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Real Name

Roy William Harper, Jr.

Main Alias


Other Aliases

Red Arrow,
Lost Arrow, [ 1 ]
Deathstroke, [ 2 ]
Autumn-Son [ 3 ]

Lost Arrow,Autumn-Son


( great-uncle, deceased ),
( founder, deceased ),
( adoptive father, deceased ),
( adoptive father ),
( adoptive mother ),
( adopted brother ),
( adopted baby ),
( daughter, deceased )
see Vandal Savage (ancestor), Jim Harper (great-uncle, deceased), Roy Harper, Sr. (father, deceased), Brave Bow (adoptive father, deceased), Oliver Queen (adoptive father), Dinah Lance (adoptive mother), Connor Hawke (adoptive brother), Mia Dearden (adoptive sister), Lian Harper (daughter, deceased)see Harper Family for more


[ 4 ] Titans ( Villains for Hire ), Justice League of America, Titans, Outsiders, Teen Titans, Checkmate, CBI, Great Frog, Justice Society International, Team Arrow

Formerly Suicide Squad

Base Of Operations

New York City,
Titans Tower,

Mobile ·formerly JLA Watchtower





Secret Identity



Marital Status




Adventurer,formerly Government Agent












Earth-One · New Earth


Mort Weisinger · George Papp

First Appearance
Adventure Comics #246
(March, 1958)
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Arsenal src

Arsenal is the vigilante identity of Roy Harper, Green Arrow ‘s ward and erstwhile buddy. He has besides been known as Speedy and Red Arrow during his long career. Though Arsenal has no superpowers, his accuracy with projectiles is equaled only by his mentor. He is a establish member of the Teen Titans and has besides been a member of the Outsiders.

early life

Roy Harper, Jr. was born the son of a afforest fire warden. Roy never knew his mother and never tied learned her diagnose. For a time, Roy Harper Sr. raised his son alone. unfortunately, when his son was scantily two years old, Roy, Sr. died while saving members of a Navajo reservation during a major fire. The shaman of the reservation Brave Bow adopted the young male child in gratitude for Roy, Sr. ‘s sacrifice. Under Brave Bow ‘s caution, Roy Harper was raised as a traditional Navajo and treated as a member of the ‘Tachini ‘ tribe. Brave Bow recognized Roy ‘s early talent for archery and trained the male child throughout his clock on the reservation. With few friends and a set of time on his hands, Harper practiced extensively, finally developing the skill of person doubly his age .

Noticed by Green Arrow

After Green Arrow ‘s public debut, Harper developed an contiguous bomber idolize for the man and followed his exploits avidly. When Green Arrow visited the reservation in order to judge an archery contest Harper was participating in, tidal bore Roy impressed Green Arrow with his incredible skills. however, in the final round of the tournament, Harper was sabotaged and given a magnetize arrow, forcing him to miss the final shot and lose in front of his bomber .
Afterwards, Roy helped stop a robber on the reservation by quickly drawing and firing an arrow at him ; Green Arrow was again affect and noted that Harper was flush “ speedier ” with a bow than he. green Arrow offered to take Roy in as his cellblock. Though publicly the two were known as Oliver Queen and Roy Harper, benefactor and foster child, in private Queen trained Harper to be his collaborator in crime-fighting. Roy was extensively drilled in the consumption of both standard arrows and the trick arrows that Green Arrow had created for consumption in crime-fighting. When green Arrow judged him to be sufficiently skilled, Roy was presented with his own costume and the super-heroic identity of “ Speedy “, at the age of 13. [ 5 ] soon after Roy became a vigilante, Brave Bow died, and Oliver Queen became the only church father human body in Roy Harper ‘s biography .

