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Selina Kyle

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Irena Dubrovna, [ 1 ]
Kitty Smith, [ 2 ]
Cathy Whippes [ 3 ]

Kitty Smith,Cathy Whippes


( mother, deceased )
( sister )
( daughter )
( brother-in-law, deceased )
See Notes department for other potential relatives Brian Kyle (father, deceased) Maria Kyle (mother, deceased) Maggie Kyle (sister) Helena Kyle (daughter) Simon Burton (brother-in-law, deceased)See Notes section for other possible relatives


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Gotham City





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Thief, [ 4 ] Vigilante, Adventurer · Former Prostitute












New Earth · Earth-85


Bill Finger · Bob Kane

First Appearance
Batman #404
(February, 1987)
Quote1.png My world is all just shades of grey, Batman. That’s why you’ll never really understand me. It’s about good people being forced into bad situations. That’s my territory… in between right and wrong. Which is a place you can never go. And we both know it. Quote2.png

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Selina Kyle is Catwoman, a costume adventurer who ‘s been both a super-hero and super-villain. Beginning her career as a thief and foe to Batman, she later turned to crime-fighting and became share of the Batman Family. Despite her nefarious nature, she works hard to protect the East end of Gotham City.

early life

Selina Kyle ‘s early life was defined by calamity. When she was good a girlfriend, her brutalize mother Maria committed suicide and her violent father Brian drink in himself to death soon after. Selina was separated from her younger sister Maggie when remanded to the Sprang Hall Juvenile Detention Center, an abusive department of state home for orphaned or derelict girls. finally, she escaped the Center and tried pickpocketing the crowd at a carnival outside Gotham City but failed. She was caught by the man who ran the place and he offered her to join the circus. Selina agreed and soon she learned the art of contortionism, gymnastics, magic and trickery. Using her new erudite skills, Selina besides improved her pickpocketing skills. When the owner of the carnival died in a tragic accident, Selina decided to take her chances on the streets of Gotham, surviving as a petit larceny thief. [ 5 ]


Main articles: Catwoman Origins, Batman: Year One, and Catwoman: Her Sister’s Keeper
Selina began working as a prostitute in the East end to get by. She watched over an minor girl named Holly Robinson while working for their abusive pander Stan. [ 4 ] After a peculiarly aggressive beat from Stan, Selina passed out near the Immaculate Virgin Mission, a nunnery where her sister Maggie served as a conical buoy. She was sent to the hospital, where she was visited by Detective George Flannery. He took compassion on her and told her of Ted Grant, a man who could teach her how to fight and defend herself. She met with Ted and he agreed to train her. Selina first met Bruce Wayne when he was walking through the East End and solicited by Holly. He rejected her advances and Stan berated Holly, causing Bruce to attack him. Fearing for Holly ‘s guard, Selina approached and crusade Bruce, but was knocked out. later, she returned to Ted and asked him to train her in the use of the bullwhip. One night, Selina was woken up by the news that the Batman was being cornered by patrol in Robinson Park. She and holly decided to see for themselves, and Selina saw firsthand Batman making his scat. Seeing Batman in action gave her the estimate that she could become a animal of the night like him. [ 6 ] Selina returned the beat Stan gave her and left him, taking holly with her and declaring that she was changing her cable of cultivate. [ 7 ] She fashioned her own costume, inspired by her love of cats, and began operating as a guy burglar : the Catwoman. On one of her beginning heists she robbed the home of gang knob Carmine Falcone and decided that, to distinguish herself, she would claw the faces of her victims, starting with Falcone. It was here that Batman saw her in action for the first time, and he left without saying a word. [ 8 ] As Catwoman, she visited Maggie at the nunnery and the two sisters argued. After Selina left, Maggie was kidnapped by Stan, who was angered at Selina for defying him. [ 9 ] Stan contacted Selina and told her that he had her baby. She tracked him down as Catwoman, finding him dangling Maggie off a ledge. Catwoman fought Stan and Maggie fell. Stan lost his remainder in the struggle and fell to his death, while Maggie was rescued by Batman before she hit the grind. [ 10 ] Some time late, Holly was beaten by a defile police officeholder, Ethan Strunk, prompting Catwoman to track him down. As she attacked Strunk she was stopped by Batman. He attempted to convince her to let the patrol softwood with Strunk, but Catwoman retorted that Gotham ‘s corrupt police force would never allow him to face justice. She kissed Batman before wounding his thorax, allowing her to flee. Selina left Holly with Maggie to be raised with her in a convent. [ 11 ] Following a distortion of the time stream, Selina ‘s history as a prostitute was erased. rather, she continued to survive on the streets as a thief. [ 12 ]

