Shang-Chi Star Changes Tune About Katy & Shaun Romance

In September 2021, Marvel Studios introduced fans to the world of martial arts with Destin Daniel Cretton ‘s Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings upon its theatrical debut. With Simu Liu taking on the titular hero alongside characters like Meng’er Zhang ‘s Xialing and Awkwafina ‘s Katy, Shang-Chi gave fans a thrilling search into a proportion of the MCU that had n’t been explored up to that point .
Most of the movie centered on Shang-Chi ‘s travel from being a valet at a hotel to one of the most mighty new heroes in the MCU, as he learned about his past with the Ten Rings administration and the Mandarin. The other big part of this venture was seeing the lead hero develop new relationships that helped him push forward, including a reunion with his sister Xialing and a deepening friendship with Katy.


Following the movie ‘s final examination moments, fans immediately wondered if Shang-Chi and Katy ‘s relationship would move past the friends stage into the dating stage. however, looking at what the future holds for the master warrior, Liu does n’t inevitably see that romanticist relationship being a undertake separate of his fib .

Are Shang-Chi & Katy Romantic?

Shang-Chi and Katy

Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings star topology Simu Liu spoke with former Iron Fist actress Jessica Henwick during her promotional tour for The Matrix Resurrections at the 19th unforgettable Gala, appearing on the Character Media YouTube channel .
During their chat, the subject turned to Katy and Shang-Chi ‘s friendship in the movie and if it will ever grow into something amatory, with Henwick asking Liu if Shang-Chi would always “put a ring” on Katy.


Liu admitted that he enjoys how Shang-Chi and Katy “work so well as best friends” and how it ‘s “refreshing” seeing a relationship between male and female characters that does n’t instantaneously become quixotic. Liu concluded with a firm “no” when pondering if the two should be romantically involved :

“ That ’ s a big interrogate. Shaun and Katy solve so well as best friends. I agree, personally, I agree, and I think it ’ mho refreshing when you see a man and womanhood on screen that don ’ t inevitably have to fall in love. I ’ molarity not saying that they never will, but it ’ second surely not hinted at I think in the movie. I think what they have is just truly like fantastic. I mean, I think it represents a batch of the male/female friendships that I have in life. I think we ’ ll learn where the report goes, but if you were to ask me now, do I think that Shaun and Katy should be romantically imply, I would say no. ”

This differs to Liu ‘s past comments on the count, where he previously stated “we’ll see what happens,” to now giving an outright “no.”

Shang-Chi and Katy Still Only Friends

Unlike most heroes in the MCU, Shang-Chi remains securely unmarried as the credits for his first solo movie began rolling. Differentiating him even more so in this respect is the fact that he seems to be perfectly content to be on his own, peculiarly taking his close friendship with Awkwafina ‘s Katy into score for the clock time being.


The two coworkers and high school classmates were about forced to learn more about one another in Shang-Chi, as the lead champion delved into his cryptic past and flew halfway across the world to find out the truth. Katy impetuously deciding to take that plane ride with him showed merely how much she cared about her friend, but it was never sincerely indicated that they ‘d take another step in that relationship .
Whether Shang-Chi ends up with anybody romantically in future movies is hush up in the air, but it appears that fans should n’t expect that the special dame will end up being Katy at the here and now .
Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings is available to stream on Disney+.


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