Adventures as rapid

As Speedy, Harper assisted his mentor during many of his cases. just as green Arrow had become a penis of the Justice League of America, Speedy joined his own superhero group with some of peers called the Teen Titans. respective events occurred that made Speedy feel increasingly rout and abandoned in his adolescent life sentence. His kinship with Donna Troy failed to progress past the “ adolescent sweetheart ” stage ; they broke up but remained close friends. The Teen Titans finally disbanded, leaving Roy without an release to see his friends. third, Oliver, the closest thing Harper had to a father, lost much of his fortune due to subterfuge and abandoned Roy to travel America with Green Lantern and Black Canary .
increasingly alone and extremely lower, Harper began using heroin and became addicted. When Green Arrow discovered his ward ‘s addiction, rather than give him support or comfort, Ollie punched him in the font and kicked him out, leaving the boy homeless. Roy was late found by Hal Jordan, and, with the assistant of Black Canary and others, Harper promised to quit drugs cold turkey. [ 6 ] however, Roy did n’t keep his predict and still continued to occasionally use drugs. Roy grew to resent his mentor Green Arrow for how the man treated him, wedging a break between them that would take years to mend. Harper worked as a counselor for teens with drug problems following his convalescence. no longer working with Green Arrow, he tried to balance his new occupation with a solo-career as Speedy. He besides joined a re-formed Teen Titans for a time, but the team once again disband and Speedy was left on his own .

politics agent

While counseling teenagers and working as a superhero, Harper ‘s obvious skills equally well as his personal connection to the drug underground attracted the care of the Central Bureau of Investigations ( CBI ), a clandestine government agency largely concerned with drug traffic and terrorism. The CBI, led by Sarge Steel, invited Roy to work with them and trained him in for clandestine missions. They besides taught him how to use firearms, something that was overlooked in his previous train sessions with Brave Bow and Green Arrow. Roy learned he was as accurate with a accelerator as he was with a bow and arrow. With a fresh guidance, Roy became an official CBI drug enforcement agent .
On one clandestine grant, Harper was tasked with gaining the trust of the sociopathic mercantile Cheshire. Though Harper was meant to finally turn Cheshire over to the authorities, the two fell in love and had an affair. Harper could not bring himself to turn Cheshire in, but he was concerned that his continued presence would endanger her. Because of this, Roy was forced to abandon her, unaware that she was fraught with his child. Nine months belated, when Roy learned that he was the father of Cheshire ‘s daughter Lian, he teamed up with his previous ally Nightwing, the first Robin, to track down Cheshire and prevent her from assassinating a group of diplomats. Roy was captured by Cheshire and about killed by her poison, but Nightwing saved him. Cheshire escaped, leaving fiddling Lian behind. Roy ‘s life changed once again as he swore to the responsibilities of a one father .


no longer a extremity of the CBI or the Titans and calm estranged from Oliver Queen, Harper struggled to find his place in the populace. For a time, he relocated to Los Angeles, where he attempted a career as a secret investigator. Though he assisted the latest personification of the Titans on respective occasions, he declined to rejoin as a entire member. finally, he resumed his working kinship with the CBI and then its successor organization Checkmate. During this time, Speedy ‘s old friends in the Titans were going through a crisis of their own. After being hunted by the Wildebeest Society, led by Jericho, the team had been shattered and reformed. Titans Tower, their headquarters, was destroyed, and the Titans were rootless and mistrusted by the american government. After making a softwood with Harper ‘s employer Sarge Steel to become officially oversee and sanctioned by the US Government, Nightwing voluntarily stepped down angstrom drawing card. The obvious choice to fill the vacuum was Roy Harper, who had connections to both the Titans and the federal government. Harper decided at this luff to abandon his identity as Speedy for a more senesce alias – Arsenal. now no longer just using a bow and arrows, Arsenal ‘s government-funded high-tech costume gave him several devices to use for crime-fighting. Harper would soon abandon his original Arsenal costume in prefer of a more streamlined one, but retained his raw codename and leadership of the Titans. unfortunately, the team suffered from a unplayful loss of esprit de corps from its assorted members and was dissolved however again. arsenal took this opportunity to re-open a dialogue with his mentor Green Arrow. The two managed to forgive one another and bury their past differences, but the reconciliation was ephemeral, as Oliver Queen died in an airplane explosion curtly subsequently .