The Long Halloween

Main article: Batman: The Long Halloween
Selina met an acquaintance, Bruce Wayne, at the wedding of Johnny Viti, a penis of the Falcone Crime Family. The copulate immediately hit it off, though Selina was unaware of Bruce ‘s identity as Batman, or that he was the man she fought on the streets of the East end years earlier. Catwoman attempted to once again rob Carmine Falcone ‘s penthouse that night, but was interrupted by Batman and the two were forced to flee. Falcone placed a amplitude on both the Bat and the Cat, offering one million dollars to whoever could kill either one of them. When the Holiday Killer first hit in Gotham, Catwoman began her own investigation but was soon discovered by Batman. She offered her aid in resolving the character, which Batman reluctantly accepted. [ 13 ] Catwoman followed Batman from a distance as he unraveled the mystery, while in their civilian identities Selina grew closer with Bruce – until he fell under the mind control of Poison Ivy. Catwoman realized Ivy was responsible and rescued Bruce from her clutches. [ 14 ] She late jumped in to assist Batman while he was fighting Scarecrow and the Mad Hatter. [ 15 ] Catwoman joined the other ‘ costumed freaks ‘, led by a newly-turned Two-Face, in confronting Falcone for control of Gotham City. This led Batman to question where her allegiances in truth lied, to which Catwoman responded that she was on the like side as always : her own. [ 16 ]

Dark Victory and When in Rome

Main articles: Batman: Dark Victory and Catwoman: When in Rome Through her connections with the Falcones, Selina learned that the body of Carmine Falcone had gone missing. As Catwoman, she approached Sofia Falcone, the headway of the Falcone Crime Family since her father ‘s death, offering to retrieve Carmine ‘s consistency in exchange for a million dollar fee. She tried to locate Falcone ‘s cadaver at the Gotham morgue, but was knocked out by the Riddler who tied her to the conveyer belt of the crematory to be incinerated. She was rescued by Batman, who had been following her from a distance. Catwoman was infuriated by Batman ‘s constant redemptive of her and hated the mind of being another ‘damsel in distress ‘ to him. [ 17 ] Selina decided to leave Gotham and headed to Rome, seeking to far investigate the Falcones through their relatives in Italy. She took the Riddler with her, believing his flair could prove utilitarian. Upon landing in Rome she was greeted by Christopher “ The Blond ” Castillo, a gangster who worked under Don Verinni, the ‘boss of bosses ‘ in the italian mob. As Catwoman she attempted to interrogate Verinni but he died from ingesting Joker Venom before he could give her any answers. [ 18 ] Verinni ‘s son, Guillermo, placed a hit on both Selina and Catwoman ( who he thought to be two separate, but related, people ). Selina survived a number of attempts on her life, including one in which her attackers wielded Mister Freeze ‘s Ice Gun. She besides began having distressing nightmares, all featuring Batman. possibly due to his attraction towards her, The Blond gave Selina, and Eddie by propagation, his protection. [ 19 ] He advised Selina to offer Guillermo something in commute for him calling his forces off. Catwoman attempted to steal a ring that used to belong to the syndicate from Vatican City, but to her surprise she was attacked by the Cheetah. [ 20 ] The Blond shoot Cheetah with a tranquilizer before she could kill Catwoman, but she awoke and fled with the ring. [ 21 ] Catwoman interrogated Guillermo and he gave her the location of Louisa Falcone, Carmine ‘s ex-wife. Selina tracked her down and concede to her that she believed she was in fact Carmine and Louisa ‘s daughter, a suspicion that arose after she had found a photograph during her beginning armed robbery at Carmine ‘s home back in Gotham. Louisa denied that she had a daughter other than Sofia, and Catwoman left. After suffering from another nightmare, Selina realized that she was being subjected to Scarecrow ‘s Fear Toxin. She discovered the Riddler was responsible for all of the attacks on her, and he had brought the Joker Venom, Freeze ‘s gun, Cheetah and Scarecrow into the nation. [ 22 ] Just as Catwoman confronted the Riddler, the boat went up in flames. The Blond rescued Selina, and some time belated informed her that Louisa had in fact given birth to another daughter after Sofia. The girl was sent to the United States and given up for borrowing. He had no evidence that the girl was Selina, but she believed herself to be Carmine and Louisa ‘s daughter. Selina recovered the invaluable ring she stole from the Vatican and returned to Gotham with no conclusive proof regarding her parentage. [ 23 ]

The Tin Roof Club

Main article: Catwoman: The Tin Roof Club Selina purchased a cabaret for extra income, calling it the Tin Roof Club. When she stole a invaluable brooch and hid it with Holly, she began taking heat from early criminals. [ 24 ] Upon visiting Holly in New Jersey to collect it, Holly ‘s family exploded. [ 25 ] Holly died in Selina ‘s arms. Selina figured out that Holly ‘s conserve Arthur killed her so he could keep the brooch. [ 26 ] Flannery helped Catwoman frame Holly ‘s husband for mangle, and he was sent to prison. [ 27 ] Holly ‘s death would late be undone by the aleration to the meter pour, erasing this story. [ 28 ] Catman incidentally released a tiger, and Catwoman was blamed for the deaths that resulted. In retaliation, she threw Catman off a ceiling and assaulted the reporter who accused her. [ 29 ] Catwoman was then targeted by the white slave trade. Sarah Essen and Vicki Vale helped her take the slavers down when all three of them were captured. [ 30 ]

