Sasha Blouse

Sasha Blouse was a member of the Survey Corps, ranking 9th among the 104th Training Corps.

Sasha Blouse

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Sasha Blouse
Sasha Burausu


Imo on’na ? ) [ 1 ]

“Potato Girl” (芋女

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[ 2 ] ( 850 )
173 curium [ 3 ] ( 854 )

168 cm(850)173 cm(854)


[ 2 ] ( 850 )
61 kilogram ( 854 )

55 kg(850)61 kg (854)


  • Blouse family
    • Artur Blouse (father)
    • Lisa Blouse (mother)


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July 26th


Dauper [ 2 ]


Wall Rose



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  • Survey Corps Logo.png Survey Corps
    • Special Operations Squad

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104th Trainees Squad Logo.png 104th Training Corps

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Quote1.png I had someone important to me once, too! That’s right…! An Eldian!! A descendant of devils!! But…she enjoyed my food more than anyone I’d met before…She saved me from this stupid, worthless war…She showed me who I was meant to be. Someone who brings people happiness through his food. That was Sasha Blouse. The woman whose life you took. Quote2.png
— Sasha is fondly remembered by Niccolo[6]

Sasha Blouse ( サシャ・ブラウス Sasha Burausu ? ) was a member of the Survey Corps and one of the few erstwhile members of the 104th Training Corps, of which she was ranked 9th best, that decided to join the regiment, upon coming into contact with Eren ‘s solid desire to eliminate the Titans. A compulsive food hoarder with an excessively civilized manner of speech, Sasha was from Dauper, a village in the southerly territory of Wall Rose .


Sasha was a young womanhood with fall gold eyes and brunet hair originally kept in a ponytail that reached the base of her neck. Her bangs were slenderly parted to the left, cascading down each side of her face and stopped around the center of her neck. On missions, she wore the standard Survey Corps consistent with a easy grey shirt underneath. When not on missions, she wore a simple long sleeved blouse with a surround that slightly covered her boots. On some occasions, she evening wore a sleeveless vest over her blouse. [ 7 ] She had a slender name and was of average acme. In the year 854, Sasha had grown tall and her hair was cut short with longer bangs, exposing more of her face. While in Marley, she wore the black Survey Corps consistent with defend belts for her erect manoeuver equipment along with a plunder. [ 8 ]


Sasha was a friendly, fun-loving female child with a compulsive appetite. [ 9 ] Originating from Dauper Village, she had a local accent, but actively hid it out of embarrassment by using dinner dress speech, even when conversing with her boyfriend trainees. [ 10 ] initially, Sasha was shown to be reasonably timid and prone to make mistakes when under nerve-racking situations. [ 11 ] [ 12 ] She was preferably simple-minded and eccentric, but her intuition was very sharp. Sasha was besides amazingly brave, and she was considered a fresh judge of circumstances and danger. [ 13 ] Before she matured and entered the military, Sasha was shown to be rather illiberal and very close-minded. She only cared about herself and her village, and was very aggravated by all of the people from Wall Maria coming in and hunting all the game they once hunted. additionally, she refused to change their traditions for the greater good. possibly due to her younger years of struggling to hunt and find food, Sasha had developed an incredible appetite ; eating provides her with considerable gratification and easing, specially during times of great stress, and food was frequently the only thing on her judgment when at ease. [ 14 ] thus compulsive in her desire to eat, she had proven will to steal food from the infantry stores and/or kitchen and earned herself the dub “ Potato Girl ” ( 芋女 Imo on’na ? ) after stealing a potato and absent-mindedly explaining herself when her ranking catch her eating it during her first day as a recruit. [ 15 ] Despite her gluttonous tendencies, Sasha was a capable soldier and could not stand by when others are in trouble. [ 16 ] In the year 854, Sasha had adapted to her role as a marksman, agreeing with Jean that, as fourth dimension has passed, killing other soldiers had become easy. Despite her newfound cold professionalism in the plain, Sasha still appeared to be incapable of killing civilians and particularly children, exemplified when she had Gabi Braun in her sights even could not take the shot, resulting in her death at Gabi ‘s hands. [ 17 ]