Titans Yet Again and Again

soon, even another team of Teen Titans emerged funded by the original Titans ‘ benefactor Mister Jupiter. Jupiter then gathered in concert the original Titans, including Arsenal, to combat the threat of his bitterness, super-powered son Haze. The new Titans and old Titans joined forces to defeat Haze, but at a price ; Haze apparently lost his animation in the dispute, and Arsenal felt personally responsible for his death. Arsenal remained with the new group of Titans for a clock time but finally left the group before it, besides, disbanded. armory belated came into conflict with Vandal Savage when the immortal caveman had discovered that both Roy Harper and his daughter Lian were his descendants. Because of this, their organs were desirable for him to harvest to prolong his life. Arsenal was able to save his daughter from Savage. After this ordeal, he adopted a new expect to reflect his Navajo heritage. shortly after, the original five Titans decided to form so far another incarnation of the team. Arsenal served as a full-time extremity on the team and chose to reside at the modern Titans Tower with his daughter Lian. Roy hired Rose Wilson to be Lian ‘s nanny to balance his parental duties and besides rekindled a more senesce relationship with his adolescent smasher Donna Troy. however, their relationship would n’t last, and the two broke it off when it became clean that Troy was dealing with an identity crisis of her own. Arsenal, who by that point had established a reputation as something of a “ ladies ‘ man, ” went back to his philandering ways. When a cybernetic girl from the future known as Indigo activated a rogue Superman Robot to attack the Titans and Young Justice, Titans members Lilith and Donna Troy were killed. Mourning the loss of their friends, once again, to no matchless ‘s surprise, the Titans disbanded. At roughly the lapp time, Oliver Queen reappeared, having been resurrected by Parallax. After Queen sorted out his own issues, he and Harper ‘s friendship renewed .

Assembling the Outsiders

Main article: Outsiders Vol 3 Following so far another Titans suspension, Arsenal accepted an offer from a mysterious pot called Optitron to form his own superhero team : the Outsiders. Harper conceived the team as professional and proactive, with none of the “ family ” connections that seemed to doom versatile incarnations of the Titans. He began by buying a massive hidden metro headquarters beneath New York City. Roy outfitted the shelter with state-of-the-art equipment and began recruiting members for the new team – Metamorpho, Grace, and Thunder. Roy concisely had a relationship with Grace, but it ultimately did n’t last. still recruiting, Roy besides decided to accept Indigo as a member, the womanhood who had caused the most holocene destruction of the Titans and the deaths of his teammates Lilith and Donna Troy. Indigo, after being captured, had her memory wiped clean, and she convinced Arsenal that she wanted to atone for what she had done. Roy ‘s last recruit to the Outsiders was the Titans ‘ former drawing card Nightwing. Though Grayson was completely uninterested in joining a new superhero team after such a annihilative loss, Arsenal argued that possibly a team of strangers would operate more efficiently than a team with thus many aroused attachments like the Titans. Nightwing, while still loath, agreed to join and became field leader of the Outsiders concisely after the team defeated Gorilla Grodd .

Arsenal and the Outsiders

Though the Outsiders were successful for awhile with Arsenal as their leader, on a belated mission, Roy was shot in the thorax while attempting to stop Brother Blood from activating a ball-shaped network of sleeper agents. Roy survived but was sidelined for months as he recovered. In the interim, he assigned the Huntress to be his substitute. Months late, when he medically approved to return, Roy was hesitant to resume active agent duty, feeling afraid of his own limitations. however, after a pep-talk from Nightwing, Roy regained his confidence and rejoined his team. not retentive after his come back, the Outsiders took on a case which involved a child-slaver and molester named Tanner. One of Tanner ‘s informants recognized Roy from years prior and, to emotionally hurt the hero, targeted his daughter Lian. Tanner and the child-slavers tracked Lian devour, killed her nanny, and abducted the daughter. back at their base, they branded her with Tanner ‘s mark, intending to sell her on the black market. however, with the Outsiders, Arsenal found the predators ‘ hideout and rescued his daughter and all the other children from being sold.