Sorrow Street

Main article: Catwoman: Sorrow Street The agitate Mister Handsome targeted Catwoman, as he had dedicated his life to destroying beauty. When she was caught, he caged her with a monster as a ghastly allegory to Beauty and the Beast. however, he was unable to crush her spirit, and she graciously defeated him. [ 31 ] Selina ‘s neighborhood in Brideshead was taken over by a crimelord named Bracuda. [ 32 ] Catwoman investigated his operation, as he had forced all of the legitimate shop-owners out. [ 33 ] The defile cops on Bracuda ‘s payroll got involved, and it turned into a rioting. [ 34 ] Catwoman fought Bracuda and forced him to flee, allowing her to take his valuable assets. [ 35 ]


Main articles: Batman: Knightfall and Catwoman: Lifelines
After Bane broke Batman ‘s back, he started taking over the Gotham underworld. His henchmen tried to recruit Catwoman and have her workplace for Bane, but she refused the put up. [ 36 ] Bane tried to learn Catwoman ‘s identity, but she had hidden her birth name “ Selina Kyle ” behind dozens of aliases. Leopold sold her out. Catwoman ‘s apartment was blown up by an assassin targeting Bane. [ 37 ] The assassin fled to Santa Prisca, and she followed by hitching a ride on Bruce Wayne ‘s secret plane. [ 38 ] [ 39 ] Leopold told Catwoman that Bane had been defeated by a new Batman. [ 40 ] Arizona was taken home by her parents, suffering from amnesia. Catwoman took out the assassin, unwittingly saving Santa Prisca ‘s dictator. [ 41 ] The dictator offered her protection, and she made a huge cargo saving him from an attempted coup. When she returned to Gotham, she had Leopold killed for betraying her. [ 42 ] After this, Catwoman became involved with a group of activists called The “ Friends of the Earth Nature Magic Alliance ”. Working with them to prevent a terrorist attack, Catwoman stole a baneful toxic agentive role, [ 43 ] which attracted the new Batman ‘s care. Catwoman realized that this was a different Batman and she tried to get away with the steal chemicals, [ 44 ] but the new Batman followed her all the way to a construct in the middle of Gotham, where the police surrounded them, and Catwoman was left to confront them alone. [ 45 ] Catwoman managed to escape and tipped off the localization of the chemical agent to the patrol, after which she used Batman to distract the terrorists and claim a victory for her own agenda. [ 46 ] later, Catwoman tried to steal cybernetic enablers from the corrupt businessman Penn Selkirk. She needed the technology in ordering to save a friend who was hospitalized and therefore Catwoman tried to steal from him, but she was captured and taken to his penthouse, where she broke free and tried to learn the truth behind Selkirk ‘s business, until she was stopped by a frenzied Batman. Adding to her confusion, a second Batman appeared and challenged the beginning Batman for the rights to claim the mantle of the squash racket. [ 47 ] The fight of the Batmen was used as a distraction by Selkirk, who tried to escape on his secret helicopter, but Catwoman managed to get on the chopper and prevented his safety valve. [ 48 ] The helicopter crashed on clear of a bridge and Catwoman was knocked unconscious. She was rescued by Batman and she realized that the real Batman had returned. together, they rescued Selkirk and his men, but the hood tossed away the nervous enabler, forcing Catwoman ‘s hand. [ 49 ] Selina allowed the patrol to take Selkirk and belated, she went looking for the nervous enabler at the bottom of the river. She located it and after one final examination confrontation with Selkirk, she delivered the enabler to the hospital, where it was most want. [ 50 ]


Main article: Batman: Contagion When the Apocalypse Virus broke out in Gotham, Catwoman was hired by the Penguin to track down a survivor named Kendall Stuart. [ 51 ] She was forced to team up with Azrael and Robin against a bounty hunter named Tracker. [ 52 ] They ultimately grabbed Stuart, but he was assassinated by the order of St. Dumas. [ 53 ] The group teamed up to find another survivor named Fong, but he killed himself when he met them. [ 54 ] Catwoman tracked down the last survivor alone, a student named Leanore We in Miami, and dragged her back to Gotham. [ 55 ] It was discovered that survivor rake was useless, but Leanore wanted to help anyhow. Catwoman was inspired by this, and stayed to help until a remedy is found. [ 56 ] Catwoman was stealing from a promenade when the 7.6 earthquake hit. Despite her selfish inclinations, she worked hard to bring everyone to condom. [ 57 ] While patrolling the city to stop looters, she met Poison Ivy. Ivy tried to control the vulnerable city with plants, and Catwoman scantily managed to stop her. [ 58 ]

