, Jason accompanied Batman on a mission to stop mercenaries in Ethiopia. The mission was not all that it seemed, however, as Batman brought Jason to the Magdala Valley, where Jason had died. Bruce wanted to try and bring Damian back through the like means that Jason was resurrected. Enraged, the two brawled and Jason finally left Bruce to wallow in the dessert entirely. [ 37 ]

league of Assassins vanadium. The ignoble

After the past few months of dark, Jason was summoned to the Temple of the All-Caste. here, Ducra informed him that Ra ‘s aluminum Ghul had taken manipulate of the Untitled. The deity serviceman sought to use the “ Well of Sins ” and achieve godhood. The only way to stop him was by Jason entering into combat in his pure, true form. To achieve this country, S’aru took away all of Jason ‘s memories that had been touched by dark. [ 38 ] This ultimately resulted in Jason having no recall of his friends, enemies, allies, and experiences. Kori and Roy soon arrived and found Jason with his memory erased. evening though Jason wanted them to leave him be, Arsenal forcibly took him back to their base of operations. [ 39 ] While on the island, Jason discovered his past as Red Hood and believed himself to be nothing more than a killer. After yelling at his former friends, Jason fled the island to find himself. [ 40 ] While searching for himself, Jason was attacked by several members of the League of Assassins. After his initial get the better of, they asked him to go with them, and he agreed, thinking that he may receive the answers he is looking for. They took him to ‘Eth Alth’eban, the city of the League of Assassins, and Bronze Tiger told him this is where his new life would begin as the newly leader of the League of Assassins. [ 41 ] After Bronze Tiger showed Jason around the city, the early members of the League of Assassins gathered and explained Jason ‘s purpose as their drawing card. Talia alabama Ghul had personally informed Bronze Tiger that Jason would be the lone one able to stop the Untitled, who were preparing to attack the League. Jason told them that his memory was gone, therefore he did n’t remember what he was supposed to know. Lady Shiva threatened to take control from Jason, but as she did sol, Arsenal arrived in the list of the Untitled to destroy the gates to the city. [ 42 ] Roy initially seemed to have the upper hand, but after hindrance from Starfire caused one of his guns to explode Jason and the League defeated him. With one final changeable, Roy destroyed a wall of rock, revealing the “ Well of Sins ”. Jason agreed to lead the League of Assassins, provided the League bare Roy and Kori. The assassins agree and the two are locked up proper as the Untitled attack. [ 43 ] After a long conflict, the end member of the Untitled revealed himself to be Ra ‘s alabama Ghul, and he resumed command of the League once more. [ 44 ] bolshevik Hood, Arsenal, and Starfire apologized to one another for their infighting, as Roy and Kori were slated to be executed by the League of Assassins under new-old management. Roy convinces Jason that the to escape he would need to remember his old train. so, Jason forced himself to remember everything, the light and the dark. Jason and Cheshire betrayed the League and freed the Outlaws. [ 45 ] Red Hood confronted Ra ‘s aluminum Ghul head on and in the end he used the hit that Talia had shown him, during the Zero Year, to cast the Untitled out of Ra ‘s. As the League of Assassins regrouped, Essence arrived to help the Outlaws escape the city ‘s destruction. When they were safe, Essence asked if Jason would join in the rebuild of the All-Caste, but he declined. [ 38 ]