curiously, Arsenal ‘s aesculapian incident months prior late saved his liveliness when he met the assassin Deathstroke. The villain, Arsenal discovered, had been posing as Batman and feeding him data since the Outsiders began. With his ruse unveiled, Deathstroke attacked Arsenal, preparing to kill him, until he saw the bullet wound scars on Roy ‘s thorax and allowed him to live, believing he had probably suffered enough in his life. About the same clock, Arsenal was besides kidnapped by Green Arrow ‘s nemesis Constantine Drakon. Drakon was working with the Riddler and, in a plot to pressure Green Arrow, slit Arsenal ‘s throat. Roy survived but was forced to apply changeless imperativeness to the wind until the Outsiders rescued him and brought got him proper medical attention. On one of their last missions in their current incarnation, the Outsiders tried to rescue former penis Black Lightning from patrol detention when he was arrested for a crime he did n’t commit. ultimately, their try failed, and all the Outsiders were publicized as having died. Though the team saw this as an opportunity to operate covertly, Arsenal soon realized he was not made for the liveliness of a cloak and dagger hero and left the team, returning full command to Nightwing .

bolshevik Arrow

Roy took some time off from super heroics until about a year late when Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman decided to reform the Justice League of America. In a sign that he had ultimately “ made it, ” Arsenal was asked by the three to join. In their first base mission as teammates, Hal Jordan, a close friend of his mentor Green Arrow, about by chance called Roy by his real mention in front of a push of people. however, Hal covered his err by rolling the ‘ R ‘ in “ Roy ” into “ R …. Red Arrow “. Though Harper was surprised by this newfangled nickname, he soon embraced the identity as a newly management for his career. Roy adopted a new costume, gifted to him by his erstwhile mentor Green Arrow. Red Arrow ‘s new list and costume became symbolic of his “ coming of age ” and the goal of his trouble kinship with Oliver Queen. For a time, Roy was a lend extremity of the Justice League and even began a romanticist kinship with Hawkgirl. finally, they broke up. Roy briefly retired from the League but rejoined after the apparent death of Batman .

Prometheus ‘s attack

Main article: Justice League: Cry for Justice Vol 1 At one point, after the populace survived what would hopefully be its final crisis, Green Arrow and Green Lantern Hal Jordan broke off from the Justice League of American to form their own equal Justice League, one, they claimed, was less about appearances and more about pitiless justice. Roy, however, remained a member of the chief JLA. green Arrow ‘s Justice League soon discovered a plot concocted by the supervillain Prometheus to systematically target all the world ‘s superheroes and brought the information to the main JLA, believing the plan was bigger than a competition between their two teams .
Roy was give for the meet on the Justice League Watchtower regarding Prometheus ‘ plan but briefly stepped out of the room to call his daughter Lian and wish her goodnight. however, unbeknown to all the Justice League members, Prometheus had already infiltrated their headquarters and ambushed Roy, beating him otiose and cutting off the bomber ‘s weapon with a sword. red Arrow escaped the fight retentive adequate to return to the meet, collapsing on the establish, as the early League members sprung to his aid. [ 7 ] As Roy ‘s wounds were addressed, Prometheus revealed himself to the Justice League and allowed himself to be captured to reveal more of his plan : to destroy all the major cities protected by superheroes. On prompt, Prometheus then remotely signaled to his gunman the Electrocutioner, who activated a massive teleporter that destroyed most of Star City, the home of Green and Red Arrow. [ 8 ] Roy was besides injured from losing his sleeve to help in the rescue attempt and was alternatively brought to a hospital for surgery. however, Green Arrow and Black Canary went down to their city to help the survivors. The heroes found Roy ‘s home in the debris, destroyed, and the absolutely body of his young daughter Lian, who perished in the attack .

