Every Robin & Why Batman Recruited Them (In Chronological Order)

The main secondary extremity in this Batman Family is Robin, and respective unlike characters have played the character of the Boy Wonder over the years. Batman has developed a reputation as a loner who trusts no matchless and prefers to work alone, but that ‘s only what he shows the world. Bruce Wayne is a man who ‘s more than uncoerced to bring others into his life if he know it ‘ll do them good. That ‘s precisely what he saw in Dick Grayson, the foremost of many Robins to join Batman on his adventures. Which begs the question : who are all the Robins and how many Robins are there ?
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Batman and Robin are an iconic couple, rounding each early out in dynamic ways. Where Batman brings the darkness and strikes fear into the hearts of criminal, Robin brings some much needed levity while softening Bruce ‘s edges. From orphans to eager detectives to his own son, Batman has found room for every Robin in his life .
Updated on July 25, 2022 by Renan Fontes: Batman is entirely arsenic good as his Robin. fortunately, Bruce Wayne knows how to pick his wards. While all the Robins joined Bruce for a different reason, they each shared the award of being Batman ‘s closest company. Some Robins ‘ storied were layered in calamity while others are still being told. Audiences might want the Dark Knight to work alone, but Batman is constantly at his best when Robin ‘s about .

Dick Grayson

First Appearance: Detective Comics #38, “Robin, the Boy Wonder” (1940) By Bill Finger, Jerry Robinson, & Bob Kane

Dick Grayson jumping across as red background dressed as Robin first introduced in the 1940s, Dick Grayson was Batman ‘s foremost Robin and remains a close equal to the Caped Crusader. Bruce Wayne took in Dick after he attended a circus and witnessed racketeer Boss Zucco set up an “ accident ” that resulted in the deaths of the Flying Graysons. Seeing himself in Dick and remembering all the pain he felt after losing his parents, Bruce adopted the boy as his ward and trained him in his reformer against crime .
The two worked together as Batman and Robin for many years before Dick set out on his own to form the Teen Titans and finally give up the Robin title for that of Nightwing. While this soured his relationship with Bruce for a time, the two were able to make up and grow closer. Dick would even suit up as Batman long-run following Bruce ‘s presume death in Final Crisis and Batman R.I.P. by Grant Morrison .

Jason Todd

First Appearance: Batman #357, “Squid” (1983) By Gerry Conway and Don Newton

Jason Todd as Robin - DC Comics Introduced as Robin specifically to replace Dick, the original Jason had an alarm measure in coarse with his predecessor. He was the son of two circus acrobats who were inspired by the Flying Graysons, and – just like Dick – his parents were murdered by a villain, this time Killer Croc. Dick offered to adopt Jason, but Bruce Wayne stepped in again and took him in. Jason ‘s beginning has since been changed to be more unique and better reflect his character .
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Jason is still an oprhan, but he now comes from a break home and turns to street crime to survive. Batman first catches Jason trying to steal the tires off the Batmobile in Crime Alley. Recognizing that Jason needed help, Batman took him in and offered him the luck to work as Robin at equitable 12-years-old. Jason Todd would infamously die five years late in A Death in the Family by Jim Starlin and Jim Aparo .
Although Jason ‘s death immediately became an iconic firearm of Batman ‘s mythology that reshaped his integral personality, he was finally revived in Under the Red Hood by Judd Winick, Doug Mahnke, Eric Battle, and Shane Davis. While Jason dabbled as a villain for a few years, he ‘s managed to turn his act around and even stop using guns. He ‘s presently operating alongisde Task Force Z as Red Hood .

Carrie Kelley

First Appearance: Batman: The Dark Knight Returns (1986) By Frank Miller

Carrie Kelley from The Dark Knight Returns as Robin Canon alone to Frank Miller ‘s Dark Knight Returns population, Carrie Kalley was the third gear Robin DC introduced. DKR takes seat ten years after Bruce ‘s retirement, chronicling a dark future where Batman hung up his hood after Jason Todd ‘s death. With Gotham in shambles and only getting worse, however, Bruce returns as the Dark Knight to save a universe that ‘s long outgrow him .
Carrie Kalley is n’t an orphan or even particularly trouble, which makes her a big foil for Dick and Jason. She just wants to do the right thing, and about becomes a symbol of inspiration for Batman, reminding Bruce that he is fighting for something that matters. She is n’t so much recruited as she about forces her partnership onto Batman – but he does n’t seem to mind. Following her stretch as Robin, Carrie Kalley became Catgirl in The Dark Knight Strikes Again and Batwoman in The Master Race .

