Scarlett Johansson reflects on ‘Black Widow’ Disney lawsuit: ‘It feels like some progress’

Scarlett Johansson reflects on ‘Black Widow’ Disney lawsuit: ‘It feels like some progress’

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Scarlett Johansson and Colin Jost welcomed a baby boy named Cosmo. Jost confirmed the news on his Instagram. It ‘s their first child together. entertain This !, USA TODAY BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. — Scarlett Johansson has had quite a class. In the past six months, the veteran film headliner welcomed a baby boy named Cosmo with her husband, “ Saturday Night Live ” comedian Colin Jost ; appeared on riddle in the massive superhero flick “ Black Widow ” after months of pandemic delays ; and filed ( and belated resolved ) a lawsuit against one of the most powerful studios in Hollywood. And on Thursday night at the Beverly Hilton Hotel – the customary base of the Golden Globe Awards – the thirty-fifth annual american Cinematheque Award Show honored Johansson, 36, for her storied career, which she started as a child headliner. The award is “ presented annually to an extraordinary artist presently making a significant contribution ” to film. The ceremony besides marked one of Johansson ‘s first public appearances since she sued Disney. In her lawsuit, which she resolved with the studio apartment in September, Johansson claimed the coincident streaming and theatrical performance handout of ” Black Widow ” broke her contract and affected her wage, which her lawsuit said was based in big contribution on box-office performance. It was a ferocious move, but on the loss carpet Johansson was all smiles, telling USA TODAY she ‘s glad she took action against Disney, flush though the site was ” a small piece chilling ” and felt like ” chartless territory. ” “ I feel very fortunate that I was able to stand up for what was correct, ” she said, with Jost standing by and holding her glass of champagne as he chatted up her Marvel co-star Jeremy Renner. “ In the end, I ’ m actually grateful that no one else will always have to deal with that, and so that feels good to me. & mldr It feels like some advance. ” With the lawsuit behind her, Johansson, who is besides ma to her 7-year-old daughter Rose whom she shares with her ex-husband Romain Dauriac, says she’s been busy soaking up the “ miracle ” of motherhood and ogling her 4-month-old. “ I ’ molarity very fortunate I ’ ve had time to enjoy my early motherhood and not be working indefatigably, ” she said. “ When I had my daughter, I think at this point I was shooting ‘ Captain America 3, ’ it was a set to jump into. I was very grateful to be working at that time, and now I ’ megabyte very grateful to not be. ” As for her future career goals, the actress has her sights set on opportunities behind the camera. “ possibly someday I would direct something, ” she said. “ I could see that being identical fulfilling – the right thing at the right clock. ”

Jamie Lee Curtis dons Swedish attire to meet Scarlett Johansson for first time

After the red carpet, top diligence players paid tribute to Johansson throughout the ceremony, including Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige and director Jon Favreau. But the most bizarre speech came from Jamie Lee Curtis who, admitting she ‘s never met Johansson in person, gave an unforgettable beginning impression by strutting onto the stage in full Swedish overdress, complete with a blond, braided wig. “ My appoint is Scarlett. I ‘m from Denmark, ” Curtis began, in a poor swedish accent, before revealing the truth. “ oklahoma, ( expletive ) it. & mldr The truth is, I was excessively faineant to try to figure out what a danish stress sounded like, and since they ‘re sort of close enough in geographic proximity, I figured that you fine, creative people would give me a break and merely be delighted by my outfit. ” Scarlett Johansson and Disney decide poisonous lawsuit over ‘ Black Widow ’ wage Curtis went on to say that, like Johansson, she is half-Danish, half-Jewish and a mother of two. Yet despite their similarities, the actresses have never met in person, Curtis said, save for textbook messages, gift exchanges ( which, “ for appearance commercial enterprise, that makes us identical close friends ” ) and a phone call when Johansson played Curtis ‘ mother, “ Psycho ” ace Janet Leigh, in the 2012 film “ Hitchcock. ” curtis then paused her speech to by rights introduce herself. “ Scarlett ! Hi, it ‘s Jamie ! I love you ! ” she shouted from the stage. “ I ‘m your biggest fan ! ” “ I’m your biggest fan ! ” Johansson, flanked by Jost and her brother Hunter, called back from her board about 50 feet away. “ No, I am your biggest sports fan ! This is perplex ! ” Curtis said. “ It was worth it to buy the kit on eBay just for that moment. ” Scarlett Johansson, Colin Jost welcome first child; Michael Che pokes fun at fans who care

Marvel president Kevin Feige teases ‘top secret’ project

And it turns out Johansson may have more marvel collaborations in her future. In between praising Johansson ‘s talents, Feige made a brief mention in his address that Johansson is working on another Marvel Studios enterprise. “ Jon Favreau mentioned recur occupation ( in his speech ), ” Feige said. “ We already are working with Scarlett on another non-‘Black Widow ‘ relate, peak secret Marvel Studios project. ”

The Marvel Studios president added that working with Johansson “ has in truth been one of the most memorable and reinforce collaborations of my career. ” “ Thank you for everything, ” he said. “ You ‘re, of class, a real-life superhero. ” As Disney and ScarJo battle, a look at more stars who reworked Hollywood deals during COVID-19

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