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Mainstream Universe‎‎, 1930s-2011

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Real Name

Salvatore Vincent Maroni

Main Alias

Sal Maroni

Other Aliases

[ 1 ]

The Boss, Boss Maroni, Anton Karoselle


( son, deceased )
( son, deceased ) Big Lou Maroni (father, deceased) Umberto Maroni (son, deceased) Pino Maroni (son, deceased)


Maroni Crime Family · Gotham Organized Crime

Base Of Operations

Gotham City





Public Identity



Marital Status













Earth-Two · Earth-One · New Earth


Bill Finger · Bob Kane

First Appearance Appearance of Death
Detective Comics #66
(August, 1942)
Batman: The Long Halloween #12
(November, 1997)

Salvatore “Sal” Maroni was one of the toughest gangsters in Gotham City, and in his prime he was the second most powerful gangster in Gotham City after Carmine Falcone. He is largely credited with being the gangster to throw acidic at Harvey Dent, and turn him into Two-Face.

“ Boss ” Moroni was a gangster on trial for the murder of a man named “ Bookie ” Benson. Harvey Kent was the prosecutor at the test. He called Batman as his beginning witness. During Batman ‘s testimony, Maroni accused Batman of being a liar, and Kent revealed his evidence, Moroni ‘s golden two-headed silver dollar found at the picture with Moroni ‘s finger prints on it. Enraged, Moroni threw a phial of acid at Kent ; Batman jumped in the direction, knocking Maroni out, but not before the acid strike half of Harvey Kent ‘s expression. Kent descended into rabies and became the criminal Two-Face. [ 2 ] “ Boss ” Maroni ‘s early history resembles that of his Earth-Two counterpart, including his character in the creation of Two-Face. however, Maroni was apparently killed by Two-Face during one of their confrontations. In fact, Maroni had only been paralyzed from waist down and he decided to have formative operation to adopt a modern identity. Under the appoint of Anton Karoselle, Maroni murdered David Stevens, the second conserve of Gilda Dent, Two-Face ‘s erstwhile wife. Maroni did this to spite Two-Face, and the villain in return tracked him down and killed him, “ a moment time ”. [ 1 ] Sal Maroni started as a low classify throng leader, helping fund Hugo Strange ‘s experiments with super-serum on Arkham Asylum inmates, expecting a promised large monetary return. Strange ends up paying him back with money stolen from mafia establishments he has had his Monster Men wreck. Maroni grows fishy and tries to shut Strange down, but Strange launches a all-out attack on the Gotham mob with his creations. Maroni is saved by the intervention of Batman. When the cryptic killer “ Holiday “ begins killing members of Carmine Falcone ‘s criminal organization, tensions grow between Sal and Falcone, as Falcone begins to suspect that Holiday has sided with Maroni ( although they besides think that District Attorney Harvey Dent has something to do with the killer ). Their business relationship becomes strained as a result. Eventually Maroni and his confederate Toots corrupt Dent ‘s assistant D.A. Vernon Wells and make him function of a scheme to kill Dent. In December, Maroni ‘s restaurant was attacked by the Joker who interrogated Maroni, believing he was Holiday. Batman finally arrived but the Joker was gone by then. In the attack, Toots was killed with Joker Venom.

As the Holiday killings go on, Holiday begins hitting parts of the Maroni Family, killing four of Maroni ‘s bodyguards in a car outside of his restaurant, and shooting everyone in one of Maroni ‘s safe house. Maroni then began to believe that the attacks were organized by Falcone. When his don, Big Lou Maroni is killed by Holiday, Maroni makes a deal with Dent to reveal all of Falcone ‘s criminal activities, in commute for a batch. While in custody, Sal is visited by Carmine Falcone ‘s daughter Sofia .
At the courthouse, as Maroni is preparing to testify against Falcone, Wells hands Maroni a despicable of acid passing it off as prescription medicine. During the trial, Maroni throws the acid into Dent ‘s face, disfiguring him and changing him into Two-Face. Maroni takes two shots to the breast by the bailiff after getting into a hassle following the scar, but he survives. Maroni is taken into detention but Batman believes that Maroni will be one of Holiday ‘s next targets. late, when he is moved out of his cell to protect him from the killer, Maroni is finally shoot to death, twice in the fountainhead, by Holiday, who is revealed to be Alberto Falcone, the Roman ‘s son working independently.

  • Although this character was originally introduced during DC’s Golden Age era of publication, their existence following the events of the 1985–86 limited series Crisis on Infinite Earths remains intact. However, some elements of the character’s Pre-Crisis history may have been altered or removed for Post-Crisis New Earth continuity, and should be considered apocryphal.


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