Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars Vol 1 8

Part of the Secret Wars (1984 Event) event

Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars Vol 1 #8

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325?cb=20171229074826 art by : Mike Zeck and John Beatty

Release Date

August 28, 1984

Cover Date

December, 1984

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Jim Shooter

1. “Invasion!”

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Jim Shooter


Mike Zeck


John Beatty
Jack Abel
Mike Esposito


Christie Scheele


Joe Rosen


Tom DeFalcoQuote1.png bad! Different — but not bad! well I ‘ll be an eight-ball ‘s uncle ! That ball just — equitable spread out and became a costume — and dissolved away the tatters of my honest-to-god one in the process ! NotDifferent — but not bad !Quote2.png


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outline for “ invasion ! ”

With She-Hulk in danger at Doombase, the heroes gathered on Battleworld rush to her care. Their approach attract the care of the Enchantress who has been drinking since she thought Thor was slain by Doom ‘s minions, but sees that he is actually alive and well, however she is excessively drink to join the fight. besides hearing the disturbance is Volcana who is however caring for the Molecule valet after he was badly wounded by Wolverine in an earlier struggle, she refuses to leave his side. While down below in the keep the crazed Klaw frees the Lizard from his cellular telephone. Elsewhere still, the rest of the villains are still pounding on the She-Hulk when they hear the attack and rush off to stop it. Before leaving, Doctor Octopus lands one more float in the hopes of killing She-Hulk. While in his quarters, Doctor Doom continues to try and recover after being expelled from the Worldship of Galactus as his bodyguard Ultron guards from the door. The heroes are ambushed by the villains and during the fight Iron Man ‘s armor is damaged by the Wrecker. The Thing tries to tackle the Absorbing man but abruptly reverts back to human form, forcing Spider-Woman to come to his help. While thor ties up Doctor Octopus, Pile Driver tries to square off against Hawkeye, but cowers away when the archer manages to strike him with an arrow. The Hulk comes crashing in on the Enchantress but is knocked out by her capture charms. When she tries the same thing on Captain America, he resists her retentive enough to knock her out with his shield. While Spider-Man squares off against Titania, Hawkeye and Ben Grimm run into Klaw and the Lizard and are concerned that they are outmatched. Iron Man, Mister Fantastic, Thor and Spider-Woman late locate Volcana and Molecule Man and try to attack. Molecule Man responds by erecting an durable screen around them and Volcana unleashes large fire blasts that fries Iron Man ‘s armor, but Captain Marvel manages to pass through in her light form, and the heroes cease their hostilities when they find out that Owen has been seriously injured. While not far away, Spider-Man manages to get the best of Titania, delivering her a humiliate defeat and knocking her out of the fortress. interim, Captain America and the Human Torch are squaring off against Ultron. ultimately the Torch defeats the automaton by unleashing his nova flare, overheating his circuits and rendering the killer whale automaton inert. Captain America then storms into Doom ‘s quarters and seeing the state that Doctor Doom is in, considers Doom no threat and leaves. With the conflict over, Mister Fantastic and the others find Hawkeye and Ben Grimm playing patty-cake, thanks to the circumscribed intellectual of their foes. Soon She-Hulk is found and is placed in the checkup bay along with the defeated members of the Wrecking Crew, while the stay of the villains are locked up. While back in the alien village, Colossus rushes the unconscious Zsaji to her room. There he finds the bottle of mind meld flatulence and uses it to learn what ills her. He discovers that the constant use of her powers to heal the assorted heroes have taxed her system and threaten to kill her. Colossus then professes his love to Zsaji. Elsewhere, Hawkeye and Captain Marvel fall to discover that Zsaji pushed her powers to the limit so she could revive the Wasp. While from their look out, the members of the X-Men notice that Galactus is getting perilously close to completing his earth devouring device.

back at Doombase, Iron Man is impress that Mister Fantastic seems unsurprised that an african-american is wearing the Iron Man armor. While elsewhere Spider-Man notices that Thor got a new helmet and ceiling. When Hulk tells Spider-Man that there is a device that creates costumes by think, he goes to check it out for himself since his own uniform is in tatters. Finding what he believes to be the machine the Hulk was talking about, Spider-Man thinks into it and a strange blacken ball comes out and lands in his hand. Spider-Man is surprised when the black begins to spread up his arm and envelops his body in a modern black and white costume. As Spider-Man begins to wonder why it does n’t look like his old costume suddenly the grate begins to quake. This is followed by a telepathic distress from Professor Xavier warning the heroes that Galactus is about to consume Battleworld .


continuity Notes

Chronology Notes

Events in this report happen behind the scenes that affect the chronology of the follow characters : Captain America:
Captain Marvel:
Iron Man:


  • The cover of this issue is one of the 32 that appear in the comic collection from the 2000 video game Spider-Man.

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