‘The Flash’ Season 8 Review: Surviving Armageddon

share this : With the huge revelation in the season stopping point of Superman and Lois, it appears that The Flash is the end Arrowverse show placid standing over at The CW. not lone is it the last show set in the Arrowverse, but it is besides becoming the longest-running picture in the connective universe. With The Flash season 8 coming to a close last week and a one-ninth season coming erstwhile in early 2023, it will push past the eight seasons that Arrow closed out on. many shows become run down and recur stories the longer they continue, so did The Flash follow the lapp convention ? Or did the show produce something spectacular for the eighth excursion of our Scarlet Speedster ? Let ’ s suit up and speed off ! not caught up on season eight so far ? You can besides read our The Flash season 8 premier review, from separate one of Armageddon.

The Flash Armageddon [ Warning: Spoilers from The Flash season 8 are below ! ]

From Armageddon to negative forces: The Flash’s story

Continuing the pattern from season six, this season was broken into a series of graphic novels and interludes. Three graphic novels and two interludes to be claim, the first of which was the mini-crossover Armageddon. The five-part floor learn Barry Allen ( Grant Gustin ) face off with Despero ( Tony Curran ), an stranger from the future that accuses Flash of bringing armageddon to the populace. Throughout the five episodes, Barry requires the help of multiple superheroes from across the Arrowverse to either save the earth, though it ’ south unclear if the earth needs saving from Flash or Despero. By the end of Armageddon, Barry crosses multiple timelines to get to the bed of the mystery, before ultimately setting the timeline right .The Flash and Reverse Flash The best part of Armageddon was that it gave the Arrowverse a mini bon voyage, even though we didn ’ t know that at the time. The event brought together Jefferson Pierce/Black Lightning ( Cress Williams ), Alex Danvers/Sentinel ( Chyler Leigh ), Ray Palmer/Atom ( Brandon Routh ), and Ryan Wilder/Batwoman ( Javicia Leslie ). Some of them had previously said adieu to their individual shows, while the others would be canceled by the end of the temper. This mini crossing over was a shell of other seasons ’ crossovers, but it was dainty to get one last outing uniting the larger Arrowverse .

Graphic fresh : death revisited

The second graphic novel of season 8 besides saw the rejoinder of an old side from the Arrowverse’s past, but with a huge device. Robbie Amell returns as Ronnie Raymond adenine well as Deathstorm. As Deathstorm, Ronnie exhibits bright blue flames rather of his standard orange burn. He besides feeds off of people ’ sulfur grief, forcing team Flash to confront some of their thick losses, such as Chester ( Brandon McKnight ) with his forefather. Over the path of the six episodes in this collocate, we discover that Ronnie ’ sulfur grief traversed the population, before becoming Deathstorm. Meaning, that a part of Ronnie does live in Deathstorm, which explains why he wishes to make Caitlin Snow ( Danielle Panabaker ) his wife. This section besides dealt the heaviest blow of the integral season, giving fans the death of Frost ( Panabaker ) in her mission to protect Catilin from Deathstorm. The kickoff they give Frost in the close moments of this graphic novel and the first episode of the moment interlude was incredibly emotional. The sum of blubbering noises I made during “ Funeral for a Friend ” was more than I care to admit .

The final graphic novel for the series…I mean season

When Eric Wallace wrote this season, he thought there was a good chance that it could be the final examination season and initially wrote it as such. Although I didn ’ thyroxine know that when I was watching it, you could feel a common sense of finality throughout the integral temper. specially in this close chapter. The conjunction tissues of season eight were Iris ( Candice Patton ) and her time illness.

The sickness is initially treated by Deon ( Christian Magby ), however by the end of “ Funeral for a Friend, ” Iris vanishes. Her clock nausea and where she disappeared to becomes the focus on of the final report. Involving the negative speed effect and more science than my mind could comprehend, it becomes apparent that a war is brewing. The damaging travel rapidly effect is flooding Iris with negative tachyons, knowing that she would infect the positive speed forces, upsetting the balance wheel between good and evil .The Flash Jay Garrick The concluding struggle unite Barry with his daughter Nora ( Jessica Parker Kennedy ) and son Bart ( Jordan Fisher ), along with new speedster Menna a.k.a. Fast Track ( Kausar Mohammed ) against the Reverse Flash ( Tom Cavanagh ) for one epic confrontation. This fight felt like a series stopping point contend, with the Flash and his team winning out against the ultimate evil once again. It reminded me of the original Charmed where the sisters defeated the source of all evil for the final time. The entire final sequence felt like it wrapped up the stories nicely and didn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate command anything else – with the exception of the cliffhanger .

What worked in The Flash season 8

As always, the act in this series is good. The actors and actresses work together well. The draw delivered fantastic emotional scenes balanced by humor and witty banter. Danielle Panabaker stood out among the perch for her sour portraying Catilin Snow and Frost. The pain and loss Catilin experienced with the death of Frost is something that will stick in my mind everlastingly. It besides drove Catilin to extremes to bring her second, which makes sense in a display about superheroes and incredible scientific advancement. Cecile Horton ( Danielle Nicolet ) continues to be one of my favorite characters in the serial. The acting chops on Nicolet is just perplex and the study she does as Cecile is something that everyone should be watching The Flash for. Watching her grow in both her powers and as one of the most necessity members of Team Flash is the highlight of the past couple of seasons. With the insertion of her new powers of telekinesis, I can not wait to see where her floor is headed come season nine .The Flash: Fast track

The worst bits of The Flash season 8

The passing of Frost as a fictional character hit me hard and in many ways felt unnecessary. Yes, the sacrifice from Frost in her undertake to save Catilin was heartwarming, specially when the earlier part of the season distribute with Frost ’ s lack of emotions and position in the Flash family. It made feel to see her need to save Catilin, cementing her bequest as a hero. however, having just lost Cisco a season or so ahead, writing out Frost from team Flash felt like one personnel casualty besides many. There were thus many stories left in a character like Frost. Hopefully we see more of her in the future. By the meter the final episode rolled around, I was about tired of seeing Reverse Flash as the villain of the fib. Tom Cavanagh is a antic actor in every function he does, however, it ’ sulfur time for the writers of The Flash to put the villain to rest. There are enough of other adversaries to choose from, so let sleeping dogs dwell .

Overall impressions of season 8

This season is far from my favored, but it was still very effective. The Flash hush felt impacted by the pandemic, angstrom well as the large changes behind the scenes at The CW. I appreciate what they did give us with Armageddon, allowing for one final crossing between some of my front-runner Arrowverse heroes. I am incredibly grateful that The Flash is getting at least one more temper because I would have been disappointed if this was the concluding come out of the closet for our Scarlet Speedster. But what did you think ? Did you enjoy season 8 of The Flash ? Let us know on chirrup !

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