The Big painting

Seeking some downtime, the Outlaws, along with Isabel Ardila, took a trip to an island recourse called Elysium. They were ambushed by a affluent criminal named Midas and his “ Army of the Golden Hand ”, but the throng was quickly taken care of. This attack prompted Isabel to formally abandon a kinship with Jason, as the Outlaws restitution to their island headquarters. [ 46 ] After Starfire ‘s honest-to-god ship was hijacked by foreigner mercenaries, with Roy inside it, a big reptile alien appeared on the beach. He agreed to help Red Hood and Starfire track the mercenaries through space. [ 47 ] Leaving the extraterrestrial being on the beach, Red Hood and Starfire first broke into the recently attacked headquarters of the Blackhawk Program, where they stole a Slip-Ship. The couple then used this ship to break into the headquarters of S.H.A.D.E. Red Hood battled Frankenstein while Starfire took command of the second base ship. They escaped S.H.A.D.E., collected their stranger lead from the isaland, and managed to contact Arsenal. [ 48 ] Finding their supporter, Red Hood and Starfire teleported their ship directly into the cockpit of the larger ship. respective of the mercenaries were crushed, along with the man trying to buy their weaponary : Lobo. Lobo cursorily regeneratedand attacked. As red Hood and Starfire fought back, Arsenal use the nano-boy technology he ’ five hundred been working with to teleport the hostile aliens away. dependable from their assailants, the Outlaws returned to Earth. [ 49 ] red Hood joined Clan Batman to fight against Clan Superman on Jochi ‘s new Warworld. In the arena, Red Hood managed to hold his own in a duel with Supergirl but she finally overpowered him. But before any blood was shed, Jochi turned on the Council of Warworld and Red Hood escaped the satellite before it was cast into the Phantom Zone. [ 50 ]

final call

After stopping a terrorist attack on Washington D.C., Jason and the Outlaws were kidnaped and taken second to S.H.A.D.E. Headquarters. Dr. Kirk Langstrom and Dr. Ray Palmer presented the trio with an alien embark that had been calling out to Kori. [ 51 ] The ship contained the dead bodies of estrange slaves, the spy of which made Kori fly away screaming in ramp. [ 52 ] Jason and Roy tracked her down and stopped Kori from killing the man who kept her as a slave. Though Kori flew away, the man was so strike with his guilt that he killed himself. [ 53 ] In shock at what happened, Jason and Roy disposed of the soundbox before finding Kori back on the island. Jason tracked the terrorist group responsible for the approach on D.C. to the swamps outside of New Orleans. Kori began acting strange and as the Outlaws found the terrorist base, she shot off into the distance. Roy followed after her, as Jason tried to fight the entire group. He discovered the group was using Venom to enhance themselves. Jason pulled vials of the drug off of a terrorist and injected himself, allowing him to quickly defeat them. Having found Roy ‘s quiver amidst a cauterize build up, Jason went to the hospital and visited his friend, whose body had been accidently scorched by Starfire. [ 54 ] Jason encountered Oliver Queen and as the two argued about what to do with Roy, Essence appeared and healed him. Knowing that his supporter was static, Jason left to find Kori. [ 55 ] Jason broke Krux out of Arkham Asylum, as the scientist had know hunt Tamaraneans. The two contend, but upon returning to Jason ‘s ship, Krux thanked Jason for helping him get his life back on track. They met up with a healed Roy and headed into the brazilian Rainforest. [ 56 ] The second they landed Ravager shot a rocket at their ship. Jason engaged the assassin and the two crusade to a reap. Ravager stated that she was merely there for Starfire, who had made respective of her clients huffy. finally Kori found them and the Outlaws reunited. The situation grew desperate, however, as Krux discovered the united states army of Helspont ( Prime Earth had made it to Earth. [ 57 ] Helspont revealed himself to the heroes, he declared his intentions to rule the Earth. Jason denied him immediately to his face. Komand ‘ gas constant ( Prime Earth ) blasted Helspont and Jason charged. The two began to fight, with Jason at a clear disadvantage. But proper before Helspont killed Jason, Roy disintegrated the would-be-conqueror. After this battle, The Outlaws dissolved, with all three members going their break ways. [ 58 ]

