Roberto Campanella

Roberto Campanella

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April 17 1968 (1968-04-17) (age 54




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Roberto Campanella is an italian actor and choreographer known for his roles as Colin and Red Pyramid in Silent Hill. Besides being an actor in Silent Hill, Roberto was besides the star choreographer. He returned as Pyramid Head in Silent Hill: Revelation .


On April 17, 1968, Roberto Campanella was born and raised in Rome. He trained at the Scuola Italiana di Danza Contemporanea. In 1985, Campanella joined the Compagnia Italiana di Danza Contemporanea and became a star dancer. concisely after, he began to dance in versatile television receiver productions in Italy and Spain. Roberto late joined the prestigious Aterballetto, and in 1993 he joined The National Ballet of Canada, where he was soon promoted to soloist and was cast in many classical and contemporaneous roles. Campanella made his choreographic debut at the National Ballet ‘s 1995 Choreographic Workshop, which received critical acclaim, including from Dance Magazine, which stated : “ The bewitching, enigmatic influence shows a bright choreographer in the make ”. Although Campanella choreographs predominantly for ProArteDanza, he besides choreographs a wide kind of accredited works for galas abroad and companies such as Collaborations, L’Astragale, Ballet Jörgen Canada, Echine-do, Arts Umbrella, and Corpus. Campanella is besides a long-time collaborator of four-time world champion figure skater Kurt Browning and has choreographed six pieces which have been featured in Stars on Ice and television specials. The Nine Sentiments ( co-choreographed with Robert Glumbek ) was filmed for CBC ‘s Opening Night, directed by former National Ballet of Canada ‘s leading ballerina Veronica Tennant. Upon retiring from the National Ballet in 1996, Roberto graduated from the National Ballet School ‘s teacher train program with differentiation. He is now a sought guest teacher for companies such as The National Ballet of Canada and Stuttgart Ballet, vitamin a well as companies in Italy, Korea and Japan. Campanella appeared as the run in Mose Mossanen ‘s film Time to Time, Roxana, and The Year of the Lion, for which he was nominated for a Gemini Award as Best Performance in a do Arts Program. In 2001, Roberto was nominated for the Bonnie Bird Choreography Award in London. Roberto now lives in Toronto, Canada, and has two daughters : Giorgia and Maya .


  • During filming of Silent Hill, Roberto was sent home to save money. Because of his absence, a scene involving the Armless Man went so horribly wrong that they were forced to rewrite the entire sequence so that Anna would meet Rose Da Silva and Cybil Bennett inside the Grand Hotel, rather than the two women saving her from an Armless Man on the hotel’s doorstep.
  • Roberto wore stilted shoes to attain the 7-foot-tall appearance of Pyramid Head.
  • The prosthetic legs Roberto wore for the Colin costume were given the nickname “Roberto’s Kermit legs”.
  • Roberto runs the ProArteDanza studio in Toronto, Canada.
  • Campanella was also the choreographer on the remake of Stephen King’s It in 2017. Additionally, he also took a role as one of the clowns.


Campanella roberto-full The “ real ” Roberto Campanella .Roberto pod Roberto describes the Red Pyramid costume in Path of Darkness .Roberto Roberto as seen at HorrorHound Weekend Horror Convention.

Robertocampanella Roberto with some of the Red Pyramid costume .Roberto and anna Roberto and Tanya Allen ( Anna ) during film .Robertocolin Roberto being adorned for the Colin appearance .Roberto colin Roberto as Colin, supported by the prosthetic leg .Roberto choreography Roberto assisting the Nurse actresses in stage dancing .HEEEEEEY SEXY BAYBAY Roberto helps Michael Cota ( Armless Man ) with choreography .Colin Roberto as Colin in Silent Hill .000 80241 Roberto in black and white and on the phase .Roberto1 Roberto in 2015 .Roberto3 Roberto before Silent Hill .Roberto4 Roberto and Tanya Allen during filming.

Roberto5 Black and white photograph of Roberto .Robrto2 An older inject of Roberto from his portfolio .03TV523 1 Roberto in The Year of the Lion .

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