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Shin ( シン, Shin ) was a Konohagakure orphan who was recruited into the Root division of the village ‘s Anbu .


flush though he was trained to abandon his emotions, Shin grew near to a younger root penis, Sai. He recognised Sai ‘s talent for art, and encouraged him to continue the hobby. Sai looked up to him as a buddy and began to shed Root ‘s teachings, but Shin soon died of an unknown disease, leaving Sai ‘s trail to suppress most of his memories of Shin. [ 1 ] Prior to Shin ‘s death, it was noted that he and Sai were supposed to fight to the death by Root regulations, in a final dance step to eradicate emotions. After Sai met Naruto Uzumaki, who he noted to be alike to Shin, Sai ‘s memories of him returned, which brought a smile to his font. [ 3 ] In the anime, Sai and Shin were forced to fight to the death by Danzō Shimura to fully kill their emotions. Knowing that he was terminally ill and about to die at any infinitesimal, Shin told Sai to report to Danzō that he killed him in struggle. Before telling him to go, Shin told Sai that he must suppress his feelings differently, the missions undertaken by Root would consume him. As Sai leaves to report to Danzō, Shin dies. [ 4 ]


According to Sai, Shin and Naruto are identical exchangeable stating that Shin was besides forte, impatient, and unrefined. [ 5 ] Shin was besides a very kind individual with a pleasant inclination as he helped Sai pursue his interest in drawing. He was besides stated to be very retentive and absent-minded. [ 1 ]

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Shin had grey hair’s-breadth and light-coloured eyes, [ 6 ] which are depicted as bootleg in the zanzibar copal. When he was a child, he wore a pale yellow shirt together with a couple of blue brown pants. These outfits were the ones he wore in the overlay of Sai ‘s picture script. When he was older, he wore the official uniform of the Anbu, and carried giant shuriken vitamin a well as a tantō on his rear. After being reincarnated by Kabuto Yakushi, it was revealed that at some point before his death he used to wear an equip precisely like the one his brother wears inclusive of the customary Root jacket. In the manga, he besides wore a Konoha frontal bone defender when he was reincarnated. [ 6 ]


Shin was a very capable shinobi during his life, enough to be reincarnated by Kabuto to fight in the Fourth Shinobi World War. He was shown to be skilled in kenjutsu, using the standard tantō of the Root shinobi to deliver swift slashes at the opponent. He was besides capable of easily defeating multiple Anbu tail clones using ordinary taijutsu .

function II

Fourth Shinobi World War : confrontation

main article : Fourth Shinobi World War : confrontation In homework for the Fourth Shinobi World War, Shin was reincarnated by Kabuto Yakushi to fight against the Allied Shinobi Forces. He was late assigned to the Surprise Attack and Diversion Platoon as the group ‘s support .
After pursuing the three remaining members of the Infiltration and Reconnaissance Party atop Deidara ‘s mud boo, he remained argus-eyed whilst Sasori manipulated the prisoner and booby-trapped Muta Aburame to attack the opposing Surprise Attack Division. Detecting that the enemy had evaded the blast, Shin tried to dive down to their status with tantō in bridge player, but was violently driven into the ground when Sai ambushed him from above. As his break neck regenerated, he implored his brother to flee, remarking that Sai ‘s team had no luck of victory against them. Briefly engaging Sai, Shin obstructed the enemy, after Omoi liberated Tokuma and Ranka. Confronted by Kankurō ‘s Sasori creature and Omoi, he avoided their attacks thanks to Sasori ‘s aid, before Hoheto Hyūga alerted his team to the fact that Shin ‘s stomach was packed with explosive cadaver .
just as he was about to be detonated, Shin was captured by Kankurō ‘s Sanshōuo puppet, which effectively stifled the blast. As he reformed, he then told Sai that he did n’t want to hurt him, as he had already been freed from Root. As an enrage Sai attacked Sasori and Deidara, Shin saw the prototype that Sai had drawn of the two in concert, recollecting the time when it was created. After the remainder of his platoon were restrained, Sai suggested they finish the fight they never got to start all those years ago but Shin tells him there was no indigence, as last seeing Sai ‘s draw, had freed his person. He then crumbled, leaving behind a pile of earth and ash along with the cadaver of an unknown person that was used as a sacrifice in the ritual .

In early Media

Video Games

Shin is a playable character in the watch video games :


  • “Shin” ( 新) means “new”.
  • In the anime, Shin’s eyes were depicted as being black. However, when he was reincarnated — the only time his eyes are seen open in the manga — they are depicted as being light-coloured.[6] Curiously, when Shin is reincarnated in the anime, his eyes are black in colour, however when Sasori uses Shin as a puppet, his eyes turn white as if his personality had been eliminated by Kabuto, which was not the case.[4]
  • According to the databook(s):
    • His hobby was to look at pictures Sai drew.


  • (To Sai) “I… don’t want to harm you. In death… I was finally free of “Root”.“[7]
  • (To Sai) “I finally saw the drawing I’d always wanted to see… It looks like your drawing has freed my soul.“[8]


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