trail of the Catwoman

Main articles: Slam Bradley: Trail of the Catwoman, Catwoman: Anodyne, and Catwoman: Disguises
When a subcontract went wrong in Morocco, Selina ran out of money and had to return to Gotham. To build up her funds, she planned a huge heist on a prepare owned by Frank Falcone. Her accomplices included Falcone ‘s prostitute Chantel, retired gunman Jim Stark, a swindler named Jeff, and her fence Swifty Burgess. [ 59 ] Mayor Dickerson hired Slam Bradley to track her down, but Selina convinced him to leave her alone. [ 60 ] The armed robbery went wrong when Falcone was tipped off, and everybody died except Selina. Slam tried to stop her from escaping with the money, and she shot him in the shoulder before lighting him a cigarette. [ 59 ] Selina became fed up with the glamorous life style she had been leading since becoming affluent through her exploits as Catwoman, and felt she had strayed from her master way of looking out for others. She decided to move back to her childhood home of Gotham ‘s East end and competitiveness for the cast-offs of company. She was surprised to find her old ally Holly Robinson at her safe family in the East End. Holly had given up life as a conical buoy and was back working on the streets, and she informed Selina that person was killing prostitutes in the local area. [ 61 ] Catwoman managed to track down the murderer, a man named Todd Russell with powers identical to those of Clayface. She restrained him in a deep-freeze and left him for Batman to deal with. Selina besides recruited Holly to work for her clandestine on the streets, with the aim of Holly acting as her eyes and ears. [ 62 ] Holly ‘s clandestine work came to a crippled when she was shot after witnessing the murder of an clandestine police officer by other officers. Selina was determined to get to the penetrate of the site and recruited Slam Bradley to help her investigate. They discovered that a excerpt of bribe patrol officers were operating in the East End, and they had since framed Holly as the murder suspect. [ 63 ] After destroying a van containing hundreds of pounds of arrant heroin, Catwoman exposed the officers ‘ crimes, leading to their arrests and clearing Holly ‘s name in the process. Unbeknownst to Selina, the officers had been working for the Black Mask, who vowed to exact his revenge on Catwoman. [ 64 ]


Main article: Catwoman: Relentless Using millions of dollars worth of steal funds, Selina anonymously funded the construction of a community plaza in the East End, hoping to provide something positive for the residential district. She noticed an addition in the number of children stealing on the streets, and followed one of the children to their hideout – the like place Selina had operated from during her own childhood as a thief. There, she discovered her childhood supporter Sylvia Sinclair, who had recently been released from a drawn-out prison prison term, leading the mathematical process. [ 65 ] many years ago, during her early career as Catwoman, Selina assisted Sylvia on a burglarize. however, the duet by chance set off an alarm notifying the patrol, and Catwoman was forced to abandon Sylvia in ordering to escape herself, which had led to Sylvia ‘s captivity. [ 66 ] To her surprise, Selina ‘s sister Maggie and her conserve Simon arrived in Gotham to pay her a visit. They joined her at the distinguished opening of the community plaza. As Catwoman looked over the construct at night, it was destroyed in an explosion. Catwoman followed the bombers escaping the picture, who informed her that they had been paid to do the job. Before they could reveal the individual ‘s identity, they were shot by a sniper. [ 67 ] That lapp nox, Simon, Maggie ‘s conserve, went missing. During a search to find him, Maggie besides vanished, and Holly was about hit by a car had it not been for Slam Bradley ‘s interposition. [ 68 ] Following a lead, Catwoman tracked down crimelord Xavier Dylan, who revealed that he had orchestrated the events at the request of the Black Mask, and with the care of Sylvia Sinclair. [ 69 ] Selina realized Sylvia still resented her over the fail burglarize, and had co-operated with Black Mask to get revenge. Catwoman tracked down Black Mask at his hideout, and discovered Holly tied up with Sylvia pointing a grease-gun at her head. Demanding to see her sister, Catwoman was chained up in a room where she discovered Maggie had been violently torment and her husband Simon killed. Distracting Black Mask and Sylvia with a turkey she had planted anterior to her capture, Catwoman managed to break barren and cursorily bested Sylvia in a crusade, before turning her attentions to Black Mask. In the clamber, Catwoman kicked Black Mask off the balcony of the build up, where he fell to his apparent death. Sylvia, having regained consciousness, attempted to shoot Catwoman but was shot and killed by Holly. Maggie was left harebrained after the torture she had been subjected to, and had to be committed to a psychiatric initiation. [ 66 ]