Batman Eternal

In a yearlong conspiracy to destroy Batman, orchestrated by a mysterious criminal, Commissioner Gordon was tricked into killing an unarmed man and sent to prison. Barbara Gordon, wanting to exonerate her forefather with evidence, followed clues to South America, and Batman assigned Red Hood to go with her as stand-in. [ 59 ] once in Brazil, Batgirl and Red Hood teamed up against the criminal Scorpiana and were directed closer to the actual perpetrator in Rio de Janeiro. [ 60 ] In Rio, the duet encountered Batwoman, who was tracking followers of the Crime Bible. Believing there might be a link, Batwoman joins them. [ 61 ] Red Hood and the others followed the trail to Dr. Jose Falsario, the hallucinogenic engineering expert that was behind Gordon ‘s incrimination. Falsario used the engineering to trick Batgirl into attacking Red Hood, but Jason managed to snap her out of it by reminding her of their first brush when he was Robin – when she told him he would never be deoxyadenosine monophosphate dear as Dick Grayson. [ 9 ] Batgirl and Red Hood failed to apprehend Falsario before he was killed by an assassin as a cover up. They returned to Gotham empty handed but proved to Batman that Gordon was being framed as a part of some giant system. [ 62 ] After arriving in Gotham, Jason learned that Hush had attacked Alfred and left him in a coma. While visiting Alfred in the hospital, Red Robin came by and asked Jason about what happened in Brazil. During their discussion the two were interrupted by an explosion. They investigated and found Batman crushed by debris. [ 63 ] Jason was then sent to help quell the riots breaking out across the city. [ 64 ] As the riots began to calm down, Jason said his adieu to Batgirl and regrouped with the Outlaws. [ 65 ] Weeks former, Red Hood returned to Gotham as things began to spiral out of dominance. As the wild conspiracy reached its climax, Red Hood fought aboard the early Batfamily members. He former joined them to last defeat the conspiracy ‘s genius and the one who was manipulating him. With balance restored in Gotham, Jason left the city without saying adieu. [ 66 ]

Robin Rises

Along with Tim Drake and Barbara Gordan, Jason was called to the Batcave by Bruce. Bruce apologized to Jason for bringing him back to the Magdala Valley and explained that he planned to visit Apokolips in order to resurrect Damian. Jason and the others protested Bruce going alone, but he insisted that they stay behind to protect Gotham. [ 67 ] however, after Bruce left, the younger heroes returned to the cave and begun planning to help their mentor. Jason helped trap and neutralize Cyborg and after plugging in the coordinates they forced him to open a Boom Tube. Donning a fresh Robin inspired armor, Jason, Tim, Barbara, and Damian ‘s chase Titus entered the Boom Tube and arrived on Apokolips. Cyborg followed the trio veracious as the portal was closing. [ 68 ] The group fought their way through hordes of Parademons until they finally found Batman trying to draw the attention of Darkseid. They discoverd that the warriors of Apokolips had created a cannon that can destroy integral planets. so while Batman battled Darkseid, Jason helped to defend Cyborg, who worked to destroy the massive weapon. After a farseeing battle, Batman recovered Damian ‘s torso and the cannon was set to detonate. Batgirl used Cyborg ‘s systems to open a Boom Tube and Jason followed the others home. Once they returned to the Batcave, Jason watched as Batman used a man of the Chaos Shard to resurrect Damian. [ 69 ] Before they could probably celebrate the miracle fair performed, Kalibak pursued them through the Boom Tube. He was defeated after Damian manifested new powers and Kalibak was sent back through the Boom Tube. [ 70 ]

loss Hood and Arsenal : Heroes for Hire

After Red Hood helped fend off Joker ‘s final endgame against Batman, Bruce and the Joker perished in the caves under Gotham – initiating a new era without the two of them. [ 71 ] After helping Arsenal during a solo operation though, Jason convinced Roy to work with him again. The duet set up shop in Roy ‘s warehouse despite being broke. To raise funds, they turned to fixer Tara Battleworth for a subcontract. Though she disliked their reputations, she gave them a job as mercenaries. Though they were successful with their deputation, they were fired because Roy set up his own Hero-for-Hire side business for the two to make money that competed with Battleworth ‘s. Taking another condense, the two discovered the being of Underbelly, the physical shape of all the earth ‘s corruption. When underbelly tried to recruit Jason to his causal agent, the couple responded by vowing to destroy him. Anticipating where Underbelly would go to hide, the two headed to the most crime-ridden city on the planet : Gotham. While there, the Heroes-for-Hire were caught in the sights of the newfangled Batman and convinced him to help them take down underbelly. once Underbelly was caught, Jason visited the youth center he went to as a kyd and found that Bruce was alert. Though he did n’t understand why Bruce did n’t recognize him, he was satisfied to learn that he was alive .

