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Robin, American comedian strip character created for DC Comics by writer Bill Finger and artist Bob Kane. Debuting in Detective Comics no. 38 ( April 1940 ), Robin was introduced as a junior crime-fighting partner for Batman, and he served as the template for belated adolescent sidekicks .Batman: The MovieBatman: The Movie Burt Ward as Robin ( third gear from left ) and Adam West as Batman ( irregular from right field ) on a lobby tease for Batman : The Movie ( 1966 ), directed by Leslie H. Martinson .Twentieth Century-Fox Film Corporation

Robin the Boy Wonder was actually Dick Grayson, the youngest of a family of circus aerialists, who witnessed his mother and forefather plunge to their deaths from a sabotaged trapeze. This murder was besides observed by affluent socialite Bruce Wayne. Wayne took the child under his wing and, as his change ego Batman, trained him as his collaborator. thus, one of the most celebrated superhero teams—Batman and Robin, the Dynamic Duo—was born. Robin accompanied Batman on a host of 1940s and ’ 50s escapades in Detective Comics, Batman, and World ’ s Finest Comics, protecting Gotham City from everyday thugs and a growing contingent of colorful rogues, including the Joker, Catwoman, and the Penguin. Robin appeared aboard Batman on the Superman radio program, and two movie serials, Batman ( 1943 ) and Batman and Robin ( 1949 ), were produced. Beginning in 1947 and continuing for several years thereafter, Robin was evening awarded his own series in Star Spangled Comics .The BatmanThe Batman Lewis Wilson ( battlefront ) as Batman and Douglas Croft as Robin in The Batman ( 1943 ), a 15-chapter movie serial .TM and © DC Comics/© Columbia Pictures
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The biggest threat to the Dynamic Duo came not from a costumed supervillain but from a self-appointed moral defender. Psychiatrist Frederic Wertham fixated on Batman and Robin in his 1954 indictment of the comics diligence, Seduction of the Innocent. Condemning their relationship as “ homosexual, ” Wertham sparked a recoil that closely put comics out of commercial enterprise. Writers responded by introducing a Batman Family that included female love interests for both Batman and Robin. Sales dropped precipitously, and the Batman titles teetered on the verge of cancellation. In 1964 DC Comics editor program Julius Schwartz revitalized the Batman franchise, banishing the Batman Family and restoring Gotham City ’ s costumed rogues to prominence. Robin was nowadays distinctly a adolescent, and he began to come into his own, joining other herculean adolescents as the Teen Titans in The Brave and the Bold no. 60 ( July 1965 ). In 1966 ABC ’ s wildly successful Batman series made the Dynamic Duo pop icons and catapulted actor Burt Ward into moment stardom in his character of Robin. Within two years, however, ratings of the television prove had tumbled, and Robin began to emerge from Batman ’ s shadow. Dick Grayson vacated the Wayne mansion and spent the 1970s fighting both supervillains and sociable injustice. After a decade of sporadic appearances, Robin returned as the team leader in Marv Wolfman and George Pérez ’ s The New Teen Titans ( November 1980 ). In Tales of the Teen Titans no. 44 ( July 1984 ), Grayson gave up the mantle of Robin, adopting a newly superhero guise as Nightwing.

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Get a Britannica Premium subscription and gain access to single contentedness. Subscribe now Succeeding Grayson as Robin, in 1983, was Jason Todd, a trouble oneself adolescent who was largely unpopular with fans during his stint as Batman ’ s buddy. In 1988 readers decided his fortune ; he was beaten to death by the Joker. A new, female Robin, Carrie Kelly, appeared in Frank Miller ’ s Batman : The Dark Knight Returns ( 1986 ), although this four-issue series occurred outside the regular DC Comics continuity. In 1989 a tech-savvy adolescent named Tim Drake entered the life of Bruce Wayne—having cleverly inferred Batman ’ s true identity—lobbying to become the new Boy Wonder. Reluctant to mentor another spouse for fear of repeating Jason Todd ’ s ghastly death, Batman resisted, but finally Drake adopted the Robin identity, albeit in a newly, modernized uniform. Stephanie Brown, once a costume heroine called the Spoiler, became the first base female Robin in mainstream DC continuity in Robin no. 126 ( July 2004 ) ; she late assumed the function of Batgirl. Todd was resurrected, adopted the Joker ’ s master costume guise of the Red Hood, and became a pitiless antihero who clashed with Batman. possibly the most surprising individual to don the mantle of Robin was 10-year-old Damian Wayne, the son of Batman and Talia, the daughter of his adversary Ra ’ s alabama Ghul. The narrative of Batman and Talia ’ s union was first depicted in Batman : son of the Demon ( 1987 ), but lone in 2006 did writer Grant Morrison bring the episode into mainstream DC continuity. Having been trained by the League of Assassins to surpass his founder in every means, Damian possessed bang-up intelligence and physical art, but his arrogance and ignore for human biography initially made him a inadequate fit for the Batman Family. In fourth dimension, Damian grew closer to his father, and, although he retained an autonomous stripe that sometimes crossed into insubordination, he adopted Batman ’ s code of crime fight. Following Bruce Wayne ’ s disappearance in the massive “ Final Crisis ” event, Dick Grayson took over the function of Batman, and Damian became his new Robin in Batman and Robin no. 1 ( August 2009 ) .small thistle

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When DC Comics relaunched its stallion line in September 2011, four former and current Robins appeared in a new series. Grayson returned to his previous costumed identity in the new Nightwing. Todd became the leader of a dance band of criminal vigilantes in The Red Hood and the Outlaws. Drake, now known as Red Robin, appeared in Teen Titans. Damian Wayne acted as Robin in the modern DC population until his apparent death in 2013, at the conclusion of Morrison ’ s critically acclaimed seven-year run on respective Batman titles.

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