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Meta-human Erased from existence

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self-proclaimed “ God of Speed ” ( once )

Leader of his cult Self-proclaimed “God of Speed”


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Unnamed ( great-grandfather )
Unnamed ( great-grandmother )
Unnamed ( paternal grandma )
Unnamed ( maternal grandfather )
Henry Allen ( father ; deceased )
Nora Allen ( mother ; deceased )
Iris West ( fiancée ; deceased )

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( possessing Julian Albert ; once )


Reading: Savitar


Grant Gustin
Andre Tricoteux ( as Savitar )
Tobin Bell ( voice ; as Savitar ; uncredited )
Tom Felton ( possessing Julian Albert )
Nicholas Gonzalez ( as Dante Ramon )
Vanessa Williams ( as Francine West ) Images

Like I told you from the beginning… I am the Future Flash.
—Savitar to Barry Allen[src]

Bartholomew Henry “Barry” Allen ( March 14, 1989 – May 24, 2017 ) was a time leftover of the original Barry Allen from an erase electric potential future who became a potent armored speedster known as Savitar. Savitar ‘s being is the leave of a causal cringle that involved Iris West ‘s death, as after he was created the clock leftover was shunned by the members of Team Flash. Broken and absolutely entirely, the end desired to end his pain by becoming a god. Renaming himself after the Hindu God of Motion, he has proclaimed himself to be the “God of Speed”, the fastest sleep together speedster in the multiverse ; additionally, he is known as the “Dark Lord” within his own fad. When battling a younger version of his other self, Savitar subtly refers to himself as the “Future Flash”. When controlling julian Albert to be the high priest of his own cult, he was known as “ Alchemy “. Desiring to kill his original self, Savitar was defeated and trapped in the Speed Force. Spending an eternity inside the Speed Force, he planned his escape by tricking Wally West/Kid Flash into taking his rate in the Speed Force prison, allowing him to resume his war with the Flash and kill Iris to ensure his being. Savitar belated forms an alliance with Caitlin Snow / Killer Frost during which his identity and the origin of his being become known to Team Flash. Savitar then murders H.R. Wells ( disguised as Iris ), therefore causing him to slowly be erased from universe. He ultimately continues his ascension towards godhood by having Cisco Ramon/Vibe modify the Speed Force bazooka in club to split himself through clock and exist through every here and now of history but his design fails and after a brief conflict he was killed by Iris before being erased from being .



Savitar shares the same past as the Barry Allen of the current timeline up to the point Iris West died. however, he and his team however went on to fight Clifford DeVoe at some point, using the cerebral inhibitor against him. [ 1 ] At some orient after this, he retired from being the Flash and pushed his friends and kin away. [ 2 ] Savitar ‘s being is the resultant role of a causal loop in which he has no begin or end but lone an dateless series of events that lead to his initiation. Beginning in a possible timeline after Iris ‘s death by Savitar, Barry created time remnants to help stop Savitar at some point in 2020/2021. however, Savitar slaughters most of them but spared only one clock end to live as this time leftover was to become Savitar at some point in the future. After his initiation, the time end was shunned by team Flash because he was an aberration and not the ‘real Barry ‘. Alone and overwhelmed by his afflictive memories, he became desperate to end his pain finally coming to a realization that “ God ” feels no annoyance and he finally decided to become one himself. [ 3 ] At some target, the time leftover found the Philosopher ‘s Stone which he used to make himself a mechanical suit of armor, both of which became a share of his power, and he finally named himself Savitar, the “ God of Speed ” and become worshipped by his new god-like powers. He besides knew about the Black Flash, a black-clad zombie-like speedster. [ 1 ]

Imprisoned in the Speed Force

Desiring revenge for being shunned, Savitar traveled to 2020/2021 during which his original self created time remnants, including Savitar ‘s own young self. Savitar killed all of the fourth dimension remnants but spared his younger self, thus that he would finally become him, thus continuing the loop of his being. To his surprise, however, his other self was finally able to defeat Savitar by imprisoning him inside the Speed Force, during which Savitar was stuck in a time iteration in which he relived the most afflictive here and now of his life, driving him far into insanity, therefore wanting him to destroy his other self ‘s life even further. [ 4 ] [ 5 ] During his clock imprisoned, the caption of Savitar was spread throughout the multiverse and across the timeline. [ 3 ] With the lie of his power being the foremost speedster to always be granted ability to the Speed Force, he finally became the fastest out of all of them, challenging other powerful speedsters who threatened his power to struggle, before taking over their Earths. Before each encounter, Savitar would use the Philosopher ‘s Stone ‘s power to possess a person to use a medium under the “ Alchemy “ alias, to prepare for arrival, by creating meta-humans for him to command. [ 6 ]