Batman and Robin Eternal

red Hood became closer with the other erstwhile Robins after Bruce ‘s death and resurrection. together on a mission, they were attacked by agents of a woman named Mother who was allegedly connected to a hidden Bruce had been hiding from them for years. The heroes set out to investigate the organization that had its eye on Bruce – Dick Grayson stayed in Gotham while Red Hood teamed up with Red Robin to follow the clues to South America. Jason and Tim ended up in Santa Prisca, having found tell that Mother ‘s operation of child traffic was involved with the order of St. Dumas that operated there. They ran into battle with Bane, who was trying to regain operate of his country from the cult, until the heroes and villain decided to team up against their common enemy. Tim was dramatically hurt in the fight against the Order, and Jason had to get him to condom. The pair came out with a plan to get more information : Tim faked repentance to the Order and requested to join their operation, pretending to hired hand over Jason as a sacrifice. While Tim was vetted to replace the Order ‘s current “ angel of death ” Azrael, Jason broke out and steal information from the intensify regarding its connection to Mother. Red Hood and Red Robin escaped, returning to the States on a private airplane. [ 72 ] crimson Hood and Red Robin reported back their finds to Dick Grayson at the Spyral means headquarters. however, unbeknown to them, Mother ‘s child-mind command had infiltrated so trench as to have affected all the students at the Spyral ‘s consort school, and Red Hood was forced to fend off waves of assassin-trained children. [ 73 ] The team of heroes were unsuccessful though from stopping Mother ‘s plan to entree a sattelite to mind-control all the children across the global into her evil conglomerate. The heroes sprung into action to stop Mother ‘s plan and reduce the damage cosmopolitan, with Jason designated to destroy the signal sender in Toronto, Canada. The Bat Family converged on Mother ‘s headquarters and, together, defeated the woman and ended her master plan .

Robin War

Main article: Robin War
concurrently with the attacks orchestrated by Mother, the civilian movement We Are Robin was being violently targeted by criminals and the Gotham City police. Red Hood was initially apathetic to the bowel movement, believing that claiming one was Robin came with implicit in danger, but Red Robin convinced him that a drift of kids wanting to do the right thing deserved their protection quite than their contemn. All the former Robins – Dick, Jason, Tim, and Damian – teamed up to teach the We Are robin children the discipline Batman had once teach them deoxyadenosine monophosphate well as proper fighting techniques. During the train, all the Robins except for Dick Grayson were captured by the militarize police force, with the entire conflict orchestrated by the Court of Owls to recruit Grayson into their constitution. While imprisoned by the Court, Red Hood was pitted against Red Robin in a end match for who would be indoctrinated into their ranks, but the heroes used the opportunity to free all the children from their cages and escape into Gotham. however, in a act of bear selflessness, Damian had agreed to join the Court of Owls to protect Gotham, believing it was what Batman would ‘ve done. Damian and his united states army of Talons defeated Red Hood and Red Robin. Dick Grayson caved and, as the real recruit they wanted, agreed to join the Court of Owls to stop the violence. The Court of Owls backed off, and the Robin War ended .


New Outlaws

After splitting off from Arsenal, Jason went back to his solo career and set up in an abandoned bombard protection under a police station in Gotham. During this clock time, Batman asked him to investigate a new connection between city hall and a fresh international crime trust. Over the path of his investigation, Jason learned that the mayor had been infected with a techno-organic virus. Jason cured the mayor under the guise of an assassination undertake in decree to provide himself an in with the Gotham metro. This worked as he caught the attention of Black Mask, who he suspected of being behind the virus. Batman confronted Jason about the plan, and while initially against it, he finally agreed on the condition that Jason not kill anyone. Jason agreed. [ 7 ] To get closer to the conspiracy, Red Hood accepted an offer from Black Mask to become the heir to his criminal empire and began doing jobs for the crime boss to learn more. On one of his missions, Red Hood was sent to steal the Amazonian weapon the Bow of Ra while in transportation system, which put him in enemy with the Amazon warrior Artemis. Though they temporarily fought, Red Hood confided in Artemis that he was clandestine, and the two worked together to try to protect their respective interests without blowing his cover. In the same illegal dispatch, the heroes discovered a fail knockoff of Superman created by Lex Luthor known as Bizarro. Black Mask had Artemis captured and imprisoned and, though Red Hood failed to secure the Bow of Ra, Sionis enjoyed his other prize of Bizarro, releasing the clone from his containment and brainwashing him to obey his commands. Red Hood developed sympathy for the creature and secretly showed him kindness, being reminded of his own resurrection by the monster ‘s fresh, flimsy life. Black Mask revealed to Red Hood that he knew that he was a spy but offered him the opportunity to join his operation for real. Jason refused and, freeing Bizarro from his thinker control and Artemis from her prison, defeated Black Mask and put him in a coma, frustrated by his no-kill promise to Batman. This “ dark three ” became the newest version of the Outlaws, and their first gear mission in concert was to relocate the Bow of Ra .

