Elias Spector (Earth-616)

Elias Spector

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Elias Spector


[ 1 ]

Rabbi Spector

Affiliation and Relationships


Unnamed father (deceased);

Unnamed mother;
Mrs. Spector (wife);
Marc Spector (son);
Randall Spector (son, deceased)
Marlene Alraune (daughter-in-law)
Diatrice Alraune (granddaughter)
Peter Alraune (brother-in-law)
Peter Alraune, Jr. (son-in-law)

Marital Status


Physical Characteristics





  • Blue



Origin and Living Status



Living Status




Place of Birth


Place of Death

Chicago, Illinois

Personal Information


No Dual





Base of Operations

Chicago, Illinois

Creators and Appearances


Alan Zelenetz, Bo Hampton



Moon Knight # 37
( January, 1984 )
Moon Knight # 37
( January, 1984 )


When he was a kyd, Elias Spector fled with his mother and ‘Yitz Perlman ‘ from Nazi pursuance after Adolf Hitler invaded Czechoslovakia. Perlman was a nazi deserter who had adopted the identity of a long-lost rabbi ally of Elias ‘ church father in exchange for helping them flee to America. He had besides killed Elias ‘ don since he was the only person that know of his true identity. Elias, his mother, and Perlman settled in Chicago, Illinois, and Elias was taught by Perlman to become a rabbi. [ 2 ]

Elias late had a two sons, Marc and Randall. He would walk his kids to school casual, but him being a Rabbi caused his youngest to be bullied, but Marc was there to defend his younger sibling. [ 3 ] He was disappointed with his boy crimson nature and their compulsion with war, he believed that should concentrate on their education but his wife dismissed this as boy being boys. [ 4 ] As character of a supernatural method to extend his life, Perlman became a serial killer of Jews. After Marc stumbled upon his secret by chance, Yitz left the city and was never seen again. Due to the traumatic know, Marc developed a dissociative identity disorder, and never told anyone about Perlman ‘s true nature. [ 2 ] When Marc ‘s multiple personalities started manifesting, Elias interned him at the Putnam Psychiatric Hospital. [ 5 ] After his father ‘s death, Marc was allowed to leave the hospital temporarily to attend the funeral and a late lunch, but, after hearing Khonshu ‘s voice, he ran way. [ 6 ] After his death Marc resented his beget, believing that Elias was embarrassed by him. [ 6 ]


In the original continuity Marc was not sent to a Mental hospital. He grew up to be a angry disaffected adolescent getting into fights at school. [ 4 ] When he turned eighteen Marc joined a gymnasium a local and became a packer and fight for dirty money Elias confronted him begging him to stop. This infuriate Marc and he lashed out and punched his forefather disowning his son, the following day Marc left to join the US Marines. [ 7 ] A few years by and by, Elias confronted his son at another boxing peer after his youngest Randall joined the military arsenic good. He shouted at his son on for leading his brother astray but the stress caused him to have a minor kernel attack. [ 8 ] Elias late took on Reuben Davis as a student, who learned of the potential for charming power which could be obtained by mastery of Kabbalah, jewish mysticism. [ 7 ]

As an old man Elias later died of cancer and on his deathbed he called out for his son. His death unnerved Reuben Davis, who became fanatic about learning his teachers knowledge. He gave Elias ‘ eulogy and was reacquainted with Marc, whom he resented for abandoning his founder years ago. Reuban took up the identity of Zohar and exhumed Elias ‘ body, paying a group of teenagers to vandalize the cemetery to hide his actions. He stole manuscripts from his dwelling arsenic well to steal his charming secrets. Marc tried to hunt down the dangerous robber, when Marlene Marc ‘s girlfriend encountered Zohar as he was stealing the manuscripts, but he blasted her into unconsciousness and escaped. [ 7 ] Moon Knight found his layer and battled the magically impowered Zohar, he used to send his powers bet on at him. He then reanimated Elias cadaver using jewish inscription. A resurrect Elias attacked Moon Knight but he could not fight back and hurt his father. Marlene arrived and wiped the letters from Elias forehead killing him once again and they then returned his torso to his grave accent. [ 9 ]

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