Wild Ride

Main article: Catwoman: Wild Ride Selina decided to take Holly to be trained in martial arts by Ted Grant, besides known as the superhero Wildcat, who had trained Selina during her early days as Catwoman. At night, Catwoman and Wildcat went on patrol and came across a group of mysterious assassins who had attempted to steal a statue of a caterpillar from a secret temple before they all disintegrated into debris. Catwoman interacted with the statue and was blasted with a glow of energy, injuring her. She and Wildcat returned family and Holly continued with her coach. [ 70 ] Following a lead from Slam Bradley, Selina traveled to Keystone City and came across Captain Cold. Catwoman agreed to assist Cold with a armed robbery to steal Jay Garrick ‘s helmet in switch over for the address of a world she was tracking. They managed to steal the helmet and Cold gave Catwoman the address. [ 71 ] She followed the address to Opal City. At night, Selina decided to explore the city as Catwoman and ran into the assassins once again. She fought them off with the help of Bobo Bennetti, before they dissolved. [ 72 ] Selina received a tip off from Slam that her aim had been found in St. Roch, and she traveled there with Ted and Holly. They ran into Carter Hall and Kendra Saunders, A.K.A. Hawkman and Hawkgirl. Carter was able to give Selina some information on the assassins that were following her ; they were members of an ancient egyptian cult called the Beti-Ma that worshipped the cat-o’-nine-tails goddess Bast. That night, Selina had Hawkgirl fly her and Holly to a restaurant where Holly ‘s long-lost brother Davey was working and they were reunited. Selina and Slam had decided to track him down after Selina realized the importance of family following the calamity involving her sister Maggie. [ 73 ]


Main article: Batman: Hush

Catwoman crossed paths with Batman once again after she made off with a briefcase containing ten million dollars which had been paid as ransom money to Killer Croc. While Batman was fighting him, Catwoman escaped with the briefcase, prompting Batman to chase after her. During the pursuit, Batman ‘s wire was cut, causing him to fall to the ground and allowing Selina to return to the hideout of Poison Ivy, who had mind controlled her into stealing the money. [ 74 ] When Catwoman regained her senses, she met Batman again and offered her aid in tracking down Ivy, who had relocated to Metropolis. She flirted with Batman and, for once, he gave into his attraction towards her and the two shared a passionate kiss. [ 75 ] Batman and Catwoman both found the whereabouts of Poison Ivy. Catwoman confronted her first gear, but called for Batman ‘s aid using a button he had given her. together, the couple crusade Ivy, until she revealed her own secret weapon : a mind-controlled Superman. [ 76 ] The two managed to escape, and quickly hatched up a design to restore Superman ‘s mind. Batman stalled Superman and lured him to the street, while Catwoman kidnapped Lois Lane and dropped her from the ceiling of the Daily Planet. In that moment, Superman was able to resist Ivy ‘s judgment control condition and rushed to save Lois. Batman, Catwoman and Superman tracked down Poison Ivy and had her arrested. [ 77 ] Catwoman and Batman returned to Gotham, and curtly afterwards Selina attended the opera with Bruce – though the picture was crashed by Harley Quinn. Selina and Bruce both changed into their costumes and Catwoman aided Batman in fighting Harley, but was shot. Doctor Leslie Thompkins cared for Selina ‘s injury while Harley led Batman to the Joker. [ 78 ] Batman about strangled the Joker in a angry rage, and Catwoman tried to prevent him from doing something he ‘d late regret. Batman subdued her by exploiting her bullet train wound, and once again attempted to kill the Joker, fearing that he would one day come for Selina as he had Barbara Gordon and Jason Todd. Batman was merely restrained by Commissioner Gordon pulling a gun on him. [ 79 ] Following a conversation with Nightwing, Bruce was inspired to let Selina closer into his life and tell her about his true identity as Batman. Batman met with Catwoman at the Gotham Zoo and took off his mask. [ 80 ] Bruce entrusted Selina to watch over Talia al Ghul while he confronted her forefather Ra ‘s, who he believed to be behind his misfortunes as of late. The assassin Lady Shiva came to retrieve Talia on behalf of the League of Assassins, prompting Catwoman to fight Shiva. She was no equal for the master assassin and was about killed, had it not been for Talia ‘s intervention. [ 81 ] Catwoman returned to the Batcave with Batman and was attacked by Robin who was apparently angry at her being let into Bruce ‘s life sentence ; Selina was unaware that this was a ruse mean to test how she would react, and Tim was in fact accept of Bruce ‘s decisiveness. She was subsequently attacked by Huntress, who had been exposed to Scarecrow ‘s Fear Toxin, [ 82 ] and rescued Robin from Clayface, who had disguised himself as a revived Jason Todd. [ 83 ] After Batman ‘s kill of Hush and the Riddler, who had orchestrated the entire ordeal, Catwoman met Batman as he mourned the end of Harold Allnut. Bruce began to doubt his mental clarity after a trace from Scarecrow that his mind had been manipulated, and questioned Selina ‘s true intentions. Selina replied that until he learned to truly trust her they could never be together, and left Bruce alone. [ 84 ]

crisis of conscience

Catwoman promote proved herself as an ally of Batman when she fought aboard him and the League against the erstwhile Secret Society, of which she had once briefly been a member. Wounded, she was taken to the Batcave to recover. When Despero and a cabal of brainwashed League members infiltrated the cave and succeeded in brainwashing Batman, Catwoman was able to send a distress call out to the insensible League members. After a fierce conflict, Despero was subdued. however, this was something of a excavate victory, since all recognized that Despero was able to pit the JLA members against one another by drawing upon preexistent animosities and distrust. In reaction to Batman ‘s inquiry about her wounds, Selina departed the Batcave after curtly informing Batman that he had already “ done enough. ” Catwoman appeared to be wholly reformed for a clock and her love for Batman on-key ( although brash and unpredictable ). however, it became unclear if her reclamation was of her own volition or the resultant role of a mindwipe by Zatanna, a operation known to deeply affect and, in at least one case, physically incapacitate its victims. Selina had no inkling that any villains had been mindwiped until Batman informed her differently, worried that her reformation may be due to mental manipulation .