Loss of Lian

In the hospital, Black Canary informed Roy of his daughter ‘s death in the terrorist fire. Roy could n’t handle the information and suffered numerous emotional breakdowns. He besides found out that Mia Dearden, Green Arrow ‘s irregular Speedy and Lian ‘s babysitter that nox, had actually survived. Roy blamed Mia for Lian ‘s death and berated the girl in his grief. Despite losing his arm, Roy was fortunate enough to be gifted a new bionic arm that functioned just angstrom well as his previous one. however, with so a lot free radical change in his life from Prometheus ‘ attack, he had trouble oneself adjusting to the body change for some time while he recovered in the hospital. In such immeasurable grief, Roy began to suffer hallucinations in the hospital of his die drug buddy Corey, who tempted him spinal column into using heroin, though Roy deflected the enticement. A few days subsequently, Roy was informed that Green Arrow murdered Prometheus with an arrow to the question as vengeance for all the annoyance he had caused. Though Roy approved of the punishment, he was less than meet and told Ollie that he wished that he was the one who had done it. During Lian ‘s funeral, Roy hallucinated thumping noises coming from her coffin as if she was still alert inside. Panicking, he ran away from the ceremony to use painkillers he stole from Doctor Mid-Nite ‘s lab, sliding back into drug practice. however, he was discovered by Ravager, Lian ‘s former nanny, who tried to comfort him. Roy blew up on her and the rest of his friends in attendance, berating them for pitying him, and stormed out of his own daughter ‘s funeral. At his modern home after the ceremony, Roy tried to practice his archery skills, but, because he was n’t used to his newfangled bionic arm so far, his failed to reach the same charge of accuracy he used to have. He was ambushed by Cheshire, the beget of Lian, who blamed Roy for the death of their daughter. Roy spun the accusation around on her, blaming her sum miss of parenting while Lian was alive. ultimately, both parents were crushed by Lian ‘s death, and, in a rare moment of vulnerability, Cheshire had an emotional breakdown in front man of Roy. Roy shared his grief with her, comforting Cheshire, and, in a moment of passion, had arouse together .

get worse and the Rise of Arsenal

however dealing with the death of his daughter, Roy returned to the ruins of Star City wearing his old Arsenal costume and unleashed his rage on a gang of scavengers .
While leaping off rooftops, he was haunted by memories of his old drug buddy Corey again. Out of steal painkillers, Roy gave into his temptation, went to a nearby alley, and ultimately relapsed on his heroin addiction. During his high, Roy hallucinated that Lian was still alive. In reality, Roy was placid fighting crime, high on heroin. He was discovered by his ally Nightwing, and Dick, realizing the situation, was forced to fight Roy to force him to desist. once Roy was defeated, Dick brought him to a rehabilitation clinic for his own full. [ 9 ] While in parturiency at the rehab plaza, Roy purposefully hurt himself to alert the paramedics on standby. When they rushed to his care, he escaped from his cellular telephone and made a break from the facility. Roy set his sights on the prison that the Electrocutioner was being held at, wanting retaliation on the criminal for his region in Lian ‘s death. greens Arrow managed to catch up to Roy and, having regretted killing Prometheus for mindless retaliation, begged Roy to reconsider. however, Roy ignored him, broke into the prison, and cruelly butchered the Electrocutioner with a determine of knives. After the murder, Roy returned to his home and burned it down, including all of his possessions. He swore to uphold a deadlier version of department of justice in the future and reclaimed his title as Arsenal. [ 10 ]

Titans for Hire

Roy temporarily teamed up with Cheshire with a plan to murder celebrated assassin Deathstroke, the man that had infiltrated his Outsiders some time ago. however, Roy obviously double cross Cheshire to join Slade ‘s new nefarious team of Titans. But, this itself was a double cross, as Roy used the opportunity to get closer to Slade. [ 11 ] Working clandestine with the “ Titans for Hire ”, Roy helped Slade build a curative car called the “ Methuselah ” for the serviceman ‘s dying son Jericho. [ 12 ] After healing Jericho, Deathstroke claimed the machine could besides resurrect the dead, offering Roy and Cheshire the casual to revive their daughter Lian. Cheshire accepted, but Roy refused the offer, realizing that he had just been punishing himself for his daughter ‘s death all this time. He realized, in his thinker, Lian was now in a better seat. Revealing his perfidy, Roy fought the Titans for Hire and destroyed the Methuselah Device. [ 13 ] In the end, Deathstroke escaped, and Cheshire swear to never work with Roy again, biting about his decision with their daughter. In the aftermath, Roy and Jericho agreed to reform the Titans one more time, agreeing to take it one day at a time .