Sasha is seen arguing with her father, telling her not to eat the meat from the winter from the labor. [ 18 ] He fails to stop her, and as she devours the meat he tiredly explains to her why it is important to keep the food : after the fall of Wall Maria, many refugees have come to Wall Rose ‘s lands, which has resulted in a food dearth due to the extra mouths to feed. In detail, refugees have begun hunting for food in Dauper ‘s district, leaving less crippled for the greenwich village ‘s citizens than usual. [ 19 ] Blouse admits to having considered giving the forest to them so that they can make fields, while the hunter ‘s tribe starts taking care of horses, but Sasha objects, arguing that they should not stop living like they do just because of the newcomers. [ 20 ] Her father acknowledges her distributor point, but disagrees, saying that it is more crucial to take wish of the people, rather than live all alone. He last states that he wants to live with his kin, tied if it means to change their manner of life. [ 21 ] Sasha, angered, enlists in the Military in retaliation .
On the first sidereal day of aim, she steals a steam potato from the kitchen and eats it during initiation. She is questioned by Keith, her head teacher, while he performs the “ Rite of Passage ” ritual on them. [ 22 ] She gives him “ half ” of the potato ( actually a much smaller piece than the one she kept for herself ) in a sentence attempt to appease him [ 23 ] and is ordered to run around the premises for 5 hours as punishment. [ 1 ] Krista Lenz brings her bread from the dining manor hall after end, which Sasha avariciously snatches out of her hands. [ 24 ] Like many of her mate trainees, Sasha gradually begins to slack off during education exercises that will not go towards helping her graduate in the top 10. This attitude leads to a confrontation between Eren Yeager and Jean Kirstein over the means the train corps operates, which garners Keith ‘s attention. In order to spare Eren from getting in trouble for starting a competitiveness, Mikasa Ackerman claims that the commotion was caused by Sasha passing boast. [ 25 ] During aim, it is observed that she has eldritch intuition and follows unconventional practices, making her inappropriate for group activities. During a train school term in which the trainees practice their manoeuver skills against Titan mannequins, Sasha tails Connie and Jean as they search for Titans and steals their kills once they have located them. jean confronts them afterwards, and Sasha simply ridicules him for complaining. [ 26 ] [ 27 ] At one point during their train, Sasha is approached by Krista and Ymir. Ymir confronts Sasha about the abnormally civil way Sasha speaks to her boyfriend trainees, guessing that Sasha is ashamed of the dialect used by the people of her village and criticizing her adrift way of living. Krista attempts to stop Ymir ‘s fulmination, but Ymir continues to berate Sasha, telling her to speak as her genuine self without shame of what others think of her. [ 28 ] Sasha late graduates in the one-ninth military position among the exceed ten trainees. [ 29 ] Sasha, along with Eren and the others, is assigned to maintain the cannons on top of Wall Rose in Trost District. She steals some meat from the Officer ‘s provisions and offers to share it with them. [ 30 ] She sky-high predicts that after they reconquer Wall Maria, they will be able to keep cows and sheep. This puts everyone into high moods as they accept the meat and get back to exercise. [ 31 ] on the spur of the moment, the Colossus Titan appears out of nowhere and breaks the gate of Trost with its foot. Everyone is knocked off the Wall and Sasha manages to save Samuel from falling off the Wall. [ 32 ] She is late assigned to guard the in-between of Trost from incoming Titans, [ 33 ] and is among the trainees that are left ground and unable to retreat to from battle due to running out of gasoline for their vertical manoeuver equipment. Sasha tries to convince the remaining trainees to try retaking the headquarters in concert, but is ineffective to convince them. [ 34 ] After Mikasa decides to try to reach the headquarters, Sasha elects to join her, mocking the other trainees to try to motivate them to join in the attack. [ 35 ] She successfully reaches the headquarters, where Armin devises a design to clear the provision room of Titans. [ 36 ] Sasha is one of seven soldiers that are selected to kill the Titans in the supply board, once they have been drawn in and blinded with gunfire. During the murder of the plan, she messes up, not cutting deeply enough through her assign Titan ‘s neck. As it turns to eat her, Mikasa kills it and Sasha is immediately grateful to her. [ 37 ] After escaping the headquarters, they reunite with their chap trainees and are placed on standby. While waiting, Sasha attempts to fake having a stomachache in an attack to get out of returning to struggle .
Sasha decides to join the Survey Corps, seeing that Jean, Connie, Ymir, Reiner, Bertolt and Krista were doing the same. Though she begins to break down and cry when Erwin Smith gives his daunting address about the Survey Corps ‘ mortality rate, she is not deterred, and chooses to join the corps. [ 38 ] A month late, she is sent out with the Survey Corps on their 57th excursion. She is positioned on Line 2 and File 3 in the enemy detection formation and is on relay duty. On the way, she is attacked by a Titan, which was unassumingly hiding behind a building. Her police squad members successfully lure it aside and she returns to her assign position. [ 39 ]