Tim Drake

First Appearance: Batman #436, “Year 3 – Differing Roads” (1989) By Marv Wolfman and Pat Broderick

DC Comics art: Tim Drake becomes the new Robin Bruce Wayn ‘s third basic Robin, Tim Drake took a very different slant to becoming Batman ‘s collaborator. rather of Bruce taking him in as an orphan or Batman saving him from a life of crime, Tim plainly wanted to help the Dark Knight come to terms with Robin ‘s death. Paying close attention to Batman ‘s career after Robin died, Tim monitored Bruce and watched him gradually descend deeper into iniquity.

By connecting the time he watched the Graysons die at Haly ‘s Circus as a boy with Bruce adopting Dick Grayson, Tim even figured out Batman and Nightwing ‘s privy identities. He used this cognition to leverage a conversation with the two heroes to convince them to team back up. While Dick rejected the offer, he and Batman ended astir captured by Two-Face, leaving Tim to don the Robin costume and save them .
Tim ‘s courage was enough to convince both Dick and Bruce that Batman needed a collaborator – but not Nightwing, a raw Robin. Although Tim ‘s fallen into something of an indetity crisis in holocene years ( not quite Robin, but not Red Robin either ), he was the first Robin to get their own solo serial and was an fabulously well grow character before the New 52. Tim basically evolved from every child ‘s fantasy into a black, jaded, and younger translation of Batman as the harsh realities of vigilantism crashed gloomy round him .

Stephanie Brown

First Appearance: Detective Comics #647, “Inquiring Minds” (1992) By Chuck Dixon and Tom Lyle

Stephanie Brown the Girl Wonder jumps around the Gotham skylines Cluemaster ‘s daughter, Stephanie Brown suited up as spoiler when she learned her father was a criminal, making it her life ‘s mission to spoil his plans. With clock time, Stephanie got closer to then-Robin Tim Drake and the two began dating. Following Tim ‘s courtly retirement as Robin in Robin # 126 by Bill Willingham and Damion Scott, Stephanie sneaks into Wayne Manor to see if she can take on the character herself .
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Although Batman was supportive of her at first, he and Stephanie struggled to work in synchronize. Their partnership came to a head in War Games when Steph activated a failsafe that was supposed to put Batman in master of Gotham ‘s gangs. rather, chaos breaks easy without Matches Malone present to rein things in .
DC editorial in the first place used the storyline as an opportunity to kill off Stephanie and transition Tim second into the function of Robin. While Steph was retconned back to life a few years subsequently, the New 52 knocked her out of the canon, efficaciously killing her even again. The Infinit Frontier era has been a lot kind to Stephanie, and she ‘s even one of the main characters in Batgirls, but it ‘s hard to look back on her scrimp a Robin as anything but untapped potential .

Damian Wayne

First Appearance: Batman #655, “Batman & Son: Building a Better Batmobile” (2006) By Grant Morrison and Andy Kubert

damian wayne as robin in teen titans Damian Wayne is Batman and Talia al Ghul ‘s biological son, although Bruce did n’t know he existed for about ten years. He beginning learned about Damian when Talia sent him to Gotham to be raised by Bruce. What started out as a tense moral force became a loving father-son relationship as Damian slowly warmed up to his father ‘s ideologies and adoptive brothers ( Dick particularly ) .
That said, Damian is unlike any other Robin. He ‘s violent, self-serious, and was more than willing to kill in his youth. This made him the perfective Robin to Dick Grayson ‘s Batman after Bruce “ died, ” flipping the common Batman & Robin dynamic on its head. This time, the buddy was dark, moody, and stoic while the hero brought some levity. Damian ‘s no longer the killer he was growing up, mellowing out well after his own death and the events of his current ongoing .
While he was n’t called Damian or intended to be a Robin at the meter, it ‘s worth noting that he technically made his beginning appearance at the very end of Batman : son of the Demon by Mike Barr and Jerry Bingham. The script closes with a dialog box of Talia holding a new child Damian, an double that would go on to inspire Grant Morrison about two decades late .

Duke Thomas

First Appearance: Batman Vol. 2 #21, “Secret City: Part One” (2013) By Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo

Duke Thomas from We Are Robin as Robin Duke Thomas is a extra case. He presently works as The Signal and is one of the alone members of the Bat-Family with actual superpowers. More importantly, he was contribution of a group known as The Robins where every penis embodied Robin ‘s ideals .

After the Robins saved him, Duke joined their ranks until the police made it illegal for anyone to act as Robin again. When Batman returned, he saw likely in Duke and offered to have him work aboard him, but Duke only accepted on the stipulation that he would n’t be Robin anymore. From there, Duke maintained Robin-like duties even if he did n’t use the title for himself ( although future timelines do propose he ‘ll finally go wide Robin ) .
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