planning for freedom from the Speed Force

While he was imprisoned in the Speed Force, Savitar sensed a dramatic shift in the timeline that resulted in the Flashpoint timeline. Realizing that he could use the site to his advantage, Savitar waited until the timeline was restored to a similar former imprint and began to enact his plan. After the Flashpoint timeline had been erased by Eobard Thawne/Reverse-Flash, he telepathically appeared to Julian Albert in the shape of the homo ‘s dead person baby Emma, telling julian of the Philosopher ‘s Stone which could bring Emma back. julian exhausted years searching for the Philosopher ‘s Stone and funded an exhibition in India in 2012 and found the container the object was sealed within. After julian opened the container, Savitar was released and possessed Julian, killing the early members of the exhibition. While julian tried to escape Savitar by fleeing to America, he continually possessed Julian, and his host unwillingly became the newest adaptation of Alchemy. For the future few years, Savitar sought out followers for his cult, seeking to slay a younger, less powerful adaptation of his other self. [ 6 ] He besides somehow became mindful of all the meta-humans from the Flashpoint timeline which unintentionally provided him the means for his reappearance .
Under his Alchemy guise, Savitar began seeking out individuals who were meta-humans in the Flashpoint timeline and restored these individuals ‘ memories and extorted them into finding him. Once they did, Savitar promised to restore their power in exchange for their loyalty. He did this to “ Shade “ and Clive Yorkin. Savitar then sought out Frankie Kane, a adolescent female child with dissociative identity disorderliness due to the restored Flashpoint memories, persuading Frankie to find him. once Frankie did, Alchemy offered to restore these powers in commute for services. While Frankie was reluctant, the alternate personality Magenta agreed and Alchemy restored these powers .
Savitar then communicated with Edward Clariss and restored the man ‘s biography in Flashpoint and memories as a speedster known as The Rival, and told where to find him. [ 7 ] Once Clariss arrived, Alchemy was begged upon to make the visions stop, but Alchemy asked if Clariss in truth wanted the visions to stop, or if Edward wanted them to come true and to have speed once more. Clariss confessed wanting the travel rapidly and Alchemy promised to restore this power, in exchange for loyalty. He used the Philosopher ‘s Stone on Clariss, and Clariss was The equal once more .
alchemy observed as the Rival fight Flash, which ended in a draw, though Flash was unaware Alchemy was watching the two speedsters. late when Flash confronted the Rival at the Prescott Sawmill, Alchemy attacked Flash. Upon being asked what he wanted, he claimed to be helping people achieve their likely because he was preparing the earth. The rival then contend Flash again, but the Rival was defeated by the aggregate world power of Flash and Cisco Ramon/Vibe. When Clariss was incarcerated in Iron Heights Prison, Savitar scolded Clariss for bankruptcy and Clariss begged for a second find, but Savitar appeared inside Clariss ‘s cell and attacked Clariss. [ 8 ] After tossing Clariss around, he struck a fateful blow that killed Clariss before hitting the ground .
Alchemy was late confronted by Magenta, being angry that Frankie continued to resurface, as Alchemy had promised freedom from Frankie and the girlfriend ‘s foster forefather. Alchemy told Magenta that if the latter wanted Frankie gone, Magenta would have to show who was in manipulate, and this led to Magenta about destroying a hospital full of innocent people to get retaliation on Frankie ‘s foster forefather. however, Frankie was talked out of this by Flash and left Central City as a consequence. [ 9 ] Alchemy then sought out repair Wally West ‘s memories of Flashpoint and meta-human powers. Knowing Barry would do all to prevent wally from finding him, he sent Shade as a distraction, while he communicated with Wally and urged to seek him out. When Wally locked himself in the Pipeline, Savitar began torturing the young to persuade him, but to no avail. When Shade was captured, Savitar plainly began torturing wally more intensely until the youth finally sought him out .

first meet with the Flash

In an feat to lure Alchemy into a trap, Team Flash and a CCPD hit team followed secretly as Wally approached Alchemy about the visions of the Flashpoint timeline. Wally stalled Alchemy long enough to allow the police and the Flash to storm the hideout. Alchemy and his cohorts were subsequently surrounded and shackled. The Flash triumphantly stood before Alchemy and went to unmask him. however, good as Flash was about to do so, an earthquake shook the hideout and abruptly a small blip of light began racing around the hideout, killing all of the cops and freeing Alchemy ‘s followers. Realizing the blip of alight was a speedster, Flash attempted to pursue, but the speed was far beyond anything, and Flash was brought down rather. As Wally became trapped in a cocoon-like container, the cryptic speedster pinned Flash to a wall, revealing itself to be invest wholly in metallic armor. As Flash last beheld the armored enemy, Savitar responded that he was the god of speed. Savitar then produced a long crook sword from his gauntlet and prepared to finish off Flash. [ 10 ] fortunately, Flash was saved at the final second by Joe West ‘s seasonably interposition by managing to shake off the cult followers, and opened arouse on Savitar tied though Joe could n’t actually see the speedster. The bullets, however, deflected harmlessly off Savitar ‘s armor. Ignoring the pause, Savitar raced out of the lair with Flash in hand and proceeded to drag, pummel and throw his opponent all across Central City like a rag-doll, by somehow using his speed to open up dimensional breaches to diverse locations around Central City, finally coming to a stop at the waterfront, whereupon Savitar began to savagely beat down his prey. As Flash lay broken and bleeding at his feet, Savitar declared the Flash to be below him and announced that he ( Savitar ) was the Future Flash while his original self was the by. Having said this, he grabbed Flash by the throat and prepared to once again skewer the speedster with his gauntlet-blade. Before he could do thus, however, Flash was saved by Vibe ‘s sudden arrival and Caitlin Snow ‘s ice-powers freezing Savitar in place, revealing him but unwittingly harming the Flash excessively. The ice rink, though, did not last long, and Savitar soon burst out of his ice-prison and sped off. former, Savitar sought out Julian while Julian was in the hospital. julian told Savitar to stay away but Savitar confronted him anyhow, telling his host that only together could his return be achieved. Savitar then possessed julian and at the C.C.P.D. retrieved the Alchemy outfit to continue his plan. [ 11 ]