Adventures of the New Outlaws

soon after becoming a newly team, Jason discovered information that his new team member Bizarro had the electric potential to lose see like other previous failed Superman clones and possibly destroy the earth, so, in the attempt of heroism, prepared to execute Bizarro with a Kryptonite fastball. however, when Bizarro showed how much he cared about Red Hood, Jason backed down. Off to Qurac, the Outlaw ‘s plane was shot down by the Quracian military. Jason theorized that the hunt for the Bow of Ra was all an complicate plan by the Joker to force him relive the trauma of his own death, but this turned out to be false. The bow was actually in the possession of Akila, Artemis ‘ former best friend and fan, who was using it to protect her Amazon sisters. A battle broke out and both Akila and the Bow of Ra were lost. Though devastate, Artemis agreed to continue operating with the Outlaws. crimson Hood and the Outlaws returned to Gotham and cared for Bizarro, who had been critically injured in the crusade, until Bizarro ‘s godhead Lex Luthor found him and healed him ( and increased the monster ‘s intelligence capacitance ) using green Kryptonite. With his newfound intelligence, Bizarro constructed the Outlaws a newly invisible base for them to plowshare in Gotham .
Jason and the Outlaws, in a secret plot by Bizarro to get more green Kryptonite to sustain his intelligence, were arrested by Batwoman and the Gotham Knights and sent to Belle Reve. There, they were immediately drafted onto Amanda Waller ‘s Suicide Squad. The Outlaws struck a alone consider to go on a mission for Waller which involved stomping out a Colony stronghold in the Earth ‘s crust for their freedom, which fed correctly into Bizarro ‘s design to give him access to the Kryptonite ore he was searching for. After the mission ‘s success, the Outlaws returned to Gotham. Following this, Artemis asked Jason out on a date and, though they bonded closely, Artemis only intended the date to be a cover for them to discuss Bizarro ‘s leery activity with his new intelligence. After devising a scheme, the pair finally convince Bizarro to give up his addiction to Kryptonite and hark back to his old self .

Penguin and the fall of the Outlaws

One day, Jason was delivered a letter by his cousin Faye Gunn, addressed to Jason by his father, who he believed had been dead for years. In the letter, Willis admitted to his son that he had committed a bunch of crimes while Jason was a son in rate to support their class but was innocent of the concluding crime he was convicted of before his apparent death in prison. Willis had been hired to take the fall for the Penguin for a crime he did n’t actually commit. While in prison, Jason ‘s father would then be contacted by the politics for an experiment that would possibly commute his conviction, and, once agreeing, his death was faked. After learning how much of his childhood had been built on a lie down, Jason was devastated and furious. In an act of retaliation, Jason went after the Penguin. Cobblepot, while live on television debuting a newly theme ballpark he had funded, was ambushed by Red Hood, who took off his disguise and revealed his identity and his church father ‘s name to the villain. The Penguin only laughed at Red Hood, believing he had sold out Batman ‘s identity for a cipher like Willis Todd. Jason, sick of the catch and release nature of super villains that put his father in jail in the first place, snapped and shooting Penguin correctly through his monocled eye – but did so with a blank, ironically allowing the Penguin to continue to cling to life .
Jason fled the scene of the crime but was viciously caught and beaten by Batman, who was unaware that the Penguin was still alert and was ferocious think that Jason had broken his no killing rule. Though Red Hood managed to escape Batman long enough to return to the Outlaws ‘ al-qaeda, without Bizarro ‘s news to continue to maintain it, the entire thing began to fall apart, deoxyadenosine monophosphate well as a dimensional portal vein housed inside. To stop the catastrophe of the entire infrastructure ‘s breakdown, Bizarro and Artemis sacrificed themselves and were sucked into the trans-dimensional portal, with Artemis giving Jason one final kiss before saying adieu. Jason was once again captured by Batman and prepared to be processed by the GCPD but was rescued by his best acquaintance and former Outlaw Arsenal. Roy and Jason, on the play, went to the island the original three Outlaws used to operate from. While healing, Jason researched where Artemis and Bizarro might ‘ve been transported to but came up short. red Hood and Arsenal did one final mission together to fight their erstwhile foe Suzie Su before Roy admitted he was going back into rehab and left Jason to go to Sanctuary .


