‘The Batman’: Falcone & Maroni Crime Families Explained

With Matt Reeves ‘ highly predict The Batman last upon us, available on HBO Max, some might be a bite confuse about who John Turturro ‘s character, Carmine Falcone, is in relation back to the greater Batman universe. Who is Falcone ? What is his history with Batman ? Who are the biggest crime bosses in all of Gotham, and where does the Penguin factor into their fib ? The answers may surprise you .
It should come as no surprise that many of Gotham ‘s mobsters were modeled after, at least in part, characters from the gangster classical The Godfather, but that does n’t mean they stick strictly to the handwriting. Both Carmine “ The Roman ” Falcone and Sal “ The Boss ” Maroni have appeared in respective Batman film projects both live-action and animated, including Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, Gotham, Batman: Year One, and Batman: The Long Halloween, though there ‘s much more to their huge amusing book histories than some of these adaptations have led on. This brings us to the begin of the Falcone and Maroni crime families …

A Historic Blood Feud

The Batman Carmine Falcone Image via Warner Bros. The Falcones and the Maronis have been sworn rivals in Gotham City for decades. Years ago, a gangster named Vincent Falcone rose through the ranks in Gotham ‘s underbelly, finally founding the Falcone crime family. He would father two children, Carmine Falcone and Carla Viti, both of whom would go on to pursue lives of crime. The Falcone kin would control most of Gotham ‘s criminal activity, though their claim to Gotham did n’t go undisputed for farseeing. finally, Vincent ‘s rival, Luigi “ Big Lou ” Maroni, started his own crime operation in Gotham, which included his son, Sal, hoping to crush the rival.

In an effort to gain the upper hand, “ big Lou ” ordered a hit on Vincent ‘s only son, leaving him at death ‘s door. In dead desperation, Vincent brought Carmine to the home of Gotham ‘s greatest medical doctor and philanthropist, Dr. Thomas Wayne. Fearing for his son ‘s life, Vincent refused to take his son to the hospital, imploring Wayne to perform a home operation to save Carmine ‘s life. Unbeknownst to Wayne, his young son Bruce witnessed the event from the shadows as his beget saved the boy. This event only strengthened the feud between the Falcone and Maroni families, and sent Gotham into even more chaos, priming the city for Batman ‘s eventual crusade .
The war between the Falcones and the Maronis would only get worse, and after the end of the Waynes, Gotham became a cesspool. At his rear ‘s funeral, a young Bruce Wayne would be confronted by Carmine Falcone, who, after acknowledging his church father ‘s kindness, offered Bruce a favor if always he needed one. not hanker subsequently, Vincent Falcone died, with Carmine taking over as head of the Falcone syndicate, now nicknamed “ The Roman. ” This would finally lead to “ Big Lou ‘s ” retirement, with his son Sal taking over as “ The Boss ” of the Maroni operation .
In the years following, Falcone and his wife would have two sons, Alberto and Mario, and a daughter, Sophia Gigante ( named after her large appearance ). But like any crime family, the Falcones were bound to have their own secrets … During some undisclosed time, it ‘s been suspected that Falcone and his wife Louisa may have had another child, one whom they would apparently abandon : a youthful charwoman named Selina Kyle .
The Maronis kept busy vitamin a well, as Sal would finally father two sons of his own, Pino and Umberto. Like Falcone, Maroni chose to break his nuptials, and, in a shocking call on of events, finally became the secret fan of Falcone ‘s own daughter, Sophia Gigante .

The Batman Arrives in Gotham

batman year one Image via DC Comics About another decade or indeed would pass before the events of Frank Miller ‘s epic poem Batman : year One, which saw Falcone at the height of his world power in Gotham, holding the mayor, police commissioner, city council, and countless others in his iron bobby pin. “ The Roman ” ruled over Gotham, which, along with the deaths of his parents, led to Bruce Wayne ‘s turn to vigilanteism, becoming the Batman .
As Batman, Bruce, with some aid from Detective Jim Gordon, lento dismantled Falcone ‘s conglomerate, even crashing one of “ The Roman ‘s ” dinner parties to remind them that their days in Gotham were numbered. He even humiliates Falcone by stripping him to his underwear and tying him down on his layer, alone to be found helpless. Enraged, Falcone ordered a hit on Batman, but to no avail. finally, Falcone ‘s bag over Gotham would loosen after Batman, Gordon, and the young district lawyer named Harvey Dent began meddling in his affairs .
It ‘s besides around this time that Selina Kyle, now the thief known as Catwoman, returns to Falcone ‘s liveliness, though not as her civilian self. As Catwoman, Selina tried to steal some of Falcone ‘s most precious valuables. Batman finally saved Catwoman from Falcone ‘s men, but not before Selina had the find to permanently scar “ The Roman ” straight across his boldness. This caused Falcone to hate Catwoman personally, though he had assorted feelings about the charwoman under the cat-o’-nine-tails masquerade .
While Falcone deal with all this bat-trouble, Sal Maroni began lending money all over town, including to the crazed Dr. Hugo Strange ( and with a name like that, what more would you expect ? ). After a while, Maroni tried to get Strange to repay his debt, which Strange attempted after robbing one of Maroni ‘s own fronts for the cash. Unpleased, Maroni sent his men into roughly Strange improving, which merely makes the delusional delirious scientist all the angry .
Having to save Maroni from Strange ‘s genic experiments, Batman forced “ The Boss ” to forgive the debt of a man named Norman Madison, the church father of Bruce ‘s then-girlfriend Julie Madison. What Batman did n’t count on was that Norman would still try to make thoroughly on his debt, which Maroni refused to take in reverence of how the Dark Knight would retaliate. alternatively, Norman gave the cash to Falcone, which only served to humiliate “ The Boss, ” solidifying his hate for Batman in the process .
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The Long Halloween

