Demon Slayer Star and Producer Hype Big Goals for Season 3

With the first two seasons and movie being a successful as they were, the producer and hurl behind Demon Slayer : Kimetsu no Yaiba have opened up about their hopes for the zanzibar copal ‘s third temper nowadays in the work ! The Entertainment District discharge of the anime was just a well received as everything that had come ahead, and thus all eyes have been glued to the zanzibar copal in order to figure out what as coming next. This includes even those who had been working on the anime ‘s production so far, and they have been getting quick for the following major arch of Koyoharu Gotouge ‘s original series. Producer behind the series Yuma Takahashi and Tanjiro Kamado part star Natsuki Hanae opened up about Demon Slayer ‘s anime production when they took the stage during a extra jury at Anime Expo earlier this Summer ( of which was in attendance ). not only did they reflect on how much had happened during the course of the first two seasons and feature film turn, but they opened up about what they hope to see happen with the one-third season of the series kicking off the Swordsmith Village discharge of the manga.

demon-slayer-season-3-swordsmith-village-arc-anime.jpg(Photo: ufotable) As Takahashi teased about Demon Slayer : Swordsmith Village Arc, studio apartment ufotable wants to put their best foundation forward with the zanzibar copal much like they have done with the previous releases. Teasing the lapp high octane action seen in those previous works, Takahashi teases that as Tanjiro continues to grow sol will the narrative and display for it. As for Hanae, he ‘s excite to see how Tanjiro will be growing angstrom well and is particularly looking forward to see two more of the Hashira in action with the coming discharge a well. As they end their teases, they hope fans will enjoy what ‘s coming our way.

Demon Slayer : Swordsmith Village Arc presently does not have a set release window or date as of this publish, but as teased by the manufacturer and star, the arch will see the Love Hashita, Mitsuri Kanroji, and the Mist Hashira, Muichiro Tokito, getting into the slurred of the action as the fights and challenges grow more intense with the coming bow. So there ‘s going to be a lot to see, and what are you most excited to check out in Demon Slayer ‘s next season ? Let us know all of your thoughts about it in the comments ! You can even reach out to me immediately about all things animated and other cool thrust @ Valdezology on Twitter !

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