Marvel Just Teased Elizabeth Olsen’s Mutant Retcon

Ms. Marvel delivered the surprise revelation of Kamala Khan being a mutant – a major passing from her Inhuman comedian origins. The shocking turn appears to indicate mutants may be out there in the MCU, and possibly fans have already been introduced to some of them .
mutant abilities typically come from the presence of the X-gene at parturition, much leading to early-life super-powered disasters. The MCU has already delivered a major passing from this as Kamala had her mutant powers activated by an ancient bracelet, giving her the ability to draw power from the Noor Dimension, from which her ancestors besides originate. The disclosure came after her genius best acquaintance Bruno took a glance into her deoxyribonucleic acid and found there to be something of a “mutation.”
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Among the characters who have already been introduced to the MCU, but are devoid of their mutant nature due to rights complications, is Elizabeth Olsen ‘s Scarlet Witch. When Wanda Maximoff foremost debuted in Avengers : Age of Ultron, her powers were believed to stem from HYDRA experiment, but WandaVision changed things .
Disney+ ‘s reality-bending offered a wind that revealed Wanda to have had her charming powers from birth, with HYDRA ‘s Infinity Stone experiment alone enhancing what was already there. Wanda has since merely furthered her powers with the Darkhold, which she finally made the ultimate sacrifice to destroy.

With Scarlet Witch being among the most herculean and beloved characters in the MCU, most agree she will be back sooner quite than former, potentially even in her own alone project. But could the newfound being of mutants in the MCU be setting up a major exchange to her origin ?

Is Scarlet Witch a Mutant in the MCU

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During WandaVision Episode 8, which explored a series of flashbacks throughout Wanda ‘s life, Agatha Harkness commented on how her exposure to the Mind Stone affected her powers, suggesting that it “amplified what, otherwise, would’ve died on the vine:”

“ little orphan Wanda got up close and personal with an Infinity Stone that amplified what, otherwise, would ‘ve died on the vine. ”

With Ms. Marvel having established that the MCU ‘s mutants need to have their X-gene awoken by an external impel, possibly the Mind Stone did that for Elizabeth Olsen ‘s character. Wanda and Kamala have been established to have a preexistent connection to their powers that were only amply unlocked by an ancient force out .
now that the MCU has begun introducing mutants, possibly Scarlet Witch will return with a newfound origin since her charming discharge with the Darkhold has ended. After all, there are still gaps in her backstory that leave some questions up in the air travel. Most notably, the Quicksilver situation.

Which Other MCU Heroes Could Be Mutants?

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WandaVision established Wanda ‘s powers pre-dated her HYDRA experiment and were only enhanced by the Mind Stone, which raises some interesting questions surrounding Quicksilver and his super-speed abilities. If the Mind Stone alone amplified what was already there for Wanda, how does that explain the same exposure giving Pietro super-speed ?
As Wanda and Pietro, aka Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver, are mutants in the comics, it may be a dependable premise that they are in the MCU besides. Of course, there ‘s every possibility Wanda is precisely a enchantress in the MCU, and Pietro ‘s powers did rightfully come from the Mind Stone, but their mutant comic origins are surely celebrated .
If that were to be the case, that would make Infinity Stones a generator of X-gene activation, a lot like Kamala ‘s bangle. so, that opens up the hypothesis of Carol Danvers, aka Captain Marvel, being a mutant in the MCU, as her powers originally came from the explosion of a Tesseract-powered engine .
Changing Captain Marvel ‘s lineage would be a major passing from the comics, but as Kamala has already been changed to be a mutant in the MCU, all bets are sincerely off with Kevin Feige. possibly that could even make The Marvels a mutant team-up movie as it unites Ms. Marvel, Captain Marvel, and Monica Rambeau .
Speaking of Rambeau, her powers surfaced after walking through Wanda ‘s Westview Hex, possibly that activated existing mutant abilities in her. There ‘s every gamble that is n’t the subject, but if Kamala and Carol were to be mutants, it would make common sense for Monica to besides be in order to complete The Marvels trio.

The MCU will be introducing a character later this year who actually is a mutant on the comics side with Tenoch Huerta ‘s Namor in Black Panther : Wakanda Forever. Most previously believed his mutant origin would be abandoned for the approaching movie, but with Ms. Marvel immediately established as a mutant, it ‘s entirely right for the MCU to embrace that contribution of his quality .
One character who was recently confirmed to be born with their powers in the MCU is America Chavez. As a child, America unintentionally opened a Multiverse-hopping portal site aside from her homeworld, indicating she was born with her powers, opening the doors to them being of mutant origin .
The chances are slender that all of these characters will prove to be mutants in the MCU as changing the origins of some would undoubtedly infuriate many. But with mutants now hard established to exist in this world, it ‘s only a count of fourth dimension until more surface, and the X-Men are right around the corner .

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