Fighting the Flashes

With julian resuming the Alchemy persona, Savitar prepared once again to target the Flash. He ordered Alchemy to use a specially-designed build up in Central City to refract the energies from the Philosopher ‘s Stone and confer powers on all the meta-humans in Central City from the Flashpoint timeline at once. Their efforts were interrupted once again by the arrival of two Flashes ; Barry having joined forces with Jay Garrick/The Flash. Before the two Flashes could do anything to Alchemy, Savitar appeared out of nowhere. While Alchemy deal with Barry, Savitar squared off against Garrick. Savitar completely outmatched Jay, viciously pummeling and beating down the elder speedster all across Central City, finally coming to a stop consonant in an alley. The metallic speedster angrily pointed out that it was n’t Garrick ‘s competitiveness, and unsheathed his gauntlet blade to kill the Earth-3 veteran speedster. Garrick was saved, however, when Barry sealed the Philosopher ‘s Stone back in its breast, causing Savitar to disappear into thin air travel .
Looking to continue the fight, Savitar chose to bide his clock time in order to figure out a way back. He began telepathically manipulating Cisco using Dante Ramon ‘s compare and memory to convince Cisco that the Philosopher ‘s Stone could bring Dante back to life. Entranced by the Philosopher ‘s Stone ‘s power, Cisco opened the chest, releasing Savitar once again just as Barry arrived in Cisco ‘s lab. Savitar then seized Barry to the S.T.A.R. Labs ‘ accelerate lab, whereupon he began to mercilessly beat up the Earth-1 speedster yet again. As he did indeed, he was stalled by Wally ‘s sudden arrival, but was merely seized by the throat by Savitar and thrown across the room into Barry. As the two speedsters lay defeated on the grate, Savitar unsheathed both of his wrist blades and moved to kill both speedsters. however, this was prevented at the last second when Caitlin convinced Cisco to accept Dante ‘s death and close the chest of drawers containing the Philosopher ‘s Stone, sealing Savitar away again .
Fuming from his latest defeat and Alchemy ‘s changeless failures, Savitar suddenly felt Julian ‘s consciousness connected to the Philosopher ‘s Stone, established a psychic joining through julian and found himself face-to-face with Team Flash. He berated the group for not bowing to him, merely to be derided for his claims to be a god. Seeking to rattle Team Flash, Savitar revealed inner cognition of each of the group ‘s members adenine well as a chill warning about their future ; one would betray them, one would die and one would suffer a destine worse than death. Barry demanded to know who Savitar very was and what he wanted, to which Savitar responded that he wanted to take back everything that the Flash had taken from him, before he would destroy his original self. Confused, Barry angrily asked why Savitar did n’t follow through with his threats properly away, before realizing that without the Philosopher ‘s Stone, he literally could n’t. Enraged, Savitar revealed the reason for his vendetta ; that it was in fact a future adaptation of Barry who had trapped him “ in eternity ” and vowed that he would rise again. Disconcerted, Barry disconnected julian from Savitar. [ 6 ]

