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Ten Rings

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Ten Rings


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Jade Emperor, Chieftain Xin

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Iron Rings, Bracelets, Weapon



Magical, xian


Earth-616, Earth-199999, Earth-TRN012, Earth-TRN789

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Dave Callaham, Destin Daniel Cretton, Andrew Lanham


Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings
( September 1, 2021 )

(September 1, 2021)

The Ten Rings were a set of ten mystic cast-iron rings originating from Ta-Lo that were acquired by Shang-Chi. [ 1 ]


The Ten Rings, along with the One Hammer, Two Swords, Nine Daggers, and Three Staffs, were partially of the Five Sets of Heavenly Weapons of Ta-Lo. Forged for end, the Jade Emperor kept the Rings in a vault away from his throne board when not in consumption. [ 1 ] Zheng Zu coveted the Rings and the other Heavenly Weapons, whose caption inspired the social organization of the Five Weapons Society. [ 1 ] Zu conspired to steal the Rings and other Weapons to bolster the Society but abandoned his plans after marrying Jiang Li and his run into with Chieftain Xin. [ 2 ] When Shang-Chi and his siblings traveled to Ta Lo, the Jade Emperor used the Ten Rings to restrain the five trespassers. While imprisoned in the Jade Palace Dungeon, Zheng Zu ‘s spirit visited Shang-Chi and attempted to goad him into taking the Ten Rings to stop his grandfather from destroying their pedigree. A Taotie Mask -empowered Xin attacked the keep to destroy Zheng Zu ‘s children, prompting Shang-Chi to allow his father to lead him to the Jade Emperor ‘s vault containing the Rings. Shang-Chi donned the Rings to save his siblings from his grandfather. [ 1 ] When Shang-Chi tried resisting his father ‘s influence to kill Xin, Xin was able to take six of the Ten Rings from him, which he used to defeat Shang-Chi and his siblings. When Shang-Chi and Xin fight each other at the House of the Deadly Hand, Xin took the remaining Rings from Shang-Chi, but Shang-Chi was able to reclaim them by embracing Zu ‘s influence, allowing him to fully use their office to defeat Xin and the Qilin Riders. Before a corrupt Shang-Chi could use the Rings to maim Xin, his family was able to talk him down, which freed him from his founder ‘s influence. Shang-Chi returned the Rings back to the Jade Emperor, but a month former the Rings appeared to him again, much to Shang-Chi ‘s surprise. [ 3 ] unable to return to Ta Lo, Shang-Chi kept the Ten Rings secured in a vault at the House of the Deadly Hand. After the the battle between Shang-Chi and Xin was televised all over the universe, making the Ten Rings ‘ being public, several condemnable organizations raided the House to take the Rings. Red Dot was killed by the Rings when he attempted to remove them from their vault, forcing Shang-Chi to don them to drive away the remaining invaders. [ 4 ]


The Ten Rings grant their users with a assortment of powers, including superhuman strength, lastingness, rush, stamen and trajectory. [ 3 ] The Rings themselves are hard adequate to break through difficult structures such as stone and most metals, including those empowered by magic. [ 3 ]

The Rings can be controlled telekinetically in a variety show of different ways by their users, including being fired as projectiles, restraining opponents or be used for department of transportation. [ 3 ] The Rings can alter their size to accommodate the user ‘s wrists or be used to restrain opponents. [ 1 ] The color of the aura projected by the Ten Rings varies with the user, with the Jade Emperor ‘s being green, [ 1 ] Shang-Chi ‘s primitively gold and later orange-red, [ 3 ] and Chieftain Xin ‘s being purple. [ 3 ]. The Rings aura can be fired as energy blasts. [ 4 ] According to the Jade Emperor, ordinary mortals are ineffective to wield the Rings without dying, surmising that Shang-Chi ‘s Ta Lo ancestry allows him to wield their power. [ 3 ] When Shang-Chi in full embraced the power of the Ten Rings, he underwent a brief transformation that gave him the appearance and personality of Zheng Zu. however, after Shang-Chi was able to overcome his forefather ‘s influence, he was still able to amply control the Ten Rings and retained their unleash office. [ 3 ] The Ten Rings appear to be sentient and will allow themselves to be wielded by whomever they deem brawny enough to use them, such as when they abandoned Shang-Chi for Xin when Shang-Chi resisted their ability. After Shang-Chi returned the Rings to the Jade Emperor, they left their vault in Ta Lo to return back to Shang-Chi at the House of the Deadly Hand in New York City. [ 3 ] If attempted to be worn by person with undesirable traits, the Ten Rings will seriously injure or even kill the undertake exploiter. [ 4 ]

Alternate Reality Versions

Marvel Cinematic Universe ( Earth-199999

At some orient in the past, Xu Wenwu found the Ten Rings, which would grant their exploiter immortality and great power ; including enhance potency, discharge of concussive energy blasts, and telekinetic use of the rings as projectiles. After wearing the rings for over a thousand years, Wenwu bequeathed rings to his son, Xu Shang-Chi, to save him from the Dweller-in-Darkness at the price of his own life. [ 5 ]


  • Gene Luen Yang based the Ten Rings off the Ten Rings from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which in turn were loosely based off the Mandarin’s Rings. The Ten Rings from the the MCU were changed from rings worn on the fingers with elemental powers to bracelets worn on the wrists to avoid comparisons with the Infinity Gauntlet, while also taking inspiration from the iron rings from the 1978 movie The 36th Chamber of Shaolin.[6]
  • In real life, iron rings are not weapons, but used to train muscles, bones, arms and fists.

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