Naruto: The 5 Best Clashes Between Naruto & Sasuke (& Who Won)

As true shinobi rivals, Naruto & Sasuke are constantly fighting to see who ‘s stronger. Which ninja came out on clear in their best fights ? competition has been a consistent subject of the Naruto universe, and the competition between the series ‘ two main characters is no different. Naruto and Sasuke have feuded since the serial began, with their battles only escalating after the latter ‘s putrescence .
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As the reincarnations of Indra and Asura, their leaning to collide is built-in to their being. Through identifying the best clashes between the shinobi and who emerged from them victorious, we can better appreciate their merits and the ways they have improved since being genin under the care of Iruka.


10 The Boys’ First Clash Was Scheduled By Iruka

naruto sasuke genin holding their shirts When Naruto and Sasuke first met each other, they already knew that they were destined to be rivals. The erstwhile fight ardently for Sakura ‘s affection while the latter composed himself as if he was better than everyone else – Sakura included .
Naruto would have an opportunity to prove his worth when Iruka scheduled a train exert. The consequence of the battle would set the note for their relationship in Team Seven and flush well after Sasuke had defected from the village to join Orochimaru .

9 WINNER: Sasuke Defeated Naruto Easily

Sasuke naruto schoolyard fight Despite the ballyhoo surrounding the first meeting between Naruto and Sasuke, its result was fairly predictable. In a matter of seconds, Sasuke defeated the dunce ninja and put him at his mercy .
This was for a number of factors. not alone was Naruto undisciplined at the time ( without a command of shadow clones or evening Kurama ‘s chakra ), Sasuke was a naturally gifted champion whose Sharingan was already developing. The Uchiha ‘s first victory would only validate his preconceptions about being superior and stratify a chain of instruction among Konoha ‘s genin. Sakura and Ino were peculiarly enthusiastic about his triumph .

8 Sasuke & Naruto Had A Brawl Outside Konoha’s Hospital

Naruto vs Sasuke, rooftop fight Sasuke and Naruto would have their second brawl atop Konoha ‘s hospital. It was chiefly prompted through the former ‘s insecurity about his companion ‘s burgeoning power .
Having faltered against Gaara where Naruto succeeded, he needed to ensure that he was inactive the strongest student of Team Seven and that he was on the right path to claim his vengeance over Itachi Uchiha. Sasuke intended to use his Chidori to defeat his opposition careless of the person hazard that it placed him in – much to Sakura ‘s surmount electric shock and horror .

7 WINNER: Naruto Technically Won Even Though Kakashi Interrupted The Fight

Naruto vs Sasuke and Kakashi pushing them away Kakashi managed to intervene before the two shinobi could kill each other by sending them flying into water system towers. In theory, this insinuated that the brawl ‘s ending was a draw since neither male child was knocked unconscious mind .
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however, it was later revealed that Naruto ‘s Rasengan caused far greater damage to his water tower than Sasuke ‘s Chidori did to his own. After noticing this, the Uchiha ‘s insecurity was only exacerbate, particularly since he had good realized that Kakashi saved his life. It made him question how much he was learning in the Leaf and whether or not he should pursue benighted paths toward power .

6 Naruto Confronted Sasuke At The Valley Of The End

Naruto pinning sasuke When Sasuke absconded from the Leaf alongside the Sound Four, Naruto joined a team led by Shikamaru in ordain to bring him back. Each member of the Konoha 11 squad engaged Orochimaru ‘s lieutenants, dwindling their numbers until the audacious Naruto and Sasuke came face to face .
Their battle would occur in the Valley of the end and serve as the most important battle of the master series. Although Naruto managed to bridle Kurama ‘s chakra to a limited degree, Sasuke ‘s execration score besides empowered him well.

5 WINNER: Sasuke Defeated Naruto But Spared His Life

sasuke victory childhood After a long and arduous battle, Sasuke Uchiha reigned victorious over Naruto. Despite having flirted with the estimate of killing him ( particularly to evolve his Sharingan ), he elected to show mercy since “ he did n’t need to finish him off in order to become stronger. ”
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Although Kakashi arrived at the scene of the conflict, he was far excessively late to stop it. One of his students had been sprawled across the flat coat, and the other had long since departed to embrace his dark and sinister future .

4 Naruto Caught Up With Sasuke After The Death Of Danzo Shimura

Naruto's Rasengan Vs Sasuke's Chidori After the death of Danzo Shimura, Team Seven managed to locate Sasuke and Obito. Although the struggle had left him fatigued, the villain had no compunctions about attacking his erstwhile comrades and closely murdered Sakura .
Naruto stated his intentions to bring his acquaintance back to the Leaf no matter the cost, much to Sasuke ‘s derision. predictably, they would clash again and demonstrate to each other what they had learned in the years they had been apart .

3 WINNER: Naruto Technically Triumphed Since Sasuke Retreated

Sasuke, Obito as Tobi, and Zetsu stand together in Naruto Shippuden When it began to seem as if the conflict would escalate, it was surprisingly Obito who would put an end to it. He stated it was n’t the time to fight Team Seven and used his kamui to escort the villains to guard .
Although they technically completed their deputation and had no argue to stay, this placid counts as Sasuke ‘s retreat since he made no objections to evacuating. As a result, Naruto reigned victorious at the conflict for Samurai Bridge – even if his prevail was shallow and he had nothing to show for it .

2 Naruto & Sasuke Fought For A Final Time After Kaguya’s Defeat

Final naruto sasuke fight The final battle between Sasuke and Naruto would bring the series to a airless and define the fortune of the world. The erstwhile had mastered the Sharingan, perfected his Susanoo, and enslaved eight other tailed beasts. meanwhile, the latter had learned sage mode, completed Kurama, and fully harnessed the likely of his Rasengan .
Each warrior was fueled by ideology, with Sasuke seeking to dominate the stallion satellite with his newfound ability while Naruto yearned to work toward a undimmed future for all. With Madara defeated and the kage dismissed, the rest of the world could only await their fortune as the conflict raged on .

1 WINNER: Although The Fight Was A Draw, Naruto Got What He Wanted

Naruto and Sasuke each missing an arm after their final battle Having stored sage energy through a trace knockoff, Naruto was able to match Sasuke ‘s steal ability and fight him evenly despite holding back ( as he did n’t want to kill him ). In the end, both young men were sol battered that the last moments of their struggle were a crude fistfight.

Naruto and Sasuke ultimately destroyed one another ‘s arms and fight each other until neither had the persuasiveness to stand. While the battle was technically a hook, Naruto got what he always wanted – his supporter ‘s return to Konoha .
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