Escaping the Speed Force

Having regained monomania of most of the Philosopher ‘s stone after being thrown into the Speed Force by his original self, Savitar put the future phase of his escape plan into natural process. He began telepathically haunting wally to wear down, [ 12 ] which came to a promontory while the Flash and Kid Flash were out on a run, and one of Kid Flash ‘s hallucinations actually attacked him. Desperate for answers, Team Flash opened up a line of communication to Savitar through Julian once more. Savitar sarcastically greeted Barry ‘s comrades but Barry cursorily rebuffed him when Barry argued that they were basically the like, claiming that to him, Barry was the villain of their floor. He revealed however more intimate cognition of the team such as Cisco being a potent as Reverb and H.R. Wells surviving his future rampage. team Flash interrogated Savitar extensively about his plans and his past but got merely cryptic answers and half-statements in reaction ; Barry questioned about their feud ‘s origin but Savitar arrogantly derided both the Reverse-Flash and Zoom, claiming that he was the Flash ‘s ultimate enemy. He did however reveal that he had taken back the Philosopher ‘s Stone and declared that no topic what they did, they could not stop his retort. As he rose to his feet, Savitar reaffirmed his purpose to escape, kill Iris and destroy his master self, derisively bringing up Barry ‘s dead person parents. Fed up, Barry disconnected julian from Savitar .
Satisfied that about everything was in place, Savitar focused on getting the break firearm of the Philosopher ‘s Stone. He telepathically linked to Wally once again by taking Francine West ‘s form this prison term to torment, and pressured Wally into stealing the part of the Philosopher ‘s Stone. Kid Flash stole the assemble from S.T.A.R. Labs and raced to an abandoned factory and manically tried to open a portal to the Speed Force, but was held back by the world power of the Philosopher ‘s Stone. Savitar mocked Kid Flash ‘s efforts, reminding Kid Flash that he would finally kill everyone West loved. Infuriated by Savitar ‘s words, Kid Flash successfully opened a Speed Force portal and threw the assemble of the Philosopher ‘s Stone into the portal site .
As the Flash arrived on the scenery, tendrils of white lightning seized and pulled Kid Flash into the Speed Force, while breaking its hold on Savitar, bursting out of the portal vein bellow in triumph. Pacing around the Flash, Savitar revealed his full safety valve plan and declared that saving Wally was now impossible. Enraged, the Flash charged Savitar and chased him into an bowling alley. Though the Flash angrily promised to kill him, Savitar mocked these threats, reminding him that Barry was the hero who would never take a life, and was unworthy of the life sentence he had been given, vowing to destroy Central City like he did in the future. This meter, though Savitar remained dominant, the battle was more even-sided, with both speedsters landing solid blows on the other, culminating in the Flash seizing Savitar in a headlock, demanding he show his expression. Savitar rather pivoted out of it and stabbed the Flash through the shoulder with his gauntlet-blade, shattering his clavicle. Stating his purpose to kill the Flash, Savitar promised to let his original self live long enough to watch Iris die. The Flash by chance struck back by slicing off Savitar ‘s blade with a vibrating hand. Roaring with wrath, Savitar raced away. [ 4 ] Savitar remained silent and out of spy for the time being, while Team Flash madly searched for a way to rescue wally from the Speed Force, in order to work on repairing his damaged armor. When he finished, he stepped rear and observed from afar as Barry went back into the Speed Force to free wally from Savitar ‘s former prison. While doing so, he abruptly felt the lost firearm of his armor being reactivated and homing in on him. Racing to the patch, he found himself confronted by Jesse Quick. He knew that Jesse would come for him, reprimanding Quick for claiming of not being afraid of him. Angered, Quick recklessly attacked with a lightning thunderbolt, but Savitar inexplicably absorbed the run off and fired right back at Quick, sending Jesse flying several feet. Savitar demanded the return of his sever gauntlet-blade and began telekinetically summoning the nibble to him, which Quick cling on to and besides was dragged towards him. Thinking promptly, H.R. instructed Quick to find and attack a weak spot in Savitar ‘s armor. As Savitar seized Jesse by the neck and held before him, he declared that he had plans for the Earth-2 speedster, his arrogance blinding him to the fact that Quick was still holding his gauntlet-blade. Retorting that Quick had plans excessively, Quick viciously plunged the blade into Savitar ‘s shoulder through a gap in his armor. Bellowing in agony, Savitar dropped Jesse and raced away. Realizing that Savitar could feel pain, H.R. late informed Team Flash that Savitar was not a god after all but an armored serviceman with ace amphetamine. [ 5 ]

identity revealed

Savitar steered unclutter of Team Flash while recuperating from the assorted injuries dealt to him. When this was over, he sensed Killer Frost ‘s revival and went to meet in a forest on Central City ‘s outskirts. When they met up, Savitar greeted amicably and promised that he would ensure that Caitlin would never return, though Killer Frost was hesitant to believe him. To gain trust, Savitar knelt depressed, removed his armor and revealed his true identity. [ 2 ] Anticipating that his younger self would try to build the Speed Force ambush sooner than was destined, Savitar ordered Killer Frost to find and kill Tracy Brand, the physicist who would go on to build the ambush technology in the first rate, though Killer Frost was thwarted by the Flash and Vibe. When Killer Frost returned to him, having failed, Savitar chastised Killer Frost for not living up to the title and mused aloud if there was still a part of Caitlin having an influence, but Killer Frost cursorily rebuffed him. Rethinking his plan, Savitar future ordered to kidnap Cecile Horton ( Joe ‘s girlfriend ) in ordain to force Team Flash ‘s hand and barter Tracy. Knowing what the team would try to do alternatively, Savitar warned Killer Frost ahead of time of what Barry would say to try and sway Caitlin back, arsenic well as the trap that the group planned. When the team managed to subdue Killer Frost anyhow, Savitar sped in as Vibe was taking a lineage sample distribution and swatted Vibe away. Proclaiming that his rise is about complete, Savitar concluded with a reminder to Barry that earlier long, the Flash would fall. Having said this, Savitar picked up Killer Frost and raced off .
With this latest encounter, Savitar knew it would n’t be long before the Flash figured out his true identity and raced to meet the Flash on the outskirts of Central City as Barry searched for him. Standing before his enemy, Barry figured out who Savitar very was ; that his ability to flawlessly predict Team Flash ‘s moves, his intimate cognition of its members, were all because he had already lived this all himself. Declaring his easing, Savitar knelt down, removed his armor and revealed himself as none other than a future translation of his bane with a pale and scarred face. Grinning ghoulishly at his younger self, Savitar reiterated his frequently-repeated wisecrack, that he was the Future Flash. [ 13 ] savitar paced around his younger self with a ghoulish smile on his front as he laid everything out in the open ; that he was a clock leftover created by the Flash ‘s future self in 2020/2021 whom Savitar had allowed to live before being sealed away, comparing himself to Barry ‘s inaugural time end used against Zoom. The prison term end was rejected and shunned by Barry ‘s kin and friends as a “ imposter ”, leaving him acrimonious and break. Desperate to make the pain go away, the time leftover was driven insane and strove to become a god, for which he went back in time to reinvent himself as the “ original speedster ”, creating a ageless causal agent and effect temporal closed circuit. All that was left to complete the loop again is for Iris to die and a second component that Savitar did n’t reveal. Barry threatened to kill himself, causing Savitar a brief moment of refer but was quickly undaunted, citing the Reverse-Flash ‘s survival despite Eddie Thawne ‘s forfeit as an exercise of how such action would be futile, and declaring his ascension about complete. Enraged, Barry charged Savitar and attempted to kill him, but was stopped by Savitar ‘s self-operating armor, which engaged the Flash in a brief clamber. As the Flash punched the armor aside, Savitar sped back into his armor and began charging up for a lightning attack, as his original self did the same. The two fired massive bolts of lightning at each other which caused a huge explosion, hurling the speedsters off from each other and allowing Savitar to escape .
While preparing for his future move, Savitar was inexplicably stripped of all his memories as a result of Team Flash incidentally wiping all of Barry ‘s memories, causing him to randomly attack Killer Frost when his hatchet man tried to talk to him. He remained in privacy for a clock time until Team Flash undid the damage by restoring Barry ‘s memories and Savitar ‘s by extension. [ 3 ]