Convergence Vol 1 0 Textless.jpgConvergence
This section of the history takes place during Convergence, a massive crossover event revisiting characters from past eras and realities. The villains This section of the history takes place during, a massive crossover consequence revisiting characters from past eras and realities. The villains Brainiac and Telos plucked them from their own timeline and stored them together, causing them to cross over into each others ‘ reality. Its precise chronological placement and canonicity may be unclear. Brainiac abducted Roy around the get the better of of the Titans for hire. Transported to the planet Telos and kept inside a dome with other captives of the multiverse, Roy resided there for a year. The dome depowered all the inhabitants within it, deactivating Roy ‘s cybernetic arm as a side effect. Over the naturally of a year, Roy opened a children ‘s family in Lian ‘s honor, naming it “ Lian ‘s Home. ” When the attic was opened and metapowers were reactivated, the city was attacked by Dreamslayer. Roy called on the aid of Donna Troy and Starfire, who had besides gotten their powers back. Dreamslayer offered Roy a wish – if Roy killed his Titans teammates, Dreamslayer would bring Lian back to life. [ 14 ] Roy pretended to accept the put up long adequate to defeat Dreamslayer and have him resurrect Lian anyhow. Overjoyed that his daughter was back to life, Roy learned that Dreamslayer had revived Lian with no memories of dying. Dreamslayer returned, hellbent on killing the Titans. Though Roy was prepared to spring into action to protect his daughter, the Titans insisted he stay with her as they went off to fight without him. Roy hugged his daughter, reunited [ 15 ]


  • Cybernetic Enhancement: After Roy’s arm was torn off by Prometheus, it was replaced with a bionic replacement. [16]


  • Archery: Roy is a marksman of incredible accuracy. He is extremely adept at the use of the bow and arrow. Vixen once “absorbed” Roy’s archery ability during training practice and was able to hit the bullseye of a standard target from 200 meters away.
  • Equestrianism[17]
  • Firearms: Roy is a master marksman and is highly skilled with firearms and various other ranged weapons.
  • Investigation: Roy possesses keen analytic skills and deductive ability.
  • Leadership: Despite his occasional goofy nature, Roy has a serious side that has allowed him to lead teams in the past, including both the New Titans and the Outsiders.
  • Martial Arts: Roy has been trained by Black Canary and Oliver Queen, both masters of a variety of martial arts, the former being one of the most skilled martial artists on the planet. Red Arrow has also been tutored throughout his life by Hal Jordan, a skilled boxer and regularly sparred with Nightwing.
    • Eskrima[10]
    • Moo Gi Gong[18]
    • Stick Fighting: Roy has shown to be skilled in stick fighting, as shown during his time as Arsenal, when he carried two eskrima sticks as one of his many weapons.[10]
  • Multilingualism: Along with his native English, Roy can also speak also speak Navajo[19], Japanese[12] and Russian.[20]
  • Music: Roy used to be drummer for the band Great Frog, while still a member of the Teen Titans.[21]
  • Throwing: Roy is highly skilled in the use of throwing weapons, and has used bolas, balls, knives and other various weapons and hurled them with amazing accuracy.[16]
  • Weaponry: Master of Moo Gi Gong. Roy is extremely proficient with a wide array of weaponry. He can take virtually any object and use it in combat as an effective weapon.[18] He’s a master of all manner of weapons in his own right.[22]

other Characteristics

  • Drug Addiction: Roy has battled with drug addiction throughout his career. He originally became addicted to heroin but kicked the habit.[6] Years later, Deathstroke secretly got the relapsed Roy addicted to a new high called Bliss via Cheshire when he joined Titans.[23]


  • Electronic Pulse: Much like Nightwing and other members of the Bat-Family, Red Arrow’s suit is capable of emitting an electronic pulse.
  • Custom Bow: A carbon-copy of Green Arrow custom bow. While Oliver favors a more simple bow, Roy has constructed his own bow with more modern enhancements.


  • Harper has a Navajo tattoo band around his right bicep, as well as six bullet wound scars on his chest and a surgical scar running the length of his sternum.
  • Roy played in the band Great Frog.[21]
  • Roy stated that he was twenty-two when Lian turned one.[25] Lian’s tombstone gives the dates 2004-2009.[11] This would mean Roy was born in 1982 or 1983. Roy also states that he and Dick are the same age,[25] although, seeing as Dick turned 20,[26] after Cheshire first mentioned she had given birth to Lian,[27] it is more likely that Roy is anywhere from a few months to a year older than Dick.
  • Roy mentioned that the part he enjoyed most about the holidays was volunteering at soup kitchen. It was here one year that he encountered a reformed Bromwell Stikk. He also noted that Cheshire would normally contact him before Christmas so she could spend it with Lian.[18]

New Earth:


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