belated, she is assigned to guard the border of the Titan Forest, after the middle flank successfully lures the Female Titan in. [ 40 ] After the Female Titan ‘s get, she recognizes its belly laugh to be exchangeable to that of a at bay animal screaming for help oneself, and warns Mikasa that they should be careful. [ 41 ] Sasha and the others are stationed close up to her and Connie ‘s villages as they await orders. They do not seem to understand why they were stationed there. Sasha hears multiple grave footsteps coming from a distance and they soon learn that Wall Rose had been breached and that they must act quickly. [ 42 ] She joins the North Squad to help evacuate the villagers in the northern character. [ 43 ] She worriedly returns to her own greenwich village detect that a sealed Titan had headed straight for it. She enters a house, wherein a 3-meter Titan is eating a woman ‘s stage while her child sits nearby, paralyzed with fear. Sasha takes the girlfriend to her horse, but the horse becomes restless and runs off. Taking a bow and a handful of arrows, Sasha runs for the independent road with the girl. Escaping to the drawbridge, Sasha sends the girlfriend ahead to find avail while she fends off the Titan. She decides to buy clock by blinding the Titan and climbs a short tend for a better shot. Having missed two shots, Sasha scores a aim hit in the Titan ‘s center with her third arrow. She throws her bow away, taking her last arrow and stabbing it directly in the Titan ‘s other eye. The Titan attempts to grab her, but Sasha manages to escape its bobby pin. She searches for the daughter and finally finds her with a group led by her father. [ 44 ] After two weeks have passed, she is hand picked by Levi Ackerman alongside her friends of the 104th Training Corps as a member of the new Squad Levi, and is stationed with them in a lone house within a afforest, where they are hiding in club to protect Eren and Historia. She talks to Armin about the reasons why they were chosen despite being new recruits, and suggests it is merely because they are good. After she is discovered stealing bread from the few supplies that are already deliver, a discussion with her comrades arises which reminds Eren to the old squad. [ 45 ] During Hange ‘s Titan experiments with Eren, Sasha helps stand guard around the home. [ 46 ] Later, the group receives instructions from Erwin to abandon their hovel and watch from a distance as the hut is stormed by the Military Police Brigade First Interior Squad. [ 47 ] After Armin and Jean are kidnapped, Sasha helps in the rescue operation and saves Mikasa when the drawing card of the gang, Dimo Reeves, prepares to shoot her, knocking his gunman to the grind with an arrow. [ 48 ] She is present when Levi and Nifa reveal that the Reiss family is the genuine royal syndicate. [ 49 ] After Levi harasses Historia to become tabby, Sasha goes to comfort her. [ 50 ] After Reeves is killed, the team goes into hiding in Stohess District. [ 51 ] They have a conversation about their new lives as fugitives and criticize Levi, with Sasha worrying that he might threaten Historia once she is tabby. [ 52 ] Sasha hears gunfire and Armin realizes that the Military Police Brigade have found Levi. The police squad attempts to follow the big dipper that is transporting Eren and Historia [ 53 ] but Levi arrives and orders them to stop because it is a trap .
After the conflict, Sasha tends to Levi ‘s wounds in a bungalow and acts as a lookout for the team. [ 54 ] After the team catches Marlowe and Hitch and interrogates them, Levi orders Sasha to leave them tied up in the forest but Jean intervenes, saying that he would like to do it alternatively. [ 55 ] late that night, Sasha and her squad attack the First Interior Squad ‘s headquarters, capturing one of the officers. She and Connie stand guard as Levi interrogates him for the whereabouts of Eren and Historia. [ 56 ] Sasha warns the squad that she hears multiple people incoming. [ 57 ] It is Hange, to the entire team ‘s delight, and they inform the police squad that the Survey Corps has been exonerated [ 58 ] and that they have a spark advance on Eren and Historia ‘s whereabouts. [ 59 ] When they find Eren and Historia under the Reiss chapel, Sasha takes region in the operation to rescue them. She shoots barrels full of gunpowder and vegetable oil with gas canisters attached with fire arrows, making them explode and creating a smoke screen that hides the squad. [ 60 ] During the fight she saves Connie ‘s biography by firing an arrow at the soldier who was about to shoot him. [ 61 ] however, the battle is on the spur of the moment stopped when Rod Reiss transforms into an enormous Titan, surprising everybody and making the unharmed cave fall apart. [ 62 ] Sasha and the squad arrive and Eren is freed, but the team is pushed back against the Wall due to the heat and violence of the steamer emitted by Rod Reiss ‘ Titan. They are saved when Eren notices a bottle labelled “ Armored-Braun ” and crushes it in his mouth while transforming. [ 63 ] Eren manages to control his hardening powers and stops the cave from falling. As the team retrieves Eren, Sasha starts looking for an die. [ 64 ] The squad travels to Orvud District, where they plan to fight Rod. [ 65 ] As Rod approaches the Wall, the members of Squad Levi douse themselves in water system to endure the extreme heat from the steam. Sasha takes part in the operation to kill the Titan by blowing apart one of his hands with a gunpowder barrel with built-in shooters made by Hange. [ 66 ] When he is crippled, he loses balance and Eren takes the opportunity to transform into a Titan and shoves gunpowder into his mouth, causing the steam to ignite it and explode Rod. The police squad tries to cut the flying pieces in orderliness to kill the chief soundbox. [ 67 ] After Historia is crowned as the newly queen, Sasha and the rest of Squad Levi accompany her as she goes to find Levi so she can punch him. The police squad tries to talk her down, but she punches the master equally soon as she sees him. Expecting Levi to retaliate, the team is surprised when he reacts by smiling and thanking them. [ 68 ] Two months late, Sasha is on the orphanage with the rest of the squad carrying some boxes while getting her haircloth pulled by one of the children. [ 69 ] Later on, Sasha is seen eating with the rest of her team and Marlowe. Marlowe is excited about the prognosis of taking back Wall Maria, and Sasha asks him if Hitch tried to stop him from joining the Survey Corps. He admits that she tried to convince him of the benefits of staying in the Military Police, claiming that he had been forced to tell her off for her selfish behavior. The police squad is appalled at Marlowe ‘s inability to recognize her feelings for him, and begin angrily insulting him. [ 70 ] In the good morning, Keith is visited by Eren, Hange, Mikasa, Armin, Levi, Jean and Sasha at the train camp and Eren asks him to tell them everything he knows. They are in a firm, with all of them sitting on chairs except for Sasha. Keith remembers that he summoned Sasha in the by to rake her over the coals. [ 71 ] Time passes, and the preparations for the retake of Wall Maria are finished. The day before the operation, the soldiers have a special dinner with kernel to celebrate their approaching deputation. [ 72 ] Seeing the kernel, Sasha goes crazy and tries to eat it all by herself. Connie and Jean try to stop her, and Jean is bitten for his trouble. [ 73 ] Sasha is finally restrained by Connie and Eren, but not before punching Marlowe and Mikasa. Sasha regains her senses but her comrades neglect to untie her, leaving her in the cafeteria after the meal is finished. [ 74 ] The pursue day, Sasha is ready to go to Shiganshina District, along with the rest of the Survey Corps. They are surprised when the civilians start cheering for them. In reception, Sasha, Jean, and Connie begin cheering with them. [ 75 ] After arriving in Shiganshina, Sasha watches Eren seal the hole in Wall Maria alongside her fellow Corps soldiers. [ 76 ] [ 77 ] After Eren successfully seals the hole, Sasha and the pillow of her squad begin to go to meet up with the lie of the Survey Corps, but stop consonant and take up positions atop the Wall after seeing a signal flare. From there they witness Reiner ‘s emergence from within Wall Maria, and the appearance of the Beast Titan and his united states army. [ 78 ] As Eren and Reiner contend in their titan forms, Sasha and her police squad surround the two and prepare to help Eren. After Hange and Mikasa wield to blind Reiner, Sasha and the rest of the squad use their thunder Spears on his Titan shape ‘s nape and expose his human body. Although both Sasha and Connie find themselves unwilling to kill Reiner, Jean manages to convince them to carry on with their mission. [ 79 ] As Sasha and Connie cry over Reiner ‘s apparent death, a tearful Jean tries to convince them not to mourn for him. The three are stunned when Reiner ‘s Titan form