Killing “ Iris ”

savitar remained in his hideout in an abandoned warehouse and passed the time by repairing his become of armor. As he was doing so, Killer Frost approached him, admiring the armor and remarking on them teaming up like they used to as Barry and Caitlin, though Savitar was promptly to remind his hatchet man that neither of them were who they used to be. Killer Frost pressed Savitar about his motivations for killing Iris, to which Savitar reiterated that Iris had to die otherwise he would never exist. Unconvinced, Killer Frost talk of his upbringing with Iris, citing it as possibly deterring him from ultimately killing Iris. Rising to his feet with an expression and voice fully of ramp and annoyance, Savitar coldly recounted being created as a disposable asset of his original self, nothing more than a cheap imitate to be thrown away when no long needed. He reasoned that if none of Team Flash cared about him, he should n’t care about any of them. Disturbed, Savitar asked Killer Frost to reiterate the commitment to the cause and re-prepare herself for her own actions. on the spur of the moment, Savitar was hit by a bracing wave of new memories in which the Flash met with Leonard Snart/Captain Cold in the past to steal a baron source from A.R.G.U.S. for Tracy ‘s weapon. When Killer Frost inquired about it, Savitar waved it off as irrelevant and decided to let them take it, declaring a speed-gun to be no equal for him .
As he prepared for the final confrontation, Barry ‘s plan was thrown off briefly when he suddenly realized that he did not know where Iris was since his younger self had not been told either. Determined to get things back on track, Savitar disguised himself in his old Flash undifferentiated and raced into S.T.A.R. Labs were he met Cisco, H.R. and Tracey. He told the group of obtaining the Dominator power source, and asked where Iris was. Without think, H.R. let faux pas that Iris has been on Earth-2, realizing his mistake excessively recently as Savitar turned to face them, revealing his scar boldness and his on-key identity. As the team looked on in horror, H.R. could alone choke out a single bible before Barry raced off to Earth-2.

As Joe, Wally and Harry Wells stood fix, Savitar burst out of the transgress in the S.T.A.R. Labs of Earth-2 in full armor. immediately, Kid Flash charged him and landed a number of blows against the armored speedster, before Savitar threw Kid Flash against the ceiling, caught him while falling, and viciously broke his branch with one stomp, tossing the young speedster aside. As Joe and Harry fired, Savitar mutely exited his armor and appeared behind Joe, Harry and Iris. Looking into Savitar ‘s madden eyes, Joe attempted to reason with Savitar by apologizing for disregarding him in the future, referring to him as Barry. Unmoved, Savitar angrily stated that Barry was not his name. Iris promised to go with him and begged him not to kill the others, though Savitar claimed that he would only do sol after they all watched Iris die. Joe begged Iris not to go but Barry interrupted, remarking that Iris had accepted this destine and that Joe should do the like. As Harry brandished a hidden gunman, Savitar grabbed Iris and raced back to Earth-1. He then chained up Iris in his lair and made a few adjustments to his suit, until H.R. used Savitar ‘s blade assemble to find Iris, tied up. The blade flew from H.R. ‘s hand and fixed itself second to his become, to which Barry saw H.R. and Iris running towards the exit, ordering Killer Frost to get Iris. [ 1 ] Barry brought the individual he believed to be Iris to Infantino Street, where the Flash adenine well as Joe and Tracy were lying in wait. Barry challenged Flash to try and be a “ hero ”, and dropped Iris to the grind. When he did, the Flash went and used the Speed Force bazooka on him. After avoiding a few shots, Savitar let himself be hit, making everyone believe for a moment that it was going to work. Savitar then burst free of the energy and revealed that he had the Philosopher ‘s Stone, which was made of “ calcify ” Speed Force energy that shielded him from the trap, taunting Barry over having given the stone to him when they initially discarded it into the Speed Force. Savitar then grabbed Iris and told the Flash that his future self had sentenced him to an eternity of sin, so Savitar was giving him the like, proclaiming that he was ultimately rid of Barry, before bringing out the spear from his armor. Barry tried to run to him and stop Savitar, but he cursorily stabbed Iris through the back, before speeding away, leaving the Flash to cradle Iris ‘s dying body in his arms, [ 14 ] cursorily revealed to actually be H.R. who had taken the fall. [ 1 ]

