5 Reasons Why Zoom Is The Flash’s Most Dangerous Villain (& 5 Why It’s Reverse Flash)

Both Zoom and Reverse Flash are dangerous villains that the Flash has had to deal with, and here are reasons why one is more deadly than the other. Most flash fans are conversant with Eobard Thawne thanks to his character as the hero ‘s biggest villain. however, during Wally West ’ mho meter as the Scarlet Speedster, person else donned a very similar uniform, and caused equally ampere much fuss ( if not more ) for The Flash and his kin. Under the name, Zoom, Hunter Zolomon would come to make Wally ’ randomness life a unmanageable as possible .
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While the two evil-doers look fabulously exchangeable, they actually have fabulously unlike backstories and powers. furthermore, their kinship with their respective Flash has led fans to debate which one is deadlier than the other. While both have committed some pretty awful acts over the years, it is hard to determine who the deadly of the two rightfully is. To look back at some of the more awful actions of the two, here is our list of 5 reasons why Zoom is the deadliest flash villain, and 5 why it is overrule Flash.


10 Friends With Wally (Zoom)

Before becoming One of Wally ’ s greatest foes, Hunter Zolomon was actually one of Wally ’ s closest friends. The two of them would much work cases together which meant that Zolomon got to know wally fairly well .
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This is besides what got him some extra, personal information that he would finally come to use against Wally. After wally refused to travel back in time to help Hunter, he became ferocious. consequently, when he obtained his powers, he then set out against his former friend as a manner of seeking retaliation .

9 Thinks He Is Helping (Reverse Flash)

One of the things that makes Eobard Thawne such an scheme villain is that he actually believes that he is helping Barry Allen in his quest as The Flash. After learning that he was destined to become Barry ’ s greatest enemy, Thawne snapped and became harebrained .
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however, since he is still such a big fan of The Flash, he actively seeks out ways to “ avail ” Barry improve and get faster. Thawne is so insane that he sees his incredible, dangerous plots as a entail of making The Flash a better hero. The sad thing is that Thawne is actually right to a degree. While Barry would surely love to not have to face him, Barry typically emerges victorious, and therefore, faster than he was ahead .

8 Profiler For The Police (Zoom)

While Hunter Zolomon was friends with Wally West, Hunter worked as a profiler for the patrol department. While this may not seem like some necessary data, it actually makes Hunter all the more deadly as Zoom. As a profiler, Zolomon became very good at getting into the mind of criminals and predicting their movements and patterns. As Zoom, Zolomon has applied a lot of those lapp tactics to Wally, allowing him to have a certain advantage over The Flash on a mental front man. furthermore, since he knows more details about Wally himself, Zolomon is better able to get in his mind and understand how he thinks .

7 Created The Negative Speed Force (Reverse Flash)

much like how Barry Allen created the Speed Force that gives all Speedsters their powers, Eobard Thawne created the Negative Speed Force. As a leave, Thawne has a slenderly different set of powers and abilities that have frequently given him an advantage over The Flash .
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besides, in creating the Negative Speed Force, Eobard Thawne demonstrated just how chic and capable he truly is. Thawne ’ s incredible reason of the workings of the Speed Force have decidedly given him an boundary over Barry on respective occasions. sometimes, it even feels as though Thawne himself is teaching Barry about his powers .

6 Has Lost Important Parts Of His Life (Zoom)

partially of what drives Hunter Zolomon is that he understands what it is like to lose. even though he lost his job with the FBI at his own expense, Zolomon continually tactile property cheated out of opportunities and frequently doesn ’ metric ton realize the consequences of his own behavior. When he lost his legs in a Flash volt Gorilla Grodd position, Zolomon felt that it was Wally ’ s duty as The Flash to go back and save his legs, believing that to be the more expansive of the two choices. When wally refused to alter the timeline, Zolomon felt that he had lost even more in his life. This clock time, however, he could well pin his own troubles on The Flash, therefore resulting in his hate for Wally .

5 Created The Flash (Reverse Flash)

strictly speaking, Reverse Flash is actually responsible for creating The Flash himself. During The Flash: Rebirth miniseries by Geoff Johns, it is revealed that Barry Allen was constantly going to become The Flash at some orient. however, in club to speed things up, Thawne went back in time and murdered Nora Allen .
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This means that a cardinal, defining here and now in The Flash ’ s lineage was orchestrated by Reverse Flash good for the sake of making a statement. Nora Allen didn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate have to die in that moment for Barry to be the Flash, yet Thawne still chose to twist the tongue, making him far deadlier than Zoom in that aspect .

4 Hacked The Cosmic Treadmill (Zoom)

Because Hunter Zolomon is persistent, he refused to sit by and do nothing about his stage. He finally made his way to The Flash Museum where the cosmic treadmill was being held on display. Using his cognition of the treadmill and his own mechanical skills, Zolomon set out in an undertake to go bet on in time himself. however, something went faulty, causing the treadmill to explode, along with most of the Museum as well. When Zolomon awoke again, he discovered that the use of his legs had been returned to him, along with the add bonus of superpowers. While things didn ’ metric ton go precisely the way Hunter had hoped, the fact that he was however able to operate the treadmill demonstrates merely how drive and intelligent he sincerely is .

3 Knows The Future (Reverse Flash)

Eobard Thawne himself is actually from the far future. As a young male child, he became a flying fan of The Flash, learning everything he could about the Scarlet Speedster. Therefore, by the time he traveled back in time to meet his paragon, Thawne had amassed a great cognition of Flash history .
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Though he has since altered his own timeline, Thawne still has the advantage of knowing certain winder dates and moments in Flash history that he can use to his advantage. While he may not be able to get into his drumhead like Zolomon can with Wally, Eobard calm knows more about Barry than Barry is comfortable with .

2 His Powers Work Differently (Zoom)

similarly to Eobard Thawne, Zolomon ’ sulfur powers work differently from a traditional speedster ’ sulfur. Rather than move fabulously fast, Zolomon has the ability to sow or speed up clock around him. strictly speaking, he isn ’ t moving at super speeds, it good appears that way due to the manner his abilities work. This has given him a meaning edge over Wally in the past, as Hunter can easily freeze time and, thus, Wally ampere well. While the inner workings of his powers are alone, they silent make him an fabulously dangerous foe .

1 His Experience (Reverse Flash)

Reverse Flash besides has the advantage of being a much older enemy than Zoom. With his ability to travel through time, he can strike at any moment in Barry ’ south life. Furthermore, with how often he is seen battling the Flash, it makes sense that he would be incredibly skilled. In the past, Thawne has besides been depicted to be centuries old following a mishap with time travel. In this case, Thawne has all the more experience with having actually lived through history. overall, both Reverse Flash and Zoom are fabulously madly to their respective Flash, but there is a reason that more people associate Thawne as the biggest of Flash ’ s bads .
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