Shang-Chi: Every Box Office Record Set by the Marvel Film (So Far)

In the four weeks since it was released, Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings has broken multiple records at the corner office. The Marvel Cinematic Universe ‘s films are constantly breaking box office records, and Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings is no different. recently, the latest MCU dismissal became the highest-grossing pandemic-era film in the United States, surpassing both F9 and Marvel Studios ‘ own Black Widow. It is besides one of the top ten-spot highest-grossing films of 2021 cosmopolitan .
Shang-Chi will finally make its way onto Disney+ on November 12th, but the film ‘s theatrical play is hush making headlines. In its fourth week of release, Shang-Chi became the top film of the weekend again, beating out Dear Evan Hansen for the No. 1 spot. To amply examine Shang-Chi ‘s success, here are the other box agency records that the film has broken sol far .

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Third-Best Opening Day of the Pandemic

Shang-Chi on the bus during his fight with Razor Fist Shang-Chi opened entirely in theaters on September 3rd. The day after handout, it was reported that the film made $ 29.6 million on Friday night alone. This gave Shang-Chi the third-best hatchway day of any film during the COVID-19 pandemic era, which began in March 2020. Though the film still trailed behind Black Widow ‘s opening night numbers, the strong Friday mean that the film was going to be a big strike going into the weekend .

Second Biggest Pandemic Era Debut

Shang-Chi The Mandarin Header And sure enough, Shang-Chi did go on to become a big hit. The movie ended up grossing a little over $ 70 million over the weekend. This made Shang-Chi the moment biggest pandemic debut behind Black Widow ‘s $ 80 million open. This was made tied more impressive by the fact that Shang-Chi did n’t release simultaneously on Disney+, which belated proved to be the defining factor in the film ‘s long leg for the arrive weeks .

Biggest Labor Day Weekend Opening

Simu Liu in Marvel Studios' Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings Since the movie came out on Labor Day weekend, the following Monday ‘s box function numbers were besides taken into account for Shang-Chi ‘s open. When the numbers came in, the movie had accumulated up to over $ 94 million. even without the supernumerary Monday numbers, Shang-Chi ‘s open broke the phonograph record for the biggest Labor Day weekend opening always. The film that previously held that commemorate was Rob Zombie ‘s 2007 remake of Halloween. It was such an impressive feat that Zombie even congratulated the film on its success in an Instagram mail .
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$100 Million in Five Days

Tony Leung as Wenwu and Fala Chen as Ying Li as Shang-Chi With an open weekend angstrom big as $ 94 million, it was n’t long earlier Shang-Chi was able to reach $ 100 million in domestic dollars. In fact, the movie managed to reach that total in only five days. This is the shortest sum of time it ‘s taken a film to reach $ 100 million this class, beating out Black Widow by one day .
once again, it ‘s significant to note that Shang-Chi did n’t get the Disney+ Premier Access treatment that Black Widow received when that film was released in July. The latter film ‘s opening weekend was the biggest box office introduction since Star Wars : Episode IX – The rise of Skywalker. And that film came out all the way back in December 2019 .

Strong Second and Third Weekends

Shang-Chi-Simu-Liu-Bus-Shock-Header With no real competition, Shang-Chi continued to command the box function charts. In its second base weekend, the film grossed over $ 35 million at the box position, making for a very potent second weekend for an MCU film, specially when compared to the massive second-weekend drop of Black Widow. Heading into its third base weekend, Shang-Chi once again continued its hot stripe with another No. 1 topographic point and just a little over $ 20 million. This strong screening gave Shang-Chi the second-best third weekend for a September film behind 2017’s It.

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