Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings Review

Shaun ( Simu Liu ) and his best friend Katy ( Awkwafina, Crazy Rich Asians ) are all but sleepwalking through liveliness as valet drivers at an upscale hotel in San Francisco. When a gang of assassins attack Shaun on a busbar and he disposes of them with relative comfort, it becomes absolved to Katy that her ol ’ toast buddy has been hiding a black secret .
Turns out, Shaun is actually Shang-Chi, a cold cause of death trained by his founder, Wenwu ( Tony Leung ), a maestro warrior and owner of the legendary Ten Rings. The friends travel to China to confront Wenwu, find Shang-Chi ’ second estranged, evenly deadly sister Xialing ( Meng ’ er Zhang ), and uncover the truth behind his mother Jiang Li ’ mho ( Fala Chen ) end, which could be tied to her mystic fatherland, Ta-Lo .
The cast is fabulously well-rounded—each actor brings something singular to the table. Leung gives the film a deep feel of gravity ( if you ’ ve seen his former exploit you ’ ll know that he tends to have this effect on the movies he ’ sulfur in ), and his machismo is balanced out by Chen, who exudes the kind of heat and inner-strength that alone mothers possess. Michelle Yeoh, like Leung, is apparently ageless and brings a measuring stick of authenticity to the proceedings as Shang-Chi ’ sulfur aunt. Liu and Awkwafina are fine onscreen partners deoxyadenosine monophosphate well, with the latter ’ randomness explosive personality serving as a dainty oppose to Liu ’ s pathos. While their chemistry doesn ’ t in truth snap until about halfway through the movie, they surely arrive at a beneficial place .
There are two kinds of acting going on in Shang-Chi, as there are in every martial arts/action movie. There ’ second acting with the face and voice, which is the conventional kind. And then there ’ s acting with the body–the physical thrust. Great action stars know how to tell a complex report without words, using their integral body, and the actors surely deliver in this department.

In a flashback, we see Shang-Chi ’ second parents ’ first date, which fair thus happens to be a flirty fist battle in an hex bamboo forest. Wenwu is balled-up, bro-ed out, and fights with wrath ; Jiang Li is calm, confident, and diverts his power graciously. The television camera whirl about them as they tussle, and on a strictly ocular level, their fib is laid out clearly–he ’ s an asshole, and she ’ second there to teach him how to not be such an asshole. The ocular storytelling going on in the fight scenes is what makes them rightfully special .

But if it ’ sulfur hard-hitting warlike arts action you want, Shang-Chi ’ s got you covered there, excessively. The hand-to-hand battle sequences are staged and filmed incredibly well and pay court to unlike styles of kung-fu movies, from the elemental ferociousness of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, to the urban see chaos of Jackie Chan. An dazzling, acrobatic brawl that takes place on scaffolding suspended hundreds of feet above the streets of Macau is just arrange one of the best fight scenes the MCU has to offer—it ’ s barely breath-taking .

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