God of War Ragnarök Thor Actor Ryan Hurst Is Done Recording Lines

Ryan Hurst, the actor portraying Thor in God of War Ragnarok, has obviously finished recording lines for the game. The highly-anticipated sequel will follow 2018’s God of War, with Kratos and Atreus searching for the idol Tyr and facing off against the hammer-wielding deity. God of War Ragnarok revealed Thor through key artwork stopping point year, but sol far fans are yet to see Ryan Hurst ‘s motion-capture operation of the God of Thunder .
While Thor is never faced in 2018’s God of War, the iconic Norse god ‘s presence is felt throughout the entire know. His two sons, Magni and Modi, serve as an excite bos battle before the duet is killed by Kratos and Atreus. Many of the game ‘s mythic tales and pieces of lore besides involve Thor, with the God of Thunder typically depicted as a merciless cause of death who brings ruin with his mallet Mjolnir. last, a God of War post-credit picture teases an epic poem struggle when Thor arrives at Kratos and Atreus ‘ home. While some fans were storm that Thor in God of War Ragnarok looks different than distinctive portrayals, Sons of Anarchy star Ryan Hurst looks to be a perfective suit for the terrify warrior .
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In a television posted to YouTube by Steven Alvarez ( via NME ), Ryan Hurst reveals that he has finished recording voice lines for Thor in God of War Ragnarok. The fecund actor, whose most luminary roles include Opie on Sons of Anarchy and Beta on The Walking Dead, appeared at Comic Con Revolution 2022 in May. During his panel Hurst revealed that he recently did “ the last little bantam piece ” of voice recording for God of War Ragnarok. While this does not comment on the game ‘s exhaust, his statement suggests that development of the highly-anticipated sequel is going smoothly .

As fans wait patiently for news about the game, recently-revealed God of War Ragnarok trade secrete dates may give gamers an estimated release date. Developer Santa Monica Studio has stated that the sequel will launch in 2022, but as the year progresses these claims become less and less credible. however, the recent list of God of War Ragnarok merchandise could point to a liberation in September or October. Plush toys, hats and other memorabilia are set to release within that clock frame, so fans could be experiencing Kratos and Atreus ‘ future venture around then .
God of War Ragnarok will see a long-anticipated confrontation between Kratos and Thor, with Ryan Hurst bringing the merciless God of Thunder to life. The actor ‘s work on the crippled is obviously complete, suggesting that development may be entering its final examination stages. The bet on still lacks a acquittance date, but Hurst is set to play an integral character in God of War Ragnarok once it does come out .

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source : Steven Alvarez/YouTube ( via NME )

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