Ceasing to exist

After stealing the Speed Force bazooka, Savitar raced and found Killer Frost preparing to finish off Vibe, and ordered Killer Frost not to as he needed Vibe for the following phase of his plan. At that here and now, Savitar was hit by fresh memories of Iris alive, and in repugnance realized that he had been tricked and had rather killed H.R., which would in twist change the future to one in which Savitar was never created. Enraged, Savitar pointed out that Vibe ‘s own future had now changed excessively .
Upon returning to his lair in Mount Buccelato with Killer Frost and Vibe, Savitar ordered Vibe to convert the Speed Force bazooka into an interdimensional quantum splicer, which he would use in combination with a Speed Force portal site to fragment himself throughout all of meter, making it impossible for the approaching paradox to erase him from being, frankincense allowing him to exist and rule as a idol in every moment of clock time from the Big Bang to the end of the world. All he needed was for Tracy to build the Speed Force bazooka earlier than was intended, which was why he allowed the Team Flash members to live. When Vibe refused to help him, Savitar threatened to kill Killer Frost by taunting Vibe with the disclosure that Julian had developed a cure for Caitlin, leaving Vibe with no choice, and relented .
While he waited for Vibe to finish, Savitar flashed a new memory of his younger self waiting for him in a warehouse. Realizing that this would give him the opportunity he needed, Savitar met with Barry. Barry implored Savitar to let him save him, citing a fond memory of their parents to get through to Savitar. savitar allowed Barry to lead him back to S.T.A.R. Labs. once there, he was confronted by Team Flash being highly reluctant to help him, specially Tracy. Barry and Iris took Savitar aside where Savitar questioned the two over what kind of life he would have if they saved him, though they could not give any authoritative answers. Savitar besides remembered a certain device being used on future bane of the Flash while touring S.T.A.R. Labs. finally, Savitar decided he could not endure living in a universe where cipher treated him like Barry. Giving up on redemption, Savitar took the Philosopher ‘s Stone into the basement to be set to overload. As Barry and Wally got everyone forbidden, the Philosopher ‘s Stone exploded and obliterated the inner of the building complex, giving Savitar the chance to escape. He returned to his lair as Vibe completed the interdimensional quantum splicer, and ordered Killer Frost to kill, but Vibe was saved by Gypsy at the last irregular. Declaring what barely happened insignificant, Savitar picked up the interdimensional quantum splicer and left to enact his master design .
Knowing that the Speed Force would try to kill him because of the paradox, Savitar went to a ballpark on Central City ‘s outskirts with Killer Frost and the Speed Force cannon in handwriting. Savitar opened a Speed Force portal filled with bursts of orange lightning and explained to Killer Frost that the reason he had brought his hatchet man along was because of how the Speed Force deal with speedsters who mess with meter. As Savitar expected, the Speed Force unleashed the Black Flash out of the portal vein. Killer Frost fired off several shots at the Black Flash but missed. As the apparitional speedster raced to them and lunged at Savitar, Killer Frost fired again, hitting and shattering the Black Flash. With the Speed Force ‘s hatchet man out of the way, Savitar stood in movement of the portal vein and ordered Killer Frost to shoot him with the interdimensional quantum splicer, where multiple versions of himself formed in a line leading into the Speed Force, appearing to work. abruptly as the beam turned red, the clones disappeared and Savitar became whole again as the radio beam from the interdimensional quantum splicer rather went straight through him and into the Speed Force portal alternatively. As they looked on, Jay burst out of the portal vein and swatted Savitar away. Horrified, Savitar turned to see Team Flash ‘s powered members, Vibe revealing that the Speed Force bazooka had been turned into a skeletal system key which freed Jay from Savitar ‘s prison .
Seething with fad that he had been tricked, Savitar raced away with both Flashes and Kid Flash in cheeseparing avocation, while Vibe and Gypsy took on Killer Frost. Realizing he could not outrun the trio for long, Savitar first tried to block their path by chopping down a pair of trees, which failed. He then leapt high into the air out and turned and fired a bolt of lightning at the three speedsters, which knocked them all down. Savitar returned to Killer Frost equitable in time to see Vibe standing over, victorious. Swatting Gypsy away, he seized Vibe by the throat and prepared to kill Vibe with a vibrating handwriting ( similar to how the Reverse-Flash killed Cisco in an erase timeline and to how Zoom killed Reverb on Earth-2 ). At that moment, Caitlin turned on Savitar and blasted him away. Rising to his feet, Savitar reprimanded Caitlin, before bringing down Barry trying to flank Savitar. Admitting that his time was about up, Savitar declared that he would take down Barry with him by killing Barry ‘s foster class. As his back was turned, Barry rebelliously charged Savitar and phased into the courtship of armor, expelling the prison term remnant out of the armor. As he lay on the ground, Barry taunted Savitar. Amazed and confused, Savitar attacked without his armor, but was no match for Barry, and ended up on his knees .
As Barry stood before Savitar with his gauntlet-blade draw, Savitar in despair dared Barry to finish him off, believing that if Barry killed him, Savitar would still exist. It was all for naught, however ; Barry, alternatively, spared Savitar, destroyed the suit of armor and laid out his aghast adversary with a barbarous accelerate punch. As Barry walked back towards his friends, Savitar rose to his feet again and charged at Barry roaring with ramp, determined to take him down with him one room or the other, but only to end up being shot in the second by Iris, immediately killing him. As his body lay lifeless, the paradox had caught up and completely erase Savitar from being. [ 1 ] At the lapp time, a interpretation of Barry from 2018 along with his future daughter watched nearby and collected a firearm of Savitar ‘s armor. [ 15 ]
In a timeline that Savitar succeeded in killing Iris, his loop of universe continued and he and the Flash continued their war. Having his two “ former friends ” fight each early resulted in Killer Frost ‘s captivity in Iron Heights, but at the cost of Cisco ‘s hands. At some compass point after Iris ‘s death, Savitar was sought out by Wally for retaliation for Iris ‘s death, but Savitar defeated Wally, shattering Wally ‘s spine. Through unknown means, he besides caused Wally to be catatonic ( in which would remain so by 2024 ), besides making Wally see something that haunts wally for the rest of his life. It is implied that Savitar revealed his identity, and Wally could not understand and cooperate with this information. [ 2 ] Savitar was regarded as one of the Flash ‘s greatest enemies ( tied more than the Reverse-Flash, Zoom and The Thinker ) by Abra Kadabra and was always reasonably covetous of Savitar as he was the entirely one who ever sincerely broke his original self. [ 16 ]