After his falling out with Batman, Jason went in a newfangled, black commission with his vigilantism – donning a raw costume and using a crowbar as his weapon of choice – the detail that killed him. After his first few solo missions, Jason reconnected with Batman to talk about their fight. In their conversation, Batman revealed that the Penguin was still recovering from being shot and that Roy Harper was killed at Sanctuary. Jason was hurt by the death of his best acquaintance and left him a final examination voice mail after the confluence with Batman. Batman and Red Hood besides came to the agreement that Jason could continue to operate as a vigilante – but he was n’t allowed to work in Gotham. Jason temporarily relocated to Appleton City and fought a zombie outbreak. He besides ran into contest with the new Wingman – an alias Jason had previously used himself to remain anonymous in Batman Incorporated. Though they fought, Jason discovered that Wingman was actually his father Willis Todd, who had not died as he had grown up to believe. soon after, Red Hood returned to Gotham against Batman ‘s wishes .

prince of Gotham

back in Gotham, Red Hood continued his vengeance against the Penguin by abducting the homo and trapping him in the Iceberg Casino. Jason tortured him by forcing Cobblepot to watch him as he took control of his condemnable empire – employing Suzie Su and erstwhile Teen Titan Bunker as his bodyguards. Batman once again tried to run Red Hood out of Gotham but was stopped when Jason threatened to reveal his mysterious identity. Refusing to watch his conglomerate get stolen from him, the Penguin hired a group of assassins called the Five Aces to take out Red Hood and rescue him, but Red Hood stopped the attack and killed them all. When Bunker realized who he was working with and found the Penguin held in captivity, he rebelled against Jason and freed Cobblepot, ending Red Hood ‘s condemnable predominate .
not long after Jason left the Iceberg Lounge buttocks, about every basic of the populace intelligence community was completely destroyed by the Leviathan Organization in a single night. Among the eliminate organisations were A.R.G.U.S., the D.E.O., Spyral, Cadmus and even the Kobra Cult. Jason, like most vigilantes, chose to open his own investigation into the amazing incident. [ 74 ] While investigating the wreckage of A.R.G.U.S. ‘s headquarters, Jason was approached by Batman, and the two shared fact-finding notes. Both Jason and Batman believed that Talia al Ghul was not behind the attacks, rather theorizing that Leviathan had a new leader. Batman told Jason that he and a team of detectives had developed a goodly defendant list in an undertake to uncover the identity of Leviathan ‘s new leader, including Amanda Waller, Sam Lane, Steve Trevor, and, … Jason himself. [ 74 ] Before Jason could question Bruce ‘s logic, the team of detectives consisting of Damian, Green Arrow, Lois Lane, Manhunter, Plastic Man and the interview appeared. The team told Jason they suspected him because of his chase record and because he was one of the few people in the world adequate to of pulling off such an work ; furthermore the technology used was suspiciously alike to Batman ‘s technical school, something entirely a few people would have access to, including Jason. [ 74 ] Upon hearing the detectives ‘ statements, Jason ran. Although Batman ‘s team had the numeric advantage, Jason was able to take out each member of the team one-on-one. Before he left, Jason made a statement to Lois Lane, explaining to her that Leviathan was probably using Batman ‘s technical school as a direction of framing him. After Jason escaped, the team saw validity in his statement and began pursuing other leads. [ 75 ]