The One You Love

An inflow of supervillains seized manipulate of the East End, leaving Selina with no choice but to join the new incarnation of the Secret Society. While her initial intentions were ill-defined, Selina shared her plans to infiltrate and destroy the cell of East End villains with Batman. Selina made a consider with a former criminal who had powers like to Clayface that had promised to help her in exchange for his freedom. The man impersonated her, and allowed respective villains to shoot and dismember him, giving the impression to the hell that Catwoman was truly dead ( like Clayface, the man was able to survive what would otherwise be fateful wounds ). Capitalizing upon the advantage which her “ resurrection ” provided her ( the villains believing she had somehow managed to cheat death ), Catwoman dismantled the fresh East End cadre of criminals, one villain at time. After she was done, Zatanna appeared at her side, informing her that she had some “ badly news ”. Selina ended up fritter Black Mask while dealing with the East end criminals .

One class former

Selina Kyle was no longer Catwoman. She left the East End, and gave birth to a daughter named Helena. Holly Robinson took over as the new Catwoman while Selina, living under the alias Irena Dubrovna, turned her attention to caring for her daughter. Though she took her function as a new mother quite seriously, Selina donned the costume for a run through the East End some days after Helena ‘s birth. Having intelligibly gained a few pounds, Selina found that her costume is now a compressed equip. In addition, she was well distracted by a park criminal. Although the site was defused through Holly ‘s opportune arrival, the fact that there were two Catwomen active in the city was caught on video. Selina returned home from her adventure to find that the mysterious movie aficionado Film Freak had deduced her alias. Joined by Angle Man, they grabbed Helena. After rescuing her daughter, Selina convinced Zatanna to mind-wipe Film Freak and Angle Man in ordain to preserve her hidden identity. Following the procedure, Angle Man turned himself in to the authorities ; Film Freak, however, embarked upon a homicidal rampage. Ted Grant informed Selina that Holly had been arrested for the mangle of Black Mask ; Selina infiltrated the police post and freed Holly. ultimately defeating Film Freak, Selina returned base to find that Slam Bradley had deduced that Helena was Sam Bradley ‘s child, and consequently his granddaughter. Batman asked Catwoman to infiltrate the fierce tribe of Bana Amazons during their attack. Posing as a criminal, Selina gained the Bana ‘s confidence and thwarted a panic attack aimed at causing mass casualties in Gotham City. Shortly afterwards, Selina invited herself to become the newest member of Batman ‘s Outsiders. Catwoman and Batman besides had a romantic relationship which they both tried to hide .

salvation Run

While going after The thief, Selina is captured by Captain Boomerang, Deadshot and Count Vertigo of the Suicide Squad [ 85 ]. She found herself being sent to Cygnus 4019, a distant planet being used as a permanent solution to the captivity of Earth ‘s supervillains [ 86 ]. When the Joker and Lex Luthor created divide camps, Selina joined Luthor ‘s. She late discovered that one of their phone number is in truth martian Manhunter, who was reporting rear to Batman [ 87 ]. She is catch being sneaky herself and accused of being a spy, so she outed J’onn, causing him to be treated cruelly by the assemble villains [ 88 ]. She finally escaped the planet with the other villains .