Savitar ‘s actions impacted Team Flash flush following his frustration. With Savitar and Jay Garrick no farseeing in the Speed Force to keep it stable, its energies poured into the veridical earth, causing Barry to sacrifice his exemption by entering the Speed Force himself. He remained in the Speed Force for six months until his reelect to Earth was orchestrated by Clifford DeVoe in arrange to create the bus metas, making Savitar indirectly creditworthy for the bus metas ‘ creation. [ 17 ] [ 18 ] Although Abra Kadabra considered Savitar the worst enemy that Barry had to face compared to the likes of Reverse-Flash, Zoom, and DeVoe, [ 16 ] DeVoe himself regarded Savitar as one of the many “ children ” that the Flash faced and considered his speed inferior to DeVoe ‘s own baron of unlimited, though it is worth noting this was in a timeline where Savitar never killed Iris. [ 19 ] sometime before 2032 in a possible future where Nora West-Allen originated from, Savitar ‘s suit of armor was displayed within the Hall of Villains in the Flash Museum along with other memorabilia from past villains that the Flash and his team had fought and defeated. [ 20 ] When Iris was trapped in the Mirrorverse, she hallucinated the translation of herself from the night she was previously destined to be killed by Savitar. [ 21 ] When Psych caused Barry to hallucinate, Barry hallucinated Savitar attacking him and stabbing him through the chest of drawers. [ 22 ]


You, Joe, Wally, Cisco, you all shunned me because I wasn’t the true Barry Allen. I was an aberration, a disposable hero. Future you failed to mention that, didn’t he?… I was broken and alone. I wanted the pain to end and that’s when I realized the truth, Barry. God feels no pain. All I had to do was become one.
—Savitar revealing his origins to Barry.[src]

Barry ‘s prison term end, Savitar, possessed his other self ‘s morals and prize but besides his painful memories and dark within, as evidenced when returning to S.T.A.R. Labs while considering Team Flash ‘s offer to help him. however, after the death of Iris West, Savitar was shunned for being an aberration. Broken and absolutely alone, he wanted his pain to end but finally came to the realization that “ God ” feels no trouble ; frankincense causing to aspire to be one in order to escape his harassment but becoming a twist individual as a result of this ambition. [ 3 ] Since then, Savitar had a developed a god complex to the item that he demands that all other bow down and worship him because of it. He was besides arrogant to the point of being delusional as that the only thing that required him to become a god was to make adequate people believe in him as one. [ 6 ] To those who do view him as a deity such as his cult of followers, Savitar seemed appreciative of them enough to aid them in fourth dimension of need. [ 10 ] Savitar is besides egotistic, as he reveled in his condition as the fastest speedster in the multiverse but at the same time he had a measure of insecurity related to other potent speedsters to the point that he purportedly challenged so that they could no long pose a threat to his might. [ 6 ] savitar was besides pitiless in his actions to the point of cruelty, as evidenced by his murders of the CCPD officers and his treatment of the members of Team Flash. Savitar ‘s treatment as an aberrance had caused him to hate them for abandoning him ; which caused him to become who is now in the first plaza. [ 14 ] Savitar, in finical, hated his other self, going so far as to state that Barry is the villain ; he initially never sought conflict with Barry but was the entirely one to ever sincerely lose anything as a result of their conflict with one another. Savitar besides feels that his original-self had everything so far deserved none of it, indicating that on some level he desired his early self ‘s life for himself. [ 4 ] While not wearing his suit of armor, Savitar is seen to have a reasonably calm demeanor and even shown to make jokes, albeit in an attack to mock his opponents ; one model, was when Barry discovered his genuine identity, Savitar made a remark about, how it ‘s about like looking in a mirror and that how he had outgrown Red ( his early suit ‘s color ) another such case, is when Caitlin points out that his suit very makes him look like a god, who responded with a smile and said to dress for the subcontract you want. In malice of Savitar ‘s hatred for his other self, he does seem to have a academic degree of empathy left inside him. He empathizes with Barry for all the suffering Barry has endured so army for the liberation of rwanda from losing his parents. additionally, he showed empathy toward killing Iris, due to memories of love he has for her but ultimately chose to try and kill her to ensure his own being. additionally, Savitar hard states he has always been with Barry from the very beginning, as he refers to himself as Barry ‘s own bad enemy and his inmost demon ; something Barry admits to being true. [ 4 ]

Powers and abilities


For full list of his known powers, see Barry Allen.
Hindu god of motion.
—Harrison Wells (Earth-19)[src]

former powers

  • Invisibility: Due to Savitar being imprisoned in the Speed Force and the Philosopher’s Stone, he was unable to be perceived by anyone who was not also connected to the Speed Force. Cisco Ramon was able to see him in one of his vibes, due to Savitar having already escaped from the Speed Force. However, after the rest of the Philosopher’s Stone was thrown in the Speed Force which then led to him being freed from the Speed Force, Savitar was no longer invisible to Team Flash, as evidenced when he showed up on Team Flash’s surveillance camera.


