10 Best The Riddler Comic Books Ever

The Riddler is one of the villains of The Batman, and his latest incarnation is informed by some of the best The Riddler comics ever. Warning: SPOILERS for The Batman.
The Riddler is the primary villain in The Batman, starring Robert Pattinson as the Dark Knight. Though he ‘s been a major villain of Batman in DC Comics since his first appearance in 1948, this movie is possibly his best showcase in the entire franchise. still, this newfangled version of The Riddler draws inspiration from some of the best The Riddler comedian books ever .
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The Riddler has evolved enormously since those early days, but at his core, he remains largely the like. His best comic book stories showcase his capacity for building complex puzzles and plots, but besides early dimensions to his character that keep him from being a simple one-note villain. Some of his best comics could besides point to his future in live-action, as his history in the new movie is n’t done .

The Riddler

The Riddler capturing Batman and Robin in cover artwork for Detective Comics #140

detective Comics # 140 is the first comic book featuring The Riddler and it ‘s still one of the best. much of the iconography of the classical villain is established here, including his costume, which would inform closely every version that followed in the decades since .
Though the first appearance of The Riddler is a far cry from the monster in the new movie, he ‘s however the harbinger of years of stories featuring building complex puzzles and extraordinary traps that have come to define the character in every culture medium .

The War Of Jokes And Riddles

Batman's fingers holding a puzzle piece over an unfinished jigsaw puzzle of The Joker's face on a cover of The War of Jokes and Riddles comic series

The War Of Jokes And Riddles is a late amusing book report bow but ranks high among those featuring The Riddler. In this storyline by writer Tom King, The Riddler goes to war with the Joker for control over Gotham after the Joker tries to kill him .
It ‘s a big and natural conflict between two of the best batman villains in the comics, with one representing pure chaos and the other intricate design. It could make for an concern movie, given the ending of the latest film .

The Last Riddler Story

The Riddler celebrates in DC Comics.

The Batman Adventures # 10 is one of the best Riddler comics for being a near-perfect distillation of the character. Set in the continuity of Batman : The Animated Series, the offspring essays Riddler ‘s common sense of inferiority about not fooling Batman .
His plan is simpleton, stealing jewels from the Gotham Museum, and in the end, Batman stops him. Except it ‘s by coincidence and The Riddler is overjoyed that, at least in his own mind, he finally made a riddle that Batman could n’t solve .

The Riddler’s Ruse

The Riddler attacks in Batman '66 comic book.

There are great versions of The Riddler throughout comics and other media, and Batman ’66 # 1 combines two of them. The Frank Gorshin Riddler from the 1966 live-action series gets possibly his best showcase ever in the first issue of the comedian continuance of the ’66 universe .
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The Riddler ‘s plot is appropriately complex, but the fib is then big because of the scale and stakes. Batman and Riddler clash in a major battle that was by and large impossible in the 60s, with the two crusade on the back of a flying biplane .

Zero Year

A youthful Riddler is the genius in Zero class, a revised origin of Batman from the New 52 era, and one of the best modern Batman comics. Riddler ‘s schemes about prove excessively a lot for a younger and less know Batman brand newfangled to the job .
The story by Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo may have had some determine on the new movie, as it features a Riddler who goes after Gotham ‘s infrastructure in a major way. The city floods and regresses greatly under the authoritarian rule of the villain .

Dark Knight, Dark City

Batman confronts Riddler in DC Comics.

One of the best Riddler amusing books ever is besides one of the darkest. In Dark Knight, Dark City, The Riddler stretches out beyond his usual limits as a puzzle maker to use the occult to summon a demon named Barbathos in a moody history with outstanding art by Mike Mignola .
This narrative reveals Riddler is more than just riddles, and his arcane cognition is potentially unlimited. Barbathos would go on to play a key function in Grant Morrison ‘s epic poem ladder on the style, some of the best Batman comics of the 2000s.

Run, Riddler, Run

Riddler DC Comics Art

One of the best Riddler stories besides represents some of the best Batman amusing record issues of the 90s. This narrative provides a fortune of social comment that is arguably ahead of its time when The Riddler conspires to demolish low-income neighborhoods in Gotham .
Run, Riddler, Run takes some twists and turns, ultimately bringing Batman and The Riddler together on the lapp side in a way that shows that Edward Nygma is n’t a childlike or airheaded villain out for money or power .


Riddler confessing to Batman he used a Lazarus Pit

Hush is one of many mod comics where The Riddler is behind the complex plot at the heart of the story. In the amusing script, The Riddler is an accomplice of the mysterious Hush, and like in the movies, claims to know the truth about Batman ‘s real identity .
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It ‘s a capital case for The Riddler and an example of why he makes such a thoroughly villain. Though he is n’t physically potent or equipped in gangs or goons, his intelligence and riddles often prove more challenge for Batman than beast storm .

The Long Halloween

The Riddler wielding a pistol in Carmine Falcone's office in Batman The Long Halloween

The Long Halloween is one of the best Batman amusing book report bow ever for a total of reasons, and it ‘s one of The Riddler ‘s best comedian books as well. The Riddler is n’t behind the mystery in this report, but in a alone way, an detective .
The Riddler is hired by Carmine Falcone to solve the mystery of who the Holiday Killer is, a complete inverse of his relationship with the character in The Batman and an unusual delineation of the supervillain ‘s talents in the comics .

E.Nigma, Consulting Detective

Edward Nigma inside the Batmobile chatting with Batman in Detectice Comics 822

The Riddler lends a handwriting again in what is possibly his best modern story. In Detective Comics # 822, The Riddler gains new dimensions when he teams up with Batman to solve crimes in one of the most awkward and amusing team-ups always .
The Riddler has turned over a new flick as a private detective, offering his services to the police department and anyone else. Written by Paul Dini, this issue is a fantastic new approach to The Riddler that shows there are many possibilities with him .
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