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This dawn, writer Scott Lobdell, who has steered the adventures of Red Hood Jason Todd since the beginning of DC ’ s New 52 inaugural in 2011, announced this morning that he would be leaving Red Hood and the Outlaws — and, it sounds like, freelancer comics writing in general — following the series ’ 50th return later this year .

“ I ’ m stepping away from [ my ] alone remaining mercenary work on Red Hood and The Outlaws, effective immediately ” Lobdell wrote. “ Issue # 50 out in October will be my final examination issue. While I ’ thousand profoundly grateful for the last ten-spot years on a book telling the story of a tragically flawed man in search of redemption, I depart certain that my void will be filled by a dynamic newfangled voice. ”

The reference to Jason Todd as “ tragically flawed ” and “ in search of redemption ” is likely a reference book to Lobdell ’ s own by. The writer admitted to having engaged in sexual harassment back in 2013, and was accused again last year of harassment as the high-profile Flash Forward series Lobdell wrote was garnering attention. now, in the wake of Lobdell ’ s announcement, new allegations have been made on-line, accusing the writer of grooming behavior and sexual harassment .
Artist Tess Fowler was the first to come forth today, saying that Lobdell made inappropriate sexual comments to her when she was starting out in comics. ( CW : harassment, sexual violence )

Fowler ’ s post led writer Alex de Campi to come forward, saying Lobdell had acted similarly towards her, and that she knew of another exemplify within the past year of similar demeanor from Lobdell towards a “ new female artist. ”

Given Lobdell ’ s long-familiar history, and the recent reckoning the comics industry has been going through with creators like Cameron Stewart, Jason Latour, and Warren Ellis all being named for sexual mismanage, it ’ s unclear if Lobdell ’ south passing from Red Hood was a preemptive motion ahead of more allegations coming out against him.

The wonder remains now whether Bob Harras, the DC editor-in-chief who continued to employ Lobdell after harassment allegations were made populace seven years ago, and who besides reportedly shielded noted series harasser Eddie Berganza for years, will face any sort of repercussions for those actions .

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