abruptly begins to roar. [ 80 ] Sasha quickly evacuates the immediate area around Reiner with the rest of the soldiers as Hange announces that Bertolt will be attacking them from above. After Armin unsuccessfully tries to negotiate with Bertolt, Sasha and her teammates use Eren ‘s Titan form to shield themselves as Bertolt transforms. [ 81 ] The Colossus Titan begins throwing burning houses in the atmosphere, searching for them. Connie begins to panic and laugh, prompting Sasha to hit him on the head at Jean ‘s request. Under Jean ‘s orderliness, Sasha and the group get on Titan Eren ‘s shoulders to move to the river while conserving natural gas. [ 82 ] The police squad tries attacking Bertolt, but their approach cursorily results in Eren being knocked unconscious via a kick back from Bertolt. [ 83 ] Jean formulates a design in which he, Sasha, and Connie will act as a diversion while Mikasa fires a thunder Spear at the Colossus Titan ‘s nape. This, however, besides fails. [ 84 ] After Reiner ‘s retort to the battle, [ 85 ] Sasha participates in Squad Levi ‘s attack to keep him from reaching Eren and Armin. While jean acts as a decoy to keep Reiner ‘s attention, Sasha and Connie try to use their boom Spears to blow open Reiner ‘s mouthpiece. however, Sasha is hard hurt when Reiner uses debris from nearby houses to defend himself, and her thunder Spear misses its crisscross. [ 86 ] After Reiner is defeated with the aid of Hange, Sasha ‘s unconscious consistency is attended to by Connie. [ 87 ] When Armin wakes up, he finds Sasha next to him. As she is resting, Sasha quietly complains about her comrades ‘ noisiness. [ 88 ] The surviving Survey Corps members then return to Trost, where Sasha continues to recover and fully regains consciousness. [ 89 ] Later, she rejoins her Survey Corps comrades to be exonerated with a decoration for her character in the recent battle. [ 90 ] After the Battle of Shiganshina, a year passes and the use of the Executioner from Hell clears Wall Maria from all Titans. Sasha is among the Survey Corps to lead an Expedition beyond Wall Maria, and finds a Titan whose limbs were so little that it could only crawl. [ 91 ] The Survey Corps arrives at the ocean and Sasha playfully experiences it with her friends. [ 92 ] Sasha is a member of a group of Survey Corps soldiers sent to defend the Paradis coastline from ships sent from Marley. She witnesses Eren beaching a transport with his Titan shape and the resulting central between Hange and Yelena. She later falls asleep, only to be woken by Mikasa. [ 93 ] A year later, Sasha assists Connie, Jean, Armin, Mikasa, and Eren in building a railroad track cable. A argue begins over who should receive Eren ‘s Titan powers in five years and Sasha volunteers along with the others, arguing back and forth with Connie over who is more intelligent. Eren tells them all that he values their friendship excessively much to choose any of them, and resolves to select person else. [ 94 ] In the year 854, Sasha takes separate in the Survey Corps ‘ fire on Liberio. together with Connie, she is seen killing respective armed combatants entering the impoundment zone with her rifle, and setting up lightly markers throughout the city. [ 95 ] After finishing, Sasha and Connie reunify with the pillow of the corps, and watch from a safe outdistance as Eren and Mikasa try to defeat the War Hammer Titan. As the Jaw, Cart and Beast Titans arrive, Sasha and her allies regroup and prepare to face off with their enemies. [ 96 ] Sasha takes cover behind a destroy artillery gunman and shoots and kills one of the gunners. Enraged, the Titan charges at her, but Sasha escapes as Jean and the other soldiers fire a bombard of Thunder Spears at it. [ 97 ] finally, Sasha regroups with the early Survey Corps members aboard the airship. Hearing something over the commotion in the ship, Sasha turns to see a female child aiming a plunder at her. Before she can react, the daughter shoots Sasha in the thorax. As Connie and Jean rush to her side to try to stop the bleed, Sasha wonders aloud what is going on and why everyone is yelling. As she drifts in and out of consciousness, she asks for some meat. Despite the efforts made by the other soldiers, Sasha bleeds out and dies next to Mikasa and Armin who were visibly distraught. [ 98 ] After the Survey Corps render to Paradis, Sasha is given a burial. Mikasa remains at her scratch after the funeral military service, reflecting on what needs to be done for the Eldians to live. [ 99 ]