For full list of his known abilities, see Barry Allen
  • Master manipulator: In his avatar as Alchemy, Savitar convinced Edward Clariss and other reborn meta-humans to become agents of his will. He was also able to advise and keep in line the rebellious Magenta. As Alchemy, he spoke to his cult members, leading them together to believe that he is a deity.[6] Barry himself manipulated Julian Albert and later Cisco Ramon to release him, using their own feelings against them. He was also able to trick Team Flash into getting the Philosopher’s Stone into the Speed Force and get Wally West to take his place as a prisoner of the Speed Force to free himself.
  • Skilled hand-to-hand combatant: Savitar is a capable fighter as evidenced by his rapid victory over other speedsters like the original Barry. His style is not as refined as Eobard Thawne’s but is as savage as Zoom’s; he uses his extraordinary speed to land powerful blows and throw his opponents around with his inhuman momentum.[6] While he was still trapped in the Speed Force, he often incorporated intradimensional breaching to switch the terrain to his preference in an instant, keeping his opponent disoriented and off guard, though he apparently lost this ability after being freed from the Speed Force.


For full list of his known weaknesses, see Barry Allen.
  • Cold temperatures: Much like other speedsters, Savitar seems to be weakened or at least momentarily stunned when exposed to an extremely cold environment. This was proven when Caitlin Snow used her meta-human freezing powers on an invisible Savitar. However, either his armor, imprisonment in the Speed Force, or higher level of power allowed him to shortly afterward break free and recover enough to escape.

erstwhile weaknesses

  • Connection to the Philosopher’s Stone: At some point, Savitar was defeated by the original Barry when the stone was sealed away in its box. Savitar can only maintain his presence in the world while the Philosopher’s Stone is in contact with the world outside of its containment vessel. However, now that Savitar is free from the Speed Force, with Jay Garrick taking his place in the Speed Force, the stone is no longer a weakness to him.


  • Armor: Upon gaining his remarkable speed, Savitar also gained a full-bodied suit of armor that is massive in size and demon-like in form and generates white lightning when he uses his speed.[6] Acting as a mechanized battle-suit, it opens from the backside. It possesses a thick, retractable spike mounted on each wrist and seemingly is able to disguise his voice. While in the suit, Savitar’s normal yellow lightning turns white.
    • Cold resistance: The armor protected him from Caitlin Snow freezing him solid, as he was able to instantly burst out of it unfazed and ran away.
    • Hidden blades: Savitar’s armor possesses retractable blades in its wrists as melee weapons.
    • Armor retraction: Should any part of his armor be broken off, it can immediately be drawn back to him from any distance, to the point where any broken off pieces can be telekinetically summoned back to the rest of the suit if it is close enough.
    • Voice filtering: Savitar is able to disguise his voice so as to not be identified as a megalomaniacal version of his past self. It is unknown if this filter is exclusive to the armor, as the same voice was used when he spoke through the people he possessed.
    • Advanced durability: The armor itself is extremely resilient and enormous durability, enough that Joe West’s bullets and shots from the Mercury Labs energy rifle ricocheted off him harmlessly. He also takes nearly no damage when The Flash or Wally West attacked him, although he was shown to feel pain when The Flash severed his arm blade with his vibrating hand and Jesse Quick stabbed the armor with the severed arm blade. However, as his suit has been shown to be removable, it’s possible that was a reaction to discomfort. So far, he has only been damaged by weapons made from its own material.
    • Advanced strength: The armor’s size, mechanized parts and material give it great strength, allowing him to effortlessly lift, drag and send people flying through the air with one hand. Even when his briefly lost his memories and, therefore, forgot his powers along with the original Barry, he retained his strength due to his suit, allowing him to lift Caitlin Snow against a wall with one hand. While operating without Savitar being inside it, the suit managed to throw Barry several feet and briefly pin him down with its foot before the speedster forced it off him.
    • Mental connection: To a certain degree, the armor can move and attack on its own, should Savitar be attacked out of his suit, though it is unable to use his speed.
  • Philosopher’s Stone: Barry went back in time and discovered this artifact long ago, using it to hire new meta-humans, and also to further enhance his power. He used this artifact up to the point of being defeated and trapped in the Speed Force within it by his original self until he was able to use it to escape his imprisonment. Barry was able to use the stone preventing from the speed force bazooka from trapping him in the speed force again.
  • The Flash suit:Barry still has his old Flash suit, which he used as a disguise to trick Team Flash into telling him that Iris was on Earth-2.


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Behind the scenes

  • Savitar served as the main antagonist of Season 3 of The Flash.


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