Heart of Hush and Battle for the Cowl

Main articles: Batman: Heart of Hush and Batman: Battle for the Cowl
Catwoman joined Batman on a mission to capture Dr. Aesop, but their mission was interrupted by the unexpected interference of Hush. [ 89 ] After this, Selina went to talk to Zatanna about Bruce, who advised her to follow her feelings and act before it was excessively late. [ 90 ] late that night, Selina was attacked in her apartment by Hush. After a brief fight in which she had the upper bridge player, Hush managed to stab her in the stomach and took her to the Sacred Heart Convalescent Home, where he performed a operating room and removed her center from her body. Selina was late taken to the Gotham General Hospital, where Batman learned of her condition. [ 91 ] While Batman went looking for Hush to recover her heart, Dr. Mid-Nite and Mr. Terrific went to the hospital to make indisputable that Selina ‘s life was out of danger until Batman ‘s render. In the interim, Batman learned that Hush placed Selina ‘s heart on a machine created by Mr. freeze and that he was able of killing her at any moment. [ 92 ] After Batman recovered her center, Dr. Mid-Nite and Mr. Terrific were in commission of the surgery which was a success, and Zatanna appeared in Selina ‘s dream to ask forgiveness for not warning her about Hush ‘s incoming attack. During her recovery post-surgery, Selina was visited by Bruce, who told her that she was the entirely woman to have ever held his heart and that he will always love her. Selina and Bruce shared a brief reconciliation, after which Selina started planning her vengeance against Hush. With aid from Oracle, Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy, Slam Bradley and Holly Robinson, she managed to acquire the stallion fortune of the Elliot family, leaving Hush broke and defeated. [ 93 ] Some fourth dimension belated, Selina learned that Hush was impersonating Bruce Wayne and she tracked him down to Vietnam, where she used some hired aid to capture him. [ 94 ] After torturing Hush for a few days, she delivered him to Nightwing and Robin to be taken back to Gotham. On her way out of Vietnam, Catwoman disbanded a group of poachers, freed several alien animals and used a helicopter to escape. [ 95 ] A short time former, Selina returned to Gotham and resumed her activities as Catwoman after Batman ‘s death. While keeping criminals off the streets, she spotted Batman jumping across the rooftop of Gotham, something that would be impossible due to the recent events. [ 96 ] She followed Batman to a make-shift Batcave underneath an abandoned underpass system, where she discovered that it was Tim Drake, wearing one of Bruce ‘s batsuits. Catwoman saved him from a dangerous fall, but after discovering that the target was used as base of operations by a Batman imposter, she was knocked unconscious by this world. [ 97 ] Catwoman recovered after the attack and continued her cultivate on the streets, trying to bring criminals to justice. however, she was identical run down and as a result she could n’t stand against them. After failing to capture Firefly, Catwoman was left in electric shock when she spotted Black Mask, the valet she killed. by and by, she was confronted by the Batman Impostor and after a quick fight, she was knocked unconscious. When she recovered, she found herself surrounded by Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy and the The Riddler. [ 98 ] Selina, fearing the many dangers of a post-Batman Gotham, proposed that she, Ivy, and Harley Quinn team up, living together at a individual base. Ivy agreed under one condition : using home-grown drugs to weaken Selina ‘s resistor, Ivy demanded to know the identity of the true Batman. Time spend with Talia three years ago in Tibet had prepared Selina indeed would not relinquish the true identity of Batman under any circumstances. After the question, Selina saw Harley with Bruce Wayne on television receiver. Catwoman told Poison Ivy she knew it was Hush in disguise .
When the black rings came to Earth, Selina was attacked by Black Mask after being resurrected as a member of the Black Lantern Corps. After he told her that he planned on getting an aroused response before killing her, Selina stole a cable car and headed to the mental institution where Maggie was held, believing Black Mask is coming for her. Black Mask attacked the institution, and awoke Maggie from her coma. Selina arrived in time to help her baby flee into the sewers. While on the political campaign, Maggie angrily told Selina that she ruined both of their lives the day she decided to become Catwoman. Devastated by her sister ‘s argument, Selina failed to realize they were headed for a trap. just as Black Mask was about to gouge Maggie ‘s eyes out and shove them down Selina ‘s throat, Harley and Ivy arrived and defeated the Black Lantern by trapping him in the stomach of a man-eating plant. Selina was helped to her feet by her friends, who told her that Maggie had fled the setting. The future day, the staff members of the genial initiation were discussing Maggie ‘s miss, besides mentioning that a conical buoy that works at the hospital had been found beat and stripped of her uniform. Maggie was in the depths of the Gotham City sewers, clad in the bloody nun robes, muttering about her plan to kill Catwoman in order to free Selina ‘s person. now calling herself Sister Zero, Maggie attempted to kill Selina, but ultimately fled after being defeated by the Sirens. Her perturb mind realized that she could not murder her own sister, and consequently had to rather personally exorcise the “ cat demon ” from within Selina ‘s body .
After stealing the contents of a safe belong to the Falcone crime syndicate, Selina returned home to find Kitrina, a adolescent safety valve artist and Alberto Falcone ‘s retentive lost daughter, breaking into her room. She attacked and subdued Kitrina, who told Selina that she had unwittingly stolen a map that detailed the localization of the new Black Mask ‘s underground bunker. Realizing that she could use the map to capture Black Mask and claim the 50 million dollar bounty on his mind, Selina left Kitrina oblige in a lock in room so that she could keep the map for herself. She former called Batman to her house in regulate to turn the manque thief over to the police, but discovers that Kitrina had managed to free herself and steal back the function. This impresses Selina, who mentioned that she had tied up the child using an “ ineluctable ” nautical mile that Bruce had shown her years earlier. Following a massive battle with Black Mask and his henchmen ( which ended with neither woman being able to claim the bounty ), Selina agreed to take on Kitrina as her raw buddy, Catgirl. Selina was soon contacted by the mysterious Insider, who asked her to follow Vicki Vale and discover how much she knew about Batman and his allies ‘ unavowed identities. With some help oneself from Harley and Ivy, Selina last got the attest to prove that Vale was right about to discover the truth not lone about Batman, but of the Gotham underground a well. After giving the command data to Insider, he subtlety revealed his on-key identity and Selina realized that Bruce Wayne had returned. [ 99 ] Some clock time late, the Sirens helped Zatanna put out a massive fuel at a local parking lot near their home, entirely to be ambushed by a creature made of mud. After being dragged underneath the soil by the creature, Catwoman awoke bandaged and gagged on the deck of a dark room, and was cursorily forced into an magic trick by her spiritual world captors. Back in world, Talia revealed to the Sirens that just a few hours anterior, an nameless benefactor had offered up a massive honor to whoever could kidnap and deliver Catwoman to him, with the hopes that he could penetrate her mind and learn Batman ‘s hidden identity. Before the cognition could be ripped from her judgment, Selina ‘s captors ( Shrike and a new villain named Sempai ), were finally defeated by the other Sirens. Once Selina was freed, Talia ordered Zatanna to wipe Bruce ‘s identity from her memory, reasoning that her kidnap had proved that the cognition was besides dangerous for her to handle. The two women initially restrained Selina and attempted to remove the cognition from her, but Zatanna refused at the final moment and ended up fighting Talia and saving Selina. [ 100 ] once Bruce Wayne reclaimed the blanket of the cream, he established Batman Incorporated, a ball-shaped team of Batmen. Selina accompanied him on a mission to break into Doctor Sivana ‘s armory, and later traveled with him to Tokyo in order to recruit a japanese congressman for Batman Inc. Catwoman teamed up with Batman to stop Harley Quinn from breaking the Joker out of Arkham Asylum. After defeating Harley and the Joker, Catwoman told Poison Ivy that they were no longer friends, this after Ivy drugged her in an attempt to uncover Batman ‘s identity. shortly after, Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn escaped and set off to pursue retaliation on Catwoman for leaving them behind. The two of them found Catwoman and fought her. While they were fighting, Catwoman said that she saw good in them and only wanted to help. Batman was about to arrest them, but Catwoman helped the two of them escape .