After Mikasa kills Eren, her apparition appears before Jean and Connie, beaming towards her two friends. [ 100 ]


Raised as an animal hunter, Sasha showed high level skills in archery, horseback ride, and tracking. Sasha was ranked one of the top 10 trainees in her squad, implying full physical abilities. She was besides commented to have a better sense of balance than some of the early trainees. Sasha ‘s listen was besides very acute, to the point that she could detect an approaching group of Titans before many of her mate trainees. a well as physical abilities, Sasha had good cognition of baseless animals and utilizing her hunter experience ( as shown when the Female Titan screamed ), she knew precisely what the shout mean ( a distress cry ; risk ) and that they should be wary of it. She besides seemed to be acrobatic and useful with bow and arrow, injuring a 3m class Titan alone with just a bow. She was subsequently shown to be able to disarm a person without any injury to said person, with archery alone. [ 101 ]

Four years after reclaiming Wall Maria, she had proven to be identical technical in using bolt legal action rifles, fatally sniping down multiple Marleyan soldiers from a rooftop in only a couple of seconds and sniping a artilleryman through a specialize afford in the middle of a firefight. [ 102 ] [ 103 ] She was proven to be a skilled thief, as she frequently managed to steal food from the infantry storage without getting hitch. She possessed at least a little measure of medical cognition ; attending to Levi ‘s wounds after he was attacked by Kenny Ackerman and the First Interior Squad. [ 104 ] Sasha Blouse ‘s statistics as of year 850 [ 105 ] :



  • Connie Springer – Sasha and Connie got along well as teammates and as friends. The pair often made jokes, as they enjoyed each other’s company. As trainees, they frequently got in trouble together. In spite of that, they defended each other if need be. It is implied that the two were extremely close due to the look on Sasha’s face when Connie said that she was special to him.[106]
  • Ymir – Ymir and Sasha shared a strained relationship. Towards Sasha, Ymir oftentimes acted crass and nit-picky. As such, Ymir disapproved of her behavior and was unimpressed by Sasha’s actions. For example, Ymir questioned Sasha’s way of speech, deeming it too sickeningly polite. Ymir was held back by Historia.[28] Ymir’s words impacted Sasha’s way of speech after that point, as Sasha used her words more freely.
  • Historia Reiss – In Sasha’s trainee days, Historia had shown her a great deal of kindness, though Ymir often questioned the latter’s actions. Historia was quick to come to Sasha’s defense and trusted Sasha as a comrade. As well, Historia encouraged Sasha to be herself and speak her mind when she wanted to.[28]
  • Artur Blouse – Before Sasha left to become a soldier, her father thought of her as fainthearted and a coward.[107] Still, he cared extremely for her, but got irked when she ate their food supply.[18] Three years later, Sasha reconciled with her father and he stated that he was proud of her accomplishments as a person.
  • Mikasa Ackerman – Though the two have distinct personalities.Sasha admired Mikasa’s strength and bravery. Sasha and Mikasa get along really well as the two have been roommates since their cadet days. Even though Sasha snores in her sleep, Mikasa doesn’t seem to mind. The two joked around and were close enough for Mikasa considers to her be one of her closest friends besides Eren and Armin. Sasha’s death distressed her immensely. After Sasha’s funeral Mikasa stayed by her grave and started talking about what had to be done for the Eldians to live.
  • Niccolo – After the capture of the first Marleyan team sent to recon Paradis, Niccolo was put to work cooking for his comrades and his Eldian captors. Sasha seemed especially sympathetic towards him, and was overjoyed at the many new foods Niccolo introduced her and her comrades to, calling him a “genius” when she first sampled his seafood cuisine. The two grew close over time and Niccolo was so moved by Sasha’s love of his food that he gradually abandoned his ingrained prejudice towards the islanders. Niccolo risked his safety to visit Sasha’s final resting place, and was visibly traumatized at the news of her loss. He then offered to cook for her grieving family in honor of her memory. They were close enough for Kaya to believe that he and Sasha had been dating.[108]
  • Kaya – Kaya was saved by Sasha in Chapter 36 from a three meter Titan and was adopted by Blouse family. She admired Sasha’s bravery and wants to be like her. They both had family relations, and it’s explained why Kaya calls Sasha as a sister.

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