Generation Outlaws

Jason accepted a meeting with the supervillain Lex Luthor, who suggested that Red Hood mentor a group of manque adolescent supervillains to act more organized like he did. Red Hood agreed and became the drawing card of the newly team Generation Outlaws. Jason and his new Outlaws worked closely with Shay Veritas, the smartest womanhood in the world, and protected her on dangerous missions. While working with Generation Outlaws, Red Hood ‘s former Outlaws Artemis and Bizarro returned to Earth, having been forced to survive in an alternate dimension since their disappearance. Though Red Hood was excited to see his previous team again, he realized that they were being mind-controlled by a mysterious impel and had to flee. Red Hood and Generation Outlaws regrouped and returned to fight Artemis and Bizarro. During the fight, in an try to break her out of her mind control, Jason kissed Artemis. Though “ the ability of sleep together ” did n’t stop her, the kiss did succeed in grossing out the mind restrainer – a new villain called Vessel, an associate of Lex Luthor who sought universe domination with his possession powers. Red Hood, the Outlaws, Generation Outlaws, and Ma Gunn all teamed up to stop Vessel and put an end to his plan. After the battle, Jason and Artemis admitted their true romantic feelings for one another but decided not to form a kinship. Red Hood decided to leave the Outlaws behind and last return to Gotham City however again .

Joker War

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  • Lazarus Enhancement: Due to being immersed in the Lazarus Pits, Jason possesses some magical abilities.[76]
    • Magic Negation: Jason was taught a powerful, arcane martial arts strike by Talia al Ghul, that only a force of true good is capable of delivering. This technique was created by Ducra, as a way to strip away the powers of the Untitled.[38]
    • Summoning: Jason possesses the unique ability to summon the All-Blades – A pair of mystical blades manifested from Jason’s own soul,[77] designed to kill magic-based threats. The blades can only be summoned in the presence of true evil.[78][22] Jason has even shown the ability to summon dozens of All-Blades at once.[77]


other Characteristics

  • Bone Spur: According to future Tim, after Jason was killed by the Joker, one of his bones was never set right, which caused a growing debilitating bone spur in his hip joint.[79]


  • Red Hood Costume: After his return from the dead, during his initial confrontation with Batman, Jason wore an ensemble consisting of a black leather jacket over black tactical garments, capped off with his trademark ‘Red Hood’ helmet, underneath which he wore a red domino mask.[97] At some point, he used another suit that included a white, skintight bodysuit, and a dome-shaped helmet hearkening back to the ‘original’ Red Hood’s helmet, though he later switched back to a more casual outfit, retaining the tactical gear of his first outfit and the original, non-dome shaped Red Hood helmet he initially wore. This outfit, save for the helmet, was destroyed when Jason destroyed a submarine smuggling nuclear weapons. Afterwards, Jason wore an old armored suit that had once belonged to Nightwing, which he found in the possession of Starfire, who rescued him. This suit has a red variant of the bat-symbol placed in the center of the chest. It also has a built-in taser which Jason used to get people off of him when necessary.[16] After being kicked out of Gotham City, Jason switched to a more D.I.Y. Red Hood Costume. This suit was comprised of strong black boots, grey cargo pants, a black t-shirt, with a new symbol on it, and a sleeveless red and black hoodie. Instead of a helmet, Jason opted for a domino mask and face mask combo.[45] After the two make amends, Bruce gave Jason a new heavily armored, grey, suit. This suit featured a new helmet and a thick, red, bat-symbol on the chest. The shoulders would eventually bare the letter “z”, marking Jason as a member of Task Force Z.[98]
  • Venom (Formerly)[99]


  • All-Blades: The All-Blades are a pair of magical blades which can inflict great pain on magical creatures, but are otherwise harmless.[100] Jason can summon the All-Blades at will, but only in the presence of true evil.[101]
  • Batarangs[102]
  • Combat Knife[103]
  • Crowbar: Jason began carrying a crowbar as one of his weapons,[45] and later upgraded to dual crowbars that are capable of emitting powerful electric shocks.[84]
  • Katana[104]


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