Convergence Vol 1 0 Textless.jpgConvergence
This section of the history takes place during Convergence, a massive crossover event revisiting characters from past eras and realities. The villains This segment of the history takes place during, a massive crossing consequence revisiting characters from past eras and realities. The villains Brainiac and Telos plucked them from their own timeline and stored them in concert, causing them to cross over into each others ‘ reality. Its precise chronological placement and canonicity may be unclear .Roy Harper Cry for Justice.jpgIncomplete
There’s something missing here. This section of the article is incomplete, and contains information, but requires more before it can be considered complete. You can help DC Database by editing this page, providing additional information to bring this article to a higher standard of quality. There ‘s something missing here. This part of the article is incomplete, and contains information, but requires more before it can be considered. You can help DC Database by editing this page, providing extra information to bring this article to a higher standard of timbre. Two divide versions of Catwoman were taken to Convergence, the pre-Zero Hour version and the Pre-Flashpoint Version. The pre-Zero Hour Metropolis and Pre-Flashpoint Gotham were taken to Convergence by Brainiac and they were domed for a class. Pre-Zero Hour Catwoman defeated Intergang members, rescued a scientist named Sally and encountered the Batman of Earth-22. [ 101 ] She allied with the surrogate Batman to fight Bruno Mannheim and defeated him. She was then shot by a civilian with a gun and lay wounded and possibly dead. [ 102 ] meanwhile, New Earth Selina met with Poison Ivy and helped her fight off some goons. When the dome went down, she saw that Harley Quinn had to fight Captain Carrot and went to get her. [ 103 ] She then waited with Ivy for the results of Harley ‘s contend. [ 104 ]



  • Catwoman Costume: The skintight costume features retractable razor-sharp claws in her gloves and spring-action climbing pitons in her boots. Catwoman’s costume is designed to give her maximum flexibility and movement while providing her some anonymity, and stealth. Her mask covers her features, keeping her from instant recognition in her civilian identity. The material is a thick insulating cloth, protecting her from cold and wet conditions, while also being fire retardant.

department of transportation

  • Motorcycle: Catwoman occasionally uses a motorcycle for long-distance transportation, but generally prefers rooftop prowling for short distances.


  • Claws: Catwoman’s gloves and boots contain special retractable claws which are formed of a strong steel which extend from and retract into her gloved fingertips and boots when she triggers pressure switches. They can shred a bullet-proof vest, punch through an aluminum frame car door, or dig into porous surfaces to climb.
  • Whip: Catwoman is highly proficient in the use of the bullwhip. She employs a 12 foot long, black leather braided bullwhip which is normally carried on her person either in her boot, around her waist or in a small backpack.

  • There is a large amount of circumstantial evidence that Selina Kyle is the biological daughter of Carmine and Louisa Falcone, who Louisa saved from death by smuggling from Italy to America for underground adoption — enough evidence that Kyle herself believes it. However, it has never been conclusively proven.[117][23]
  • Catwoman has had many nicknames in the past, some of them include: The Cat, The Feline Fatale, Plundering Kitten, Princess of Plunder and Madame Moderne.
  • Selina’s alias, Irena Dubrovna, was inspired by the name of the main character in the 1942 film Cat People.


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