Batman_thelonghalloween Image via DC Comics subsequently came the events of Jeph Loeb ‘s The Long Halloween, the Batman report that the Falcone and Maroni families are most well-known for. now that the Falcone kin ‘s grip on Gotham had been weakened, a serial killer known only as “ Holiday ” began taking out members of the family. naturally, Falcone believed that this was the work of the Maroni family. Things would only get worse for Falcone though after his warehouse full of cash is found by Batman and Harvey Dent, who then burn it to the ground to send a message ( in a moment evocative of Joker burning the cash in The Dark Knight ) .
Desperate and angry, Falcone began to hire diverse “ costumed freaks ” such as Joker, Riddler, Catwoman, Penguin, Mad Hatter, Scarecrow, Poison Ivy, and Solomon Grundy to take Batman head-on in the coming calendar month. During this time, Holiday ‘s targets switched from the Falcones to the Maronis, including “ boastful Lou ” who is killed on Father ‘s Day. While Sal Maroni primitively believed that Falcone was behind the hits, “ The Roman ” convinces him ( through his daughter Sophia ) that they have a coarse enemy in Harvey Dent, who he then believed to secretly be the Holiday killer .
After Maroni is taken to jail by the GCPD, he is persuaded by his lover Sophia Gigante that Dent is behind it all. After Falcone arranged for Maroni to get his hands on some acid, “ The Boss ” attempted to murder Harvey Dent during his test. He lone half-succeeds though as Dent survives though permanently scarred. not long subsequently, Maroni is murdered in his cell by Holiday, who revealed himself to be Falcone ‘s youngest son, Alberto, who was just trying to make a mention for himself outside the Falcone shadow .
Because of his physical and psychological trauma, Harvey Dent went insane, becoming the supervillain Two-Face. Along with the early “ costumed freaks, ” Two-Face stormed Falcone ‘s home and shoot him directly in the question, retaliation for ruining his liveliness. Because of this, Sophia Gigante, who was besides critically injured during this attack, and her brother Mario would struggle to take over the Falcone crime family, with Sal Maroni ‘s two sons, Pino and Umberto, pledging their allegiance to Sophia .

A Fallen Empire

Catwoman When In Rome Image via DC Comics subsequently, the sequels to Long Halloween, Batman: Dark Victory and Catwoman: When In Rome, would occur at the same time, crossing over near the end of each. here, Selina traveled to Italy for more information on the Falcone class and her potential inheritance, and after finding something about Sophia Gigante would deliver the information to Batman. Though she still lacked concrete tell that she was a Falcone by birth, she would continue to believe that it was true .
The Falcone family turns on itself during Dark Victory, which focuses a batch on Gotham ‘s criminal transition from organized crime to crazed supervillains. Most of this story revolves around Joker, Two-Face, and early members of Batman ‘s rogues ‘ gallery lento taking down their competition with the throng, descending Gotham into far chaos. All the while, a cryptic serial cause of death known entirely as “ the Hangman ” begins killing bribe Gotham cops and police personnel, lone to finally turn on the Falcone crime family american samoa well .
Though many defendant Two-Face is behind these attacks, he adamantly denies it, evening with all the evidence against him. finally, after killing her brother Alberto, claiming he was n’t a “ truthful Falcone, ” Sophia Gigante is revealed to be the Hangman killer before Two-Face mercilessly killed both her and Maroni ‘s two sons. It ‘s besides worth noting that Maroni ‘s old hatchet man Tony Zucco kills Richard and Mary Grayson, the parents of Dick Grayson, during this time in a syndicate hit, which allows Bruce Wayne to adopt Dick, finally training him to become the first Robin .
It ‘s subsequently revealed that Two-Face had stolen the body of Carmine Falcone to cause break within the syndicate, and naturally, he succeeded. Dark Victory ended with Mario Falcone burning down his family ‘s estate, driving the Falcone crime family straight into the ground. After years of running Gotham ‘s underworld, the Falcones and Maronis were ultimately finished, with Batman ‘s rogues ‘ gallery now the chief threat to Gotham. other white-collar criminals like Penguin and Black Mask would finally take root, but evening they did n’t have the kind of charm these italian gangsters had once boasted .

New Continuity, New Life

batman eternal Image via DC Comics While Carmine Falcone, Sal Maroni, and their respective crime families effectively came to an end, that did n’t mean they would n’t return. After DC Comics rebooted their mainstream comic continuity with “ The New 52, ” and later “ DC Rebirth, ” the ill-famed crime families reappeared in a more limited capacity, with both “ The Roman ” and “ The Boss ” now alive and well .
Carmine Falcone reappeared in Batman Eternal ( which celebrated 75 years of Batman ) to reclaim his criminal conglomerate after Commissioner Jim Gordon was falsely framed for mangle. It seemed like much of his history from Year One ( including the scratch Catwoman gave him ) was intact, though hera his independent rival for baron in Gotham is n’t Sal Maroni, it was Oswald Cobblepot, besides known as the Penguin. finally, the GCPD arrested Falcone for his crimes and took him to Blackgate Penitentiary. Sal Maroni on the early hand merely made a abbreviated appearance in the Nightwing series, which revealed that his son C.J. ( a newly addition to the Maroni family ) and Dick Grayson were actually childhood friends .

While it ‘s unclear if the Falcone or Maroni crime families will make their way second into any of the Bat-books, it ‘s obvious that they ‘ve made their distinguish on Batman history, hence their continual appearances on shows like Gotham and films like The Dark Knight and The Batman. But no matter if or when they reappear, we know that Batman will be there to handle it like he always does .
The Batman is nowadays available on HBO Max .

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